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July 31:Hitler and aristocracies

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Hitler was nothing new in human history. That may sound strange. But it's true.
He invaded countries. He killed on a ruthless scale. He enslaved people. He was profoundly racist. He regarded the German people as a superior race. And, of course, even most Germans were inferior to the business leaders of Germany.
It's certainly dreadful enough. But one could spend a whole day of listing countries that did the same.

It was characteristic of Ancient Rome. The empire killed and plundered for no reason but the greed of the wealthy. Within the Empire, there was an upper class born to wealth and power. They were superior to all other people, including other Romans. Most of the people of Rome lived in poverty, and were so low in social standing that their burials consisted simply of being dumped en masse  into great pits.

The later empires - Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Belgium,  the U.S. - were quite similar with the mass killing of native peoples in the Americas, with slavery of American native peoples and Africans.

The sense of superiority often showed up in patriotic songs.

"Land of hope and glory,
Mother of the free,
How can we extol them,
Who are born of thee."

In this song, the British are a superior people simply by virtue of being born in Britain. That has strong echoes of racism.

"Wider still and wider
Shall thy bounds be set.
God who made thee mighty
Make thee mighier yet."

Yes, British are superior to others. And God backs them up on that.  That's why it's okay for Britain to conquer other peoples and to plunder their resources. (For similar reasons, that's why American (and Canadian) corporations are free to use slave labour or close to it in those countries that are racially inferior - Congo, Guatemala, Haiti.....

 The British killed on a massive scale in Africa, India, China.. They forced the people to live on starvation wages, and often in slavery. They created massive waves of starvation   (as in India and China). We will never know how many millions were murdered by the British Empire.

And a variant of racism extended into Britain, itself. There was a superior class that was entitled to be rich, This was the aristocracy. (It mixed in with - and was often intechangeable with - the capitalists getting wealthy on the empire.) So, in a variation on racism, they looked down on the common people as an inferior race.

That justified the wealthy keeping the rewards of empire for themselves, with the majority of the British population living in poverty. Even the army and navy that did all the killing for the upper class got little out of it. Soldiers got a few pennies a day - but were commonly fined for minor offences, with their money going to the colonel. Some colonels also charged the men for the cost of their muskets - a cost it could take years to pay.

Marriage was usually an impossibility. However, a thoughtful general staff often sent a large number or prostitutes to accompany the soldiers on expeditions. (And there went another penny.) When their service time was up, soldiers were simply dumped in the street.

The navy was similar.

Oh, those aristocrats and the sons of the wealthy were automatically officers, no matter how incompetent they might be. The result of that was the rise of some of the wackiest generals in military history.

This was very similar to the social structure of Hitler's Germany. It was true all over Europe. Indeed, it still is. The U.S. is no different. And, alas, there is a great deal of this in Canada.

Why did Canada send its armed forces to attack Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria? None of those countries was a threat to Canada or to the U.S.  (And no, Afghanistan did not set up 9/11). That war was illegal under international law.
We sent them because we have an aristocracy  of wealth that leans heavily on American good willl. Of course, none of that aristocracy went to the war. They are above that sort of thing.

There was, I'm afraid, nothing unusual about Hitler. Trump is an obvious Hitler - but there are other presidents who were very similar to Hitler. You'll find our Hitlers among business leaders who see themselves as a national elite, and you'll find them among the leaders of the Liberal and Conservative parties.

And that is what has us on the edge of the final war that nobody can win.
Today's local paper had a letter to the editor attacking the provincial government for having a deficit. It never occured to the writer that the refusal of our upper class to pay income tax, and a government that routinely gives them breaks for other taxes and also hands out grants to them might have something to do with that.

But no sweat.  We can always cut back on schools, and we can privatize health care.
The one thing Trump did right was to ease relations with Russia. But he's now thrown that away - and for a very trivial reason. I don't know whether Russia tried to influence the American election. But the reality is that is is common for nations to spy on each other, to hack computers,  to interfere with elections. In 1954, the U.S. happily invaded Guatemala to throw out an elected government. When Haiti kicked out an American dictator and elected a president the U.S. sent "peacekeepers" to kick out the elected president.

It's a little late to get righteous.

Oh, if you want to know who really interferes with U.S. elections, check out the Israeli lobby.

And now, at a time when we desperately need talking, we're back to snarling.Trump has placed sanctions on Russia; Putin has responded in a hostile way. North Korea test-fired a rocket; Trump is flying bombers over Korea. None of this is going to work. And we don't have much time to come up with something that will work.
After all its apologies for the way it has treated the people of its First Nations,
Canada  still hasn't done a damn thing to help them recover. So much for Trudeau.
Here is a stunninig sample of what scientists have to say about climate change.
But what do scientists know? I put faith in the premier of New Brunswick and Mr. Irving who say it's okay to build another oil pipeline.
The video here is pretty appalling.  But to get a fuller appreciation of the problem, look also at the sites below the video.

Slavery is very widespread all over the world. And, yes, it happens in Canada. And it's a huge industry around the world. And the number of slaves is going to grow as the number of refugees grow.
A shock for me. Glen Murray has resigned as minister of the environment for Ontario. There's a picture of him on the web - an aging gentleman with thinning and grey hair. "My God,'' I thought. "I taught him at Concordia University."
Our Hitlers are on the march.
A war with North Korea will not "make America great again."  (In fact, what does Trump mean when he says "make America great again?" Is that great as in murdering 200,000 Maya, a million and a half Iraqis, cutting off medicare, cutting taxes for the very rich and so on?)
This has been coming for a while. And it's insane. There is no reason to believe Iran has nuclear weapons. And an attack on Iran almost certainly could not be ignored by China and Russia.

(And if the U.S. is so keen on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, why did it allow Israel to built such a huge arsenal of them?)
Send this next one to  your local billionaire - if he can read....
For some time now, the European Union has been made uneasy by U.S. aggressiveness. And it's about to get worse.
I think t his article is right - that gossip has replaced news. We're encouraged to focus on the trivial. Trump is certainly fun to gossip about. But the real problems we face go much deeper than Trump. The problems are the who social and economic structure of the U.S.
Like the U.S., Canada has done almost nothing for the problems of the poor. Why not? Well, there's the problem that governments don't have the money. And that's a result of the fact, still unkown to the irving press, that the very wealthy of these countries dont pay taxes. Nobody knows how many billions are lost to Canada every year. That's why we have seen increases in poverty.

The U.S. and Canada are run on pure greed with the wealth of these countries increasingly pocketed by the very wealthy.

Do the wealthy, as the irving press tells us, use that money to create jobs?  The obvious answer is no. Think hard. If the rich were creating jobs,we wouldn't be getting poorer, would we?

This is going to get uglier as we go along. Don't wait for the wealthy or the politicians they own to fix it.
And, for a change, here's what could be good news from the Middle East. And it is something favourable to Trump.It's counter to other news I've seen.  I don't know whether it's true. ( It contradicts all other reports I've read.  But I certainly hope it is true.   The best thing we can do now is to leave the middle east alone, and let those people govern their own countries.

Bit I can't see the oil bosses allowing a peaceful solution to  happen. Trump may be straying onto dangerous ground if he is planning this.
Here's the reality of how American and Canadian national governments operate.
And, yes, we have a variety of Hitlers and aristocrats  in our countries. And they behave just like the aristocrats of ancient Rome.



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