Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24: And so the chaos goes on....



The story above appeared in the morning of April 23. Will it make the irving press on April 24? I doubt it very much. Now, if this had been a report of Syrians killing children, and if it came from a collection of liars called White Berets, it would have made every western paper. But this one isn't likely to.

It's now April 25 and, as expected, this story did not make the irving press. In fact, the biggest story - and the only foreign one in a world of mounting brutality and suffering - is that the Duchess of Cambridge had a baby - a-a-a-a-w.

So, to provide a touch of balance...


We have a fascist society. It is very close to the model set by Mussolini for Italy in the 1930s. It gives big capitalists real control over the state. (Smaller capitalists like to kid themselves that they are just like the biggies. They aren't. And they get dumped when they're no longer needed.)

Human societies have almost always been like this, dominated by small numbers of people who claim rights largely by birth, people who almost always use those rights to benefit themselves at the expense of others. That was true in the ancient empires with their rulers true through the development of kings and aristocracy in the middle ages, true in the imperial wars of Europe...It was all to satisfy the greed of a tiny group who owed their status not to any ability - but to greed.

Us peasantry fought the wars, either getting killed, or getting dumped in the streets when they weren't needed any more. That's been true throughout history. And that's exactly what we're living through now.

Democracy, alas, has not succeeded in changing that. Indeed, it never  had a chance. From their earliest days, democracies have commonly been controlled by the very wealthy. We were - and are - governed by aristocracies of people who are not very intelligent, not moral at all, and whose only function is to put money intro their pockets not matter what happens to the rest of society. That's why, today, the very rich are getting richer - and everybody else is getting poorer.

It's happened over and over again throughout history. Almost all wars are fought out of pure greed. They always have been. Of course, other reasons on given. The knights who crusaded to 'free' the Holy Land claimed to do it for The Lord. But, no. They did it to steal the land and resources of the region.  The theme of greed runs through all of history. And in every case, greed has beaten intelligence in the behaviour of the greedy. No society has ever survived its years of greed. That's because greed trumps brains every time. And we are now living in the final act of that drama.

Think of it. Thousands of scientists  have warned us that we are facing disaster for the whole planet. In fact, it's pretty obvious that's what's happening. Arctic ice is melting rapidly.Our climate is warming. Huge areas all over the world that have been food producers for, well, forever, are turning into desert. That means a rapidly growing population is running out of agricultural land.

A major cause, scientists tell us, is our use of oil.

Most capitalists have no scientific training at all. None. Nada. (I can think of a few of have no significant training at all in anything.) But they - and the news media they own - ignore all this in favour of their obsessive greed. So now, after 30 years and more of delay, are still doing nothing. Do we now have enough time to avoid disaster? Nobody knows. And the greedy don't care.

Instead we are spending our time fighting wars. Virtually all these wars are fought for the benefit of major capitalists. (Their news media tell us they fought because other people are evil.) We pay for these wars. The greedy don't -because they avoid taxes. And they usually don't fight in these wars, either. (Think George Bush Jr.)

(Incidentally, I was amused to read an editorial in the irving press about how it was wrong to give a bank money to set up a major office here in Moncton. I agree. But how about all the taxes we don't get and the money we give away to you-know-who? Talk about selective virtue.)

We're playing an old game of greed. It's a greed that thrives on mass murder and eternal war. It's greed that has no room for intelligence or morality. Or survival. It never has. Indeed, our best hope might be for a collapse of the U.S. And that collapse is well under way   It's showing in the U.S. abuse of its own people - in education, health care, safety, opportunity. Look at the condition of the schools. Look at the impossibility of health care for most. Look at the crime and murder rates. Look at the homeless. Look at the hopeless mess that passes for a government. The U.S. is very, very close to a complete collapse.

It's not enough to make minor changes. We have very little time left. We have to clamp down on greed now - as we should have clamped down on it centuries ago.  Can it be done?

Not with the wimpy politics of North America today. The greedy have murdered tens of millions of people all over the world since 1945. They are now looking for an excuse to kill hundreds of millions - perhaps billions. (That would, of course, destroy most of the capitalists, too. But I never said they were bright.)

Am I exaggerating the greed? Not at all. Just take a look at the price of that greed in the U.S.


This is in the wealthiest and safest country in the world. And it ranks 31 on a world scale for life expectancy. Is it a coincidence that health care in the U.S. is largely privatized? I grew up in a Canada that had only private medical care. I remember friends and relatives dying slowly and painfully at home because the cost of medical care put it out of reach. But Canada now has medicare, and it ranks 12 for life expectancy on a world scale.

Of course, the very greedy don't like that. To them, the only purpose of medical care - like everything else - is to  produce more wealthy for them. Thus the constant pressure to privatize medical care.

Capitalism is, by nature, a predatory beast. That's why it has to be controlled. ( But don't expect to learn that from most of your news media. They're owned by the predatory beast.)

I can't even guess what the future holds for talks with North Korea. Here is one of the few stories I've seen that even tries to guess.


  And here's a flash of the usual gush about the birth of a royal baby.


What is the war in Syria all about? Same as most wars. It's about stealing land and plundering resources.


The western leaders really, really care about democracy? Sure. That's why their biggest buddy is Saudi Arabia, the most extreme and cruel dictatorship in the world. That's why American oil billionaires who just love the Saudis are very upset with Venezuela.


