Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 29: Democracy ...a good idea....

...too bad we don't have one.

A big story on the front page of Canada&World in our local Brunswick News is that a little, old lady left her purse on a train. A conductor found it, and returned it to her. And there's even a picture of the conductor returning it. How sweet!
There were no nasty stories about people killing or starving people. That's odd. We had lots of stories when Russian bombers were killing civilians. But if you want to know what U.S. bombers are doing in Iraq, you have to go to CBC. The UN has condemned the U.S. for its deliberate killing of civilians. But the editors of the Brunswick News didn't consider that important enough - not when they had a big story about a little, old lady losing her purse and getting it back.
The owner of Brunswick News has been distressed at the CBC's terrible habit of publishing real news. So it summoned it regiments of lawyers to deal with this. Curiously, Brunswick News didn't report this story to its readers. (I guess it didn't want to upset them with any, nasty news.)

Next step? Perhaps a chat with Trudeau about cutting the CBC budget.
Interestingly in this report  is the statement by Mr. Irving's lawyers that he paid all legally required taxes. What's about is it his critics did not claim he hadn't. Specifically, his critics said he hid his  money in tax havens. If the lawyers wanted to refute that, the way to do it was to say that he did not hide  his taxes in tax havens.

The critics were not suggesting he didn't pay all legally required taxes. Tax havens are nasty. But, thanks to the power of the wealthy in our democracy, They aren't illegal.  So why didn't the lawyers respond that Mr. Irving did not have money in tax havens?
Think about it.
In  modern war, we are all terrorists. Everybody has been using terror for seventy-five years. It's especially evident in bombing. There are no good guys and bad guys.
Here's a warning about the climate change the oil industry tells us isn't happening. Scientists say it is. But what do they know? Give me the opinion of an oil executive every time.
Commercial news media are controlled by a small number of billionaires. As a result, the news we get is the news they want us to get. The propaganda we get is the propaganda they want us to get.
And then, of course, there's Yemen - anybody know what that war is about?

 American corporations are in a frenzy of greed to get control of all the world's economies so that they can dominate the world. Seventy-five years of  failure to achieve that have only made the greed worse. It has also made the instability of the world much, much worse as American policies create dreadful suffering - and the most unstable  situations the world has ever seen.

There is no victory on the horizon. Nor for anybody. Just more greed.
Many westerners have the idea that Muslims are an evil people, and that this evil is a by-product of their religion. Thus the terrorism.

But that's a mighty selective use of words.

If Muslims are evil and if that evil is a part of their religion, how come Muslim terrorism is such a recent development?

And have those critics of Islam never heard of Christian militarism?  An obvious example is the Crusades. In fact, Christians are right up there with the top killers of history - and they have certainly been the top killers of the last 75 years or so.
But our news media bias is such that when a muslim in Britain killed a policemen and several civilians recently. It was front page news for at least two days. About the same time, American bombers killed over a hundred people - whole families - in a shelter. But that never made the Brunswick Press at all.
And if we are so het up about Muslim terrorism, how come the U.S. has been arming and training Muslim terrorists to fight in Syria? And how come our biggest buddy in the area is Saudi Arabia - the most extreme Muslim state in the world? (And how come Canada sold armoured cars to Saudi Arabia to help out in its killing?
Justin Trudeau will turn out to be one of the worst prime ministers in Canadian history. He has no resemblance to his father. He does, though, have some resemblance to Stephen Harper.
The recent death of David Rockefeller was announced with words of praise from eminent Americans like the Clintons and George Bush, jr.
The Oscar-winning documentary on the "White Helmets" and their courage in helping the people of Aleppo during Russian bombings was a propaganda coup. Here's a fuller story.
The  great coral reef off the coast of Australia is dying. It's dying because of climate change. But don't worry. Our oil industry leaders tell  us it's not dying. And they know - you know - things.
The death of David Rockefeller was reported with great restraint in most of our news media. In it, he was invariably a 'good man' and  a philanthropist - terms that really don't describe him.
The power in this world is not government. Power lies in wealth because with wealth, one can buy politicians. The greed of the wealthy operates without judgement or morality. Voting Liberal or Conservative or Democrat or Republican won't change that. We have permitted a situation to develop in which foreign policies based on pure greed have the whole world in a state of chaos.
The wealthy have created a chaos. And now, they can't control it. They have been killing for 70 years. But it hasn't worked. And it won't. Some are tempted to think we need national uprisings. Such uprisings look very possible in the U.S. But I see no sign of one with a useful focus.

