Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 31: Very Dangerous Times


Wars, poverty, imperial exploitations have created tens of millions of  refugees and immigrants. And we are going to see many, many times that as world starvation and climate change kick in even more seriously. Climate change is already causing disastrous food shortages. And those are going to get much, much worse as our tens of millions of refugees become  hundreds of millions and even billions.

It's already causing water shortages, too, including some in the U.S. which will almost certainly get worse. And guess which large country will feel the pressure of the American panic that will cause....  It starts with C.

We are facing monstrous challenges which a growing number of experts feel it is already too late to handle.

And what are we doing in the face of this crisis?

Not a damn thing. We're busy kissing up to billionaires who think the most important thing in the world is for them to make more money out of oil. We are standing sucking our thumbs at the worst show of greed and stupidity this world has ever known.

Historically, the vast majority of the people of any empire are losers. All the profit goes to a handful of some sort of aristocracy. The people of Rome in the days of empire were, almost all of them, in wretched poverty and hopelessness. And when they died, their bodies were simply dumped into monster mass graves where they rotted into a foul liquid.

The wealthy of Britain became stunningly wealthy at the peak of the British Empire. Not so the rest of the people. They died in the wars of empire, or were dumped in the streets when their fighting days were over. They were cheap labour in horrible factories where they worked long hours at low pay from the age of 5 or 6.

As World War Two ended, the British people voted Winston Churchill and his friends out of power. For all the media hype about Churchill as a war leader, the British people knew well that he served only the rich, and had nothing but contempt for the ordinary people. They knew they would never get the schools or medical care or  salaries or housing from him. They knew they would live in vile slums as they had for well over a century.

Indeed, the Conservative party has been moving them back in that direction for decades.

Now, the world is facing the greatest challenges it has ever known in hunger, pollution, climate change.... And the wealthy feel this is just the right time to put all our energy into fighting more wars  (for the benefit of the wealthy) and building more pipelines.

Australia and Canada, the bumboys of empire.


Why are there UN sanctions on North Korean trade? Because the U.S. wants to keep North Korea poor. The U.N. label on this is just a rubber stamp for U.S. capitalism.


The wounding and killing of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli soldiers goes on. Whose fault it is this? Is it the Israeli army that is doing the killing? Is it the unarmed Palestinians who have been driven to despair in their enforced poverty at the hands of Israel?

Neither, actually. It's us.

Our news media emphasize the role of Naziis in carrying out their mass murder of European Jews. That was certainly one factor in the Jewish resort to violence to protect themselves. But it wasn't the only one.

Every country in Europe, including Britain, has a long history of hatred and persecution of Jews. And Canada and the U.S. have been as bad as the Europeans. We all refused to help European Jews in the 1930s and even during the war though we knew what was happening to them.

The idea of creating a Jewish state of Israel was a British one dating back to World War One, the Balfour Declaration. But it wasn't offered to help the Jews. The idea was to get them out of Europe.

Canada and the U.S. had little anti-semitism up to the 1890s. But that was because the number of Jews in those countries was very small. That changed rapidly from the start of the twentieth century as European Jews migrated to North America. By the 1920s, we forced Jews to live in "Jewish" districts. All other districts made it clear that no Jews were allowed.

Anti-Jewish demonstrations in Canada became common, especially among Canada's many followers of Hitler in the 1930s. There were public marches and hate news media in this country. When, after the war, I was a Boy Scout at scout camp near Montreal,  the whole camp would gather for supper in a dining hall. There, each troop would punctuate the supper with its troop yell. One troop that did so was Jewish, from the Young Men's Hebrew Association. Their cheer ended, "YMHA ra-ra-ra." And every time, it was followed by all the "Christian" troops shouting 'Ha-ha-ha'. And none of the scout leaders said a word.

When I entered Montreal's largest English high school in Montreal, it had just begun accepting Jews. At the first class assembly, a teacher asked for all Jews to stand. All 10 or so of them did. A look of disgust came over the teacher's face, then he, brusquely, said, "sit down." (There were no Jewish teachers of course. Those would not be accepted until some years later.)

