Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lots of insanity. Lots of greed. not much time.

The strong showing of the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in the British election came as a tremendous shock to the British news industry. Just about all of them had expected Corbyn to go down in flames. Instead, Conservative leader May, though she won a plurality, looks like the one more likely to go down in flames.

The following is a long and repetitive piece. But it makes an interesting point.
The commercial media may be losing their credibility as people turn to the web. They certainly deserve to lose it as the commercial news  media become outright liars or, like the Irving press in New Brunswick, sheets of trivia designed to keep people in ignorance.

Yesterday, in world news, Irving news carried FIVE, large stories about shots fired at Republican politicians while they were playing baseball. That's in addition to all the previous stories since it happened.

Then there's another big, world story. "Toronto women-only spa's 'no male genitals' rule ignites  transgender debate online. What's  happening in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan? Who gives a damn? Try this instead.

On the commentary page, we have a gem by Assisting managing editor Rod Allen who has a talent for writing pointless stories, mostly about himself, and with a ponderous, plodding humour. Like the weekly, Saturday commentary by a local lawyer/politician, Allen's is not a commentary at all. It's just a pointless, self-indulgent story.

The only exciting news in today's paper is on page 3. The Irving Chapel will begin its summer/fall series with a sermon about Father's Day. Yes, it will. Way to hit on the  tough topics, rev! The minister, of course, has a doctorate in theology. Nothing but the best for the Irving chapel. And there will be "special music", not just your ordinary crap hymns, nossir. Expect the best music money can buy.
Speaking of religion and confessions and stuff, I should say I'm a socialist. No, that's not the same as a communist. In fact, there has never been a communist government anywhere in the world. A communist society would  have very little government.  It would have to be a society of people working together in cooperation for the common good. That would certainly require a highly Christian society - and we don't have one. Nor, looking at the limpness of church  thought after 2000 years  are we likely to have one - ever.

If there has never been a communist, why do our journalists constantly refer to communism? Because they don't know any better. The word has nothing to do with mass murder, torture, police state.....  Anyway, you can find all of those in capitalist states all over the world.

So what is socialism? It starts with the needs of people. It starts with the assumption that people, all people, have equal rights. And the role of government is to protect their rights and to meet their needs.

That's not true of capitalism. It's starting assumption is that if we allow some people to get super rich, their wealth will float down like raindrops from heaven upon the place beneath. And that's rubbish. It has never been true.

The years of the British empire saw a tremendous rise in the wealth of major capitalists. But Britain, for most, remained a place of massive poverty and neglect. Much the same was true in Canada and the U.S. The only period of significant improvement came during and after World War Two. But that was a very brief blossoming that ended over forty years ago.

The wealth of the wealthy stays with the wealthy. Many of the wealthy make it worse by not paying any taxes at all. That's why government budgets often create serious deficits. It's not government wasting that does that.  It's private greed. And it helps to explain the rapid growth of a income gap between the very riich and the rest of us. And that's as true of Russia and China as it is of Canada and the U.S.

If it were true that creating an upper class based on extreme wealth then, despite what commentators in the Irving press might say, the wealth does NOT filter down to the rest of us. If it did, then countries like Congo and Guartemala and Haiti would be paradises instead of hells.

But the wealthy don't exist sprinkle wealth on the rest of us. The exist to take wealth from us, all of us, and to keep it for themselves. That's why the gap between the very rich and the rest of us has been  growing. At that, we're lucky. They kill people in other countries.

No.  I think the purpose of government is to serve us, not just the rich. I think we need controls on big business - like an other human activity. We need bigi business to maintain safe working conditions, adequate salaries, to pay taxes, and to get its nose out of government. And I think (know) that some fields are best run by government - like health care, like education.... Government should exist to serve all of us, not just the wealthy.

So I'm a socialist. I also know, as anyone above the IQ of an ant should know, that the New Brunswick Liberal and Conservatives exist to kiss the unattractive bottoms of billionaires. Well, to each his own.
Chief bum-kisser Justin Trudeau.
A great many Americans, probably most, willl believe the nonsense written by this politician.

They'll believe it because their media and their politicians have never told them the truth about the American record in Haiti. One of the most brutal national records is the record of U.S. treatment of Cuba. It helped in the legal punishment of a poor country for having the nerve to break away from French rule. In World War 1, the U.S. put Cuba under a  U.S.military dictatorship (so much for American democracy). The main job of the dictatorship was to keep the people in poverty to serve as cheap labour for American businessmen  (clap,clap, clap says the chamber of commerce). It then imposed a series of torturing and murderous dictators who were more brutal than the U.S. army dictators had been. The Cuban people existed to work long hours in terrible conditions at pay that nobody could survive on. There was no medical care. There was virtually no education. There was constant theft, rape and murder - by the police.

Castro, for the first time, made Cuba livable. Despite tremendous pressure from the U.S. - which included supporting an invasion of Cuba,  bombing Cuba, and blowing up a civilian airliner killing all aboard (almost none of which made our news media), Cuba won. Living standards rose. Schools were made available to all, and are free all the way through university.

But the U.S. wants to take it back to the 'good old days'. Yes, it is suddenly concerned about human rights. Nor will it occur to American readers that human rights in Cuba are a lot more real than they are in the U.S. The U.S., the country that not long ago slaughtered 200,000 Mayas in Guatemala is telling Cuba to improve its human rights.