Our first need is for a return to democracy. That simply wlll not happen in the U.S. But it could in Canada. But if it's to be of any use, it has  to focus on breaking the power of the wealthy to interfere in a democratic political system. That pretty much leaves the Liberals and Conservatives as roadside litter.
The Greens, bless their hearts, are a single issue party. But their issue is one that cannot be dealt with unless they are prepared to deal with the central problem we face - the political power of the wealthy. They need to think a lot more about democracy as a political issue.

The NDP blundered badly  about fifty years ago when they abandoned their founding principles (as the CCF party) to look and act like Liberals. It hit a peak of the bizarre when it chose Dominic Cardy (now a Conservative, for pete's sake) as its New Brunswick leader. If the Greens and the NDP are going to be of any use, they have to combine, and both have to take a much tougher stance against big money. (Yes. I know the general public don't like to criticize the wealthy. But they are the central problem. That's why regaining control of our democracy is a priority. There's not point in getting elected if you don't mean to do something.)
Our first step has to be to reclaim democracy as ours. We can't do that by acting like wimps.

The alternative? We're already seeing it in a U.S. that has become a police state. just like that of Hitler.  And, like the police state of Hitler, it's one in which private corporations play a major role. Canada has edged in the same direction, and will continue to do so, following the U.S.

Canada, Britain, the U.S. and others have long since abandoned all the principles we claimed to have fought World War 2 to defend. We owe more than thanks on November 11. We also owe one hell of an apology to those who served in that war.

In short, we have to grow up, and take on the responsibilities of adults.

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  1. "Commercial news media are controlled by a small number of billionaires. As a result, the news we get is the news they want us to get. The propaganda we get is the propaganda they want us to get."

    Funny how some people will call you a 'gullible' if you think corporate news is 'fake news.' And these are not conservatives who believe in the 'magic of free market capitalism.' These are 'liberals' telling people to believe what corporations tell them. Talk about gullible!

    Look at where the fake news media has taken us over the past 25 years. First the massive deficits caused by the central banks bringing 2% inflation targeting online during the early 1990s. They said we have to live within our means. Of course, this didn't mean reversing the reckless tax cuts for the rich that caused the revenue shortfall. It meant destroying democratic government, which fake liberals obliged.

    Next we have financial deregulation and 'innovation'. Essentially bankers bribed politicians to let down the city gates so they could plunder and pillage. This cost taxpayers and investors trillions of dollars collapsing the Western economy in the process. The fake news was cheerleading the entire time. Again, fake-liberal and fake-conservative politicians carried out the establishment agenda.

    Then the fake news led the Americans into 2 boneheaded wars after 9/11. Instead of investigating the trumped up charges of WMDs they backed the absurd claims coming from the government. Obomba won a Nobel Peace Prize for promising to end the wars. He expanded on them to 7 military interventions in total. The fake news praised his foreign policy.

    After tearing up the Middle East, the MIC needed a new source of revenue to maintain its growth industry status. Ergo, the Cold War with Russia was reborn: i.e., a new arms race would be real tasty for profits and shareholder value. Only Trump threw a monkey wrench into the plans of these 'deep state' spooks and generals. Now they say he's a Russian mole and that Russia hacked the election!

    Do fake liberals actually believe in the fake news? Or do they think they are a part of the establishment and are getting something out it? Certainly the fake public servants, fake journalists, fake economists, fake technocrats and other fake experts belong to the latter. Maybe some old baby-boomer liberals think the status quo is best for their portfolios. (They're retired. So jobs that get shipped out of the country will not be their jobs. If they get a big enough bump in their savings from outsourcing schemes, they might be able to afford another overseas vacation or an upgrade on their summer cottage.)

    Churchill said democracy was the best of all worse alternatives: and that includes all the fake crap.

    -MAGA (aka Bernie Orbust)