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Sept. 8: News Is (should be) Fact

I know. I said I wouldn't do another blog for a couple of weeks. And I am still going away on Monday. But I could not ignore the contempt that the irving press  feels for us unrich slobs who live in New Brunswick. And this Saturday's paper is a prime example.
The front page headline is not a piece of news at all. News tells us what has happened. News is not the same as commentary which is supposed to provide an informed and impartial analysis of the news. (But not so in the irving press. It is all propaganda for Mr. Irving.)
Today's front page headline is "Why the fate of Energy East matters to N.B." This is in reference to a move by the federal government that threatens a proposed oil pipeline which (it says) would benefit the province. (Translation - it would mostly benefit the pocket of the owner of  the newspaper.)
It is not possible that the reporter who wrote this is unaware that this is pure propaganda and comtemptible journalism. It is not possible that the editors don't know that. And it is surely impossible that the editor-in-chief does not know that.
Oh, it mourns, the glory and wealth this would bring to New Brunswick. Like hell it would! As always, most of the glory and wealth with go to a tiny minority of the wealthy - who will certainly demand a tax relief for their good works as well as sifting much of that money to their tax havens.
The 'story' moans about how this will hurt our budgets for education and health.  Ah, yes. The owners of this paper think of nothing but our education and health. That's why they've  been sneaking in private ownership of both education and health.
The story has not the slightest mention of why the federal government has put this on delay.
This is the most blatant piece of ass-kissing and propaganda I have ever seen in any newspaper. And to do it as we're watching the climate-changing signalled by Hurricanes Harvey and Irving suggests a monstrous lack of concern for the survival of the readers of this newspaper.
The editorial (which we at least know is written by servant of the owner) also foams at the mouth. It uses inflated language to make this to make the federal government an evil force striking down the wishes of ALL New Brunswickers.
Come off it. Plenty of us don't support such a pipeline, not now as we have spent some forty years staring at climate change while seeing nothing significant done.
And why did Ottawa postpone a decision to allow the pipeline to go ahead?  Well, says the editor, the opponents were 'noisy'. But how could that be? Earlier, the editor writes that most new Brunswickers favour the pipeline. What happened? Were people like the irvings to shy to state their case? Oh. those poor irvings who only want to make us all rich. And nobody listens to them.
It is an editorial or pure foaming at the mouth hatred, hatred of all who opposed the pipeline. And it's full of worship for right-minded New Brunswickers who were 'betrayed' by the rest of us scum.  The final sentence is a gem of rabble-rousing.
"Do not forgive those who saw a tremendous chance for local wealth and irresponsibly said, "No thanks."
Damn right. Never forgive. Crucify them! Crucify them!
The News&World Section has much the same, dramatic story on the same topic. "Federalism is dead:..."  Doom! Doom!  Those interviews to comment on this dire topic are, for the most part, people who know nothing about it  For example, one interviewee is quoted, "I understand the environemntal side, but I think what is more important is the economic impact and the money."
She understands the environmental side? So that means its okay if people die in the long run so that a few others can make big money in the short run? (For Pete's sake, this quoted expert on enironment and finance runs an art gallery.)
But fearlessly the reporter did go to the trouble of quoting another authority right at the end of the article, and the only one who opposes the pipeline. "I don't see how it's going to help anybody."
That authority is a retired mechanic. The irving press spares no expense in bringing you the news.
In other breaking news, nothing is happening in Yemen, Syria, South America or most of the world.
P.S. New Brunswick has been ruled by its wealthy from the start. So how come we weren't all rich a long time ago?
People who really ARE authorities on the problem of climate change tell us it is happening. Nobody knows how quickly it's happening. Nobody knows how much time we have.But it may not be much at all. Yes. Making essential changes is not going to be easy or pleasant. But the alternative....
I'm sorry, Mr. Irving, but I have to choose between your need for even more money, and the need of our children to survive.
And now a note to the NDP and the Greens.
money and power.  You have to go to the root of that money and power. And, in this province of highly conformist people, you cannot do anything useful unless you challenge that conformity itself.
Democracy has to be about the will of the people - and the control of the people over their whole society. That means we need a society that gets full information, a society that does not settle for conformity, and that is not simply a playground for the wealthy.
New Brunswick doesn't need fresh make-up. It needs an overhaul.
__________________________________________________________________________________Wake up. Our society needs fundamental changes to survive. We cannot do that if the Greens and the NDP are simply more thoughtful variations on the Liberal party. After all, if voters are going to vote for the status quo flunkies, they'll just vote for the real ones.
Nope. You need to recognize that you are in one hell of a fight with people who have lots of 

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