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April 12: Be Very Worried.

I can only hope this makes sense. My computer has been acting oddly all day. Perhaps a hacking attack by the Moncton Chamber of Commerce.
The western press makes a big noise about Assad not being democratically elected. It's certainly true that his first election in 1906 was rigged - because that was the way the Syrian constitution was rigged. Syria was not a democracy. Big deal. Our good friends in Saudi Arabia aren't democratic, either. So when do we invade them? Guatemala is not a democracy either. Ooooh -that's because the U.S. overthrew the democracy and extablished a dictator. So when to do we invade the U.S.?

Actually, it's none of our business whether a nation is a democracy. It becomes our business when one country invades another. And the biggest invader over the last 70 years has been the U.S. Actually, Syria has been becoming more democratic than most 'democracies', something our press has refused to notice.

One should also remember that democracy is a farce in any country in which the news media are propaganda fronts - like the U.S. - like Canada.
The BBC, alas, continues to babble about Vimy Ridge. The latest essay tells us that Vimy Ridge was not the turning point in our history. The real turning point was just after World War 1 when Canada refused to help Britain in a war with Turkey. It says that for the first time, Canadians refused to participate in a British war.


In fact, Canada was NEVER required to fight in a British war unless Canada itself was invaded. That happened only three times, when the U.S. invaded (American Revolution, War of 1812, Fenian raids). Othewise, Canada was technically at war but was not required to participate. Our participation in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War two was voluntary.

So, no. Our refusal to take part in the Chanak crisis had nothing to do with Canada becoming a nation. We are now much more under the thumb of the U.S. that we ever were of Britain.
I had intended to write on how Hitler's Naziism was not uniquely German It's a form of leadership that goes back thousands of years, and that still continues to this day. And it's very common. It's a system in which the leader serves the wealthy and influential, coverinig his tracks by leading the mob to fasten on racial prejudices. Trump played that old game to get elected. That's why he targetted Mexicans and Muslims. Trudeau, in a quiet way, is doing the same thing with regard to refugees from US racism. Racism was the basis of the British, French and Spanish empires.

Hitler didn't create racism. He took advantage of the racial prejudice that lies in most of us. That racism had everything to do with the destruction of native people in the Americas - perhaps the greatest holocaust in world history.
But if I get into this now, I'll never get into the news. So -- another day.
Our local Brunswick News has a series of stunning Canada and world news items. A woman in Quebec will need surgery after being mauled by her pet dog. In another flash, some people in New Brunswick are fishing with improper licences. A local senior has been sentenced for spying on and harrassment of his daughter-in -law. Canadian man accused of computer hacking has been denied bail. A local farmer has been found guilty of not looking after his animals. A candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party in Canada wants to stop the legalization of pot. The big story, just under the one about fishing, is that Canada's foreign minister has warned Putin to get rid of Assad.

The opinion and commentary columns which give us insight into the news have gripping tales of how universities need more money, and a commentary that spring is here - for those who haven't noticed. Above it is a very large photo of somebody jogging. I have no idea why.

Meanwhile, in the real world,....

But relax. Brunswick News is never going to upset us by criticizing big business. Besides, it needs all its space for stories about seniors who spy on their daughters-in-law
And there's this story about the wonderfully Christian help we have given to refugees of our wars. Note that large numbers of unaccompanied children seem to have disappeared. That will upset Trump. He's very concerned about children.
This is serious. I mean, North Korea now has a few, short-range missiles. And its leader is crazy - not at all like the level-headed Trump who has thousands of long range, nuclear missiles. Anyway, China has no love for North Korea. And ti's right on the border with that country. Shouldn't it be up to China to handle this?


The whole purpose American actions in that region is to establish a country neighbouring China as a huge, U.S. military base to attack China.
And this is the forgotten tragedy. Britain was the first to set up a plan to create a Jewish state in Palestine.  it was done not to help Jews, but to get rid of them. So, in 1948, the world officially gave the lands and homes of Palestinans to Jews. Since then Israel has received billions in aid every year. The Palestinians got nothing. They still don't. And more of their land is being stolen every day. How thoughtul of us!

And this is the hundredth anniversary of the British proposal to give away somebody else's land.
All U.S. and British //killing in the middle east is about oil.
This story is from Russia Times. But it won't hurt one to read it. After all, it quotes a prominent British figure.
As soon as newspapers released (unproven)  reports of the use of sarin in Syria, I thought this is the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s all over again. The difference is that in the 60s, it was true that Russia was sending missiles to Cuba. I have seen no evidence that Syria used Sarin in Syria. In any case, the U.S. is scarcely the one to go to the world's rescue. Over the past 70 years, it has been far the world's largest user of chemical weapons.
The analysis is, I suspect, bang on. And the outcomes it lists are very probable indeed. We are watching collapse of American society and of the American political system. It was not caused by Trump. It's a gradual collapse that has been happening for a long time. Trump is a product of the collapse, not a cause. Hillary Clinton is equally a product.
The U.S. has long been a murderer of civilians. In fact, every imperial power I have ever heard of was a murderer of civilians. An American president also has the power to imprison (or to murder) any American with no charge and no trial. And they have used it.
Pope Francis remains almost the only world leader who is intelligent, honest, and compassionate.
Here's another story Brunswick News didn't have.  It needed the space for a really huge picture of Canada's Foreign Minister. I have no idea why..
Here's a condemnation of Trump's attack on Syria by a man who is obviously NOT an admirer of Assad.
I was not able to send a copy of a story largely missed by most of our news media. Trump has stepped up the war against Yemen. This is the war in which he's killing uncountable numbers of civilians by starvation. Those civilians include babies.

Does anybody know what this war is about?
As I wrote all this, I thought - should we be  worried?

Bloody right we should. Worried like never before. And I would not write off the possibility of a severe U.S. breakdown within the next few years.

Oh, it's not in the news yet. But China has moved 160,000 troops to its border with North Korea. And, no, they probably are not there to help the U.S.

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