Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22: The coming decline of the U.S. empire.

I'm opening with a lot of Anti-Media items because it seems to be the only source that has a lot of coverage of recent developments. (The only world news in the irving press - seriously - is  "There's a magic to it: Harry and Meghan are married."  Seriously. That' the only thing in the world that happened yesterday. Well - three days ago.

Local news? The big story is about what it's like to be a local wife whose husband is working in the Alberta oil fields.  And that's  about the most exciting story for Moncton.

New Brunswickers have almost no source of news. The irving press is both biased and trivial (with inane cartoons by de Adder). This is a province incapable of being democratic because it's hopelessly uninformed.

The only bright spot  in today's irving press is a commentary by Geoff Martin, a teacher at Mount A. (It's so intelligent, I'm surprised the irving press published it.)   Mr. Martin (presumable Professor Martin) is a member of the N.B. Prosperity not Austerity Coalition. reading this commentary suggests that this is a group worth knowing more about.)
This next report is worth thinking about.


The situation in the middle east may be even more complicated than it looks. First Britain, then the U.S., have been killing and plundering middle east states for almost exactly a century. They are hated by Muslims all over the world. And it's not because Muslims are evil - as our news media might suggest. It's because western capitalists are evil and murderous.
Here's another sample of western evil. The U.S. wants to destroy the government of Iran - because it is an elected government, and the choice of the people of Iran. But U.S. capitalists want its oil, and so the U.S. happily works to destroy the Iranian economy and also plans a takeover of the elected government. This is not unusual. An American government did this once before to Iran, setting up a brutal dictatorship.


And here's a warning for the U.S.


There are two points of interest here. One is the warning that Russia and China are ready to draw a line in the sand.  The second one is one that surprises me. The European Union is very opposed to the U.S. breaking the nuclear treaty with Iran. I knew that. Though I didn't think the EU would carry out its anger and disagreements with Trump.

But it has. This has never happened before. The EU has, since 1945, been a U.S. puppet. Now, it's cooperating with Russia and China. This is a tremendous rejection of U.S. leadership. It's as if Canada were to reject U.S. leadership, and develop its own policies with the rest of the world.

The U.S. is looking for a world war. It needs one. American capitalism has been overreaching itself for 70 years in trying to rule the world. But it's been losing economic ground to China. Now it's losing economic ground and political ground to Russia and China. And now there's a weakening of the U.S.  hold on Europe.

If the U.S. does not rule the world in - perhaps - ten years, it never will. (And I doubt very much that it can do it at all.)  I'm quite sure that we are watching the fall of the biggest (and shortest) empire in history. And that fall will turn loose chaos in the U.S.  It's coming, and it's probably coming soon.
Venezuela has just had an election monitored by foreign observers (including Canadians) who say it was a legitimate election. The U.S. says it wasn't - a view which reflects the wishes of American oil capitalists who want control of Venezuela's oil, and who have been working hard to destroy the Venezuelan economy.

An American invasion is possible. And it is quite possible that Canada will be asked to 'do its share' by sending troops. Another possibility is that it will be asked to send troops but call them 'peacekeepers' - as was done in the case of overthrowing the elected government of Haiti.

Major capitalists ask a lot of us, especially considering that most of them don't pay any taxes.


When I was a mere lad at Montreal High School, it was in a part of the city soaked in prestige. McGill was across the street. The game of North American football was invented in a field I walked through on the way to school. "Flanders Fields" was composed by a man who had lived around the corner. Another local became China's medical hero in Mao's revolution. And just a five minute walk up the street was one of the world's most celebrated medical buildings, the Allan Memorial Institute.

And while I was at Montreal High spending my days duking school and getting kicked out, the American CIA infiltrated the Allan, using it to conduct highly damaging brain-washing experiments on patients who were there to be treated for illness - not given it.


Yes. The CIA did terrible damage to innocent Canadians. Betcha the irving press won't have this story on Tuesday.

The U.S. approach to 'negotiations' is to threaten and punish. That pattern is repeating itself with North Korea. And that means the 'negotiations' won't work, and  may not even happen.


Kin jong un would be a fool to even think of negotiating in the face of threats. Particularly so with the recent statement from the U.S. that he will end up like Ghadaffi of Libya - with a knife up his rectum. God bless America.

Here's the same approach in dealing with Iran. In fact, the U.S. doesn't really even have a quarrel with Iran. But it is punishing Iran anyway.


Even South Korea is worried by the American notion of negotiation.


The U.S. is looking for wars, any one of which that could go nuclear. And once that happens,  it's game over for all of us. It has also built up a hatred of Americans that now covers well over half of the world's population.

