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Nov. 15: Thieving Billionaires.

The strike of teachers at Ontario community colleges is attracting surprisingly little attention from most Canadian news media - and what attention there is is largely superficial.

The basic stats are 12,000 teaching staff are on strike. That affects some 500,000 students. The basic problem is that  81% of that teaching staff is made up of part-timers.

What that means is an education system based on part-time teachers at very, very low pay, and with few benefits, if any. It's a cheap system, bad for the students and bad for the teachers, but cheap. And those teachers, in practice, have to work much the same hours as full-time teachers in order to get the job done. In other words, this is a giant scam of an Ontario government taking advantage of a vulnerable group. And why is the Ontario government doing that?

So far, I haven't seen any news medium asking that question. But the CBC (NOT privately owned) had a blockbuster story just days ago that helps to explain it.

The very wealthy of our society are robbing us blind. They've been doing it for years. The CBC story, Paradise Papers, tells how the very wealthy of at least the western world have been robbing the rest of us blind for decades. Most of them aren't paying income taxes. Get the whole brunt of that. They take money from us constantly for 'incentives', business handouts, special grants, kiss-kiss... AND they don't pay taxes.

This is more than just an annoyance. This robs the rest of us of tens of billions of dollars every year - hundreds of billions in the U.S. We deprive our children of education and ourselves of health care and other services to stuff money into the bulging cheeks of some of the greediest people in world history. Governments cannot serve their voters because so much of the money is gone without a burp.

This is one hell of a serious matter. Not only are we doing terrible damage to ourselves and our families now. We are actually forced to borrow even more money to give as gifts to the wealthy. In the U.S., for example, much of the federal budget is based on loans. And these loans are used to benefit the wealthy as, for example, in the scandalously corrupt defence industries. (And it's not just the U.S. on that one.)

Not only are we misplacing the money we need for our whole society, we are running up one hell of a debt that has to, some day, be paid.  In the U.S., that money will be in the trillions of dollars - and that's just for the interest.

The greed of the very wealthy is driving us into economic catastrophe. So where is our media coverage of this? The irving press gave it a brief notice and, take my word for it, we ain't going to hear any more.

A reporter asked Trudeau - and he said he'd have to look into it. Oh, really? This robbery has been going on for years. And Trudeau didn't know about it? Come on, baby. Canadian politicians have actually passed laws making this theft possible.

And where will it take us?

It will take us to the dirty thirties - and even worse, much worse. And the privately owned news media are going to be no help whatever in informing us about this.

This is a stunning abuse of us all by people who make millions of dollars a day out of stealing from the rest of us. Worse, we are not only the ones who are losing vital services because of their greed. We are also the ones who will have to pay for the tremendous deficits they have run up.

New Brunswickers need to be prodded to wake up. The Liberal and Conservative parties have to be put out to pasture. And the Greens and the NDP are going to have to get a whole lot tougher. And that means New Brunswickers are going to have to get a whole lot tougher.

Otherwise, this can only  get worse - and it will quite likely break down into the mess the U.S. is becoming - the mess caused when people realize their governments have been cheating them, but when the people have given no thought to an alternative form of government - and simply wander off into bigotries and hatreds.

We are very close to that point. Wake up New Brunswick. Wake up Canada.

For a start, let's demand to know how much money we lose every year to billionaires who don't pay taxes. And let's also demand to know how much we give in gifts every year to the very wealthy - and do it while inflicting punishment on our own children and the ill. (Education, at all levels, is seriously underfunded in this province.)

Or  you can just read the irving press. The big, big Canada and World story, the front page headline for Nov. 14, was that the first woman mayor in New Brunswick was elected in 1959.  Wow! That changes my plans for the day.

This is a newspaper, like too many newspapers (and radio and TV newsrooms), designed to keep people in dazed ignorance of anything that matters. And, in particular, they keep us in dazed ignorance of those corporation vultures who steal from us, our children, and our families.

(Oh, and forget the bilge about how business knows better than the civil service how to run and economy. Read some Canadian history. In World War One, the Canadian economy was pretty much run by business. And it was a disaster. Prices went out of control. There were terrible shortages. There was suffering.

In World War Two, the federal government took control. We got rationing, for example, to ensure adequate supplies of food without prices that went out of control. The government also encouraged buying war stamps and bonds to take money out of the economy - money that would have driven prices wild.

The Canadian civil service did a brilliant job with its planning and controls. In fact, it was so effective that for some  years after the war, big business sent its executives to study Ottawa's methods.

However, big business is now in it's old mode or grabbing, grabbing, grabbing. And we're facing one hell of a price for it.

Contrary to what a reading of the irving press might suggest, 79% of Canadians think that climate change is for real. And that 79% has the backing of scientists who know what they're talking about. But the irving press is above all that. It has, for some weeks, been featuring the worst bozo of all its commentators on the subject. His name is Bill Whitelaw, and he's a top exec of an energy company.

His general feeling is that most politicians don't understand energy policy - and they should be required to show expertise in it before running. Duh, well, one could wish Mr. Whitelaw could show some expertise before writing about it.

His commentaries are utterly without clarity, without point, without understanding of anything. They are simply ignorant rants with no clear point at all.

Here's something better.

For something far superior to the irving press, try the site below. While you're at it, take a look at the whole site.

There's also an excellent article on North Korea by a scholar at St. Thomas University. There are plenty of people of intelligence in New Brunswick. They just aren't allowed to appear in the irving press.

You think the U.S. and British have been fighting against the Islamic State in the middle east?  Think again.

Why is the U.S. is such a mad rush to build weapons? Nobody else comes even close.  The answer...

Companies can make huge profits out of weapons. The U.S., in particular, is neglecting its schools, health care, nutrition, living standards to pour trillions into weapons.

Most of our news media have done a terrible job of covering the Ontario college strike. Maybe the irving press should ask questions about the treatment of teachers in this province's college system. (hint to irving reporters - Don't waste your time asking the administrators or the politicians.)

A world ruled by and for the greediest.
The world has entered the most dangerous phase we have ever seen. It's this phase of the wealthy running out of control, ruling only for themselves. It is the wealthy who own the American government and the Canadian government and most governments.

One reason, so we are told, that the U.S. must limit refugees is that it is a nation of Christian values. Oh, really?

I have read one estimate which says that at least 50,000 Yemen children will die of starvation in 2017, a starvation which is imposed largely by American force.

Indeed, the dominant principles of almost the whole world today are those established by Hitler in World War Two.  And where are most of the Christian churches on this? They are exactly where the German churches were under Hitler.

My, it's depressing to write these blogs on current events. A century after the wars to end wars, and more than seventy years after the war to bring world peace, we are up to our ears in war. And we are being led, for the most part, by people of staggering greed - and unimpressive intelligence.

We are going to have to solve these problems for ourselves because, obviously, our traditional leaders won't solve them.

So next time I'll take a look at the nature of war, at who benefits from it, and at how an age is ending.

New Brunswick needs a starting point, too. That starting point is learning how to choose a government that governs for you - and not just for the greedy.

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  1. The gatekeepers of 2 party tyranny did not take it well when I likened the Oligarch to a plantation owner and for referring to PC leader's 30 year career taking orders from them as a "house slave", considering it ad hominem attacks. I beg to differ. Yet it's all well and good to engineer provincial politics and brush aside the theft of stolen land and resources from a subjugated people. - Terry Wishart