Saturday, April 28, 2018

April 28: Not a good time to be born.

When our news media were given the (fake) story of Syria dropping poison gas on 20 or so children, the whole western press ran the story with indignation, and without bothering to check for facts. And, as questions about this have been raised, our news media, for the most part, have decided just to forget about it.

Israel has been killing and wounding unarmed Palestinian civilians. But I've yet to see any story about it in, say, the irving press. For today's world news, it has a BIG story about the new prince in Britain getting a name. (More. Tell us more.)

Meanwhile, day after day, Israeli snipers have been killing and wounding unarmed journalists, children, adults - all the while crouching on land stolen from Palestine, and shooting at people held back behind an electric fence.

This is Israel's 'final solution' to the 'Muslim problem'.

But don't worry yourself about it. Read the big news about the new prince getting a name. Wow! More. Tell us more.

But most of the world news is, in fact, local crime. This ain't no newspaper. This is a scandal mag.

Here's an opinion on China we shouldn't expect to see in our news media. Why not? Because it shows China as being a corrupt, capitalist society?  No, not quite. It's because anyone reading about these sins of  'communist' China is bound to be reminded of our own, corruption of capitalism.

The story is true - though a little  unfair to CBC. Its journalists, in fact, are pretty good on the whole. The problem is not the CBC. The problem is politicians who have the power to punish CBC by cutting budgets. And behind the politicians are all those very wealthy who want only their own version of the news to be heard.

And this story, I'm afraid, is quite correct. It's not only the irving press that lies.

This story will be unfamiliar to New Brunswick readers since nobody at irving press knows how to spell Venezuela.

I have neglected the opinions of Gwynne Dyer.  Years ago, when the world was young and so were Gwynne and I, we met once a week at a CBC studio where he appeared just before me. (And just across the hall was Conrad Black on a recorded show. So I much preferred Gwynne.)

The irving press routinely assures us that climate change isn't happening - and if it does, it won't matter. That's understandable. The owner makes a fortune out of oil; and a deep thinker, he ain't.

Gwynne Dyer looks at it from a military point of view. He's intelligent. He researches. And he's honest. I guess that's why the irving press discontinued his column.

Reporting on the Toronto van murders has been spotty. Here's a broader look at it.

Nicki Haley is even worse, much worse than this story suggests. She is hunkered right down with the worst of the nuclear war adherents. And she is the most popular politician in the U.S.?   Yes. It's not Trump who's the problem. It's not Nikki. It's the American people, a people born and bred and soaked in propaganda about themselves about others, and steeped in hatreds.

Incidentally, her view of Israel and Palestine is shaped by her racial hatreds. As many Jews view Palestinians (and as many Germans viewed Jews), the Palestinians are racial inferiors. Think about that for a moment.

Even if you belief in racist theories, BOTH Jews and arabs are semites. That's why there were able to live together in peace and even friendship for long periods. Until the creation of Israel, Palestinians and Jews of the region commonly lived together quite harmoniously. It was the Jewish immigrants fleeing Europe who created the hatreds.

And it was the anti-semitism of Europe, the U.S. and Canada that forced European Jews to Palestine after World War 2. And we voted in favour of creating an Israel because we didn't want Jews coming here.

And, incidentally, the Jewish blood of European Jews seems to be pretty thin. Certainly, that is the opinion of those Jews who have historically lived in the lands we now call Israel. I have known many of these people who had migrated to Montreal. It's quite striking because, physically, they don't look like European Jews.

And I can assure you, the earlier Palestinian Jews don't much like the European ones.

I admire and even envy the Jewish faith. I dislike Jewish racism as I dislike any racism.

The U.S. claims to be fighting in Syria to bring back democracy and peaceful rule. But one of the closest allies in this - and one supported by massive U.S. arms sales - is also one of the most brutal and undemocratic regimes in history.

For that matter of brutality, both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are deliberately starving children to death in Yemen.

Get real. Almost all wars are fought purely to satisfy the greed of the very, very rich. And it's a greed that can never be satisfied. So where does that leave the rest of us?

The irving press which prides itself on "up to the minute breaking news" hasn't had time yet for this story which broke yesterday.  (And I'm quite sure it won't have it tomorrow,  either.)

We, quite properly, remember those who have served in our wars. We should remember.  But we make a big mistake when we glamorize it. We sent troops to Afghanistan, aircraft to bomb Libya, trainers to Syria, and  it is very likely we shall send some to Venezuela or Syria or wherever else the U.S. chooses to send us. None of this had Anything to do with defending Canada - and everything to do with kissing up to American billionaires.

As a footnote, the country we are most likely to need defence from is the U.S. It is going to want our water and, quite likely, our land. But there won't be any defence because Canadian billionaires will sell us out.

Many years ago, I joined a happy crowd watching an oil tanker owned by a local businessman come in to dock. We were happy because we had been told of smuggled liquor from Venezuela hidden under the oil that could be had for reasonable prices.

Alas! Those happy days have ended since the government of Venezuela decided it should run the country to benefit Venezuelans rather than for oil billionaires. So, of course, we  have to take action against those awful Venezuelans. Watch for Canadians to be sent as 'peacekeepers'.  Yeah. That's it. We'll call them 'peacekeepers' like the ones we sent to Haiti to kick out the elected government and make the U.S. happy.

Pay no attention to this next guy. He only has a PhD. So he ain't smart like them really rich people who keep us happy on oil.

Will New Brunswick follow suit?   Dream on.

What can we do? First, we can recognize that time is short. Secondly, we can recognize that our economic leaders are leaders of a capitalist system that is wildly out of control. But they are so obsessed by greed that they aren't bright enough to realize that they will go down with capitalism.

We have a population that is kept pacified by news media owned by billionaires who use  that news media to keep people in ignorance of what is happening. (For samples of this, read just about any page in the irving press.)

We also have a population that is afraid to have any but the most passive opinions.

And we have very, very passive politicians in all parties - as well as in the servile Liberals and Conservatives.

And, at the expense of being repetitious, time is very, very short.

New Brunswickers are going to have to unite. They are going to have to be wakened. And fast. And they are going to have to put forward ideas more aggressive than any I have yet seen.

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  1. What can we do?

    All land in Canada could be recognized as belonging to first nations. All land in Canada could be returned to rightful aboriginal owners. All land purchases in Canada could be deemed illegal as the land was stolen property. Everyone who is not status indian and was caught owning property in Canada could be fined for possesion of stolen property. All buildings on stolen property could be confiscated as they were acquired from the results of unlawful activity.

    In return for this correction of ownership, Native Councils could agree to rent out the property back to its current residents at levels pegged to incomes.

    .... Or capitalism can continue....