Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14: The World Tomorrow

Headline in the Irving papers - Killer gets life sentence with no chance of parole,  for a teen's murder. The killer is a twenty year old from a poor and severely dysfunctional family.

Just below it the story is the tale of a much more mature person in years, and a member of a wealthy family, who was found guilty a year ago of murdering his father apparently because daddy wouldn't give him enough money. However, he got bail almost immediately to appeal the case.
For five hundred years, the European powers (and now joined by the U.S. and Canada) have been murdering and plundering all over the world. Nobody will ever know how many people they murdered with guns and starvation and savage treatment. But they didn't go to jail. No, they became sirs and lords and 'philanthropists'.

At first it was the British and French and Spanish and Portuguese and Dutch and Belgians. Then it was the U.S. which has spent the last  70 in a murderous scramble to conquer the world. Like other empires, the American empire is designed to enrich capitalists. Thus, for the example, the mass murder of 200,000 of the Maya people in Guatemala - along with the murders of clergy who supported the Maya.

But the American empire seems to have stalled because of the growing strength of China, Russia and India. So what is the U.S. going to do?  Well, no-one can predict the future. However, there are signs.
For many years, capitalists have struggled to do two things.
1. To use the people and the money of the nation to fight their wars.
2. To avoid any obligation to serve the nation they belong to. This latter part explains why the propagandists for capitalism (like the irving press) constantly refer to the incompetence of public ownership and the marvelous efficiency of capitalism - and how allowing the rich to get even richer showers wealth on all of us. (creates jobs).

(In fact, that doesn't happen. As the rich avoid taxes, use us to finance there wars and constantly milk the national treasury for 'job creating' ventures, the rest of us are getting poorer, and have been getting poorer for many years.)

That's why the wealthy are so eager to get control of social services like medical care and, education and even police services.  It's all part of the massive shift of wealth from us to them. It's also why their political puppets have made it so easy for billionaires to avoid paying taxes. And it explains why recent trade deals have been designed to give massive profits to corporations for doing nothing at all.

It is becoming common for trade deals that touch on areas like the environment to include clauses that allow corporations to get massive payments for any new laws regarding environment which affect their profits. So - a mine is poisoning major waterways, killing fish and people - and the government passes a law to put an end to that?

Well, corporations are demanding a right to get payment for all the present and future profits that could, maybe, have been made. And the cases will be decided by an international court APPOINTED BY MAJOR CORPORATIONS. In short, the legislation becomes impossible.

This is not speculation. This is happening. Corporations are separating themselves from any responsibility for the societies they live in.

And now they can't conquer the world with  conquest?  No problem. They will conquer it by uniting  with the leading capitalists of China, Russia, and whoever else is coming along. While still controlling their governments, they will have no obligation whatever to their own countries.  (They've already achieved most of this. ) All that remains is to establish an aristocracy of billionaires, and they will, in effect, become the new rulers of the world.

Will it work?

No.  The eternal  problem of big business is that the only thing it knows how to do is to make a profit. It has, contrary to the babbling of professor Savoie, no capacity at all to govern. As well, big business is a prime cause of the great problems we face - over-population, destruction of the environment, exhaustion of forests, farmlands and other resources and, of course, climate change.

Corporations have never shown the brains to even recognize those problems. They are, in most issues of government, utterly brainless. They have done enormous damage as it is. There is no limit to the damage they will do  as the new rulers of the world.

In terms of governance, we have, for centuries, been going back to and even surpassing the greed and arrogance of the aristocracies of the middle ages. Democracy died a long, long time ago - if it ever existed.
If you have access to Netflix, I strongly recommend one of its films as a superb example of how we can be manipulated by propaganda. It's a wartime documentary called 'Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia'.

After the Russian revolution, we were all taught to hate the Soviet Union It was evil. Then Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and, suddenly, Russians were good. You'll see it all in this film. They're a happy, gentle people who wear folk costumes and who sing and dance. And always - at work, at play, they are smiling. (The word 'communist' never appears in the film.)

