Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nov. 7: How to get depressed.

Sorry to be late with this. Writing this blog can be profoundly depressing. And it rather hit me on Monday. I hope I'm over it.

Here is  a story we've been waiting on for a long time.



It's not a surprise. Large numbers of the wealthy all over the world don't pay taxes. All the wars we have fought since 1945  (and most earlier ones) have been fought to benefit the very wealthy - as in oil companies. But many, probably most, of those companies don't pay taxes. It's up to us to fight their wars - and to pay for them.

That's why poorer countries than us can offer free university education; but we can't. That's why our hospitals are understaffed and underfinanced. That's why our public schools are understaffed. That's why the poor in this country so often go unfed and unhoused. That's why so many of the poor   don't have any realistic pensions.

That's why the wealthy in this country have contempt for all but themselves.

For fifty years, we have have been watching a massive shift of our national wealth into the pockets of the very wealthy. And what has made all this possible is our governments, both Liberal and Conservative. Yes, it wouldn't happen without the collusion of those, two parties.

Nobody knows how many billions of dollars this annual theft amounts to. And it happens every year from the greediest people this world has known.

Will this harm us? You can bet it will. This is monstrously destructive of whole nations. And we, I'm afraid,  sit there with our faces hanging out.

As the years go by, we will suffer from this. And our children will suffer from this. And so, all you super greedy out there. Take your 'philanthropy' and stuff it. It's only a tiny fraction of the billions that you steal from us.

And to the NDP and the Greens of New Brunswick, wake up. You won't do anything with the wimpy stances you now take.

And to the Christian churches, for Christ's sake, will you people arise from your stupor long enough to recognize how anti-Christian this is?

All over the world, we are facing a massive greed that will also destroy even the greediest ones among us. Our governments are very much a part of this.  And we probably don't have much time to deal with it.

Oh, the newspapers of New Brunswick just tell us that Prime Minister Trudeau is going to look into this. Gee. This has been going on for decades. And the prime minister didn't' know?

Oh, yeah, one of the people named in this scandal is the chief fund raiser for the Liberal party. He has a lot of money to hide.  (His grand daddy made his fortune in prohibition days as a smuggler.)

Just noticed by our Irving-owned press in New Brunswick is the story that a local railway is facing charges in the oil-train accident that killed 47 people in Lac Megantic. It's a small story about how the railway, also owned by Irving, is charged with negligent handling of the oil shipment, and with unqualified personnel dealing with dangerous goods. It's a pretty brief story that tells us little - and half of that is about what cooperative sweethearts Irving Oil has been.

Irving Oil already has been fined 4 million dollars on related charges. But before you weep for Irving Oil, consider.

1. If you were driving a truckload of oil that you had improperly loaded, and if that resulted in an accident that killed 47 people, would you get off with a fine?

2. And do you think that a company with a history of scrounging from our governments is actually going to pay a fine - without insisting on some financial favours from us?

Here is the anger I couldn't find in the irving press about tax avoidance by the wealthy.

Wake up, New Brunswick.



Duh, say New Brunswick voters. We'll show those Liberals. Next time, we'll vote for the Conservatives. Duh.

The story of offshore tax havens is a huge one. It's a warning signal of the rise of a new aristocracy that rules us. It a warning signal of a tiny group of people of extreme greed but low intelligence who are effectively destroying democracy to make themselves a new, international government, one with no obligation to anybody except its greedy self, and one so greedy it actively works at destroying the planet to satisfy its short-term greeds.


Although making loud noises about fighting terrorism, American governments have been funding and supplying weapons to terrorist groups for years. Syria is the current hot spot.

So why is the U.S. so determined to topple Assad in Syria? That's because American billionaires want to control Syrian oil. Cute, isn't it? And those billionaires don't pay anything to fight the war because most of them don't pay taxes. The American people are the ones getting hit to satisfy the greed of their capitalists.

But I'm sure the Christian clergyman who  prays with the Trump cabinet will find a Bible passage to justify all that. (He has already announced that God wants Trump to 'take out' Kim Jung.)


A story that tells itself.


And that sort of greed and stupidity has led to the decline and fall of just about every empire that ever there was.

Ever since 1945, American big business has been pressing for the biggest empire in history, The American World Empire. It seemed a sure thing at first. But the clock is running down - and things have not been going well. China is showing unexpected growth. Latin America seethes with hatred of the U.S. American interference in the Middle East has pulled us into chaos.

As an aside, social services like education, medical care, housing and many others are threatened as puppet governments hand them over to private business - a process that hurts most of us because we have to pay for those excessive profits. Big business, most of which doesn't pay taxes, doesn't care what all this costs us in taxation. Why should it?

American big business (with all its Canadian sucks) has - maybe - twenty years to achieve its ambition. It almost certainly can't do it. But it's quite possibly crazy and greedy enough to try. And Canada will be expected to join. Indeed, it has already joined in places like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Latvia.

There is no future for Canada in playing this game. Even if we won it, we would gain nothing as all the profits would go to the greedy. And we are most unlikely to win it.


Yes. It is possible for a government of Israel to be as greedy and brutal as any other government. Right now, it is determined to keep Palestine in misery and poverty as it steals Palestinian territory. Meanwhile, it looks forward to what could well be a war with Iran - possibly a nuclear war.


American Jews are  becoming critical of Israel. It may take Canadian Jews longer to catch on. (The propaganda group called 'The Israeli Lobby', is more effective in Canada than in the U.S.)

There has been a coup in Saudi Arabia with a royal prince having taken control of the government, and imprisoning hundreds of now-discredited members of the royal family, government ministers, and military leaders.

It's a confusing story - this version of it won't help much. And it's potentially a huge story because Saudi Arabia is in the middle of a war with Yemen - and has been looking for one against Iran with the help of Israel. But the irving press didn't have room for it. It needed the space for a big story that our governor-general will visit the province.

and here's a column I'll never see in my local paper.



  1. I do hope that in this age of no more secrets (private info can be found out aboot everyone) and taking it as a given that wealth inequality is a psychosocial problem (that doesn't mean fake) and given that humanity is broken up into different tribes of different values and cultures and even competencies and talents that I do hope we find a way, globally, to harness our envy and resentments and avoid the murderous rage that happens when we come across someone with more than us. I don't know how that will happen; the concept of fair taxes is different depending on the country? So in effect we have to teach our populaces not to go postal for the wrong reasons lol Also I love yer last link; we have come such a long way when making less than 7 dollars a day can be said to be horrible globally...I remember when the standard was less...

  2. Here is a link to the pdf of a study discovering why when the same people say they are for economic equality they are not for it in practice and an attempt at a hypothesis for why: those in the study were for fairness.

    UoT prof as well :)


  3. Also this Atlantic article