Saturday, April 28, 2018

April 28: Not a good time to be born.

When our news media were given the (fake) story of Syria dropping poison gas on 20 or so children, the whole western press ran the story with indignation, and without bothering to check for facts. And, as questions about this have been raised, our news media, for the most part, have decided just to forget about it.

Israel has been killing and wounding unarmed Palestinian civilians. But I've yet to see any story about it in, say, the irving press. For today's world news, it has a BIG story about the new prince in Britain getting a name. (More. Tell us more.)

Meanwhile, day after day, Israeli snipers have been killing and wounding unarmed journalists, children, adults - all the while crouching on land stolen from Palestine, and shooting at people held back behind an electric fence.

This is Israel's 'final solution' to the 'Muslim problem'.

But don't worry yourself about it. Read the big news about the new prince getting a name. Wow! More. Tell us more.

But most of the world news is, in fact, local crime. This ain't no newspaper. This is a scandal mag.

Here's an opinion on China we shouldn't expect to see in our news media. Why not? Because it shows China as being a corrupt, capitalist society?  No, not quite. It's because anyone reading about these sins of  'communist' China is bound to be reminded of our own, corruption of capitalism.

The story is true - though a little  unfair to CBC. Its journalists, in fact, are pretty good on the whole. The problem is not the CBC. The problem is politicians who have the power to punish CBC by cutting budgets. And behind the politicians are all those very wealthy who want only their own version of the news to be heard.

And this story, I'm afraid, is quite correct. It's not only the irving press that lies.

This story will be unfamiliar to New Brunswick readers since nobody at irving press knows how to spell Venezuela.

I have neglected the opinions of Gwynne Dyer.  Years ago, when the world was young and so were Gwynne and I, we met once a week at a CBC studio where he appeared just before me. (And just across the hall was Conrad Black on a recorded show. So I much preferred Gwynne.)

The irving press routinely assures us that climate change isn't happening - and if it does, it won't matter. That's understandable. The owner makes a fortune out of oil; and a deep thinker, he ain't.

Gwynne Dyer looks at it from a military point of view. He's intelligent. He researches. And he's honest. I guess that's why the irving press discontinued his column.

Reporting on the Toronto van murders has been spotty. Here's a broader look at it.

Nicki Haley is even worse, much worse than this story suggests. She is hunkered right down with the worst of the nuclear war adherents. And she is the most popular politician in the U.S.?   Yes. It's not Trump who's the problem. It's not Nikki. It's the American people, a people born and bred and soaked in propaganda about themselves about others, and steeped in hatreds.

Incidentally, her view of Israel and Palestine is shaped by her racial hatreds. As many Jews view Palestinians (and as many Germans viewed Jews), the Palestinians are racial inferiors. Think about that for a moment.

Even if you belief in racist theories, BOTH Jews and arabs are semites. That's why there were able to live together in peace and even friendship for long periods. Until the creation of Israel, Palestinians and Jews of the region commonly lived together quite harmoniously. It was the Jewish immigrants fleeing Europe who created the hatreds.

And it was the anti-semitism of Europe, the U.S. and Canada that forced European Jews to Palestine after World War 2. And we voted in favour of creating an Israel because we didn't want Jews coming here.

And, incidentally, the Jewish blood of European Jews seems to be pretty thin. Certainly, that is the opinion of those Jews who have historically lived in the lands we now call Israel. I have known many of these people who had migrated to Montreal. It's quite striking because, physically, they don't look like European Jews.

And I can assure you, the earlier Palestinian Jews don't much like the European ones.

I admire and even envy the Jewish faith. I dislike Jewish racism as I dislike any racism.

The U.S. claims to be fighting in Syria to bring back democracy and peaceful rule. But one of the closest allies in this - and one supported by massive U.S. arms sales - is also one of the most brutal and undemocratic regimes in history.

For that matter of brutality, both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are deliberately starving children to death in Yemen.

Get real. Almost all wars are fought purely to satisfy the greed of the very, very rich. And it's a greed that can never be satisfied. So where does that leave the rest of us?

The irving press which prides itself on "up to the minute breaking news" hasn't had time yet for this story which broke yesterday.  (And I'm quite sure it won't have it tomorrow,  either.)

We, quite properly, remember those who have served in our wars. We should remember.  But we make a big mistake when we glamorize it. We sent troops to Afghanistan, aircraft to bomb Libya, trainers to Syria, and  it is very likely we shall send some to Venezuela or Syria or wherever else the U.S. chooses to send us. None of this had Anything to do with defending Canada - and everything to do with kissing up to American billionaires.

As a footnote, the country we are most likely to need defence from is the U.S. It is going to want our water and, quite likely, our land. But there won't be any defence because Canadian billionaires will sell us out.

Many years ago, I joined a happy crowd watching an oil tanker owned by a local businessman come in to dock. We were happy because we had been told of smuggled liquor from Venezuela hidden under the oil that could be had for reasonable prices.

Alas! Those happy days have ended since the government of Venezuela decided it should run the country to benefit Venezuelans rather than for oil billionaires. So, of course, we  have to take action against those awful Venezuelans. Watch for Canadians to be sent as 'peacekeepers'.  Yeah. That's it. We'll call them 'peacekeepers' like the ones we sent to Haiti to kick out the elected government and make the U.S. happy.

Pay no attention to this next guy. He only has a PhD. So he ain't smart like them really rich people who keep us happy on oil.

Will New Brunswick follow suit?   Dream on.

What can we do? First, we can recognize that time is short. Secondly, we can recognize that our economic leaders are leaders of a capitalist system that is wildly out of control. But they are so obsessed by greed that they aren't bright enough to realize that they will go down with capitalism.

We have a population that is kept pacified by news media owned by billionaires who use  that news media to keep people in ignorance of what is happening. (For samples of this, read just about any page in the irving press.)

We also have a population that is afraid to have any but the most passive opinions.

