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Feb. 13: Being good is not normal - not for any major power.

Back to the reason for our great war from 1914 to today.

World War 1 was created by all the major, industrial powers involved. The demand to go to war came from their capitalists who feared the competition of capitalists on the other side. Of course, they couldn't say that was the reason. So they got the newspapers they owned to call people on the other side nasty names to make us hate them.

And that is what led to world war one that killed some 20 million people - just over half of them civilians.

The winners then imposed a heavy financial penalty on Germany, to keep its industries from offering serious competition to the British, French and American industrial bosses.

But that imposition is what brought Hitler to power. Early in his rise, he won the support of German capitalists (though this was not mentioned in  his speeches).
Indeed, when he was still seen largely as an anti-semite, he attracted a good deal of support from capitalists in Britain, the U.S. and Canada.

This is what led directly to the continuation of World War 1 that we call World War 2.  Again, the news media owned by capitalists on both sides boosted the war, once started, by calling the other side names - something that Hitler made easy for our side.

Yes, once again, Germans were portrayed as murderous racists - which they were. But our news media made no mention of the British, French and American history of mass murder all over the world, routine torture (as the U.S. did in the Philippines), slavery and massive abuse. Nor did they mention that Britain, the U.S. and Canada did not accept escaped Jews, but sent them back to die. I guess it makes it easier to hate clearly that way.

The capitalists on our side were also fighting each other.  U.S. capitalists wanted to steal imperial colonies from their British and French allies. (The news media never mentioned that, either.)   The Vietnam war was the American attempt to steal the former French colony of French Indo-China. The Korean war was the attempt of U.S. capitalists to get control of a base to conquer China. The U.S. failed. But it's still trying.

Things went better in  the middle east where U.S. capitalists were able to muscle in on the British ones - as in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The British capitalists could only pretend to smile and be happy as their economic empire collapsed and the U.S.capitalists moved in. The British capitalists have no choice now but to kiss up to the U.S. empire and help fight its wars (Afghanistan, Iraq...) to keep at least a bit of the action.

The only big change in this third period of the more than a century-old great war is that Russia and China are now both capitalist, too, and so are determined to get a piece of the imperial action. (Actually, though our news media loved to label them as communists, they never were communist. Our news media use words for the emotional sound of them,  but rarely know what they mean.)

We have been through over a hundred years of what can be called the wars between capitalists - though the capitalists usually let the rest of us pay for and fight these wars. (Very, very few big-time capitalists ever see military service.)

The bad news is that it isn't going well. The middle east is in chaos from years of mindless killing - mostly by us. That chaos now includes the middle east where British, Americans, Chinese, Russians face each other in lands in which all law and order have been destroyed for profits. And that means a nuclear war is possible.

The U.S, in particular, also seems to be determined that the Korean conflict will not be settled, but that we are in for more name calling and obstruction and propaganda news to justify a war that Russia and China could not possibly just watch.

Somebody should explain to the irving press that capitalism does NOT bring peace and prosperity, not when it's allowed to run loose. Like everything human, it has to be controlled. But we have allowed it to run wild for centuries. And, since 1914, our capitalist wars have killed well over 200 million people.  (Alas! Very few capitalists were among the dead.)

This orgy of greed could well kill billions in the not too distant future.  In the process, capitalism is also killing itself. It has been building a world in which the leading capitalists pay no taxes and yearly suck up a greater share of international wealth as the rest of us humans get poorer. (If the rich constantly get richer and the poor poorer, who is going to buy all their products?) Common sense should tell them that this system, along with wild spending of borrowed money on wildly corrupt weapons industries is bound to crash. And soon.

Meanwhile, it would help if our news media were to learn what words like capitalist, communist, socialist, liberal, conservative really mean. And they should learn to give us information, not just emotional buzzwords. They should also open their eyes to the horrors that capitalism has unleashed in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even within countries like the U.S. - and Canada__________________________________________________________

Sorry, now. Readers outside New Brunswick can skip this next insert. But I can't skip how far the irving press of this province has sunk into the mire.

Big story on the front page? 44 years ago, a woman in this province was murdered. Nobody has ever been caught. Yes, we should feel sorry for the family. But why on earth is this a front page story? Oh, there's a reason.

The reason is that it fills space while telling us nothing useful. And that's the way the irving press likes it.

Then there's a full page story about how people like to eat chocolate. Who woulda guessed? And another gushy, gushy story about how an old desk in New Brunswick was returned to the descendants of an American hero of the War of 1812. The story doesn't mention who it was that American heroes were killing that year. (It was Canadians.)

Then, on  the comments page, is one by a writer who also contributes to Canadians for Affordable Energy. It's an attack on the greens for putting charges on polluters.

And what is 'Canadians for Affordable Energy'?

It's a propaganda think tank to write nice things about rich people. William Lau (who has, at best, a very ordinary training in the subject he writes about) also writes for "think tanks" (propaganda fronts) like Atlantic Institute of Market Studies and Fraser Institute.

The National Director of Canadians for Affordable Energy is John Williamson, a former MP from New Brunswick. He, too, has kissed up big time for Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, Fraser Institute, Manning Institute for Democracy. Oh, and also director of another kiss up for big money - Canadian Taxpayers Federation. To cap it he was an editorial writer for the National Post, a newspaper far out on the propaganda, ultra-greedy right since it was founded by an owner who had to do prison time for his dishonesty.

We have to pay to read this propaganda crap.

Editors at the irving press know what they're doing. They know they're printing propaganda.

The Canada and World section has a total of six stories from, wow, all over Canada and the whole world - sort of. One of them is that a woman in Gatineau gave birth to twins in less that 23 seconds ---last April. New Brunswickers don't get a clue of what's going on in the world.

