Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 15: I"m sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Back on April 9, as I was preparing this, I was struck with a horrible chest pain of a degree I had never known. Thinking it was a heart attack, I went to the hospital where the pain persisted and even worsened for a good twelve hours. Dying would have been welcome. (seriously) And hospital, itself, is a pretty deadening experience.

But it turned out to be a gall bladder infection.

While in  hospital, I thought of nothing but the report that Syrians had attacked civilians with poison gas. I didn't believe it because of the source of the story and because it made no sense.  I realized that Trump was lying and that our news media, including the CBC, were lying in unison. It is not possible that honest journalists could believe that. The source of the story (the White Helmets) is a proven propaganda gang - and the story much resembles the recent lies of the British PM in a similar case.

Below is what I realized at the time I got sick, and as I worked on it in the hospital.

Sorry to be very late with this blog. And I may ask you to be indulgent if I do not proofread this.

First, this next is what I was writing about just before the poison gas story hit.

And that is the result of the pure greed that impoverishes billions and kills on a world scale. And which, in the end, destroys its own, greedy self.

But the irving press routinely tells us this is good for us because it 'creates jobs'.

And here's background you need for to the story of poison gas in Syria. (Yes, I know it's from Russia. But I've learned that RT doesn't lie. It's selective; it dodges around the whole truth in what it cares to talk about. But it doesn't lie.

And this is a story we've seen before. What is the source of this story? Surprise - it's the "White Helmets", a propaganda gang formed by the U.S. using muslim terrorists that the American press calls 'rebels'. This is the bunch that reported a heavy use of gas some months ago which led to a propaganda movie about it and an Oscar.

No proof has ever been found for the original charge. And the "White Helmets" are  unlikely to produce any this time. But our press is all agoggle. My goodness! How terrible that Mr. Saddat is!  Not at all like American presidents and British prime ministers.....  Oh?

The U.S. used chemical weapons in Vietnam - Agent Orange that killed uncounted civilians and that still produces horrid birth defects. It used napalm that burned children alive. It has used cluster bombs that still lie in wait for children who think they're toys. It is deliberately starving millions of children and other civilians to death in Yemen. In fact, the world's biggest killers of children for the last  seventy years have been those nice, American presidents.

Do you seriously think the U.S. gives a damn about what happens to children?

What we have  here is an unconfirmed story from a very unreliable source, And our news media runs it anyway, and does it in loaded language. I do know this is a lying source and our news media plays it up while ignoring the far greater massacres of children by the western world, especially the U.S.

And that gives that nice Mr. Trump a boost to kill more children. Trump, by the way, just yesterday I believe, is the man who demanded to know why his commanders did not bomb more civilians!!!!

You won't find these stories in our commercial press. But here's a reliable account from a year ago - and it's much worse since.

The looks very much like a deliberate attempt, along with the lying story about a spy who, as we are told in a story that since has proven completely false, was killed by Russia. The purpose of all this is to force World War Three with the hope of creating a world controlled by big capitalism. Won't that be nice?

Now the U.S. will send more troops to Syria. And Canada may well be asked to "do it's share". And so we'll tell  our young people that this is their chance to be heroes - yes - and to 'fight for their country' by killing Syrians.

This is not the world our serving people fought and died for in 1939-45. In fact, the Hitlers are now the leaders on our side. Who is it The Canadian Legion thinks its helping by ignoring all that its predecessors fought for?
There's a lot of material on this, some sent to me by readers. It's so much I can only list it.

Yes, I know this is from evil Russians. But I've seen enough of the whole spectrum of reporting to know that this Russian one is more accurate than anything you are going to find in major, western news media.

Does Russia have it's own line to push with Russia Times? Of course. It does that, usually, by just not reporting anything that would make Russia look bad. But the part it does report, in my experience, is the truth.

In the following item from RT, you can find much the same view that you will find in the Israeli paper, Haaretz.


Our news media has played this horror game twice in just a few weeks. The British claim that Russia chemical-poisoned a spy and his daughter had fallen apart. Britain has had to admit it gave false information. (Though most of our news media haven't mentioned that.)

Now, by coincidence, we get a second report of Russian/Syrian evil in Syria - similar to one that proved wrong some months ago. (And why would anyone seek to use chemical poisons on a dozen or so children? What could they possibly achieve with that?  Oh, I know. It's because they're evil - unlike us.)

This looks very much as though Bush is being pushed aside by big money and by people like Bolton in his cabinet. They want a war with Russia. They need it now, before the U.S. economy and military diminish even more in relation to Russia and China. And if they get it, it will be the last war this planet will ever see.

What struck me is how all our commercial news media reported by simply handing out the official line. They all read like the same report. They all accepted the official line and reported it that way though they must have seen this was rigged.

1. They ran it with no confirmation except from White Helmets, the outfit that lied about poison gas a year ago.

2. They all played heavily on the children aspect, though children were no the prime targets (if there were any prime targets).