And we have very, very passive politicians in all parties - as well as in the servile Liberals and Conservatives.

And, at the expense of being repetitious, time is very, very short.

New Brunswickers are going to have to unite. They are going to have to be wakened. And fast. And they are going to have to put forward ideas more aggressive than any I have yet seen.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26: Lies our news media tell us...

Our major, commercial news media lie to us. They always have. They exist to serve their wealthy owners, to make us pay for and serve in their wars, to see the enemies they want us to see - when, in fact, the biggest enemies we have are the owners of those news media.

Publicly-owned news media have been an attempt to bring honest news to us. But they are at the mercy of governments - governments are the puppets of the very wealthy and very greedy - and very free in risking our lives to make themselves wealthier. That's why CBC followed the lead of all the commercial news media, and printed the propaganda story of chemical poison being used by Syria.

For anyone who follows the news closely, the story was an obvious lie from the start. It came from the  White Helmets who are a propaganda agency for the west. They have lied to us before on a similar case. But every commercial news source  (and the public ones) in the west carried that lie as a major story. Many have since dropped it - but without mentioning that it was a lie in the first place.

Whatever American billionaires think of it, the government of Syria has beaten the U.S., Britain, Isis,  and other Muslim terrorist groups. That suggests that the Syrians, whatever we may think, are solidly behind their president. The U.S. has suffered a major defeat in its crusade for world conquest.

Trump's strategy now seems to be to steal the most valuable region of Syria, and to continue to maintain the killing and chaos by drawing in Israel and Saudi Arabia to attack Iran and Syria. (And he may well ask for others - like Canada.)

Any such strategy would force Russia and China to respond. This is an insanely dangerous strategy. But it is, perhaps, the last chance of those very, very greedy among us who are determined to plunder the world for their own benefit.

Oh, I know, I know. You can't trust any news from a Russian source.

Actually, you can trust it more than you can trust most of our news. Any news from Russia is designed to make Russia look good, and our governments look bad. That's perfectly true. But I've learned that the Russians are smart enough not to lie. Instead, they simply skip the stories that would make Russia look bad. And what they print is, then, usually truer than what we get.

An outstanding example of this was a propaganda story about a year ago told by the White Helmets about another chemical attack that never  happened. The supposed chemicals were, of course, deliberately aimed at children by those cruel Syrians. Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon to make a movie about it just in time (what a coincidence) to get an academy award.

Most Americans (and Canadians) still believe it's a true story.

The U.S. is fighting in the middle east to bring freedom and democracy. Yes, Yes. That's why one of its closest allies is Saudi Arabia. Great freedom lover and democrats those Saudis.

The tragedy of Palestine is almost entirely ignored in our news media.

Alas! This Haaretz item is only the headline. But it's more news about this crisis than I have seen so far in western news media.

Now, here's an opinion you will never see in this province's very own Brunswick News.

The great crime, perhaps the greatest in history, came after World War Two when we allowed our political leaders to destroy the United Nations Organization as an agency for peace, and turned it into an organization to deliver all power into the hands of western billionaires. In that, we betrayed all we were told we had fought World War Two for. I certainly remember, on Nov. 11, all those who sacrificed. But I also remember with bitterness those who made their sacrifice worthless. And it always disappoints me that The Canadian Legion has never paid any attention to our betrayal of those who served and died.

The world of journalism has no shortage of louts, sycophants and ass-kissers. Fortunately, it also has a few Karl Nerenbergs - formerly the CBC reporter on Parliament Hill.

Universities commonly confer honorary doctorates on assorted louts from the business world. American universities even gave them to Hitler's Naziis with enthusiasm. Of course. The businessmen who dominate a university board of governors typically admire Nazi types.

But God forbid we should give one to a person of intellect who deserves it.

Suzuki already has a real doctorate, one he earned. Too bad  he has the wrong politics.
One site today announced the creation of a great memorial to the many African Americans, especially in the 1920s and 1930s who were lynched by white mobs. In fact, those bad old days continue. They just take a different form, now.

We commonly accept the descriptions of people like Syria's Assad as being cruel, murderous, etc. And there are two elements we normally forget. One is the record of murder and brutality of western powers for the last several centuries. The other is the fact that those leaders we attack quite commonly have the support of their own people.

And the abuse of Latin America goes on. It's no accident that Latin American has terrible poverty and the world's highest murder rate.

Puerto Rico, an American territory, is no exception to the rule. Since a dreadful hurricane ravaged that country, the U.S. has extended virtually no help to it. Indeed, Trump has handed over the miserable poor of that country to capitalist private business to take over all essential public services for private profit. Gee. Sounds a bit like New Brunswick slowly handing medicare over to private business.

And Canada - a wagging tail for the American empire.

Canadians should be paying close attention to this story about the water of Flint, Michigan and the Great Lakes. The U.S. is running short of water, especially clean water. And Canada has it. Will Canada make big money out of this? No.

Our water will be taken, by force if necessary. (But it won't be necessary to  use force. Justin Trudeau will roll over and kiss-kiss.)

Is Donald Trump in charge in the U.S.? I doubt it very much.

To those eager for war, a caution. The U.S. military performance for the past 70 years or so has been pretty dismal, this despite the fact that it is the world's biggest and most expensive military. Add to that the fact that it cannot get sufficient Americans to enter its military. So it has to rely on mercenaries - hired thugs from all over the world at very high prices - and very doubtful enthusiasm for any tough going.

As well, nobody knows how well or badly some weapons will prove in operation. In World War Two, the major powers raced to build battleships - only to learn that their day was over. The greatest of them all,  the Japanese Yamato, went down without sinking even a rowboat. Aircraft carriers took over - but their day, too, may well be over.

To make it worse, clear thinking about military needs and spending is commonly hampered by pure greed for spending and profits and connections.

As well, American economic power, based on pure greed and massive debt, may be at the edge of a very serious decline.

