Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11: apologies. This is an extra, and it's just me talking.

The news media are beating the drums for war. Even the trivial Brunswick News is running inflamatory stories about Syria. One, from Associated Press, is headed "Chemical weapons attack latest in litany of atrocities in Syria".
Would you believe it? Russians killed civilians in the bombing of Aleppo. Gee. Americans never kill civilians Well, except for close to a million in Iraq. and, okay, the ones they're killing in Mosul. and, picky, picky, the uncounted millions they killed in Vietnam
And the Syrians are using napalm-like weapons. Terrible. But guess who has used napalm lavishly. Or have we forgotten the little girl  in Vietnam, screaming with pain as her flesh burned. And remember Agent Orange? That's the chemical that the U.S. used in of Vietnam, a poison that still produces large numbers of horribly deformed babies.
The news story is, of course, packed with emotional adjective and adverbs.
And the message is - kill a Syrian for Christ.
Odd. Our news media said very little about the tremendous bombings of Laos and Cambodia that were specifically aimed at civilians - and were the heaviest bombings in history up to that point. In fact, the killing of civilians has been a major purpose of the military since the middle of World War Two.
In all my years of reading newpapers, i've never read a story about American - or Canadian, or British atrocities. But they've all been guilty.
One of the great mass murders of history was the U.S. near-extermination of native peoples by gunfire, swords and deliberate starvation. That's a holocaust. But we never call it that. The U.S. has murdered all over Latin America. It still does. And then there were the 300,000 murdered not that long ago in Guatemala. There was the mass murder of the conquest of the filipinos, a people who in no way threatened the U.S.
The news media also largely ignored the story that the U.S. and Britain lied about the reason for the Iraq war. They said Iraq had stockpiled weapons of mass destruction. (doesn't everybody?). Bush and Blair both said they had proof of it. Both lied. They never produced  such stockpiles. Over a million innocent people died because Bush and Blair are liars. Where are the angry editorials about that?
The U.S. has a rich history of torture, murder, starvation. But one would never know it from our news media. And Americans, like Canadians, are suckers.
And leading the charge of idiots is our own Justin Trudeau. Of course. He is going to be a cute little puppy for Trump. He says Russia and Iran were involved in the  sarin attack in Syria. He presents no evidence whatever for that. And, frankly, it's had to see what either would gain from such an action.
Trudeau also said, "There is no question that anyone who is guilty of the types of war crimes against innocents that Assad and his regime are needs to be held to account." Hey, Justin, I know of peoplel who are guilty of war crimes against innocents. For a start, there's Trump, Obama, Bush....and lots of others." And then there's the miserable little wretches like Justin who kiss up to them.
You want to kill    Syrians, Justin? Okay. You go. You dod it. Wear your nicest suit for the cameras.
In today's paper, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson says the U.S. is dedicated to holding to account any and all crimes against the innocent anywhere in the world. That should have produced rounds of laughter. But it won't. People, as always, will fall for it.
Let's get real. Almost all nations that go to war kill innocents The kill them in the millions. They kill men, women, children, even the babies that Trump is so fond of.
To justify it, they feed of the kind of crap that today's newspapers carry.
And, to our eternal disgrace, very large numbers of us believe it.

Do the journalists believe it? I don't see how they can. An international reporter from Associated Press doesn't know this war is about oil? Doesn't know the American record of killing civilians? And the editors who approved it don't know? And the editors at Brunswick News didn't know? Not possible. They aren't fools. It would be more honorable if they were. But they aren't fools. They're liars.
Let's look at what's really happening in the middle east.
Big, American oil wants to control the world's oil supply. (These people are quite crazy. They insist there is no climate change even as we watch it changing. Icebergs are flourishing this year due to the speeded up melting of our Arctic.) They are unspeakably greedy, a greed that has led them to make us fight over a hundred years of war in the middle east to maintain their control. Countries that want to control their own oil get attacked by the oil barons. The rest of us pay the bills in money and lives for these wars. (Oil barons aren't big on paying taxes. That's for peasants.)
Why is Russia in Syria?
Exactly the same reason. Its oil billionaires are just like American oil billionaires. They don't give a damn about Syrians or even about their own people. They want control of that oil to make money on the European market.
To read our newspapers today is very much like reading the newspapers of Hitler's Germany. They smell of racism and manipulation. And that's not surprising. There was nothing new about Hitler's naziism. Racism, delusions of racial superiority, have been used for centuries. Religious hatreds have been used even longer.
As for information sources, when the crusaders rode off to conquer The Holy Land,, peasants and even children swarmed after them in the belief they were restoring the home of Christianity. There were no newspapers to tell them that - but the priests made up for that lack of a propganda system.  (In fact, the crusaders were going to kill and to steal.)
Us humans seem to just naturally have nazi tendencies. But that's another blog.

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  1. The German financial paper, Handelsblatt, published an editorial in the summer of 2014 warning that, across the West, the public were being "mentally mobilized" for war.

    "The annexation of the Crimean was in violation of international law. The support of separatists in eastern Ukraine also does not mesh with our ideas of the state sovereignty. The boundaries of states are inviolable.

    "But every act requires context. And the German context is that we are a society on probation which may not act as if violations of international law started with the events in the Crimean."

    The editorial is as relevant today as it was nearly three years ago.