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Nov. 17: Paradise Papers Released to Public!

Yes, the names of those who hid their money in tax havens has been released. It's available. The story below has the site to look up. The list includes 3,100 Canadians. Anyone who wants to know who they are just has to look up this site.

Will the irving press tell us that? Will the irving press have a commentary about it? This must be a squirmy day at the offices of the irving press.

Oh! Brian Mulroney made the list. What a surprise. Plus 3,100 others who have stolen uncounted billions of dollars from all the rest of us. 3,100 Canadians who have, by skipping taxes, driven our deficits through the roof, crippled our hospitals and schools, made our universities almost unreachable for all the but the wealthy.....

I look forward to a commentary by Professor de Savoie of UdeMoncton on this.

To follow the irving press every day has become, for me, a dreadfully depressing experience. And it has been getting worse.

Note that even the managing editor is an irving. And he got the job when he was just 27. My, what a talented young man he must be. And big changes are showing in the papers.

The Canada&World section is now down to  I page. And half of that (on Nov. 16) is an ad. So the whole world has room for only one story. It's that Justin Trudeau says Canada will offer aircraft and trainers to the UN. But who gives a damn. Right? As the middle east becomes less stable, and as Trump still breathes nuclear war on North Korea, as American and Canadian companies continue to abuse (and kill) people in Latin America, as the U.S. and Saudi Arabia reach the 50,000 mark in starving Yemen children to death, as every possibility looms of a nuclear attack by Israel on Iran, as most of Africa collapses into poverty and abuse, the only world story in the irving press is that we will be giving aircraft and trainers to the UN.

And local news for that day? Well, a man got arrested for break and entry. And the editorial tackles the burning question of whether a family should be allowed to keep two horses on its farm.

Hint to the editor - how about asking questions about how much income tax the irvings do or do not pay? Or questions about why our politicians made it legally possibly to escape taxation by using secret bank accounts? And who were those politicians?  How much do we hand out to corporations in property tax forgiveness? In freebies like cash handouts? Apparently, we are being robbed of billions of dollars a year - and most of our news media don't care.

In a world of trashy newspapers, Brunswick News really stands out.  It is a lid of silence clamped over the whole province.
There's something else I really have to talk about.

World War One and World War Two were essentially the same war. And that same war continues to the present day.

Do you think Germany, in both wars, was evil and oppressive? Do you seriously think that is why we went to war?

Please. When it comes to evil and oppression, nobody beat the British Empire. It killed millions before a Germany even existed. It starved millions. It held down millions in poverty and servitude.  If this world cared about evil and oppression, it would have gone to war against Britain long, long before 1914.

As well, nobody beat the British as racists. In their view, anybody who was not white and English-speaking was inferior, and deserving of whatever he got hit with.

The same is true of the U.S. It has spent most of its history at war, and always out of greed. That's why it murdered its native peoples, then Latin Americans, (yes, and Canadians in 1812).  That's why it invaded The Phillipines and, since 1945, has been obsessed with world conquest.

There was nothing unusual about Germany in the first half of the twentieth century. It was behaving exactly as Britain, the U.S. and France had. In fact, that was the problem.

By the twentieth century, Britain and France business leaders were worried about the growth of German industry. It was going to beat them in world markets. So World War One was about destroying German competition.

In the newspapers, of course, the Germans were evil. They were 'huns'. The reality is that they were exactly like the British, French and, later, the Americans who fought with them. The British and French, in particular, used the 'peace' to rip off more of the world's wealth - notably in the middle east. The winners  also used the peace treaty to cripple German industry.  Big mistake.

The use of the peace treaty to humiliate Germany is what produced Hitler.  (Forget the babble about Naziism and fascism. Very few people who use those terms know what they mean. And, in fact, they were and are very similar to business and political corruption in today's world.)

At first, western business supported Hitler. He would be the barrier against Soviet communism. But Hitler had his own agenda, and western business soon realized that it was facing an enemy just as greedy as it was.

That's why Britain and France went to war. It had nothing to do with anything else but the usual greed.

And note that the U.S. stayed out until it was attacked by Japan. Of course. The U.S. didn't care what happened to Britain and France. No. U.S. big business watched for a chance to pick up the casualties of war as, for example, the British and French empires. In particular, it had its eyes on China and on what later became Vietnam.

Since 1945, the U.S. has fought over seventy wars as its business leaders seem convinced they can conquer the whole world.  In that time, the humbled British have become American servants.  Nobody knows how many people have been killed by the U.S. since 1945. Something in the area of seven million would be a safe bet. And there are many more to come.

But the progress has been disappointing. It began with the loss of the Korean War. Then came Vietnam. Oh, and Cuba, the only U.S. loss in a well-shackled Latin America. U.S. performance in Afghanistan is not impressive. The main result of Iraq and Syria has been to make the U.S.  hated throughout the Muslim world. It has also shown itself, despite its military spending, to be vastly overrated as a conventional power.