But, hey, no need to worry. Just a have beer and read the trivia of the irving press. It's two, big stories of world news today are 1. That a killer of forty years ago in California got caught and 2. A light airplane had to land on a Calgary road.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24: And so the chaos goes on....

The story above appeared in the morning of April 23. Will it make the irving press on April 24? I doubt it very much. Now, if this had been a report of Syrians killing children, and if it came from a collection of liars called White Berets, it would have made every western paper. But this one isn't likely to.

It's now April 25 and, as expected, this story did not make the irving press. In fact, the biggest story - and the only foreign one in a world of mounting brutality and suffering - is that the Duchess of Cambridge had a baby - a-a-a-a-w.

So, to provide a touch of balance...

We have a fascist society. It is very close to the model set by Mussolini for Italy in the 1930s. It gives big capitalists real control over the state. (Smaller capitalists like to kid themselves that they are just like the biggies. They aren't. And they get dumped when they're no longer needed.)

Human societies have almost always been like this, dominated by small numbers of people who claim rights largely by birth, people who almost always use those rights to benefit themselves at the expense of others. That was true in the ancient empires with their rulers true through the development of kings and aristocracy in the middle ages, true in the imperial wars of Europe...It was all to satisfy the greed of a tiny group who owed their status not to any ability - but to greed.

Us peasantry fought the wars, either getting killed, or getting dumped in the streets when they weren't needed any more. That's been true throughout history. And that's exactly what we're living through now.

Democracy, alas, has not succeeded in changing that. Indeed, it never  had a chance. From their earliest days, democracies have commonly been controlled by the very wealthy. We were - and are - governed by aristocracies of people who are not very intelligent, not moral at all, and whose only function is to put money intro their pockets not matter what happens to the rest of society. That's why, today, the very rich are getting richer - and everybody else is getting poorer.

It's happened over and over again throughout history. Almost all wars are fought out of pure greed. They always have been. Of course, other reasons on given. The knights who crusaded to 'free' the Holy Land claimed to do it for The Lord. But, no. They did it to steal the land and resources of the region.  The theme of greed runs through all of history. And in every case, greed has beaten intelligence in the behaviour of the greedy. No society has ever survived its years of greed. That's because greed trumps brains every time. And we are now living in the final act of that drama.

Think of it. Thousands of scientists  have warned us that we are facing disaster for the whole planet. In fact, it's pretty obvious that's what's happening. Arctic ice is melting rapidly.Our climate is warming. Huge areas all over the world that have been food producers for, well, forever, are turning into desert. That means a rapidly growing population is running out of agricultural land.

A major cause, scientists tell us, is our use of oil.

Most capitalists have no scientific training at all. None. Nada. (I can think of a few of have no significant training at all in anything.) But they - and the news media they own - ignore all this in favour of their obsessive greed. So now, after 30 years and more of delay, are still doing nothing. Do we now have enough time to avoid disaster? Nobody knows. And the greedy don't care.

Instead we are spending our time fighting wars. Virtually all these wars are fought for the benefit of major capitalists. (Their news media tell us they fought because other people are evil.) We pay for these wars. The greedy don't -because they avoid taxes. And they usually don't fight in these wars, either. (Think George Bush Jr.)

(Incidentally, I was amused to read an editorial in the irving press about how it was wrong to give a bank money to set up a major office here in Moncton. I agree. But how about all the taxes we don't get and the money we give away to you-know-who? Talk about selective virtue.)

We're playing an old game of greed. It's a greed that thrives on mass murder and eternal war. It's greed that has no room for intelligence or morality. Or survival. It never has. Indeed, our best hope might be for a collapse of the U.S. And that collapse is well under way   It's showing in the U.S. abuse of its own people - in education, health care, safety, opportunity. Look at the condition of the schools. Look at the impossibility of health care for most. Look at the crime and murder rates. Look at the homeless. Look at the hopeless mess that passes for a government. The U.S. is very, very close to a complete collapse.

It's not enough to make minor changes. We have very little time left. We have to clamp down on greed now - as we should have clamped down on it centuries ago.  Can it be done?

Not with the wimpy politics of North America today. The greedy have murdered tens of millions of people all over the world since 1945. They are now looking for an excuse to kill hundreds of millions - perhaps billions. (That would, of course, destroy most of the capitalists, too. But I never said they were bright.)

Am I exaggerating the greed? Not at all. Just take a look at the price of that greed in the U.S.

This is in the wealthiest and safest country in the world. And it ranks 31 on a world scale for life expectancy. Is it a coincidence that health care in the U.S. is largely privatized? I grew up in a Canada that had only private medical care. I remember friends and relatives dying slowly and painfully at home because the cost of medical care put it out of reach. But Canada now has medicare, and it ranks 12 for life expectancy on a world scale.

Of course, the very greedy don't like that. To them, the only purpose of medical care - like everything else - is to  produce more wealthy for them. Thus the constant pressure to privatize medical care.

Capitalism is, by nature, a predatory beast. That's why it has to be controlled. ( But don't expect to learn that from most of your news media. They're owned by the predatory beast.)

I can't even guess what the future holds for talks with North Korea. Here is one of the few stories I've seen that even tries to guess.

  And here's a flash of the usual gush about the birth of a royal baby.

What is the war in Syria all about? Same as most wars. It's about stealing land and plundering resources.

The western leaders really, really care about democracy? Sure. That's why their biggest buddy is Saudi Arabia, the most extreme and cruel dictatorship in the world. That's why American oil billionaires who just love the Saudis are very upset with Venezuela.

The White Berets announced that Syria used chemical weapons on civilians in its attack on Douma. (Curiously, no White Beret seems to have been affected by it.) Western papers immediately ran the story as though it were proven true. Then, suddenly, it all stopped.  And it's still stopped.

What? Me worry? (For younger readers this term is from a  comic book from when the world was young.  It was called MAD.

Justin Trudeau must be the closest thing to a zero we have ever seen as a prime minister.