And always remember how it is that is behind these statements. It's the big business people who own American politicians.
You still think that making the rich richer will benefit all of us?
I would not agree with this next writer that establishing socialism would end all wars. It would be a step in the right direction, though.
Watch for more on this topic. Europe is not going to settle for being a U.S. colony. Canadians, too, should start waking up before it's too late.
Journalists knew, or should have known from the start, that the Ukraine government in power today was put in place by American agents. The previous,  legally elected government was disposed of to make way for friends of the U.S. But no hint of that story has ever reached our mainstream. In the years since then, the fighting has not stopped.

In short, this was not a Russian plot. It was an American plot. And Canadian troops have just been sent to the region in case it goes out of control. Brilliant move, Justin.
A fire in an apartment building in Britain has killed far more people than the terrorist attack in Manchester. Who caused it? Probably the building owners who ignored safety precautions. The result was that more British got killed by their landlords than by terrorists. There are a few lessons in there.

So why have western news media which went ballistic after the terrorist attack been so  quiet after the landlord attack?
British prime minister Theresa May visited the site of the London high-rise apartments that burned with a high but still uncounted loss of life. But she refused to speak to any of the survivors. What a sweetheart! Of course, she has to be careful because it seems that certainly members of the government may have been responsible for the fire.
Why does the U.S. hate Iran? Because it went to all the trouble of overthrowing the legally elected Iranian government so it could impose a U.S.-appointed dictator of murderous and corrupt habits - the kind of guy oil companies like. And those ungrateful Iranians kicked him out and dared to form a democracy again.
Ukraine could heat up. And Canada is there. Why?

Incidentally, a major group in the Ukraine government is the founder of Ukraine's National Socialist Party which, like Hitler's National Socialist Party  (on which it if modelled), is no socialist at all. It is far right and racist, just as Hitler's was.
This one is not so much a news story as a lesson in how the world works. It's about how a popular make-up company flocked to support Hitler in France.
Sorry to be late with this. As I grow older and wobblier, this has to be expected.

The lesson, surely, from all of this is that we have very, very little time to act on climate change. And we can't act on when we're planning to be using oil for longer than the time we  have left. Nor can we do it while we're building all our decision making around the wishes of billionaires who understand only greed. And we certainly can't do it while we're fighting wars.

For a start, we  have to cut off the power that allows the wealthy to murder all over the world at no cost to themselves. And we can do that only enforcing real democracy by learning how to judge the people we elect to govern that democracy. It's not a matter of tinkering. I wish it were. It's a matter of profound change in our society. And we have very, very little time to do it.

So take the Irving press and stuff it.


  1. I think that sombunall people really are anxious aboot their own anxieties produced by whatever words they tend to believe in. There was this Constitutional Conservative guy I enjoyed a few years of online discussion with. He was pro free market. Liked Regan. And he knew what parts of the US were socialist and he accepted that. I suspect that "the media" "is really" one or a few people's opinions that then get promoted as fact. By osmosis?

    I suspect that no one really groks capitalism n that it has developed organically and is really good at adapting. I fear rule by experts...that is imho the consequence of socialism. And just look what happened to the Kulaks. They got wiped out just because they in communist Russia were a little more efficient with their resources than their comerades. So pfft! My ideal governance would be socialism mixed with capitalism (which is at its heart each of us finding out what another person values and giving it to thrm) Oh and I hope I can find a link to a study that found governnent is good for economy.

    I think the world right now is essentially an anarchy which now that there are no real limits to ideas is problenatic.. i think this will improve as humanity expands into the solar system as there will be more room for people to organize thrnselves around whichever governing style thet want.

    1. Russia was not a socialist country. (or a communist one). Never.
      People will have more time in other planets to organize themselves around governments they want? Whey haven't done it in their thousands of years on earth. I see no reason to expect a change.
      The idea of socialism mixed with capitalism is certainly more workable.
      Socialism is not rule by experts. It's rule based on moral principles. We've had very, very few scft thoes in Scandinavia have certainly run their economies very well. And capitalism, generally, has not. It has done a terrible job of providing essential services, and has been subject to a series of devastating depressions in which every body suffers but the rich.

    2. socialism who gets to decide how much food costs or if you need a car? Experts, right? Where is the choice of thr individual?

    3. And umm Countries have organized themselves around govts they want. Thats what Countries are partly imho. When we get into space we will again be limited by geography...which limits the spread of ideas etc. So back to the good ol days lol

  2. Found it

  3. What do you think of this?

  4. I don''t know what to think of this one. I distrust any researcher who would use statistics from the Fraser Institute. I certainly think big government can do a better job for us than big business. But I'm not convinced with article proves it.

  5. I am not one of professor Pinker's admirers We have no clear idea of how many people have been killed even in recent wars. The official American figure for Iraqi deaths in that war are in the hundreds of thousands. More reliable ones say over one and a half million.
    And it gets worse, far, far worse, as you go back in history. Nobody has any idea of the murder rate of aboriginals in the Americans for any period after 1492. We have no figures for deaths in British India - though it's somewhere well over a hundred million. The British deliberately starved vast areas of China. Nobody was counting.
    No. History has been very trendy for the past 50 years in looking for new and more exciting ways to study the past. Everybody's scrambling to find the newest methods - public history, metric history, anything that has a fancy titles. It's all part of the eternal academic search for status.
    No. I don't take Pinker seriously at all.