The White Berets announced that Syria used chemical weapons on civilians in its attack on Douma. (Curiously, no White Beret seems to have been affected by it.) Western papers immediately ran the story as though it were proven true. Then, suddenly, it all stopped.  And it's still stopped.


What? Me worry? (For younger readers this term is from a  comic book from when the world was young.  It was called MAD.


Justin Trudeau must be the closest thing to a zero we have ever seen as a prime minister.


I remember him well. He was a big, tough-looking guy who came to see me after the final class, and before  his graduation ceremony. He slouched in a chair in my office as tears ran down his cheeks. He was going home - to Palestine.

He was going home to a land that didn't exist, a land that had been stolen piece by piece by Israel, a land of schools and hospitals and power stations destroyed by Israel, a land in which no industry survived, and in which even farms were routinely bombed or stolen by Israelis.

We created the hell that was Nazism. We created it in a peace settlement that punished Germany for a war it had not started. Hitler grew out of that. And Hitler created the horror of the holocaust.

And out of that the example of Hitler created the brutality and racism of modern Israel, a society which sees Palestinians as less than animals, which, indeed, sees Palestinians exactly as Hitler saw Jews.    (The Judaism that I knew as a young man has no resemblance to the horror that Israel has become.)

And the irving press sees and hears nothing.


The Guardian, though still one of the better papers in the world, is not what it used to be.


For all that I dislike modern Israel, the Judaism I once admired still survives.
It's reflected in Haaretz, a superb newspaper but, alas, one that has to be paid for.  It can't simply be tucked into my blog, even if I pay for it. Criticism of Israel is much deserved for its inhuman abuse of Palestinians  But you won't find it in most of our news media. Harretz is one of the very few commercial news sources that is honest and intelligent.

I well remember the day I was sent home from school for being late. It was the day World War 2 in Europe ended, and I soon found myself in a jubilant mob that jammed the streets. The war was over. My father would come home. There would never be a war any more.

In fact, we have done nothing but fight wars since then.  All of them have been fought for the benefit of billionaires. And the only result has been to create hatreds and chaos and death and suffering all over the world. In all of these years, what have we achieved in the Koreas? in Vietnam? in Afghanistan? in Iraq? in Syria? We destroyed a democratic government in Iran - and now it has a government that hates us.

After all the horror of World War Two, naziism is in revival. The whole world is far, far less secure than it was in the 1930s. The major industry of the U.S. now is weapons - machine guns at home, bombs abroad. Where are all those values we said we were fighting for in World War Two? Can you serious believe that Canadians died so that Canadian capitalists could plunder the people and the mines of Latin America?

Hitler's naziism thrived on racial hatreds. You want to find hatreds and charges of evil today? Check our news media. Is this what Canadians died for?

And here's how our wealthy plunder us.


This doesn't bother you? Think hard. It takes us straight into economic chaos, hatreds, anger, a revival of naziism, and one hell of a lot of bloodshed.
Teachers want to strike? Put em in jail. Billionaires want to loot, skip taxes, create wars? Subsidize them.


That reminds me. It seems we had a member of a prominent family in this province in jail for murder. Then he got out. Whatever happened in that story? It's been some years now. But I guess anybody accused of murder in New Brunswick would get the same, generous treatment.

Eric Margolis is considered a pretty good journalist - maybe even as good as some of the ones at irving press.


You want a real butcher?

Try almost any American president since 1945.

Canadian hockey? Racist? Yep. It always has been because Canada is a pretty racist place. For many years, its universities would not accept African Canadians. I was the friend of a man who, in the 1950s was NHL quality - but couldn't get a hockey scholarship in Canada to afford university. He had to go to the U.S.


Another little truth - The Montreal Canadiens club doesn't pay income tax. It hides its money overseas. I suspect many of the players do, too.

I've run this one before. I put it again because it tell us something about what has happened in the U.S.

Some years ago, when it became known that the U.S. was torturing prisoners, everyone scampered to get away from the fallout. It was universally recognized by American politicians, generals, and the American people that this was despicable, a war crime not to be tolerated.

Funny thing, though. It went on anyway. Now, it's been discovered that torture has been going on at a grand rate ever since. And there's not embarrassment,  no change, no criticism. Torture is now American. God bless America.


American politics have been a disaster since 1945, at least. There's no doubt that a whole string of presidents have created world chaos. But there's no doubt Trump is even worse.


The allied bombing raid on Syria had elements of nostalgia about it. Both Britain and France were involved. Both are anxious to return to the old days of empire so they can plunder again. But the reality is - they can't.



One of the few intelligent voices in the U.S. is Bernie Sanders of Vermont. I guess that's why the irving press never mentions him.


What it all boils down to is that power has been seized by an aristocracy of wealth. Democracy died a long time ago, in many cases, even before it was born.
In effect, we are governed by a class that is distinguished by a profound stupidity that is created by its limitless greed. And that class also controls virtually all the information we get as news.

The NDP, the Greens, The People's Alliance need to think about what that means, and what  has to be done. And, no, they won't achieve anything divided.


  1. I'll comment. I don't know where you find the time to compile all this, but it's impressive. Wrote my Saint Croix Courier column about you (generally) this week. My columns are nowhere near as concise and compelling as your blog. I've changed the focus of the column over the past year or so, because I think we've gone to far, this is irrecoverable. A supporting opinion you may appreciate:


  2. Well, thank you.

    It's easy to find time for this. Just get old and have nothing else to do.