I remember him well. He was a big, tough-looking guy who came to see me after the final class, and before  his graduation ceremony. He slouched in a chair in my office as tears ran down his cheeks. He was going home - to Palestine.

He was going home to a land that didn't exist, a land that had been stolen piece by piece by Israel, a land of schools and hospitals and power stations destroyed by Israel, a land in which no industry survived, and in which even farms were routinely bombed or stolen by Israelis.

We created the hell that was Nazism. We created it in a peace settlement that punished Germany for a war it had not started. Hitler grew out of that. And Hitler created the horror of the holocaust.

And out of that the example of Hitler created the brutality and racism of modern Israel, a society which sees Palestinians as less than animals, which, indeed, sees Palestinians exactly as Hitler saw Jews.    (The Judaism that I knew as a young man has no resemblance to the horror that Israel has become.)

And the irving press sees and hears nothing.

The Guardian, though still one of the better papers in the world, is not what it used to be.

For all that I dislike modern Israel, the Judaism I once admired still survives.
It's reflected in Haaretz, a superb newspaper but, alas, one that has to be paid for.  It can't simply be tucked into my blog, even if I pay for it. Criticism of Israel is much deserved for its inhuman abuse of Palestinians  But you won't find it in most of our news media. Harretz is one of the very few commercial news sources that is honest and intelligent.

I well remember the day I was sent home from school for being late. It was the day World War 2 in Europe ended, and I soon found myself in a jubilant mob that jammed the streets. The war was over. My father would come home. There would never be a war any more.

In fact, we have done nothing but fight wars since then.  All of them have been fought for the benefit of billionaires. And the only result has been to create hatreds and chaos and death and suffering all over the world. In all of these years, what have we achieved in the Koreas? in Vietnam? in Afghanistan? in Iraq? in Syria? We destroyed a democratic government in Iran - and now it has a government that hates us.

After all the horror of World War Two, naziism is in revival. The whole world is far, far less secure than it was in the 1930s. The major industry of the U.S. now is weapons - machine guns at home, bombs abroad. Where are all those values we said we were fighting for in World War Two? Can you serious believe that Canadians died so that Canadian capitalists could plunder the people and the mines of Latin America?

Hitler's naziism thrived on racial hatreds. You want to find hatreds and charges of evil today? Check our news media. Is this what Canadians died for?

And here's how our wealthy plunder us.

This doesn't bother you? Think hard. It takes us straight into economic chaos, hatreds, anger, a revival of naziism, and one hell of a lot of bloodshed.
Teachers want to strike? Put em in jail. Billionaires want to loot, skip taxes, create wars? Subsidize them.

That reminds me. It seems we had a member of a prominent family in this province in jail for murder. Then he got out. Whatever happened in that story? It's been some years now. But I guess anybody accused of murder in New Brunswick would get the same, generous treatment.

Eric Margolis is considered a pretty good journalist - maybe even as good as some of the ones at irving press.

You want a real butcher?

Try almost any American president since 1945.

Canadian hockey? Racist? Yep. It always has been because Canada is a pretty racist place. For many years, its universities would not accept African Canadians. I was the friend of a man who, in the 1950s was NHL quality - but couldn't get a hockey scholarship in Canada to afford university. He had to go to the U.S.

Another little truth - The Montreal Canadiens club doesn't pay income tax. It hides its money overseas. I suspect many of the players do, too.

I've run this one before. I put it again because it tell us something about what has happened in the U.S.

Some years ago, when it became known that the U.S. was torturing prisoners, everyone scampered to get away from the fallout. It was universally recognized by American politicians, generals, and the American people that this was despicable, a war crime not to be tolerated.

Funny thing, though. It went on anyway. Now, it's been discovered that torture has been going on at a grand rate ever since. And there's not embarrassment,  no change, no criticism. Torture is now American. God bless America.

American politics have been a disaster since 1945, at least. There's no doubt that a whole string of presidents have created world chaos. But there's no doubt Trump is even worse.

The allied bombing raid on Syria had elements of nostalgia about it. Both Britain and France were involved. Both are anxious to return to the old days of empire so they can plunder again. But the reality is - they can't.


One of the few intelligent voices in the U.S. is Bernie Sanders of Vermont. I guess that's why the irving press never mentions him.

What it all boils down to is that power has been seized by an aristocracy of wealth. Democracy died a long time ago, in many cases, even before it was born.
In effect, we are governed by a class that is distinguished by a profound stupidity that is created by its limitless greed. And that class also controls virtually all the information we get as news.

The NDP, the Greens, The People's Alliance need to think about what that means, and what  has to be done. And, no, they won't achieve anything divided.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April 21:Forgive me again....

...for starting with my local newspaper chain, the Brunswick News. It's so intellectually and morally corrupt it screams for attention. It also is a prime example of what's wrong with almost the whole news industry. What's its most important story in the whole world today? Well, it's about a man who creates fake explosions for TV and movies. Wow! Read all about it.

It also has an indignant editorial that our government paid a company to open a head office in this city. That is wrong, of course. As the editor says, we need that money for public services. But what do the editors think the government has been doing for our local oil baron for decades while he has been hiding his money from taxes? And while we have been handing him things like our forest for a song - and even toss in $2 million dollars worth of free spraying of poisons on our forest, our wild life and us every year?

But I have never seen an item in this paper that criticizes him.

Our news media have always been liars, propaganda agents for their wealthy owners. The Toronto Globe was founded to spread propaganda for Toronto's business elite - which, in its founding days, was Liberal. Montreal's business leaders had The Gazette which consistently supported the Conservatives in its early days.

Both papers also supported what British big business wanted - such as Canadian troops to  kill South Africans so that the British super-wealthy could plunder South African gold. Today,  they support American big business because Canadian  big business depends on the U.S. In short, almost all news media in the world are propaganda machines.

A Canadian exception was (and still sometimes is) the CBC. But the politicians and their wealthy masters constantly interfere with it, and cut its budget when it reports things that big business doesn't want reported.