Jews were not accepted into most social organizations. Their chances of getting jobs were lower than for Christians. Apartments for rent commonly advertised "Select clientele only." That meant no orientals, no African-Canadians, no Jews.

All of this was true into the 1980s, at least. The feeling was particularly strong among the wealthier Canadians. When I became a camp director for the YMHA in that general period, I normally wore a YMHA T shirt. That caused great anger among residents of the summer lake of the 'great' families of Montreal that I visited. The Montreal elite demanded to know who had invited 'the Jew' to their lake.

It wasn't just Hitler. We, all of us, created the hatreds and bitternesses that characterize modern Israel. The only reason we support Israel today is because it has become the agent for western capitalist imperialism in the middle east. And Israel is a useful voice for our hatreds and greed.

I knew Judaism as a faith with enormous respect for learning, for education, for social action, for community involvement ... Much of it still is. But, alas, we  have also polluted it with our Christian hatreds and greed.

For those who need more convincing, here's a useful source.


If you want to learn anything about Canada, you won't find it in New Brunswick's irving press. But The Guardian has been following developments.


I think this article is kind to Ford. He's the latest in a series of politicians who are rising on the tide of disenchantment with with our collapsing democracy. They represent votes AGAINST  - but nothing much FOR. And they bear a very unpleasant resemblance to the Hitler of the 1930s.

And why does the general public accept this? It's partly because their news media keep them ignorant of what is really happening. And, alas, it's also partly because the political parties that do stand for change are afraid to say so in any clear terms. (When you have an NDP in Alberta that supports the oil industry, you know this is no longer a party of change.)

Special notice for New Brunswick as well as most of North America.


Will the irving news of New Brunswick carry this story? Not bloody likely. We pay a couple of million every year to spray Mr.Irving's forests (and us) with glyphosate. And we dumped a medical officer who warned us about what we were doing.

In most of the western world, if big business wants a government handout of millions (or even billions), if it wants monster tax cuts, if it wants a trillion dollar war, it usually gets it without a whimper. But if ordinary people need help?  Tough luck.


In a heavily published and choreographed speech, Netanyahu of Israel has laid a charge that Iran has been secretly breaking its commitment not to develop nuclear weapons. (He did not bother to mention that Israel illegally developed a nuclear arsenal decades earlier.)

The Israeli paper Haaretz is highly skeptical about this claim. It sees it as a buildup to a war with Iran, a war that Israel has wanted (with U.S. help) for some time. (The irving press of New Brunswick simply presents the Netanyahu side of the story. If you want the truth, subscribe to Haaretz.)

With its potential to create nuclear war in the middle east, perhaps drawing in  the US, Russia and China, this is rather an important story. That's why it made world news even in the  irving press.

The U.S. oil business wants this war. It has wanted it for a long time. That's why, decades ago, it got the U.S. to  pay Saddam Hussein of Iraq to invade Iran. It wanted and still wants Iran's oil. It has never forgiven Iran for overthrowing its U.S.-imposed dictator, and taking over control of its own oil


The very wealthy of the this world steal trillions of dollars from the rest of us by hiding their taxable incomes in very secretive banks. (Yes, they do. It happens even in New Brunswick.) The U.S. has taken some - if little - action on this. Britain is taking more. And Canada? Most of our news media don't even bother to report that such a problem exists. That's why New Brunswick (in today's paper) moans about the rise in our city's homeless. But that's it. It just moans. That's why university fees are so high as to exclude most students. That's why health care is running out of resources. That's why we have to keep the minimum wage down to starvation level. Our wealthy soak up our money, but give back very, very little.


Isn't it just terrible the way social media (like this one) twist and lie about what's happening in the world? Of course, us little guys in social media don't have much effect. The big liars in social media are the military, economic and political bosses of this world who employ staffs to spread lies and propaganda on the web.



Check the irving press as an example. When the charge of a Syrian gas attack on Douma was made, all the western press covered it as gospel truth. But now, as it proves to be a lie, few of them even notice. They just drop the original story, leaving most readers with the impression it must be true.

I don't know how accurate this next story is. It is certainly true,  though, that Putin has taken a hard line with some Russian capitalists. But the interesting thing in this story is to see how the Russian press reported it - and how the western press reported it.


