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May 24: Not a cheery day

Well, no surprise - Trump has cancelled his meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump, of course, says its all Kim Jong's faults for saying angry things about him. He didn't mention that those angry things related to threats of invasion and murder that came from the White House.

But don't blame Trump. He's an ass. But he's not the problem. The problem is American multi-billionaires ( dare I call them capitalists?) who are determined to control and to loot the whole world. That's why the U.S. has racked up an unpayable debt by spending on weapons and the military. Luckily for the multi-billionaires they don't have to pay any of that debt because they don't pay taxes. And that's why Americans are being driven deep into poverty and the schools are a mess and there is no medicare, and uncountable numbers sleep on the streets.

Europeans are angry at the U.S. interference of their trade with Russia and Iran. It may not amount to much in the near future - but expect Europeans increasingly  to be pressing for an end to arbitrary American dictats. Canada is in the same boat as the Europeans. But there is no chance that either Liberals are Conservatives will even whimper.

When I was in my mid-teens, the state of Israel was created. At that time, I was frequently in what was then the Jewish ghetto of Montreal to visit my friends there.  I remember - and shared - the jubilation of my Jewish friends when Israel was created. Ten years later, I would lose a girlfriend who moved to Israel. (Her mother used to look at me across the dinner table, sigh, and say, "Oy, Graeme, if  only you were a Jewish boy."

Alas! Israel itself, by it's seventy years of brutal treatment of Palestinians, makes me think, "Oy, Israel, if you were only Jewish and following the principles of Judaism..."

In the news which, for the most part, has not made the irving press, Israeli snipers (at close range and behind a wire fence)  have shot and either wounded or killed thousands of unarmed Palestinians. These include the deliberate shootings of journalists and medical personnel - and children down to a baby.

(The irving press did have one story on this. But that was only because one of the victims was a doctor from New Brunswick who was shot in both legs.)
No, there is no room for any important story in the irving World News as I begin this blog on May 23. Nor was there room to the continuing murder of millions in Yemen by starvation and disease. (They are being killed by American and Saudi  heroes who are 'fighting for God and country'.)  No room for the failure of the biggest and most expensive military in the world, for 18 years, to defeat a rebellion by only part of the population in Afghanistan. No room for what looks like the deliberate killing of peace talks with North Korea. No room for the completely unjustified threats against Iran which could cause a major war. No room for the American threats to attack Venezuela so that American capitalists can steal its oil. (And, as I remember it, at least one Canadian oil capitalist had an interest in Venezuelan oil). No room for what appears to be the rise of Russia and China as the real power brokers in the middle east.

No, the irving press needed its world news section for a really big story about Prince Harry's ducal ancestors, one of whom some 200 years ago believed he had the greatest voice in history. (I needed to know that.)

Also in 'world news' is a big story about how hard it is to be a farmer. (Actually, it's not a news story at all. It's a sort of commentary.)

In other 'world news', a New Brunswick school encourages children to walk to school, pretending they are a  walking bus. Oh, and hold your hats, there's a big story about a comic book artists convention in Moncton. This is real 'wow! wow!'  World News up to date and breaking by the minute.

The editorial looked promising. But wasn't. It was about provincial government spending on handouts to private business. The topic sounds worth doing but...

1. It never mentioned that the main reason we have such big deficits is because the wealthy of this province don't pay any taxes. But it wouldn't be nice to criticize the wealthy, would it?
2. The editorial hit on some businesses. But it didn't mention the irving businesses which pay only a small fraction of their property taxes in St. John, which got our forests for a song, and for whom we spray those forests with poisonous glyphosate for at least a million a year of our tax money. Oh, joy!
3. Over the years, we have routinely handed out money to the irvngs. Piles of it. So how come the irving press editorials never mention that?

Are the editors  (and the editorial page artist) of the irving press stupid?  No. Nobody is that stupid.

They are gutless and, as journalists, wildly unethical. They produce a newspaper designed to keep the people of New Brunswick ignorant of what is happening, and sheeplike. That's why New Brunswickers are now eagerly debating whether to vote Liberal or Conservative - when both of those parties are the irving parties.

As well, 'World News' stories like today's about Prince Harry and children walking to school in Shediac are probably a lot cheaper than real news.

Like most commercial news media, these papers are designed to create nations of the living dead. The only difference with the irving press is that it is, perhaps, the champion stinker of this unsavoury lot.

Looking after YOUR safety. New Brunswickers beware. Will the irving press carry this story? They haven't as of today.

I include this next one as a sample of how The Guardian, once an outstanding newspaper, has become just another source of fake news.

1. Note that the writer does not mention that the Venezuela election was followed closely by an international team, including Canada, which said it was a fair election. And Maduro won it.