In all this scumbag world of journalism, the irving press of New Brunswick stands out as one of the scummiest. And that was very noticeable in my April 20 copy of The Moncton Times and Transcript.

It's big, lead story for the day is that New Brunswickers will no longer to able to buy cheap beer in Quebec to drink it it in New Brunswick. That brought a lead commentary to the irving press from the Macdonald-Laurier Insitute, a collection of liars for rent paid for by wealthy business leaders.  In their view, the right of New Bruswickers to buy cheaper beer in Quebec and bring it across the border is a fundamental issue of human rights. Yeah. That issue is one to keep us awake at nights.

 But the big, repeated story of the day is that we should embrace the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline because that's what the majority of Canadians want.

Forget the opinions of just about all the scientists in the world. Don't even think about the survival of the planet.

To make sure we get that message,  there are two commentaries on the commentary page.  One is by a  Postmedia columnist (propagandist) named Jackson Doughart. He feels we must push the pipeline from which we would immediately benefit. (Don't worry about rising temperatures, the melting Arctic and Antarctic, ignore all those stupid scientists.) As it is, we're way behind schedule on meeting climate targets. This guy is one, rare twit.

In the finely trained mind of Jackson Doughart who has, probably, an  undergrad degree in journalism, the world's leading scientists are morons.  And people who believe the scientists? Mr. Doughart calls them names. Boy, that'll settle it. He says they're radicals. (Alas, in his limited education Mr. Doughart never learned the meaning of 'radical'.  It doesn't mean fanatic. It means to go to the root of a problem. This guy not only knows nothing about science, but doesn't even understand his own language.)

Beside that is another big column on the topic, this one from the Fraser Institute which calls itself an independent research body. In fact, it's a propaganda house for big business, a collection of liars for hire. And, oh yeah, we just gotta move that oil. It says the key thing is that a majority of Canadians favour an oil pipeline.

Right. And a majority of Germans favoured Hitler.

This sort of brainless bilge is standard fare in the pages of the irving press. It must, at some point have had a commentary, at least one, which showed concern about climate change. But I must have missed it. The irving press doesn't serve the New Brunswick people. It serves only one master.

And the crisis in Syria? The probability that the White Helmets were lying when they talked about a poison gas attack? The U.S. attack which was not only illegal under international law but which sets the stage for a U.S.-Russia confrontation that could go nuclear? We're being stampeded into a world war. And it's based on one day's news that we now know (or should know) was a lie. But there's not a word on it. In fact, there's not much of a word on anything.

The big, international story is that China may be nearing world leadership in computer development. There's no mention at all of the far bigger story that China is now carrying out naval exercises to make it clear it is serious about its claims to sovereignty over Chinese waters. The greater message is that the U.S. navy will have to back off on it's claim to have the right to use anybody's waters.
This, in fact, is a direct challenge to the U.S. to back off in all of Asia. We are looking at one, huge change in the balance of world power.

Since 1945, the greatest issue in the world has been the U.S. determination to rule the world. All of it. This is not a secret, except in our news media. The purpose of this is not to spread democracy or to kill evil people. It's to give U.S. capitalists power to control the economies of the whole world for their own benefit. And a rag-tag Britain and France - and Canada - and others have to join in because U.S. capitalists and their news media have whipped them into line.

But don't expect to learn this from the irving press. Once you get past the obituary pages, there's not a damn thing worth reading.

The thought for today.

Who is evil in this world? Who is greedy beyond control?

Here is why a newspaper needs critical reading. Even the best can 'load' the news.

Here's a commentary on the climate change that us real smart people know isn't happening.
Here is a story that has received little attention in the western press - and what attention it has received is carefully neutral. Can you imagine the journalistic fuss if these shootings of unarmed civilians were being carried out by Mexicans shooting at Americans at the border?

Palestine, over the years, has been systematically impoverished and destroyed by Israel.  There really is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. And very, very little medical care for the hundreds of civilians who have been shot.

And please don't say we're allowing this to make up for the horror of the holocaust. The reason Israel exists is because we made it exist - and we made it exist because most western nations, including Canada and the U.S. were as anti-semitic as Hitler's Germany, and didn't want Jews migrating into their countries.

Anti-semitism in Canada was a powerful force well into the 1970s, and often still is.
As we all know, Syrians are evil. And we are good. I mean, we read all about in our papers.

For over a century of invasion, murder, exploitation, plundering, the western powers have been making a hell out of Africa and the middle east. It's been more than a century of unlimited greed and murder. That, not the evils of the local people, is why that region is a chaos now.

Some of the most abused people on earth are Americans. Trump's tax cuts, for example, gave billions to billionaires, but only small change to minimum wage workers. And the spending of tax money goes mostly into the pockets of the billionaires.

Why can't Americans see that? Because they are raised on a mythology that the U.S. is a land of freedom and equality.  It isn't, and it never was. But American political parties don't offer any alternative view. The result is the election of a Trump, a person who is (vaguely) against, but really not FOR anything at all.

And Canada is very close to that.

We don't have anything that could be called a moral economy. Instead, our economy is based on pure greed, unlimited greed by a tiny handful, and unlimited murder. The closest political leader to something better is American Bernie Sanders. I guess that's why our press so rarely mentions him.

Stories like this are the only hope for our society based on greed. I guess that's why most of our news media don't carry them.

Some common sense you won't find in your daily news.

This is a long one, and worth every bit of its length.

The American military has not performed well for over seventy years. Despite its size and equipment and ruthlessness, it could not defeat Vietnam and cannot defeat Afghanistan. To make matters worse, it's army is now half made up of mercenaries, hired thugs at huge wages from all over the world. Its chances of winning a conventional war against say, Russia or China, are slim. And its chances of world conquest are close to zero - unless it goes for nuclear war.
Here's an informed look at the Korean situation - the sort we have never seen in our media which just play good guys/bad guys.

