Saturday, April 21, 2018

April 21:Forgive me again....

...for starting with my local newspaper chain, the Brunswick News. It's so intellectually and morally corrupt it screams for attention. It also is a prime example of what's wrong with almost the whole news industry. What's its most important story in the whole world today? Well, it's about a man who creates fake explosions for TV and movies. Wow! Read all about it.

It also has an indignant editorial that our government paid a company to open a head office in this city. That is wrong, of course. As the editor says, we need that money for public services. But what do the editors think the government has been doing for our local oil baron for decades while he has been hiding his money from taxes? And while we have been handing him things like our forest for a song - and even toss in $2 million dollars worth of free spraying of poisons on our forest, our wild life and us every year?

But I have never seen an item in this paper that criticizes him.

Our news media have always been liars, propaganda agents for their wealthy owners. The Toronto Globe was founded to spread propaganda for Toronto's business elite - which, in its founding days, was Liberal. Montreal's business leaders had The Gazette which consistently supported the Conservatives in its early days.

Both papers also supported what British big business wanted - such as Canadian troops to  kill South Africans so that the British super-wealthy could plunder South African gold. Today,  they support American big business because Canadian  big business depends on the U.S. In short, almost all news media in the world are propaganda machines.

A Canadian exception was (and still sometimes is) the CBC. But the politicians and their wealthy masters constantly interfere with it, and cut its budget when it reports things that big business doesn't want reported.

In all this scumbag world of journalism, the irving press of New Brunswick stands out as one of the scummiest. And that was very noticeable in my April 20 copy of The Moncton Times and Transcript.

It's big, lead story for the day is that New Brunswickers will no longer to able to buy cheap beer in Quebec to drink it it in New Brunswick. That brought a lead commentary to the irving press from the Macdonald-Laurier Insitute, a collection of liars for rent paid for by wealthy business leaders.  In their view, the right of New Bruswickers to buy cheaper beer in Quebec and bring it across the border is a fundamental issue of human rights. Yeah. That issue is one to keep us awake at nights.

 But the big, repeated story of the day is that we should embrace the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline because that's what the majority of Canadians want.

Forget the opinions of just about all the scientists in the world. Don't even think about the survival of the planet.

To make sure we get that message,  there are two commentaries on the commentary page.  One is by a  Postmedia columnist (propagandist) named Jackson Doughart. He feels we must push the pipeline from which we would immediately benefit. (Don't worry about rising temperatures, the melting Arctic and Antarctic, ignore all those stupid scientists.) As it is, we're way behind schedule on meeting climate targets. This guy is one, rare twit.

In the finely trained mind of Jackson Doughart who has, probably, an  undergrad degree in journalism, the world's leading scientists are morons.  And people who believe the scientists? Mr. Doughart calls them names. Boy, that'll settle it. He says they're radicals. (Alas, in his limited education Mr. Doughart never learned the meaning of 'radical'.  It doesn't mean fanatic. It means to go to the root of a problem. This guy not only knows nothing about science, but doesn't even understand his own language.)

Beside that is another big column on the topic, this one from the Fraser Institute which calls itself an independent research body. In fact, it's a propaganda house for big business, a collection of liars for hire. And, oh yeah, we just gotta move that oil. It says the key thing is that a majority of Canadians favour an oil pipeline.

Right. And a majority of Germans favoured Hitler.

This sort of brainless bilge is standard fare in the pages of the irving press. It must, at some point have had a commentary, at least one, which showed concern about climate change. But I must have missed it. The irving press doesn't serve the New Brunswick people. It serves only one master.

And the crisis in Syria? The probability that the White Helmets were lying when they talked about a poison gas attack? The U.S. attack which was not only illegal under international law but which sets the stage for a U.S.-Russia confrontation that could go nuclear? We're being stampeded into a world war. And it's based on one day's news that we now know (or should know) was a lie. But there's not a word on it. In fact, there's not much of a word on anything.

The big, international story is that China may be nearing world leadership in computer development. There's no mention at all of the far bigger story that China is now carrying out naval exercises to make it clear it is serious about its claims to sovereignty over Chinese waters. The greater message is that the U.S. navy will have to back off on it's claim to have the right to use anybody's waters.
This, in fact, is a direct challenge to the U.S. to back off in all of Asia. We are looking at one, huge change in the balance of world power.

