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June 2: Let's start by catching up.    the 'heroic war with mexico.'

Haiti, under its series of American-appointed dictators was, like Cuba, essentially a slave state with tortures and murders a matter of daily routine. When the Haitians had the nerve to depose their dictator and elect a government, the U.S. formed an army of thugs to invade - supposedly to prevent a social breakdown in Haiti. Then they promptly exiled the elected president (and Canada, without even a whimper, sent "peacekeepers" to help      destroy democracy in Haiti.) And then it was easy to set up a phony election, and get a president who was an American puppet.

We all know how Mao  tse tung has some considerable responsibility for a huge famine in China. It's less well known how British business people inflicted severe starvation and drug addiction and poverty on China to make big profits for British business. (clap, clap, clap says the chamber of commerce.) It made British businessmen rich, though, so rich that by the 1930s (and even much earlier), the U.S. desperately wanted to replace Britain in the China market.

here's an alternate view of Columbus

In western history, there was nothing new in the appearance of a Hitler. And there are plenty of Hitlers still around - on both sides.

Promises of WW2?  None were delivered on. The UN was deliberately sabotaged by the U.S. for lack of obedience to it. Payments were withheld. NATO was formed to replace the UN as an obedient piece of the U.S. empire.

Mind you, the U.N. still has a good deal of the obedient puppy about it.  Almost all American wars since 1945 have been illegal and loaded down with war crimes. But the U.N. hasn't said a word.
Trump cancelled the Paris climate agreement? So what? The oil industry has never paid any attention to it. And it's bought politicians have helped it every step of the way. Note how Trudeau has been dancing around the issue.

Have you ever heard a leader of the oil industry say that we  have to control oil? Of course not. If they were on a sinking Titanic, they'd be looking for contracts to punch holes in the side of it.

When they read of the Arctic ice melting, they don't think of this as a sign of climate change at all. No. It raises the possibility of drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic seabed so we can burn even more of it. And the Canadian government? Oh, yes, it will honour its commitment to reduce emissions in Canada. But that can be done painlessly for the oil industry by building pipelines to export Canadian oil to other countries to they can burn it and destroy the atmosphere.
New Brunswick governments think this is a great idea. (That might explain why they recently didn't post a New Brunswick beach that was almost certainly heavily polluted. In fact, they didn't even bother to test it though they knew that rains were a major contributor to the pollution.

(This is the same New Brunwick government that a hack lawyer and Brunswick News columnist recently praised for the wisdom of its premier.)

Are the leaders of the oil industry being cruel in their behaviour? No. They don't have enough brains to be cruel. What drives them is greed.
The same thing is happening at the bottom of our world.

Isn't that good? Now, we can drill for more oil with all that nasty ice out of the way.

And there are others.

Note that these senators got $10 million dollars in election funding from oil companies. Wasn't that philanthropic of the oil companies? Our chambers of commerce should be holding expensive dinners for them. clap, clap, clap.

Hey. It's their money. They work hard for it. It would be a lesson in life to see their calloused and work-scarred hands.
Don't worry about this. If there were any problem, Brunswick News would tell us all about it.
I'm not so jubilant about this next story as The Guardian is. Both the NDP and the Greens have a long way to go in recognizing how flabby our political system is and how far we have to go. And the Canadian people have even farther to go. And our privately owned news services are not a help in getting us anywhere.
"Common Dreams" has almost a whole issue on Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord. But don't waste your time blaming Trump. He didn't do this all by himself. Blame the ruthless greed of the oil industry. Blame an American empire which has been warring on most of the world since 1945. (It's an empire that's now collapsing on its own. But the damage of its fall can destroy all of us.) Blame corrupt and lying news media for not telling us what's happening.
But the us, the millions of us, who will go on voting Liberal or Conservative or Republican or Democrat even as the earth shatters under our feet.
And here's a site that gives news of the middle east that is so lacking in our own press.
Few people will even remember the U.S. invasion of Panama. (It was a war crime - but only when other countries do it.)

The American empire is dying. But we should prepare for the consequences as it flails about in its death throes.
Hitler destroyed not only Jewish people. His 'final solution' also created a Jewish mindset that is destroying Judaism, itself.
Kind words for Trump are few. I can accept some of the optimism of this article,  but not much much of it. He might get rid of his jihadist allies - but I don't see any solution from him that changes the thrust for power for American billionairies.
Is a world-wide conglomeration of billionaires being developed to rule the world? Of course.
And here's a sobering look at Russia.
Here's a more intelligent look at the middle east, the kind of intelligence and honesty you will not find in most of our private news media.
This is what I meant when I said that the effect of Hitler's genocide of Jews has led Jews, themselves, to abandon much of their Judaism.
And here is another aspect of the Israeli abandonment of much of Judaism.
And can you imagine any privately owned news medium in North America with the  guts or integrity (or intelligence) to criticize its own society in this way?
Yeah, yeah, I know. Christians teach love and peace. But Islam is evil, and it teaches killing. So read this, anyway.

So let's get out their and cheer for our oil industry which is bringing love and peace to the middle east. (No charge. Us taxpayers pay for the good work our oil industry does.)

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