The good part is it might lead to U.S. acceptance of a union of the Koreas. The bad part is that Trump may be looking at a new approach to the conquest of China.

And remember this. The U.S. is a rapidly fading power. It has, maybe, a dozen years to conquer the world. (And that's why people like John Bolton have been brought in.)

Is Trump in charge? I doubt that very much.

Remember back when it was discovered that the U.S. was routinely torturing prisoners in Afghanistan? Among other things, that's against international law. So how come the UN never laid charges?

The U.S. has invaded at least 70 countries since 1945, killing at least 20 million people.

So how come the UN never laid charges?

The U.S. has gone on torturing on a grand scale even after it said it would stop.

So how come the UN has never laid charges?

The new head of the CIA is scheduled to be the woman who was in charge of the U.S.'s massive torture programme. Obviously, being a torturer has affected her career, if anything, for the better. So much for law. So much for basic morality. And onward, Christian soldiers.

On balance, we're right up there with Hitler. This is the world our service people died to make possible in World War 2? Come off it. And wake up, The Canadian Legion.

On Nov. 11, let's remember those who served. And let's also remember how miserably we have betrayed them.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19: The news that wasn't in today's paper.

Is the Russia Times a propaganda medium? Of course it is. The difference from the western news media is that the Russia Times doesn't lie. It simply avoids anything that might make Russia or its allies look bad. That means gaps in the news. But my experience is that the news they deliver is true.  Here's a daily sample.

By contrast, my local daily, The Moncton Times and Transcript, happily spreads lies. But it also specializes in having no news worth reading at all. Today, for example, with the world on the brink of nuclear war,  it's biggest story in 'world' news is that a local chain store's owners are fighting over the wills of the founders of the chain.

The news YOU need to know.

In fact, the closest thing to world news is that the Queen's pet corgi died. Nor is there any significant local news. This paper is the most unspeakable trash. It's so bad that this couldn't happen by incompetence. This is deliberate trash to keep people in ignorance. And it's working.

Yes. The U.S. which is morally indignant at nations who use biological weapons has itself used them, and on a large scale. And not just in Korea. Not surprisingly, this is the same U.S. which is outraged by the story (false) that Syria or Russia used poison gas on Syrian children, killing ....quite a few... But it's the same U.S. which is also starving millions to death in Yemen.

Funny how our news media rarely mention that.

Oh, yeah, and the U.S.  hates the president of Syria because he's not democratic (though, in fact, Syria does have elections.) At the same time the major and much loved partner of the U.S. is Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most undemocratic government in the world - and the cruelest.

But let's start earlier when the western press went wild with the British pm's announcement the Skripals (a Russian spy and his daughter now living in England) had been attacked  with a chemical made ONLY in Russia, and an unspeakably poisonous one. She also said the attack had definitely been carried out by Russians. The US. congress screamed for retaliation. Oddly, very oddly, Trump did not join the cry.

Our news media went wild on the evils of Russia.

Then the truth became available. The British P.M. had lied. Nobody knew who carried out the attack. Far from being hideously killed, both Skripals got over it. And the chemical was not made just in Russia. It was made in other places including Britain and the U.S.

But most of the press didn't report all this. It just let the story drop.

Just over two weeks ago, the news media went wild again with a story from the White Helmets that Russia and Syria had used a deadly gas to kill Syrian children. It got huge attention - evil Russians, evil Syrians killing children.

None of the news media even mentioned that the White Helmets are a propaganda front whose very similar report of a year ago was a proven lie. (In fact, most of the press has never to this day mentioned that.)

This time, the U.S. government rose in righteousness, condemning the evil Russians and Syrians, imposing heavy sanctions on Russia, and threatening to open war on both Russia and Syria.

But even as all this was announced, very credible sources at the scene are reporting that no such attacks occurred. And,  indeed, there was no possible reason why Russia or Iran should have made such attacks.  Funny thing, though.

I opened my Wedenesday morning paper to see no mention of how the lie of the White Helmets has fallen apart. In fact, the irving press, which practically screamed for nuclear war at the start of this, didn't even mention Syria in today's paper.

With Russia and the U.S. and, possibly, China poised for what could be nuclear war, the big, world story that day was about the death at age 91 of President George Bush jr.'s mother.

Is there such a thing as false news? You bet there is. And you get it every day from just about all of our mainstream news outlets.

Yeah. I know. The world's climate isn't changing. All those world scientists are kooks. If you want to find out what's happening, hang out at the general store and listen to real folks because they listen to oil barons who are real smart. Our own Mr. Irving went to Acadia. He dropped out early. But you don't need to finish when you're born real smart. And rich.

The most alarming thing about climate change is that most governments (like Canada and the U.S.) have not come up with any plan on how to deal with it. There is no progress on taming oil or on finding alternatives to it. And our politicians show not the slightest interest in any such plan.
Yep, there's no problem. Just keep sprayin' those trees and deer and moose and rabbits  (and people).

Hey! Some things in the news don't mean nuthin'.

We still got lotsa pictures of them.

Contrary to what this story says, the stepping down of Raoul Castro will make a  change for Cuba. For some 70 years,  the U.S. has forced poverty on Cuba, bombed it, blown up one of its passenger airliners, crippled its trade... And that's likely to get worse. Cuba's sin is that it has been the only one in Latin America to successfully hold off American aggression. American capitalism cannot allow that defiance to go on.

The Moncton TandT hasn't even noticed this story. Trudeau has, as expected, caved into the oil industry. (Well, doing so doesn't effect his long term plan for the environment because he doesn't have one.)

I find The Guardian declining in what was once the world's outstanding English news medium.  So off-Guardian is a help.


Here's another kind of important story that hasn't attracted the attention of the irving press.

Another story that wasn't important enough for the irving press.

I regret that Haaretz limits itself to headlines and just a few lines after. However, in this case, it's story of a kibbutz (socialist community economy) that has trounced its capitalist equivalent. (Of course, we all know that couldn't happen. Capitalism creates wealth. That's why New Brunswickers are so rich.)
Seven months after a devastating hurricane, capitalism rides to the rescue of Puerto Rico (I don't think.)

