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May 12: The Road to the Final War

If you want a newspaper that gives little information - and lies even about that - then spend your mornings with New Brunswick's irving press.  Most readers would also shy away from Russia Times but, actually, it beats the pants off the irving press. As I have said before, Russia Times IS a propaganda outfit. But that doesn't mean it lies. The propaganda part is that it talks about the faults of the western powers, but not about the faults of Russia. So what it says is not the whole truth; but it is the truth. And that puts it way ahead of most western news media.

Try this sample of it.

And, unlike the irving press, RT has real news whereas the the irving press specializes in local gossip, sob stories of no news value (eg - 'Mother misses six year old son who vanished twenty years ago."  Oh, and of course, editorials and opinion columns that are mostly brainless propaganda.)
Here's a story that Canada's irving press didn't consider important - but a British newspaper did.
Julian Assange has sinned. He told the truth. He has to die.

But, hey, it creates  jobs. Anyway, our oil bosses would tell us if there were anything wrong.

When it was first revealed that the U.S. was torturing prisoners in Afghanistan, there was universal horror. Nobody defended it. After all, torture was a war crime. That's why we hanged naziis who did it.

But now - hey - time to forgive and forget  - what was horrible and vicious is now really quite maidenly...

Incidentally, this is one of the crimes that we were told we were fighting against in World War Two.

We're so lucky that Mr. Irving really, really cares about us.

Israel, from the start, has blockaded any ships bound for Palestine. It has no legal right to do this -and no moral one - but what the hell - who cares about law or morality?

Canadians will be on this one. But who gives a damn? Certainly, the irving press doesn't.
Another story that will never make the irving press.
I partly agree, partly disagree, with this next one. But that may be because I don't want to agree with it.

I note that Dyer does not deal with the role of religion in all this. Certainly, all religions have been pretty wimpy on the subject of ruling classes.

Britain gave up on independence a long time ago, and settled for a new status as American puppet. However,  with Germany and France, it is now showing signs of a renewed independence.

Oliver North, new  president of the National Rifle Association. And a real man of God.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician of note in the U.S. who represents some real hope of change. (Perhaps that's why the irving press ignores him).

Anyone who has seriously studied the history of World War 2 knows that the most important, single participant was the USSR. In 1940, Britain had lost the war. Churchill knew it, and he was seeking peace terms with Germany.

The American entry into the war (over a year later) didn't really change anything. Nor did D-day. No. The big factor was Hitler's very unwise decision to attack the Soviet Union. That's what tied up his armies - and destroyed them.

Late news.

The latest in the U.S. role as the major player in the killing of civilians all over the world since 1945.  (Hey! it creates jobs.)

And here's a late story about the U.S., Iran, and North Korea. And, I'm afraid, it sounds very likely.

I'm late finishing today because of the following site. I think I have to send this one on because it raises doubts in my mind about a source I have been using. This article is simply a piece of vicious propaganda that would have been at home in nazi Germany. It's a racist attack on Jews. I cannot trust a source which would publish this - and so I have to warn  you.

It also raises another concern for me. Racism is still very much alive in the world's various cultures. And we have really learned nothing from the experience of World War Two.

I am not an admirer of what Israel has become. But the leadership of Israel is behaving as humans too often do. Certainly, it is not characteristic of all Jews. Like all humans, some Jews are likable, and some aren't. It has nothing to do with race.

My own experience with Jews suggests to me a society that is more than the average in generosity and social concerns.  So why has Israel taken such a turn to racism?

It did that because of the behaviour of the rest of us. Jews have been subjected to centuries of bigotry coming from Christians - culminating in the horror of the holocaust. And that has had a terrible impact on Jews. We Christians, not Judaism, are what created an Israel of racist hatreds.

(As an aside, I remember long ago when the world was young and I was a 17 year old preacher at a mission church. At Christmas, I went around local stores to get gifts of food for a very poor congregation. I soon learned that the most generous, local  stores were the ones owned by Jews.)

I present this article not because of anything it tells us about Jews, but because of what it tells us about - us.

I have another topic to deal with. It has to do with the terrible threat we have created. The major capitalists, always a threat to any society, have particularly been running wild since World War Two. We now live in a world in which the poor get poorer and, constantly poorer, while the very wealthy collect ever more of the world's money.

For related reasons, the world has quickly been becoming the most dangerous and warlike place it has even been.

Common sense should tell us  (and the very wealthy) that this is going to lead to a crash - if we're lucky enough to survive the violence that long.  You want to know who's evil? Check out your friendly, local billionaire.

But this is a long topic for another day.

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