Again, I can't vouch for the truth (or meaning) of this story. But the charges in this story do come from sources we should be paying attention to.  (However, it isn't making most of our news media.)


Here's an important analysis of the Toronto killing of women and the killing of indigenous women. And beneath them is a violence that runs much deeper.

And here's an opinion you will  never find in the irving press.


Since 1945, the U.S. has consistently gone to war illegally. The worst examples, but not the only ones, have been Iraq and Syria. In these cases,  the US commonly lies about the reason for war (as in Iraq), or simply ignores giving any reason at all.


And this behaviour is precisely what we claimed to be fighting against in World War 2.

The U.S. empire, like every empire in history, was created to plunder and impoverish other countries for the benefit of a very few, very wealthy people.


Ever  been to a church service that offered prayers for the impoverished and degraded people of the British Empire? The French Empire? The American Empire?

Probably not. Christianity has, largely, opted not to rock the boat.

Under international law, there are only two ways one nation can send troops to another or finance a rebellion against a government. 1. It can be responding to an attack from the other nation. 2. It can be invited by the other nation to send troops. The United States   (and Canada and Britain and France) have commonly ignored that law - though such law is supposedly what Canadians fought and died to put in place in World War 2.


And so much for those idiot columns in the irving press about how the rise of the very wealthy has made us all richer.


Lynching of Blacks was a common happening in the U.S. until fairly recently. But we seldom get a full account of it.


The reality is that American capitalists intend to rule the world. They, with the help of  capitalists in 'friendly' countries like Canada, rule us through buying  intellectually and morally corrupt politicians, and through owning almost all of our commercial news media.

That's why we are on the brink of the greatest, most destructive, and last (and most useless) war in history.

The history of Empire has been a history of mass murder, extraordinary cruelty, degradation, plundering (that our news media usually describe as 'glorious'.)  It still goes on, indeed, more than ever - though rarely mentioned in our news.

Our purpose in World War Two, we were told, was to put an end to this. It was to recognize a reality. The world is no longer made up of separate and independent societies. We are all linked to each other, and whatever happens to one has an impact on all the rest of us.

We were told we were creating a new and unified world. But the major capitalists didn't see it that way. All they saw was what their own greed dictated to them. And that is a denial of reality that we will pay one hell of a price for.

For quite a while I've been thinking of doing a blog on what the world wars and Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Yemen and so many others were really about.  And, more dangerously, how Nov. 11 has been used to create a fake vision of what it was all about, and used to create myths about our involvements.
(But, of course, this would be sticking my neck out some distance.) But the truth is we have lied to our veterans, we have lied to ourselves, and The Canadian Legion has commonly joined in the lying game.

And our Christian churches? They wouldn't recognize evil if it came with a sign on it.


And now, out of province readers forgive me if a rant a moment about our New Brunswick irving press.

In yesterday's (Monday) paper, the lead headline was about fracking for oil and gas in New Brunswick. It was a joyous story with not a word about the very great dangers this poses.

The editorialist wore a cheerleader's skirt too. Indeed, it went a step further. The decision should be left to municipalities rather than the provincial government. Think about that. Municipalities have no staff and no resources to make decisions on such an issue.

And those who oppose it? Well, the editor just calls them nasty names like "climate change warriors who are unrealistic and out of touch". I wonder. Could that twit of an editorial writer even name some of the world famous scientists who are "out of touch" (unlike brilliantly informed editors of 10th rate newspapers?)

Then, with lips moistened by the Monday editorial, we get a second ass-kissing editorial on the same subject on Tuesday, this time, full of how New Brunswickers will get jobs - yes...   Well, the reality is that companies do not come here to create jobs and money for us. They come to TAKE from us. The big money goes to them - and even the capitalists who live in New Brunswick don't bring money to this province. They take it. And, often, they hide it far, far from New Brunswick.

Irving press doesn't have newspapers. It has propaganda sheets. For laughs, the Monday edition of it has the story on awards night for the Atlantic region journalists. Hey, if I got an award from Atlantic region journalists, I'd keep it a secret.


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