So much for a free press.

Those air strikes were illegal under international law. The U.S. has no right under international law to even be in Syria. It had no right under international law to attack the 70 or so countries it has attacked since 1945. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal. (So the Canadian entry into that war was also illegal under international law. And so was the Canadian bombing of Libya and the presence of Canadian troops in Syria.) The U.S. practice of putting trade sanctions on countries is illegal.

The enforcer of international law is supposed to be the UN. In fact, it has never done so (except, possibly, in Korea).

The practice of the U.S. is to act as though it rules a world empire, and is free to do whatever it likes. It's not just a practice. It's also a belief of American capitalism that God wants it to rule the world.

That is not what Canadians died for in World War 2. We were told we were fighting for a world in which the UN would enforce international law. Yes. That is what Canadians fought for - not just to provide self-righteous speeches and parades on November 11. And, to the Canadian Legion - that is what you were supposed to be fighting for.

And, in a betrayal of all those who suffered and died in that war, we have allowed the UN to become a wimpy tool for American capitalism. It has never once spoken on the hundreds of times the U.S. has ignored international law to murder people by the tens of millions.

The Moncton Times will no doubt praise our dead for their sacrifices in our wars. And I would certainly join in respect for those who sacrificed. (As a child, I even knew some of those who never returned.)

But, damn you all, I will not join in those fatuous memorial day events in which millions of hypocrites memorialize the deaths of all those we have,  in fact,  betrayed.

Duh? What? Me worry?

Come off it. What do those dumb scientists know?

And here's a story you will never, ever see in the irving press. (Guess who was deeply involved in the Lac Megantic disaster.)

Canada and the U.S. are getting quite a dose of brainless politics. New Brunswick Liberals and Conservatives have no policies whatever - except to please the man who pays for their elections. But that's generally true across North America.

Of course, this didn't make the irving press.

The recent airstrikes in Syria by the U.S. and Britain are a sign of much worse to come. And they can get away with them because our news media lie to us.

Remember this on November 11.

'nuff said.

There's a lesson for New Brunswickers in this next story.

Do you understand now why your governments go into deficit spending? Do you understand now why we have so little money to deal with poverty and hunger? Do you understand why university fees have to be so  high?

Forget our half-wit newspaper cartoons about how our provincial government squanders money. It's not the politicians' fault that this happens - except that they, like the irving press, kiss up to the wealthy who don't pay taxes.

It is quite possible that Trump is no longer the man in control in this U.S. And it is quite possible that the billionaires who really have all the control are among the greediest this world has ever seen.

The world is controlled by what are now, quite probably, the greediest this world has ever seen. There are no limits to the killing they will do to get more money. There are no limits to the damage they will inflict on us to get more money.

There are, alas, severe limits to their intelligence.

We are in a more dangerous time than this world has ever seen. And, in this time, we are controlled by people whose greed destroys even their common sense.

And to the Christian readers of this blog, I would point out that Christianity has utterly and completely failed to deal with the extraordinarily unChristian values these super-wealthy have. In fact,  the Christian churches are so irrelevant in this crisis that most of their clergy seem happy to pimp for the super greedy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April 17: Very, very bad...

We are trained by our news media and political leaders to see war as a virtuous excercise  when it is practiced by us, evil when it is practiced by others. That is what makes it okay to torture, starve and execute people on the other side.

I don't know how often I have read that Sadat is evil, just as we read that Kim jong-un is evil and 'unpredictable'. Oh? Is Kim Jong more unpredictable than Bush or Obama or Trump? And tell me about the evil Sadat has done. Has he practiced mass torture like the'good' US? Has he murdered millions like the 'good' US? Has he starved millions like the 'good' US in Yemen?

In fact, Sadat has held his country together after years of attacks by a 'rebel' minority joined with terrorist and foreign groups - all subsidized and equipped by the God-fearing U.S.

I have no idea whether he can fairly be called either good or evil. But we are the ones who point the finger.

When an outfit like White Helmets say that Sadat gas bombed children, our news media push it as truth, so Sadat is evil. In fact, we do not yet have the slightest evidence of it.

And so we see the whole world as a morality play in which we are always good and the rest always evil. In reality, I suspect the most evil force in today's world is the system of capitalism that dominates all the major nations. Capitalism has become greed unleashed.

And that raises the awkward question of patriotism.

We called it patriotism as a come-on, but there was nothing patriotic about sending Canadians to kill and die in South Africa in 1900. That war had nothing to do with Canada. And if we did it to please the King, that makes one wonder why we were so morally corrupt as to please such a king.

We sent Canadians to fight and die in Afghanistan in a war that had nothing to do with Canada (no. there is not the slightest evidence that Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11.) What was patriotic about fighting a war to please American capitalists and their Canadian hangers-on?

That is not to place the slightest blame on those Canadians who served. I'm sure they believed they were being patriotic - because that was the lie fed to them by their national leaders.

The reality is that we have for over a century fought wars on behalf of foreign capitalists because our capitalists depend on the good will of those foreign ones.

There is such a pride as patriotism - a pride in serving one's country. Tommy Douglas proudly served his country in introducing medicare, a gift to millions since then. Volunteers show their patriotism in helping the poor and the homeless. But patriotism does not mean killing foreigners to please local capitalists.

Patriotism as a come-on and a delusion has been a device that goes way back. Through the 19th century as Britain sent out its young to mass murder and exploit for the rich all over the world, the soldiers and sailors who got paid virtually nothing for the killing were hailed as 'patriots'. But they did nothing for Britain - only for the very wealthy one percent who sent them to kill and die.

And, magically, patriotism can switch sides. George Washington was a very wealthy British patriot
who happily fought for Britain against the native peoples. But when Britain asked him and his people to help pay for the wars that had been fought for them, George became a traitor. But of course, we never call it that. No. He had become an American patriot.

