Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan. 4: Ah, this 'Christian' world...

I am beginning this on the morning of Jan. 3. Note that the irving press papers always have a notice on the front page.

" Up-to-the-minute breaking news every day"

So I checked for the weather forecast in the Jan. 3 paper because I've been reading frantic storm warnings of dangerous weather from the federal government and from American sources for two days. But, to be really sure, I wanted to check the irving press.

Duh - mainly sunny, possible snowfall, yawn...

Talk about up-to-the-minute breaking news.
Now, it's Jan 4, and the fearless editors at last have the storm in its news. Wow!
That's just two days after the rest of the world has known it. Up-to-the-minute. Fast breaking.

I cite the following news item not because it's important but because it isn't. This is about a book attacking Trump by a man who's as slimy as Trump is. We make a big mistake in focusing on the the behaviour of Trump. (One could have written with equal force about the slime associated with Kennedy, Nixon. both  of the Bushes, both Clintons, and, yes, about Obama.

The problem is not any one person. The problem is about the greed and aggression of almost all American political and economic leaders. Democracy in the U.S. has long since collapsed. And we are now watching its moral and social collapse. And that is what we need more understanding of.
Even the best of newspapers can, in all innocence, twist the news. Here is a report on the middle east that gives a pretty good sense of the chaos that region faces in 2018. But note the last sentence which refers to ISIS as the world's most brutal terrorist  organization.

Oh? The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have both supplied help, weapons and training to ISIS. The U.S. and Arabia are both deliberately starving the people of Yemen to death. Isn't that terrorism? The U.S. killed one and a half million in Iraq - half of them, at least, civilians. Isn't that terrorism? The U.S. and Guatemala cooperated in the slaughter of 200,000 native Maya. Isn't that terrorism? The U.S. daily and randomly murders people with its drone attacks  (which we don't read about in our news.) In Laos, Cambodia and North Korea it has carried out the most intense bombing in history - and deliberately aimed it at civilians. And that is surely terrorism. And it is terrorist that killed more people than ISIS did.

Thanks to the greed of the oil industry, the following story is happening to millions of people all over the world. And if we don't really care about that, let's give a thought to what we'll do with all those refugees as they flee to us.

Here's a touch of reality for people who think that the homeless are homeless because they're lazy. They're probably the same people going all ga-ga over Prince Harry's engagement. Yes. Because he's a man who was smart enough to be born rich, not like those lazy, homeless people.

Here's a story most of our news media  have chosen to miss.

Haaretz has carried the above story in honesty and fullness, including one column that attacks the Palestinian woman. Not so most of the western press. It's sad for me to see this. I grew up largely mixing in a Jewish society in Montreal that was intellectually active, tough-minded and inspiring for this kid who had grown up in Christian 'blah'.

Alas, the Israeli Lobby which reaches into most western countries,  has effectively cracked down on anybody who doesn't follow the official line.

The irving press might report the charge that Trump has made against Pakistan that it has helped terrorists. But it does not seem to have any people able (or willing?) to give us an analysis of the situation so that we can understand it.

And here's another story you'll  never see in the irving press.

I know I've already given this story twice. But it's more important than a hundred tweets from Trump.

Israel's treatment of Palestine is as far from Judaism as one can get. For the start, it has crippled the Palestinian economy, stolen Palestinian land, mistreated Palestinians who are Israeli citizens, and has deliberately cut off Palestinian electricity for such long periods that hospital patients are dying from it.

And why does the U.S. allow this? Is it out of sympathy for Jews? Like hell it is. The U.S., like Canada, was profoundly anti-semitic in world war 2 - and long after it. It  helps Israel now only because Israel is useful to it in its middle east wars.

The next item is not very important in itself. It's important for the hidden lesson in it. Is Trump stupid? Is he mentally unbalanced? Of course he is. Anyone who can tie his or her own shoelaces knows that. But the important thing is the lesson in that.

Many, many people say we should follow our wealthiest business people because, you know, they're smart. I mean real smart. And the proof is that they've made themselves rich.

This sort of thinking is nonsense. Trump is super-rich. And it's obvious he is a person of low intelligence and poor judgement. That's not at all unusual. Hitler rose himself from poverty to considerable wealth. But his intelligence was limited to knowing how to manipulate people.

Wouldn't it be nice if somebody at irving press annoyed the boss by telling the truth?

The following is true. And it's going to get worse.

Some readers will, I'm sure, agree that what people are allowed to say on facebook should be controlled. Okay. But would those people agree that, say, Trump's tweets which incite hatred and racism should be banned?

So far, the government in Iran has not been wise in handling the massive protests in that country. It is not threatening to turn the army loose on the protesters. This is a country in which both Russia and China have a stake. So does the U.S. since Iran had the audacity to kick out the murderous dictator the U.S. imposed on it.

This is very, very dangerous, so dangerous it could be the trigger for a world, nuclear war.

Remember all those commentaries in the irving press about how billionaires make all of us wealthy? They're all a crock, of course. And here's a recent story to make that point.

China now leads the world in billionaires.  (So much for the myth about 'communist China'.) About thirty years ago, I taught a student who became one of China's billionaires. I wonder if he'd lend me....nah...

Here's a history of the horror that has been inflicted on Yemen - inflicted by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. - and Canada. I still cannot understand how nations professing to be Christian think nothing of inflicting starvation and horrible disease on the poorest people of the of the arab world.

How has Yemen threatened  us?

And where the hell are the Christian churches?

Our news media have almost entirely ignored the horrors of disease and death that are being inflicted on Muslims in Rohingya. (In fact, who even cares where Rohingya is?)

Indeed, the most notable death since 1945 has been the death of Christianity.

The good news (which is really very bad news) is that Trump's policies are very similar to those of the presidents before him.

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