2. The story is by a British writer calls on the west to 'restore democracy'?  Puh -lease. The British happily installed dictatorships all over the world for centuries. So has the U.S. - as in most of Latin America and The Phillipines, for example. The latter was an American controlled dictatorship from 1900 until many years after 1945.
The closest buddy of the U.S. and Britain for a hundred years has been the brutal state of  Saudi Arabia. For some years after the Korean war, the U.S. supported a dictatorship in South Korea that was based on the support of those who had collaborated with Japan in World War Two.

American governments have never cared a damn about people who have to live under dictatorships. The American government, itself, has long been a dictatorship by billionaires.

There was a time when The Guardian would never have considered a lying 'opinion' like this one. Alas! those days are long gone.
Britain and the U.S. have a long history of promoting drug use. Britain actually forced opium on the people of China in the days when it controlled China. And U.S. government agencies are major players in the Colombia drug trade. In Afghanistan, a major source of cocaine, the government of that country was doing much to close down the trade. Then the U.S. invaded. And now Afghanistan cocaine is back in the big time.

Here's a story about the Venezuela election that the irving press WON'T have. I don't want to accuse the editors of deliberately lying. They could actually be incredibly ignorant.

Venezuelans living in Canada wanted to vote in the Venezuela election. Normally that is accepted. But not in this case. A gutless Canadian government kissed up to the U.S. by refusing that right to vote. - and that's another story you won't see in the irving press.

Canada is a puppet state for American billionaires. And much worse is coming.

The following story can't be true. If it were, I'm sure the irving press would have told us.

Alas! I can send on only a few lines of this. But it's criticism of the Christian churches is well-earned. We live in a world dominated by greed and mass murder. But our clergy just brush off their clerical garb and call for another chorus of "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam".

Trump says the U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest ever at about 3.9 percent. New Brunswick usually says its unemployment rate is about nine percent. Don't believe either of them.

Most governments lie about unemployment rates. They assume that most of the unemployed are not looking for work because they've given up. Accordingly, they are no longer unemployed. At one time, when Canadian unemployment was officially 7%, I discussed it a friend who was a senior person in Employment Canada. He's they one how told me they don't count those who have given up. If they had, the real unemployment rate would have been close to 20%.

I don't know that the real unemployment rate in Canada and the U.S. is now. But I know it's a hell of a lot higher than we are being told.

For the full, propaganda treatment of the above story, read the irving press World News section for  Friday.

(Of course, it might not have even that. Today's big story is that a sinkhole is developing on the White House lawn. Wow! There's also a story about how chaos in West Africa was caused by a Ghadaffi who the U.S. murdered seven years ago. Yep, all his fault. There's no mention of the chaos and horror caused by a century of British, French, and U.S. aggression and interference - plundering and murder.)

New Brunswick has been ruled from its start by its wealthy. In early days, it was the forest owners who had almost the only jobs available in the colony. Like today, those bosses owned the parties. You had to vote then by casting your vote in a loud, clear voice before the spectators and officials. If you voted for the wrong man - forget about getting a job anywhere.

Even with today's secret ballot, the old fears remain, and new Brunswickers are a very submissive people.

There is an election coming up. And, without doubt, either the Liberals or Conservatives will win. It will probably be the Conservatives because it's obvious that the irving press is cheering for them. Not that it matters. Both parties have a long history of being patsies for the irvings. And that means the irvings will continue to avoid taxes, and get lavish handouts. Why, we might even get the thrill of seeing fracking come back to the province.

Whatever - we will see the history of this province repeated with neglect of human needs and contempt for the average person - while the wealthy of the province burp their greed in our faces. Why can't the other, so-called third parties do better?

Well, in the first place, there are too many of them. In the second place, none of them deals with the whole problem. I certainly support the greens' ambitions. But cleaning up our environment is only one part of government. The NDP, alas, has nice thoughts - but pretty damn vague ones. And that's been true since it was founded.

The opposition needs to unite in one party. And that party needs to  have a philosophy of what government is about. The Liberals and Conservatives do  have a philosophy. They  believe in serving the rich. They believe, especially if they are lawyers, in doing favours for the right people and getting advancement from it.

But politics is not just about having vaguely defined principles. One needs to have a sense of what human rights are or should be, of what services are essential, of what a society can tolerate in the behaviour of the wealthy. And I haven't seen much sense of that in New Brunswick.

They also have to decide how to deal with the wealthy who are not above dirty tricks, and how to communicate with a public that is not intellectually active at the best of times, and which is at the mercy of a lying press.

Political physicians - before you can heal the bad times this province is facing,
heal yourselves.

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  1. It’s Opium in Afghanistan not cocaine. I heard that american soldiers guard the poppy fields