Some preliminary reads on today's news that didn't make the irving press.

from VeteransToday

Editor’s note:  The US has made a glaring error, one that exposes more than simple fake terrorism.  The alleged “gas attack” in Douma, just outside Damascus was staged assuming that US controlled terror groups were planning on holding out until an American air attack could save them.
Instead, they surrendered hours later and were transported out of the area leaving Russian troops to immediately move in.  No gas victims were evacuated with the terrorists, no doctors found, no “White Helmets” and no dead.
None of it even happened, worse yet, it all seem to have been filmed in Idlib, over 200 miles away.  Filming locations don’t exist in Douma.
Worse still, the area was immediately opened to the press but nothing was reported.  No video was taken, no victims examined, live or dead, but none of this was reported either.
This is living proof there is 100% control of Western media.  This is also why Russia is angry enough to risk a full scale war with the US.
We have pushed too far.  Where are America’s political and military leaders?

The chemical poison used to attempt the murder of the Scripals in Britain was NOT made in Russia. It IS made in both the U.S. and Britain. In other news,  the British Prime Minister lied to the world when she blamed the attempt on Russia.  and she knew she was lying. Now----why did she lie? Obviously, she wanted to start a war; she had immediate support in the US cabinet. But not from Trump.

So what was this all about?

Here's a report on the Alberta-BC pipeline that you won't find in the irving press. At most you'll get a lying opinion about it.

Will Trudeau kiss up to the oil bosses? You bet he will. So would a conservative leader. (And I'm not as confident in the NDP as I used to be.)

In general, The Guardian seems to be taking an increasingly obedient line - so this is a nice exception.

Oh, check out today's front page story in the irving press on the death of a young woman. It begins " 'She was fierce and sassy': Family mourns woman killed in Moncton.' " That sort of reporting has    become common on the front page. In journalism, that style of writing is called a sob story.

In short, the editor plays the story not as news but as a pretty maudlin sentiment. To such editors, the important part of the story is not what happened or what is being done or what we need to know. The important part is pure, sobbing sentimentalism.

The important thing about news is not to make people think or to take action. It is simply to make them say a-a-a-aw. That's a big reason why the irving press keeps its readers ignorant of almost everything.

You won't find this in the irving press at all. But Trudeau's support of the U.S. in this case is very dangerous for Canada - and also illegal. The US has no right, under international law,  to be in Syria in the first place. It certainly has no right to fire off rockets there. At both levels, these are acts of war that are illegal under international law. And by giving them his blessing, Trudeau is breaking international law.

The next, logical move is for Trudeau to send troops. And the village idiots of the irving press will cheer that as patriotism.

Israel, on its 60th anniversary, has become everything that Judaism is not. It is thieving, bullying, arrogant, corrupt and vicious. And we did that.

I have known many friends who survived the death camps, who settled in Israel - and who were forever changed by the experience.

They came out of the camps determined never again to fall into such a trap, never again to accept such abuse. They came, a once loving people now converted to utter hatred. They hated Germans, of course. They also hated us because they knew that we had not lifted a finger to help them. And they knew we still didn't want them.

As they fled to Israel, the whole world was their enemy. And they took out their hatred on the Palestinians, stealing their land and treating them worse than animals. They trusted nobody, including the U.S. That's why they killed a large part of the crew of an American communications ship that was listening in on their war with Egypt.

The Jews that I grew up with were people of generosity,  compassion, social activism. And that Judaism has largely disappeared to be succeeded by a very understandable hatred and distrust of anybody who isn't Jewish.

It wasn't Netanyahu who created the horror of this change. It was us.

To the Liberals and Conservatives, Canada is an American colony.

Robert Fisk is a journalist's journalist. He's the best. And he's dead honest. That's why he never makes the pages of New Brunswick's irving press.

When I was in hospital, I thought of almost nothing but the so-called chemical poison attack on Douma. I knew it was a lie. I knew that as soon as I saw the first reports. The sources and the choice of words told me all I needed to know this was a lie.

But our news media still don't even hint at this, not even with all the evidence that has poured in.

And, alas, CBC has been right in the sewer with the rest.

And Canadian mining companies all over the world have been up to their ears in this sort of behaviour.

Here's a useful piece of understanding of how propaganda works.

Here is an uncheerful look at the future.

In spite of the blathering of the irving press and it's pet economic authorities (such as professor Don de Savoie and The Fraser Institute and The Atlantic Institute  of Market Studies) the rich do NOT make us rich. We just have to look around us to see that. And it's going to get much, much worse. Capitalism creates greed without end. Running loose as it does it will destroy you and your children - if it allows us to live long enough to be destroyed in the first place.

I know that God blesses America which is what gives it the right to invade, murder and plunder at will. Nobody else in the world has that right. And Canadians, watch out! In the eyes of the very greedy, Canada is just another target for plunder.

Recently, most news agencies carried a story about evil people it called oligarchs.
They are, of course, Russians. Irving press did not carry the story because, I'm sure, nobody at the irving press knows what it means. Here's an interesting report on it and, Surprise!, it's not just Russians who are oligarchs. In fact, we have a few right here in New Brunswick.
The signs are strong that Trump is no longer in charge in the U.S. Alas! His replacements are worse.

And here's a long view of what Syria is all about...


None of the options on the table is good for most of us. We desperately need to do what we should have done in 1945, begin the development of a new world order whose priority would be human needs and human rights.

Instead, all over the world, we handed over unlimited power to the greediest people in our societies who use the rest of us to kill each other to make themselves richer and greedier.

We really have to so some thinking and take some action to save ourselves before it's to late.  But don't expect any help from the very greedy. They don't even know how to save themselves.

Perhaps churches could do some thinking about the role Christianity could play in this process.....

Nah...sorry to wake you guys up.

And here's a very late entry. The suffering in Douma may have happened - but not because of Syrian chemical gas.