Thus Donald Trump's noises about nuking North Korea. Meanwhile, Russia and China have seriously cut into U.S. power, especially in the middle east.

Donald Trump, bless his little pig head, is not the cause of all this. He is the product, not the cause, of a U.S. that is rapidly collapsing both socially and economically.

Where do we go from here?

I don't know.

The great chance was the victories of 1945. We needed then to create a world order. We needed to place serious controls on capitalists. We needed a world-wide plan of social justice and order. We needed serious rethinking of what democracy has to be about.

But instead of that, we just turned the greedy loose. Governments and big business now act in absolute contempt of us.

And that's why New Brunswick has the worst newspapers in a world which has had almost nothing but corrupt and lying news media from the start.

No. I can't end there.For a start, the people of New Brunswick can't just lie in the dirt as their wealthy roll over them. They can't simply throw their children away as they are doing.

For a start, they need to start local groups that meet to replace the news they aren't getting. Each group could also share access to the computer of a member at which they could gather to read real news papers like The Guardian and Haaretz. They could could invite speakers on what  is happening. Somehow,  the people of New Brunswick have to learn that it is not a sin to  have an opinion that is different from that of others.

They could use their churches for discussion groups.  Certainly, the Christian churches have not distinguished themselves so far in a century of mass murder and social and economic abuse. It would be nice if they could switch from standing around with their faces hanging out as we deliberately starve and bomb children to death. (They might even ask whether it is possible to be a Christian in our economic system.)

There has to be a beginning of awareness of what is happening to us. And the irving press is not going to do that.

Here's another story that so far hasn't made the irving press.  This is a dangerous one. It's a call to a new war in the middle east, a war of Israel and assorted friends like Saudi Arabia against Iran.

One danger of such a war is that it could involve both China and Russia who now have a stake in the middle east. And that would involve the U.S. which is trying to hold on to what is left of its middle east empire. So such a war could go nuclear.

In fact, it might go nuclear even without the Russians and Chinese. Israel has a nuclear arsenal.

This could be the war that nobody wins.

This opinion is about the greed encouraged by big business deals with the situation in Britain. But, gee, who knows? It might apply to us, too.

Another story the irving press 'missed'.
And the Canadian angle on that spill - also missed by the irving press.

For all  the recent chatter about Canada moving into a spot on the world stage, the reality is that Trudeau is a lapdog for Trump. We are committing ourselves to help fight American wars - which means committing ourselves to much higher military spending.

Yes, Trudeau is on the world stage. And if you look closely, you can see the strings.


American heroes are working hard to starve the people of Yemen to death. This year, the toll of just the children starved to death will be 50,000, at least. God bless America.

No. Canada hasn't  said anything.  More to the point, the gutless Christian churches of the western world haven't said or done anything. Sorry, revs, I can't take you or your sermons seriously. No, I can't even take the Irving Chapel seriously, not even when it rents a rev DD for the service, has special music, and coffee in the barn. (I keep thinking of Raoul Leger who lies in a grave in sight of the Irving Chapel, but out of sight and out of mind for the chapel goers.)

I know that the looming confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a very dangerous one. I also know it has the potential to turn nuclear. I know the U.S. could well be caught in it. But it's hard to get a full understanding of what it's about.

This might help.

This is for naval buffs (of whom I am one.) Each war changes opinions about what sorts of ships are needed for the next one.  After World War One's reliance on the battleship, the British and Americans began the shift to the aircraft carrier - though both maintained a heavy reliance on the big gun battleship, a reliance that proved to be wrong. Russia is now shifting to smaller ships - a  recognition that firepower has advanced so much that even a small ship can be a powerful one.

President Trump's son is an avid trophy hunter. In particular, he likes to shoot elephants, and bring back their ivory tusks as trophies. (Elephants are a vanishing species.)

So daddy passed a law making it legal to bring hunting trophies back to the U.S.

Israel's Haaretz is, as always, excellent. The best part of it is an opinion column  , which I hope is correct, saying that and Israeli/Saudi war against Iran is a non-starter, partly because Russia controls that situation, and because the U.S. is backing away from deeper involvement.

I hope that's true.

Now, I look forward to reading the list of 3,100 respectable Canadians who have been stealing our money by hiding their bank accounts.

Maybe the irving press will have the list in its Oct. 18 edition. Or maybe not.


1. The Paradise Papers list is not an easy to use as I had hoped. It rarely mentions a name - and the money can be hidden is many and very tortuous categories.

2. I forgot to mention that I may miss the blog for Monday, Nov. 20. I have an operation that morning in which the doctor will punch a whole in one of my eyes.

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