Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 5:

Readers of the  irving press are getting a thrill out the papers' attacks on the provincial Liberals for deficit spending. That's obviously the official line until the next election. And it would be so easy to fix that. We just  have to stop wasting money on medical care and schools and social programmes in general. And it would help to spend more on useful projects like events centres that, unlike hospitals and schools and social projects, are useful.

We also need to help the very rich. We've made a start by letting the big ones out of paying  taxes at all and by giving them handouts (like our forests and free spraying for them).

Yes, all we have to do is shovel all our money to the rich, get rid of all their taxes, help them hide their money in tax shelters, and then all that wealth will trickle down to the rest of us - just like it has in Congo and Guatemala and Haiti...

We need more articles from Dr. Savoie of U de M on this.

So far as the irving press is concerned, though, the big story on money is that some people beg for quarters on the street. Disgusting. Now tell us more about the good ol' boys who hide billions in tax havens.

And, of course, in banks we trust.....
Think this couldn't happen in Canada? It has. And it does.

Thanks to the purchasing power of our wealthy and the  acceptance of pay-offs by our politicians, Canada is way, way behind on its commitment to dealing with climate change. David Suzuki, a highly-trained scientist in this field says we are in danger.

But don't worry. Our local oil billionaire (a university drop-out) says it's perfectly safe.  So why should we pay any attention to a David Suzuki?

Our commercial news media sometimes lie. In fact, they often do, and they've been doing it for almost a hundred and fifty years. By definition, they are owned by wealthy people. And those wealthy have always used it for their own propaganda.

It's now obvious (except in most of our news media) that British prime minister May lied when she announced she had proof that Russia had tried to kill a former Russian spy living in Britain. The  unanswered, and very important question is - why did she lie? Does western capitalism want a war with Russia NOW?

It would certainly seem that way. But, curiously, the one person who did not support May from the start was Donald Trump.

Note, too, that Canada has not covered itself in glory. As the story broke, Canada's Liberal government immediately joined in the expulsion of Russian diplomats. (Justin has always been a prompt kiss-up.) And the other parties have pretty much acted like the puppets they are.

Our news media often carry stories about our 'enemies' who practice germ warfare. That was the widely reported story on why Britain and the U.S. invaded Iraq. In fact, the war proved that Iraq had no such weapons of mass destruction. But our news media didn't bother with that.

The reality is that the world leader in developing 'weapons of mass destruction' has been the U.S.
The following story is surely not true. I mean, if you can't trust a major oil company, who can you trust?

Another story on the environment that was not important enough for the irving press. It needed the space for death notices, stories about cute dogs, a gossipy court case somewhere in the U.S........

Here's a story you're not likely to find in most of our commercial news media.

Another story that won't make the irving press.

Many, perhaps most, wars create what they claimed to be fighting against.

The Russian revolution against Tsarist dictatorship produced the dictator called Stalin. World War 1, supposedly against German 'evil', created German evil in the person of Hitler. World War Two which our side claimed (falsely) to be against the massacre of European Jews produced, instead, an Israel that horribly abuses Palestinians.

If we had been honest, we would have created a Jewish state in Canada or the U.S. And that would have been of benefit to all of us. Instead, we created a Jewish state on somebody else's land - and that Jewish state is increasingly acting like Hitler's Germany.
Major water crises have been growing in the U.S. for many years now. The latest is reflected in the actions of Nestle which has demanded, and received, the right to take more water from Lake Michigan. Too bad, Nestle has a bad record for polluting the water it now takes and poisoning citizens of the region. Tens of thousands opposed the request with only hundreds in favour. So, of course, Nestle got permission to go ahead and take 400 buckets of water a minute from Lake Michigan.

Oh, yes, that means it will affect the Canadian Great Lakes, too. But, what the hell, that's what neighbours are for.
Allthough the irving press hasn't noticed, it seems possible that the U.S. has suffered a major defeat in Syria. (I'm a little  cautious in saying that because it's not yet quite clear that the U.S. is pulling out.)

However, it does look like a major defeat with the possibility of echoes throughout the whole region. Even Saudi Arabia is now looking cautiously toward Russia as a 'friend'.

What are the policies of the British government? Why did it lie - and obviously lie - about the Russian government attempting to kill a former Russian spy in Britain?

Is it possible that Britain is trying to bring the U.S. into a war with Russia? Is it possible that Britain, ina state in decline since 1945, now sees its future in a recreation of the great British Empire? Certainly, Britain is back to its ugly, old self as a state effectively ruled by a small, inner circle, supported by an arrogant upper class, and ignoring the needs of a growing working class - indeed with utter contempt for the working class. Has Britain learned nothing after its many, many years of class snobbery?

And does it now see its future in an alliance with the wealthy of the U.S.?

And this makes more sense than anything else I  have read about prime minister May's now proven lie about the attempted killing of a Russian spy in Britain.

Some concluding thoughts.

1. The U.S. is a dying power. China is a growing one.

2. The U.S. depends on its military heavily. But its military has not been impressive for a good, seventy years. In any case, nobody can win a major war today when the world's weapons are far, far more destructive than the nuclear bombs of 1945.  Nobody can survive a major war.

In the meantime, the American weapons industry - which supplies much of the world - is a sample of the mindless greed that, for its enormous expense and deficit creation, is going to destroy the American economy.

3. We face a climate change that it may already be too late to deal with. We need to put all our effort into that. There really is no choice.

4. Western democracy has long since disappeared. Almost all governments in the west are now owned by the very wealthy.

5. There is no significant party in New Brunswick or Canada that is worth voting for. The Liberal and Conservative parties have been sellouts for the whole history of this country. The NDP and the Greens are more interested in looking respectable than in dealing with our problems. If we want to change Canada, we need parties that recognize real change, not just parties pretending to be nicer variants on the Liberals and Conservatives.

6. If New Brunswick is going to have any future at all, its people are going to have to develop the courage to think and discuss, not just to repeat nonsense and slogans by people who write propaganda and trivia for the irving press.

7. And let's forget all this drivel about how our enemies are evil. The reality is that war itself is evil. And, certainly, countries like Britain, France, the U.S., Russia have been as evil as they come in the deliberate starvation of civilians, the use of chemical weapons, the deliberate bombing of civilians, the illegal invasions of countries...all for pure greed.

We are facing a profound moral question. And our morality has been at least as low as that of any of the evil people in history.

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