Monday, September 11, 2017

Yes. I know I have said twice that I am taking a break for two weeks. But the Saturday edition of the irving press was infuriating for its disregard of humanity and its lying fear-mongering. But this really is a two week or so break starting today.

The Canadian government, lacking the wisdom of the writers for the irving press, foresees a Canada hit my storms like the ones we are reading about in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Florida. These are storms created my climate change. And climate change has been created by, among other things, our massive use of oil.
Yes, we are almost certain to suffer and to suffer far worse than anything that has ever been seen.

And Mr. irving wants a pipeline so we can burn even more of the stuff. (duh, it will create jobs.)

Actually, it won't create all that many jobs, and they will not be lifetime jobs. What it will create is bigger profits for irving. Then there's the hidden price. For that pipeline to be fully profitable, it will have to be pumping oil for at least 40 years or so. So we are being told to do even more climate damage for all those years.

This is pure greed without the slightest consideration for human life. It is the short term thinking common in the corporation world which cannot think ahead more than three months at a time.

But, according to the news and editorial of yesterday's irving press, the real crisis facing us that confederation is dead. Yes! Canada is over because it has betrayed the wants of Irving Oil. And those who don't agree with Irving Oil are traitors.

Saturday's irving press reached the lowest depths of hysteria and dishonest reporting I have ever seen. Is it ignorant of reality? No. We have the examples of Hurricane Harvery and Hurricane Irma unfolding on TV. We have the research climate scientists all over the world. It is not possible to be so stupid as not to have heard of all that. This is callous disregard for even basic survival.
And this is just a modest taste of storms to come - and to come here, too.
And here is a reminder that our wars never end for the people we attack.
There is some news the irving press never carries. I wonder why.
Many of us humans are unspeakably cruel. We always have been. The children's home below is not an unusual story. Such homes were common across Canada. And they became common across the western world with the advent of industrialization. The papers of the time  seldom reported it. And the wealthy really didn't care...
There was a brief period just after World War 2 when it seemed as though the wealth really would trickle down to us. But that's history - and a brief history at that.
It's a deadly world for people who try to protect the environment.  (and guess who pays the killers.)
_________________________________________________________________Currently, the attention is all on flooding and wind. We don't read much about the terrifying growth of forest fires. This is very noticeable in western Canada and the U.S. And that's a result of climate change. And so is the spread of drought.
But, duh, we need an oil pipeline. It'll create jobs, duh.
And here's a story you'll never find in the irving press.

Aljazeera is not as reliable as, say, Haaretz. But it still beats most North American journalism by a big margin. And it has wider coverage than Haaretz does.
Now, hats off to Norbert Cunningham of the irving press. (Never thought I'd say that.) Today, Monday, he has a column that defies the owner's official line that fossil fuels are good for us. He points out that we are suffering the effects of climate change now with massive forest fires and rising water levels. And we're seeing, in the Caribbean, the even worse events that are coming.

For decades, the oil industry and others have derided the experts who say that climate change is coming - and with disastrous consequences. That is the real message of recent hurricanes. The day of fossil fuels is over, and we have wasted valuable decades by not preparing for that, and that  waste has been encouraged by the oil industry. Indeed, we are now killing millions in the middle east to get even greater control of oil for our oil barons.

Oh, how we mourn this day for the three thousand Americans killed on 9/11 by terrorists. So how come we don't mourn the millions of innocent people killed or refugeed or impoverished by the American terrorists in retaliation? What hypocrites we are!

(And for those who point to Muslim terrorism, a few words. Islam, like Christianity, is very, very divided. The extremist Muslims - who are relatively few - can be compared to our Christian fundamentalists who are obsessed with getting into heaven  and with the thought that we are now in the 'end days'. In other words, they are a lot like those Christians who parade against abortion, but who have no objection to bombing babies on the other side. What draws recruits to these 'terrorists' is our attacks on the whole Muslim world. Our attacks are the cause, not the result, of Islamic militancy.

Islam and Christianity - and Judaism - are all much alike. Get used to it.)

So what's the bottom line for now? My guess would be that the U.S. empire is going the way of the British Empire. The Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria wars have all been disasters from an imperial point of view - and a black mark for the world in its acceptance of the horror inflicted on those countries. It will be tempting for the industry to make a last giant run for power - and any such run would be disastrous for all of us.

What we badly need is to get back to what we founded the UN to do.
On immediate issues, the biggest problem we face is capitalism - from the U.S. to Britain to China to Russia - and to Canada. Capitalism can work.  But it needs to be under control, and preferably under control by democratic nations.

But in several centuries, it has not been under control. It has been allowed to run wild, setting up wars to benefit itself, killing millions, taking us away from issues we have to deal with (like climate change), corrupting governments, creating massive poverty and suffering, effectively destroying democracy.....  All of this was evident in this weekend's dreadful edition of the irving press. In the end, the leading capitalists will suffer as badly as the rest of us for what they are doing. But Intelligence, community welfare and compassion are not their strong points.
(Well, in fairness, most of us humans are like that. It's natural for us not to see what we don't want to see.)

If the NDP and the Greens are going to do anything, they have to recognize that their  first task is to make the wealthy behave as citizens like the rest of us, live under the rule of law that we establish through our governments. That means much tougher programmes than we have yet seen from either of those.  Failing that, those parties have become simply Liberals with good intentions.

And then we need to do something about all the propaganda news media that big capitalists own. To have a democracy, we need to know what is happening.

And now I'm off for a couple of weeks. Honest.

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