Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17: Time to Wake Up.

Ever notice that the U.S. no longer declares war? It just starts killing. The U.S. has not declared war since December of 1941. Since then, it has attacked over 70 countries, killing millions of people.

But the American people have no voice in that decision. In effect, the decision to kill  is made by the major capitalists who own American governments.

So much for 'government by the people'.

The irving press for My 16 had a glaring error. The headline was a co-pilot almost being sucked out of the aircraft when a window was smashed. But the story it headed was about China complaints over an American T shirt with a map of China on it.

Most newspapers spend the time and money to proofread, and make sure such errors don't occur. But I have noticed that such errors are common in the irving press.

It can also go on the cheap with its commentary page, often using what look like freebie columns by politicians and other interest groups. This is a paper that isn't only trivial. It also seems to operate on the cheap - or possibly the stunningly incompetent.

The big news of the day  (which may or may not make the irving press) is that Kim Jong has withdrawn from the peace talks with South Korea. Of course. He'd be a fool  not to.

He has withdrawn because the U.S. has chosen this stunningly inappropriate moment to conduct massive war exercises on the border with North Korea. There are lots of people in U.S. big business who want a war with North Korea. They don't want peace. And their boy in the White House is Trump choice for National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Bolton has openly campaigned for world, nuclear wars for decades. He represents those leading capitalists who want America to rule the world because American billionaires rule America.

Despite the goo-goos of the American press, it wasn't Trump who set up the peace talks in the first place. It was China that leaned on Kim Jong. And China cannot possibly stand by while the US sets out to destroy it.

This is very, very dangerous. And it is probably not a coincidence that this crisis and Iran should both happen in Bolton's tenure. American big capitalism has very little time left to conquer the world. And it is willing to destroy the world to conquer it.

And where does Trump stand in all this? Well, unlike the maniacal Bolton, he seems not to have any consistent policies.

This next article is a long one, but a good one, about our news media lying to us. It's largely about British news media (including The Guardian). But, at that, the faults of BBC and The Guardian are  relatively modest compared to those of the rest of Europe and the Americas.
The World Health Organization say glyphosate sprays are dangerous to health. But Mr. Irving says they're good for us. Guess which version the Liberals and Conservatives of New Brunswick believe.

And guess why the irving press won't even report on it.

Because of climate change, the world's fish are being forced to change their habitat. (You know. That's the climate change that isn't happening. I mean, if it were, Mr. Irving would be the first to tell us.)

Bolton has a long and fanatical history of demanding world rule by the U.S.

Bigotry and abuse of native peoples is alive and well in Canada.

To understand what is happening now, we have to understand the background to it.
Only a headline and a sentence -  but this tells us more about the western Jewish reaction to Israel's behaviour than you will ever see in the western press.

Israel is Jewish ---like the U.S. is Christian if you think about it.
Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may have a limited future in politics.

So far, the irving press doesn't give a damn about the Canadian boat to Gaza.

Some years ago, I knew a man who had been a Jewish 'settler' in Gaza. "Settler" means he and his friends had armed themselves, crossed into land that did not belong to Israel, forced the legal residents out, killing some, and stealing their homes and their land. He often told the story with great joy.

The CEO at Macdonald's gets some $27 million dollars a year. (and he almost certainly hides it from taxes.) The median yearly salary for a Macdonald's employee is about $7,000. Gee! The CEO must work really hard. At that salary, he could work for a year, then retire for life, and live in comfort. His employees will have to work forever, and with no hope of ever having a decent income.

Salaries of the already wealthy are skyrocketing. Salaries of the rest of us are - struggling. We live in a society crushed by greed, and ground into eternal poverty. Well, New Brunswick will show the world. Yes. Next election, it will vote Conservative.  Duh...

We face an enormous crisis. Power in this world is wielded by a tiny group of the extremely wealthy - who have no discernable sense of morality or even of average intelligence.

And that's why, for example, we routinely get sprayed with poisonous chemicals.
Why Americans (and many Europeans and Canadians) have become the naziis of our time.
Israeli soldiers killed a baby with tear gas. Gee! Isn't tear gas a chemical weapon?

These massive distributions of wealth are returning us to the middle ages when almost all available wealth went into the pockets of a tiny minority of aristocrats.  The rest of the population survived on incomes of around $20 a year - often less.

A capitalism that has been allowed to run wild is taking us back to that.
Our father which art in heaven help us to torture more people today...

The U.S. tortures prisoners by the thousands. It's illegal, of course. But what the hell....  Onward Christian torturers...

I could say that we're going into a moral decline. But we've been going there throughout history. Moral decline is what all of  the empires are about. Moral decline is what uncontrolled capitalism is about. And much, much worse is on the way.

And a useful reminder.

New Brunswickers are very passive, indeed. And the price for that will be heavy.
The very wealthy are driving up their own wealth while ignoring the needs of the rest of society. They are also increasingly driving us into wars that we  (but not they) have to pay for in money and lives. And the war they are driving us to now is one that nobody can survive. (And a U.S. that cannot defeat Afghanistan in seventeen years is not likely to defeat the world.)

We have no sense of the problems facing us. But not to worry.

I feel sure New Brunswick will vote Conservative next time, and all our problems will be solved.

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  1. "But, at that, the faults of BBC and The Guardian are relatively modest compared to those of the rest of Europe and the Americas."

    Wish it were true. On CBC Radio One at about 5:05 am on weekday mornings, they rebroadcast BBC programs like "Hard Talk" or "From Our Own Correspondents".

    To say the interviewers espouse the standard US/UK "line" is understating it. One, Steven Suckar, is blindingly aristocratically adept at twisting the facts, and then asking questions based on his pro-white Western faux-intellectual-informed stance. The man should be given the title of Obfuscator-At-Large by the Queen, he's such a point man for the corporatocracy. The way he talks down to anyone but Americans and Israelis is an art in itself. He reserves his most condescending manner for black African leaders or Arabs not aligned with the West. Not that the other interviewers and correspondents are far behind, mind you, including Lise Doucet, New Brunswick native, former CBC reporter, and now Senior Correspondent for the the world's highest-browed fake news outlet. Her mid-Atlantic accent is merely hilarious.

    The Guardian constantly belittles Corbyn and praises Israel. Jonathan Cook, once a Guardian reporter who quit and now lives in Nazareth, often rips his old employer apart.

    May I recommend:

    It is a website where the more thoughtful international writers like Cook are featured. Sure, some of the articles also appear on ICH or other sites, but as a whole, it isn't quite so US-centric and actually touches on the world.

    I find US progressive writers tend to write as if there were no interests beyond US interests that are even faintly of interest to a thinking person. So American hegemony comes by itself honestly - they are a nation of navel-gazers no matter their individual politics. Everyone else is uninteresting or second class. At heart, they all believe their own national hype. I find this true of Americans in person as well, at which characterization they would no doubt mightily protest. They are not on the receiving end, however, and seem highly unaware.