Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jan. 11: Oprah Winfrey! Wow!Wow! ---Wow?

Television talk show star Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is thinking of running for president. The U.S. has plunged into an ecstasy of hope.

Gosh, We haven't had an exciting candidate like her - you know - a popular TV star - since...uh....Donald Trump.

And what are her principles? Well, she's against war. That's nice. But it's not the only major issue facing the American people. Where does she stand on the military budget? Any serious cut in that would be a serious blow to the American economy - and would quite likely lead to a presidential assassination as many an American billionaire is wealthy because of that inflated military budget.

The forces against an honest and intelligent president are large, well-placed - and ruthless. To think that one person is going to change this is absurd. She would need a whole party that simply does not exist at this point.

What's her view on medicare? (The US version is absurdly expense, and of only limited help to those who need it.) On private schools and 'charter' schools? On the human and environmental destruction of American companies all over the world, especially in mining?

Where does she stand on dissolving a very brutal and murderous American empire as in Latin America and the Middle East?

Where does she stand on the massive corruption that characterises the American government?

Would she be willing to lead the U.S. in getting rid of nuclear weapons? Would she withdraw those weapons that are placed on the border of Russia?

Would she be willing to heavily tax people like herself to ease the massive poverty in the U.S.?

Would she be willing to let the UN be the world body it was supposed to be - instead of it being U.S.. puppet - and whipping boy when it doesn't behave?

What does she think of 'moral' values like manifest destiny and American exceptionalism?

If Americans want to see a more intelligent and compassionate presidential candidate, they already have one in Bernie Sanders. he has a far broader view than Winfrey does, and far, far more experience of government. And most of the above could not be accomplished by Bernie Sanders.

In reality, the election of an Oprah would almost certainly have no effect whatever. Sadly, I doubt very much that the U.S. can be saved. It's people are filled with absurd notions of what their values are, of their role in the world....

The U.S. needs much, much more than a president who is honest and opposed to war. It needs a nation of people who are prepared to stand against racism, imposed poverty, greed, international slaughter (which Trump calls 'making American great again), corruption - and the US has no such nation in sight.

As well, (and like Canada), Americans are stuck with commercial news media controlled by billionaires who like things just the way they are. So, like Canadians, most American have no sense of what the real problems are or what the possible solutions are. That's why New Brunswickers vote only Liberal or Conservative, and Americans vote only Republican or Democrat.

You can't have an intelligent and informed population when their only news comes from propaganda media.

And the whole nation is not just a president. The problem is a whole nation caught up in hatreds, delusions, self-interest, greed, and almost complete lack of compassion even for its own people, and a Christianity twisted into racism and hatreds.

The only serious change we are likely to see in the U.S. is its collapse. That would be good compared to the alternative - a U.S. ready to set off a world nuclear war.

And let's not kid ourselves. Canada is not nearly so different from the U.S. as we like to think.
In today's irving press, which has five news stories  (count them, five) to cover the whole world - and none of them important, there is also a contemptible commentary by a professor, no less.

He fumes at Ontario for raising its minimum wage from fourteen dollars to  fifteen dollars an hour. This column was written for the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, a propaganda house founded by and for the very wealthy. That's why you have never seen a report from it that is critical of the very wealthy - and you never will.

Imagine, the writer slams into those who get an extra buck an hour. But he has never said a word about the wealthy who don't pay any taxes at all, who get all kinds of free services from the government (like spraying our forests with poison). And if he did say anything about the millions the wealthy steal from us, you can bet the irving press would never publish it.

People who front for these bogus 'think-tanks' are given grand titles - in this case, "Senior Fellow", just like the real scholars they aren't.  And, alas, the writer of this commentary is a professor and a dean of business. That sort of input from the universities is becoming common After all, they're pressed to the wall for money, so they have to kiss up.

In my own view, any professor who would write for a propaganda house is beneath contempt.

Here's a story the scrambling editors of the irving press must have missed.

Of course, as we know from the distinguished scholars who write for outfits like the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies,  there is no such thing as climate change.

And, just to show I am not the only one who has noticed the prostitution of our universities...

This is the future as big business sees it.

The following story has 8 related stories listed below it. What's happening to the people of Rohingya is vile beyond description. But the rest of the world doesn't give a damn.
Think of all those western movies of cowboys, all of them white and American, walking down streets with each wearing a pair of guns. Think of the quick draw shoot-outs.  Most of that never happened.

The murder rate in cow country towns was lower than in most eastern cities. Gun control was tight. No guns were allowed in town. And that was enforced. The current wearing of guns in public in Arizona is exactly the opposite of what Arizona was like in those days.

Many of the cowboys were  were not Americans. Of course course not. They were Mexicans born into a Texas and an Arizona, and they stayed after the U.S. invaded and stole their land. Americans learned how to be cowboys from Mexicans.  And many were African-Americans. Of course. Texas had been a slave state. And many were immigrants from Europe. Again, of course. Cowboying was low pay work.

Oh, and the pay was low and irregular. So marriage was usually out of the question. The result was that many, many cowboys had to settle for, you know, male relationships.

Movies and TV commonly create a history and traditions that never existed. The big "history" film now making the rounds is about Churchill. But there's lots the film doesn't say. Churchill was a typical upper-class Englishman of his time. He couldn't care less about the working class.  He had only contempt for foreigners,especially those who couldn't speak English or were a different colour.  He had no qualms about murdering such people in the millions - as he murdered people of India and Africa. He pioneered the deliberate bombing of civilians.

