Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April 17: Very, very bad...

We are trained by our news media and political leaders to see war as a virtuous excercise  when it is practiced by us, evil when it is practiced by others. That is what makes it okay to torture, starve and execute people on the other side.

I don't know how often I have read that Sadat is evil, just as we read that Kim jong-un is evil and 'unpredictable'. Oh? Is Kim Jong more unpredictable than Bush or Obama or Trump? And tell me about the evil Sadat has done. Has he practiced mass torture like the'good' US? Has he murdered millions like the 'good' US? Has he starved millions like the 'good' US in Yemen?

In fact, Sadat has held his country together after years of attacks by a 'rebel' minority joined with terrorist and foreign groups - all subsidized and equipped by the God-fearing U.S.

I have no idea whether he can fairly be called either good or evil. But we are the ones who point the finger.

When an outfit like White Helmets say that Sadat gas bombed children, our news media push it as truth, so Sadat is evil. In fact, we do not yet have the slightest evidence of it.

And so we see the whole world as a morality play in which we are always good and the rest always evil. In reality, I suspect the most evil force in today's world is the system of capitalism that dominates all the major nations. Capitalism has become greed unleashed.

And that raises the awkward question of patriotism.

We called it patriotism as a come-on, but there was nothing patriotic about sending Canadians to kill and die in South Africa in 1900. That war had nothing to do with Canada. And if we did it to please the King, that makes one wonder why we were so morally corrupt as to please such a king.

We sent Canadians to fight and die in Afghanistan in a war that had nothing to do with Canada (no. there is not the slightest evidence that Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11.) What was patriotic about fighting a war to please American capitalists and their Canadian hangers-on?

That is not to place the slightest blame on those Canadians who served. I'm sure they believed they were being patriotic - because that was the lie fed to them by their national leaders.

The reality is that we have for over a century fought wars on behalf of foreign capitalists because our capitalists depend on the good will of those foreign ones.

There is such a pride as patriotism - a pride in serving one's country. Tommy Douglas proudly served his country in introducing medicare, a gift to millions since then. Volunteers show their patriotism in helping the poor and the homeless. But patriotism does not mean killing foreigners to please local capitalists.

Patriotism as a come-on and a delusion has been a device that goes way back. Through the 19th century as Britain sent out its young to mass murder and exploit for the rich all over the world, the soldiers and sailors who got paid virtually nothing for the killing were hailed as 'patriots'. But they did nothing for Britain - only for the very wealthy one percent who sent them to kill and die.

And, magically, patriotism can switch sides. George Washington was a very wealthy British patriot
who happily fought for Britain against the native peoples. But when Britain asked him and his people to help pay for the wars that had been fought for them, George became a traitor. But of course, we never call it that. No. He had become an American patriot.

Some preliminary reads on today's news that didn't make the irving press.

from VeteransToday

Editor’s note:  The US has made a glaring error, one that exposes more than simple fake terrorism.  The alleged “gas attack” in Douma, just outside Damascus was staged assuming that US controlled terror groups were planning on holding out until an American air attack could save them.
Instead, they surrendered hours later and were transported out of the area leaving Russian troops to immediately move in.  No gas victims were evacuated with the terrorists, no doctors found, no “White Helmets” and no dead.
None of it even happened, worse yet, it all seem to have been filmed in Idlib, over 200 miles away.  Filming locations don’t exist in Douma.
Worse still, the area was immediately opened to the press but nothing was reported.  No video was taken, no victims examined, live or dead, but none of this was reported either.
This is living proof there is 100% control of Western media.  This is also why Russia is angry enough to risk a full scale war with the US.
We have pushed too far.  Where are America’s political and military leaders?


The chemical poison used to attempt the murder of the Scripals in Britain was NOT made in Russia. It IS made in both the U.S. and Britain. In other news,  the British Prime Minister lied to the world when she blamed the attempt on Russia.  and she knew she was lying. Now----why did she lie? Obviously, she wanted to start a war; she had immediate support in the US cabinet. But not from Trump.

So what was this all about?


Here's a report on the Alberta-BC pipeline that you won't find in the irving press. At most you'll get a lying opinion about it.


Will Trudeau kiss up to the oil bosses? You bet he will. So would a conservative leader. (And I'm not as confident in the NDP as I used to be.)