For Tuesday, page 1 has a big story about donating one's body to science. It's a long one, continued on page A 5. Okay. But it also appears as a separate and shorter story on A2. I've never seen such sloppiness in a newspaper before.

Then,  A7 has a commentary on the 'thugs' in Beijing. It seems they have brutally  imprisoned and perhaps tortured a Chinese who is a Swedish citizen. Yes, they did. And they're thugs. The writer isn't afraid to say that.

(The U.S. has murdered well over ten million people since 1945. It has tortured thousands, at least. It is starving people to death in Yemen. But the U.S. leaders are not thugs. No. They're nice people.)

This is what fake news is.

Then there's a commentary by Patrick Webber who attacks China and Russia for being totalitarian - unlike the U.S. which has far the largest prison population in the world. And exactly who is Patrick Webber?

Well, they don't say so, but he writes for The Atlantic Institute of Market Studies. Funny the irving press didn't mention that.

Then Norbert Cunningham has a column "Tories much rediscover traditional philosophy"? It is based on a column by Andrew Coyne which said that conservatives originally believed in free trade, protested apartheid in South Africa, appointed the first woman to the cabinet, etc.

Like hell.

In fact, it was the Liberals who believed in Free Trade at confederation and for decades after. John A as Conservatives had nothing to do with it. And respect for women is part of Conservative ideology? So how come it took them almost a hundred years to appoint a woman to the Canadian cabinet? And how come it took them over fifty years even to give women the right to vote?

The Liberal and Conservative parties in Canada don't have any ideology except serving the rich.  ( Oh, and Brian Mulroney pushed free trade because he believed in freedom of all sorts? Donne-moi un break. He did it because his billionaire bosses told him to do it.)

Is there a drug company in this world that doesn't bribe hospitals and doctors?


Our news media told us little about the Haiti earthquake of 2010. Here's an account of horror that we got no sense of.


I really don't understand this story. I fear it must tell us something about human behaviour. Is this a typical human reaction to horror? And note the role played by some evangelical Christians.
Here's a big story that the irving press hasn't noticed yet. It's a story that has profoundly divided Jews all over the world.


Don't let this news item affect your judgement. As Mr. Irving told us in a recent interview, the important thing is to let him get on with the business of selling oil.


The writers at irving press would admire Mr. Trump's efforts to balance the budget.


Somebody should tell deAdder, the irving press cartoonist, that there are two ways to balance a budget. One is to cut spending on on the general population - which is, seemingly,  the method de Adder prefers.

The other is to cut gift-giving to the very wealthy, and to make them pay their taxes.

Oligarchy, rule by a tiny group of the very wealthy for their own benefit only, seems to be a natural human state. And it's invariably a destructive force.


It's hard to find out what the Korean mess is about. Forget our news media. They live on lies and propaganda. You can also forget most google sites. They, too, are loaded with propaganda and lies. Wikkipedia told me that South Korea in 1950 was a democratic republic. But Wikkipedia is full of it.  In 1950, South Korea was a dictatorship  that had never, never in its history known  democracy. And it remained a dictatorship long after the Korean War.

Wikkipedia will also tell you that Chiang kai-shek was the legitimate ruler of China. Oh? Who decided that? He certainly was never elected - and much of China even in his time was controlled by Mao's communists.

And don't waste your time looking for good guys and bad guys, not on any side.

Korea used to be one country. It was conquered and ruled for 35 years by a Japan that was imitating the European powers and the U.S. by invading, killing, and plundering other countries.

In the closing months of World War 2, the U.S. 'liberated' the south while Russia led local communists in 'liberating' the north. The U.S. and the U.N. then drew a line separating the two Koreas. China, when it dumped Chiang, also supported North Korea.

Nobody brought democracy to anybody. The south became dominated by those who had collaborated with the Japanese during their rule. And they continued as a dictatorship. The North became dominated by a dictatorship that called itself communist like the Russians and Chinese but, also like Russia and China, it wasn't really communist. (State ownership is not the same thing as communism.)

The Russians and Chinese held on to influence in North Korea because it touched on their borders, and could be a natural launching point for an invasion of Russia and China.

The U.S. hold on to even greater influence in the south, and stationed troops there, for much the same reason. It wanted to invade China and, possibly, Russia.  The objective of Russia and China now and for many years has seemed to be to quiet the region down. And that seems now to be the objective of both Koreas.

The objective of the U.S. seems, still, to be the invasion of China.

Forget the good guys and bad guys. This isn't an old cowboy movie.


This is a l-o-n-g account of l-o-n-g and illegal wars fought by the U.S. in Latin America so American capitalists could plunder and abuse those countries.

Here's a story that has received no attention in the irving press, either in the sports pages or in real news.


Football, like boxing, is a dangerous sport for both children and adults because of the brain damage it causes. But our news media don't seem to care.

Good news! The U.S. is now the world's second largest tax haven for the very, very wealthy. Somebody should tell the cartoonist, de Adder, at the irving press.
That might help to explain why New Brunswick governments can't balance taxes - not without closing the schools and privatizing health care.


See? Russians are nice. They're just like us.


Africa is poor because we've made it poor. There's lots and lots of wealth in Africa. But it all goes into the pockets of foreign capitalists. Think of that next time you see a movie about the glories of empire.


Another aspect of the war we have helped to create.


You would think that a big story about a foreign chief of state being charged by his own police with bribery would be a story for every newspaper in the world. But, no, not in  the irving press.


I notice a lot of the talking this time was by me. Sorry about that.

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