But don't worry. You won't see any of that mentioned in this film.

The fast food industry in Ontario is really cracking down on those thirteen dollar an hour workers who want fourteen dollars an hour. (Thus today's hokey column by a real, live professor in today's irving press - who probably makes more than fourteen dollars an hour.)

So NO, dear reader, raising the minimum wage by a dollar will not drive us all into the streets, cold and hungry.

The U.S. has been at war almost constantly and illegally since 1945. Africa and the Middle East have probably suffered the biggest hit, especially since the imposition of the policies of Bush, Obama and Trump. (Yes. The three are much alike.)

Ever wonder what Trump means when he says 'make America great again?'  Well, he doesn't mean feeding the hungry or housing the homeless or healing the sick. And he doesn't mean education available to all,  rich and poor. He means bullying and bashing small countries as the U.S. has done for over a century in Latin America. (U.S. policy in this respect has been constant, without a change, since 1776. Don't  believe what the movies tell you.)


Israel has turned into a non-Judaic country. Oh, as in our Christian churches, the ritual is there - but nothing else. It has already stolen much of the land of Palestine. It penalizes Palestine, often quite brutally, to keep it poor, isolated from the world, lacking electricity (so that its hospitals, for example, can't function). You won't read anything about this in the irving press. But Israel's treatment of Palestinians is remarkably similar to Hitler's treatment of Jews. And the object of Israel, quite obviously, is to conquer Palestine and exile its people.

This has nothing to do with Judaism just as most of our western activities have nothing to do with Christianity.

Here's an important story of a type that the irving press never carries. For a century, Haiti was controlled by the U.S. And it was controlled with extreme brutality, working its people to death at wages nobody could live on, and beating and murdering those who complained.

Haiti finally broke out of American control when it dumped the American-appointed dictator to elect a president. But the U.S. disliked that so it responded sending troops on what it said was a UN mission to restore order in Haiti. Wimpy Canada joined in this exercise.  The U.S. hasn't stopped using the UN for its dirty work.
Another story not important enough to be covered by the irving press.


  1. The minimum wage in Ontario rose from $11.40 to $14.00 an hour. That's $2.60 an hour not $1.00. You've got hold of the wrong end of the stick again somewhere.

    The horror felt by the folks lazing on Florida beaches is palpable - their slaves back home are getting a 22% increase from nothing to 1.22 times nothing. And next year the communists running Ontario will put min wage up to $15 an hour. You can see the end of the world from Tampa! Ontario is ANTI-business!

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a euphemism for a business-funded lobby, is up on its hind legs Squawking like a startled chicken that Ontario's future is in doubt; the Canadian Federation of Independent business, another association who go around bullying all types of small business owners to join up, are Wringing Their Hands in deep pain at the thought that employees are getting a bit more. None of these complainers feel able to recall that all businesses have to meet the new wages, essentially levelling the playing field, nullifying their anti-union/layabout/government diatribes.

    It's thus all the more delicious that the increase is $2.60 an hour. What'll they think of next? Inheritance taxes? Oh and another dollar next year? Ruin!

    Boy, it's hard to run a business so crappy that the only reason it exists at all is by barely paying its employees - we're not talking aspirational entrepreneurs who dream of a commercial empire built on innovation, just greedy dopes running franchise coffee shops and burger joints and corner stores. We're talking about people content to get wealthy on the backs of cheap labour.

    1. There were two pay raises, the first of $1.60. The second was one dollar - and that's the one that caused the reaction. So that's the one I referred to.

    2. Anonymous sent me another post in which he said my being wrong (in his view) by a buck sixty destroyed all my credibility so far as he was concerned. (I tried to download his post but don't seem to be able to. I'll keep trying.)

      1. If you find that a difference of a buck sixty destroys my credibility, by all means stop wasting your time with my blog.

      2. as to my need to meet perfection in every sentence to quality for your respect, by all means don't waste your time. I am one person doing this two days a week. It requires a lot of reading and a lot of thinking. And, yes, sometimes I shall make a mistake.
      I can forgive me for that.

      But I'm polite. I didn't challenge your bizarre claim that Ontario is a communist province.

  2. Actually the first one was from $11.40 to $14.00 an hour. The second one, from $14 to $15 won't happen till 2019.

  3. Graeme, I don't know where you are getting your information from but that's just flat out factually wrong.

    The Ontario minimum wage is going from $11.40 to $14.00 in one fell swoop. That's almost a 20% increase. On Dec 31, two weeks ago, the minimum wage was $11.40. On the very next day, Jan 1 of this year, the minimum wage is now $14/hr.

    After that in 2019, one year from now, it's going up another dollar to $15/hour. Which will make it more than a 25% increase within 12 months (plus one day).

    You can find any number of press releases on this or just go to the Ontario gov website.

    Very very basic. And this is such a basic detail, it shows that you can be pretty lax in your research, and it casts credibility issues on all your other stories. I don't live in the East Coast and I've been reading your blog for a long time but you've totally lost all credibility in my eyes.

    Just saying.

  4. I dont know about your math. $14 current minimum wage minus $2.60 = $11.40, the previous Ontario minimum wage of 2017. That's not a $1.60 pay raise, it's $2.60. Next January 1, 2019 it goes up another $1.00 to $15 even. Clear as mud?

    You simply had it wrong. Where you came up with $1.60 is beyond me. The $2.60 raise was all over the press. The additional $1.00 is next year, to repeat.

    Not a man for nuance are you? You just get it wrong and double down.