In general, The Guardian seems to be taking an increasingly obedient line - so this is a nice exception.


Oh, check out today's front page story in the irving press on the death of a young woman. It begins " 'She was fierce and sassy': Family mourns woman killed in Moncton.' " That sort of reporting has    become common on the front page. In journalism, that style of writing is called a sob story.

In short, the editor plays the story not as news but as a pretty maudlin sentiment. To such editors, the important part of the story is not what happened or what is being done or what we need to know. The important part is pure, sobbing sentimentalism.

The important thing about news is not to make people think or to take action. It is simply to make them say a-a-a-aw. That's a big reason why the irving press keeps its readers ignorant of almost everything.

You won't find this in the irving press at all. But Trudeau's support of the U.S. in this case is very dangerous for Canada - and also illegal. The US has no right, under international law,  to be in Syria in the first place. It certainly has no right to fire off rockets there. At both levels, these are acts of war that are illegal under international law. And by giving them his blessing, Trudeau is breaking international law.

The next, logical move is for Trudeau to send troops. And the village idiots of the irving press will cheer that as patriotism.



Israel, on its 60th anniversary, has become everything that Judaism is not. It is thieving, bullying, arrogant, corrupt and vicious. And we did that.

I have known many friends who survived the death camps, who settled in Israel - and who were forever changed by the experience.

They came out of the camps determined never again to fall into such a trap, never again to accept such abuse. They came, a once loving people now converted to utter hatred. They hated Germans, of course. They also hated us because they knew that we had not lifted a finger to help them. And they knew we still didn't want them.

As they fled to Israel, the whole world was their enemy. And they took out their hatred on the Palestinians, stealing their land and treating them worse than animals. They trusted nobody, including the U.S. That's why they killed a large part of the crew of an American communications ship that was listening in on their war with Egypt.

The Jews that I grew up with were people of generosity,  compassion, social activism. And that Judaism has largely disappeared to be succeeded by a very understandable hatred and distrust of anybody who isn't Jewish.

It wasn't Netanyahu who created the horror of this change. It was us.

To the Liberals and Conservatives, Canada is an American colony.


Robert Fisk is a journalist's journalist. He's the best. And he's dead honest. That's why he never makes the pages of New Brunswick's irving press.


When I was in hospital, I thought of almost nothing but the so-called chemical poison attack on Douma. I knew it was a lie. I knew that as soon as I saw the first reports. The sources and the choice of words told me all I needed to know this was a lie.

But our news media still don't even hint at this, not even with all the evidence that has poured in.

And, alas, CBC has been right in the sewer with the rest.

And Canadian mining companies all over the world have been up to their ears in this sort of behaviour.


Here's a useful piece of understanding of how propaganda works.


Here is an uncheerful look at the future.


In spite of the blathering of the irving press and it's pet economic authorities (such as professor Don de Savoie and The Fraser Institute and The Atlantic Institute  of Market Studies) the rich do NOT make us rich. We just have to look around us to see that. And it's going to get much, much worse. Capitalism creates greed without end. Running loose as it does it will destroy you and your children - if it allows us to live long enough to be destroyed in the first place.


I know that God blesses America which is what gives it the right to invade, murder and plunder at will. Nobody else in the world has that right. And Canadians, watch out! In the eyes of the very greedy, Canada is just another target for plunder.


Recently, most news agencies carried a story about evil people it called oligarchs.
They are, of course, Russians. Irving press did not carry the story because, I'm sure, nobody at the irving press knows what it means. Here's an interesting report on it and, Surprise!, it's not just Russians who are oligarchs. In fact, we have a few right here in New Brunswick.

The signs are strong that Trump is no longer in charge in the U.S. Alas! His replacements are worse.


And here's a long view of what Syria is all about...



None of the options on the table is good for most of us. We desperately need to do what we should have done in 1945, begin the development of a new world order whose priority would be human needs and human rights.

Instead, all over the world, we handed over unlimited power to the greediest people in our societies who use the rest of us to kill each other to make themselves richer and greedier.

We really have to so some thinking and take some action to save ourselves before it's to late.  But don't expect any help from the very greedy. They don't even know how to save themselves.

Perhaps churches could do some thinking about the role Christianity could play in this process.....

Nah...sorry to wake you guys up.

And here's a very late entry. The suffering in Douma may have happened - but not because of Syrian chemical gas.



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