But the war ended. Within days, the Russians were evil again in our media. It's quite fascinating to see propaganda at work.
Think I was exaggerating about corporations suing governments who try to protect their environment? Then read this next one.
Canada once had vast flights of birds in our coastal area that one could see millions at a time. But they're long gone. In fact, most are now extinct. The same is true of wildlife and plant life. But the people who operate mines and oilfields don't have the brains  (or morality) to recognize what that means. And if the government interferes with them, they sue.
Chinese capitalism is a lot like western capitalism. The two  groups make natural buddies.
The irving press tells us that capitalism brings prosperity as the wealthy shower their profits on us. Like hell it does. For thousands of years, the people of Africa survived in their primitive lands. Then came c apitalism, first in the form of the slave trade, then in the form of rapacious capitalists on, perhaps, the greatest scale in history with uncounted millions killed to steal their lands (or just for the fun of it.) What the U.S. did to Iraq was barely an echo of the slaughter, starvations, brutalization inflicted by western capitalists - as in Congo.

And now, far from bringing prosperity, capitalism is bringing starvation.
And why don't we know about it? Because our news media represent the killers. So Canada and the U.S. will increase their corrupt defence budgets - and to hell with the starving people we have created.
The following photo is here just because it's fun. It's about a town in an American state where citizens are REQUIRED to carry guns. Notice the opening picture. All three guns in it date to the nineteenth century.  They're antiques. So why do people by antique guns for defence? Probably because people are caught up in the movie myth of a wild west in which people rode about shooting each other every day. (No such west ever existed.)

As in many other American perceptions of their history that shape their thinking to this day, the old west shoot 'em up was largely invented by the movies and TV.
Canadian mining companies have a brutal and murderous record in South America. You might want to think of that this Sunday while you are at the Irving chapel listening to the just lovely sermon by a reverend doctor (guaranteed not to offend man or beast)  and to special music.  And you might want to take a stroll to the Catholic graveyard down the street where Raoul Leger lies. And think about it.
It's important to understand that the American bombing of Mosul was not to help Iraq. We're already seen that the American government has no objection to killing innocent Iraqis all over the country. The bombing of Mosul was not to  help Iraq but to defeat ISIS. And if thousands of innocent Iraquis get killed in that -  tough.

Deliberate aerial bombing has been developing for almost a hundred years. It's become the major form of warfare, especially for wealth nations, because it produces few losses to upset the folks at home. Of course, it has also made wars the major killing fields for innocent civilians.

Discuss it over coffee at the barn of the Irving Chapel.
Feel confident that our governments are tackling the climate change problem? Then read  this.
Yes, armies torture prisoners. They all do. Yes. It's illegal under international law. Yes, the U.S. has officially been using torture on a grand scale at least since its war to conquer The Phillipines a hundred and twenty years ago. And Canada fully cooperated with U.S. torture in Afghanistan. Get used to it, Canadian Legion.
Not sure why I'm including this last one - except that it's a unique approach to the issue it discusses. But, in general, I don't see the difference between the U.S. and China. Neither is democratic. Both deny human rights. Both are dominated by a very upper capitalist class. What's the big dif?


  1. Thanks for reminders.

  2. Dear Graeme Decarie:

    Whether you have declared for Marxism I do not know. But in this post you certainly write like a Marxist. I'm glad for the company. Thank you and keep writing!


  3. Oh, I'm not a Marxist - though my roots are much like Marxism. No Marxist states have ever been achieved. Of course, people will say that Russia and China were Marxist and Communist. But that's because most people have only a fuzzy idea of what the words mean.

    No. I think Marxism is too idealistic. It call for a world in which we are all willing to share, and to support each other. But nobody has ever achieved such a society. However, my thinking might have roots in common with Marx.

    Marx postulated a society rooted in Judaeo-Christian principles. (I often think that we need to explain that to our clergy.)

    Certainly, I'm a socialist - and quite prepared to accept business so long as it obeys the law and doesn't buy off the politicians. But there are many areas of economic activity that private business does not handle well. Health care is an obvious one.
    We are not living on a highly destructive capitalism that has already done enormous damage - and is going to do much more, probably, in the end, destroying the capitalists, too. And there really isn't much time to avert all that. And, certainly, we can expect no help whatever from the major capitalists of our society. Many thousands of Americans (more likely millions) will die younger than they should in order to fill the pockets of medical care capitalists.
    Marxism is based on the ideal that people can learn to fully cooperate. Maybe. But I don't know of any national example of that.

    However, a system based on Judaeo-Christian principles of mutual support and consideration - overseen by an elected (and honest) government - that would work.

    Maybe there'll be a sermon on that at the Irving Chapel.