Since 1945, the greatest issue in the world has been the U.S. determination to rule the world. All of it. This is not a secret, except in our news media. The purpose of this is not to spread democracy or to kill evil people. It's to give U.S. capitalists power to control the economies of the whole world for their own benefit. And a rag-tag Britain and France - and Canada - and others have to join in because U.S. capitalists and their news media have whipped them into line.

But don't expect to learn this from the irving press. Once you get past the obituary pages, there's not a damn thing worth reading.

The thought for today.

Who is evil in this world? Who is greedy beyond control?

Here is why a newspaper needs critical reading. Even the best can 'load' the news.

Here's a commentary on the climate change that us real smart people know isn't happening.
Here is a story that has received little attention in the western press - and what attention it has received is carefully neutral. Can you imagine the journalistic fuss if these shootings of unarmed civilians were being carried out by Mexicans shooting at Americans at the border?

Palestine, over the years, has been systematically impoverished and destroyed by Israel.  There really is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. And very, very little medical care for the hundreds of civilians who have been shot.

And please don't say we're allowing this to make up for the horror of the holocaust. The reason Israel exists is because we made it exist - and we made it exist because most western nations, including Canada and the U.S. were as anti-semitic as Hitler's Germany, and didn't want Jews migrating into their countries.

Anti-semitism in Canada was a powerful force well into the 1970s, and often still is.
As we all know, Syrians are evil. And we are good. I mean, we read all about in our papers.

For over a century of invasion, murder, exploitation, plundering, the western powers have been making a hell out of Africa and the middle east. It's been more than a century of unlimited greed and murder. That, not the evils of the local people, is why that region is a chaos now.

Some of the most abused people on earth are Americans. Trump's tax cuts, for example, gave billions to billionaires, but only small change to minimum wage workers. And the spending of tax money goes mostly into the pockets of the billionaires.

Why can't Americans see that? Because they are raised on a mythology that the U.S. is a land of freedom and equality.  It isn't, and it never was. But American political parties don't offer any alternative view. The result is the election of a Trump, a person who is (vaguely) against, but really not FOR anything at all.

And Canada is very close to that.

We don't have anything that could be called a moral economy. Instead, our economy is based on pure greed, unlimited greed by a tiny handful, and unlimited murder. The closest political leader to something better is American Bernie Sanders. I guess that's why our press so rarely mentions him.

Stories like this are the only hope for our society based on greed. I guess that's why most of our news media don't carry them.

Some common sense you won't find in your daily news.

This is a long one, and worth every bit of its length.

The American military has not performed well for over seventy years. Despite its size and equipment and ruthlessness, it could not defeat Vietnam and cannot defeat Afghanistan. To make matters worse, it's army is now half made up of mercenaries, hired thugs at huge wages from all over the world. Its chances of winning a conventional war against say, Russia or China, are slim. And its chances of world conquest are close to zero - unless it goes for nuclear war.
Here's an informed look at the Korean situation - the sort we have never seen in our media which just play good guys/bad guys.

The good part is it might lead to U.S. acceptance of a union of the Koreas. The bad part is that Trump may be looking at a new approach to the conquest of China.

And remember this. The U.S. is a rapidly fading power. It has, maybe, a dozen years to conquer the world. (And that's why people like John Bolton have been brought in.)

Is Trump in charge? I doubt that very much.

Remember back when it was discovered that the U.S. was routinely torturing prisoners in Afghanistan? Among other things, that's against international law. So how come the UN never laid charges?

The U.S. has invaded at least 70 countries since 1945, killing at least 20 million people.

So how come the UN never laid charges?

The U.S. has gone on torturing on a grand scale even after it said it would stop.

So how come the UN has never laid charges?

The new head of the CIA is scheduled to be the woman who was in charge of the U.S.'s massive torture programme. Obviously, being a torturer has affected her career, if anything, for the better. So much for law. So much for basic morality. And onward, Christian soldiers.

On balance, we're right up there with Hitler. This is the world our service people died to make possible in World War 2? Come off it. And wake up, The Canadian Legion.

On Nov. 11, let's remember those who served. And let's also remember how miserably we have betrayed them.


  1. That’s a nice refreshing take on world affairs. Pass the lemonade

  2. Just one of these columns would take several lifetimes to unravel. I don't know if they're depressing or motivating, but they deserve a wider readership.