3. None questioned why Syria would launch such an attack when it was in the final stage of winning.

4. None mentioned the vastly greater American killing and starving of millions of children.

5. Trump attacked the Syrians to save the children? I have never even heard of a war that was fought to save the children. We happily slaughtered them at Hiroshima and Nagasaki - not to mention our refusal to help Jewish children who had escaped from the death camps. Not to mention the killing of North Korean civilians in the heaviest bombing campaign in history. Or the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq. And in Vietnam.

Civilians (and children) are major targets for air forces in every war. That began back in 1920 when dear, Winston Churchill ordered the RAF to bomb Kurdish villages that had no defences or military presence of any sort.

6. CBC, I am sorry to say, not only uncritically ran this story, but added it's own propaganda touch. The story page at CBC opened with a photo of a very young child, about 7, with heart-wrenching big, brown eyes. Why was that the pictorial lead? She obviously had not been gassed. She was well dressed, happy looking...
Why on earth pick that as the lead for a story about a gas attack?

Because the suckers will drop a tear as they look at her
 sweet face, and think "to hell with those Syrians."

7.No report made the obvious connection with Britain's accusation that the Russians had attempted poison to kill a Russia spy and his daughter in Britain. In that case, as in this, the British made the attempt to whip up of frenzy of anger, claiming the poison was undoubtedly Russian, and could be found nowhere else.
In fact, the poison didn't even work - as both survived. And that poison was one that could be found in many countries - including Britain.

And, in fact, most of our news media have still not reported on all the false statements in the British claim.

8. And nobody has asked the obvious question - What did Syrians and Russians have to gain by poison gassing a small number of children. (Oh, I know. It's because Syrians and Russian are evil - not like our leaders who are bravely starving children to death in Yemen.)

A standard method of building support for a war is to invent a poison gassing that never happened.  So what is really going on here?

US capitalists want absolute control over all of Africa and the Middle East. This is part of the drive for the new American century of world rule by the U.S. (through politicians bought by its capitalists.) Big capitalists develop an insane greed for wealth and power that can never be satisfied.

But they have been thrown off balance in Africa, notably in the middle east, by the rise of Iran, the independence of Husseins' Iraq (which is the real reason they killed him), of Anwar Sadat which is why he and perhaps a million Syrians will have to die.

But now American capitalists have been thrown off balance by the interventions of China and Russia.

The capitalists, for the most part, don't pay taxes of any sort. But they can hit the pocketbooks of average Americans to pay for their wars. And they can use the bodies of young Americans to die for them. And, possibly, of young Canadians.

In all of this, I suspect that Trump is scampering to look like a president. I suspect the real big kids - the oil bosses and other capitalists - have taken over. They are the ones who set up these hysterias. And their people, like John Bolton, are taking over day to day government.
This has been on my mind for a full seven days, unable to write it down.

And now to bed.


  1. The problem, my friend, is your own. You have not kept up with the times. You fail to appreciate the sublime transition from journalism into the exciting new mode of mass communication for the 21st century - stenography.

  2. Yes. I must, I really must, catch up with the times. A thought for the day.

  3. Sorry to learn of your savage attack. Get well Graeme.

  4. Today I see an bit at Daily Beast saying Russia is preventing the inspection team from inspecting. Elsewhere I read that the inspections have begun. There is also an article saying the Russia has interfered with the site. I await news from someone I trust.

    Two people I respect, Robert Fist and Gwynne Dyer have said that no conclusions can be made with todays information.

    I have also seen two images of the same complex; one showing two buildings burning and the rest undamaged and another showing all the buildings demolished. Someone has been busy with the photoshop.

  5. Get well soon.
    Four links:
    Contrary to the US government Syria is a democracy and Bashar al-Assad is a very intelligent man and won the last presidential election with an overwhelming majority.

    Syria's parliamentary elections occur every four years, with the last in 2012, while presidential elections are done every seven years, with the last in 2014.,_2016

    Syrian presidential election, 2014 results
    Bashar al-Assad Ba'ath Party 10,319,723
    Hassan al-Nouri NIACS 500,279,_2014

    [Note the women who were candidates in the election]
    Syria Elections 2016: US-NATO’s Failed Attempt to Deny the Will of the Syrian People
    While this article first published in April 2016 confirms the holding of parliamentary elections in Syria, the Western media in chorus describe Syria as a dictatorship. They also fail to acknowledge that the opposition “rebels” supported by the “international community” are Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

    Born and raised in Damascus, Assad graduated from the medical school of Damascus University in 1988, and started to work as a doctor in the Syrian Army.
    Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London, specialising in ophthalmology.

  6. I’ve never felt the possibility of a big war was so close. I wonder if Hilary could have kept the lid on the war mongers any better than trump? Or if she would have cheeered on the bombers with more vigour? Any idea?

  7. Robert Fisk, a writer I admire , has spoken from Syria. He reports no indication of a gas attack.