At the same time, the U.S. is impoverishing its own people while shoveling the nation's money at the wealthiest.

In all of this, the Democrats are almost identical with the Republicans. The only light in the Democratic party is Bernie Sanders - but the corrupters of American democracy who bribe governments, own the news media, and who we call major capitalists will make sure Sanders gets nowhere.

Put that all together and we are looking at a major social, political, economic, and human crisis for the United States and, possibly, the world.

The next item is a bit of self-indulgence. I taught for a time at the University of Grotingen  in The Netherlands. I found it a great pleasure to be able to  use a bicycle for local trips almost every day of the year. The bicycle paths are well off the road, and bicycles commonly outnumber the cars.


This, not killing foreigners to steal their resources, is the sort of issue we need to deal with.


The U.S., which for centuries has happily put dictators into power in Latin America, in Iran, in South Korea (during and after the Korean war), is accusing  Venezuela's government of winning an election. Watch for the follow-up. Watch out for Canada being asked to participate.


The U.S. sees itself as having a right to interfere in national governments all over the world. But it happily works hand-in-hand with dictatorships that obey their American, capitalist masters..

Americans commonly believe they have a right to rule the world, to interfere in the affairs of other countries, to kill foreigners by the tens of millions... but the military and economic muscle to do this is in decline.

Here's a commentary you certainly won't ever see in the irving press.


Here's an article about the U.S. that applies at least equally to New Brunswick.


No surprise.


A reminder of what some Canadians are doing to help the people of Palestine. (You're not likely to find any mention of it in the irving press).


I'm afraid the NDP lost its virginity the day is was founded.


Well, some people think climate change is happening. But many of those people are fuzzy-headed scientists. Here in New Brunswick we have the guidance of a man who knows just about everything - and he knows fossil fuels are good for  the world. So there.



Gee! A story about Canada's kiss-up foreign policy  (kiss up to the U.S.) which was missed by the eagle-eyed editors of the irving press.


I knew Justin Trudeau's father. And Justin ain't nothing like his father.


Incidentally, the doctor who was severely injured by Israeli snipers is from New Brunswick. The irving press has mentioned that - but without any comment on the Israel sniping of unarmed civilians - including the doctor working with other medical people well removed from the shooting gallery and well marked to show who they were.
Why is the U.S. being so threatening to Iran over its nuclear  programme? Iran has complied with all the rules set down by the U.S. for its nuclear industry. Iran is not trying to produce nuclear weapons (though it has to sit next door to an Israel that has some 200 nuclear weapons aimed at Iran.) The Iranian programme has been regularly inspected, and shown to be following the rules. So why is the U.S. so aggressive?

It's because the real purpose of this circus is to destroy Iran's elected government, impose a U.S.-friendly one, and put American capitalists back in control of Iran's oil. It's as simple as that.

Will it work? Probably not. In fact, it has already badly shaken the European Union. And the U.S. is wading into waters over its head when it alienates the French, Germans and even the British who have been its kissups since 1945.

Trump, Bolton, Pence, etc. are not just murderous fronts for American big capitalists. They are also stupid.

By the way, have you noticed there's been no more reporting on the former Russian spy living in Britain with this daughter when both of them we were told by the British pm were definitely poisoned by Russia. She had evidence, she said. That was many weeks ago. The doctor and his daughter are recovered. But we're not hearing any more about it. Why?

Because prime minister May was lying in the first place. and the whole story has unravelled.
People worry too much about climate change. If it were really happening, Mr. Irving would tell us. And he's real smart. He went to university for two, whole years. Take that all you smartass scientists.

Justin Trudeau kiss-kisses Trump.


(You're not likely to read about this in the irving press.)

North Americans, in general, don't have the faintest idea of what's going on in the world. And the most important thing that's going on is a wide and growing hatred of the U.S. - which is a little unfair to the American people because they are kept in ignorance of what is happening by their lying news media.


Zero Hedge is, as its name suggests, essentially an economic journal. And we could be close to paying a price for the greedy antics of our business leaders.


New Brunswick is facing a general election. It's not a cheering prospect. The Liberals and Conservatives don't have any social philosophy at all. They both see government as something like running a convenience store, but on a provincial basis. And they both see helping big business to be more important than helping the people of New Brunswick.

The NDP became a party of no particular political philosophy from the day it was founded. And the Greens are too narrowly focussed to accomplish anything.

New Brunswick needs a party with a social philosophy. And it needs only ONE.

As things are, making any change in New Brunswick is impossible.


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