Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22: An Ugly Day

Today, Brunswick News actually had a piece of world news. Canadian troops are in Iraq. Remember how all our history books talk about how wonderful it was that, between the two world wars, Canada got the right to declare war on its own? I must have missed the Canadian declaration of war on Iraq.
Twenty years from now, probably less, Europe is going to have one hell of a crisis with young refugees. The neglect of refugee children has been brutal. There's going to be a price for it. Meanwhile, the U.S. which created all those refugees, refused to play an part in helping them. In the minds of the business moguls who run the U.S., there is no future. There is only now.

And we have caused so much chaos, especially in the middle east, that the problem  will go on for generations. How often have you heard a politician (or a businessman) even mention that?

Greed and stupidity go hand in hand.
Here is one of the many stories on how 20 million children are going to starve to death in the near future. And we aren't even thinking about it. The reality is we don't care. Read the Brunswick News on this. All we have to do is to make our billionaires richer, and then the money will flow down to make us rich.


That has never worked. It never will. But we struggle on to make it worse by letting the very wealthy escape taxes and even let them demand handovers of our taxes to them for being good enough to accept profitable contracts.

This, not Trump, is the cause of the crash that is happening in the U.S. Yes, Trump is a disturbed man. What do you think Bush was when he killed over a million Iraqis?What do you think Obama was when he created the disaster that is Syria, and when he stepped up drone attacks all over the world? What do you think Bush Sr. was when he slaughtered 300,000 Guatemalans? What do you think Clinton was when she giggled at the thought of Ghadaffi being killed with a knife up his rectum?

There is a madness loose in the world. It is largely an American madness with wimps like Canada tagging along. And, oh, there is going to be a price for it.
I include the next item only because so many people are obsessed with Trump, and see him as the cause of our problems. The reality is that our problems were created by most post-war presidents, and by the invisible power and greed of some extremely wealthy people.

For example, it was that nice Mr. Kennedy who began the war that murdered many millions of Vietnamese. Ever see a reasonable explanation why he did that? I haven't.
Canadian and U.S. comanies dominate mining and other industries in South America. It is, I think, more than a coincidence that people in South America who protest environmental destruction and exploitation have a strong chance of getting murdered.

Thanks to some of our business leaders,  we are not nearly so loved as we might think.
Here is a stunning report on the US 'defence' budget. It's corrupt. It's outragerously expensive. And it has a profound effect on Canada. General Eisenhower saw this coming  some seventy years ago. And it's even worse than he said it would be.

And the U.S. tells us that It's Russia and China (and Iraq and AFghanistan and Yemen and Syria) that are threatening it. (In fact, evil Russia has drastically reduced its military budget.)
Hitler's greatest triumph was that he destroyed the principles of one of the world's great faiths, Judaism. And Christians helped Hitler to do that by refusing to help the Jews of Europe.
Meanwhile, Christians have been busy destroying their own principles.
And this is the first time I have seen a real account of what Trump is about - the final step to a fascist state,    building on the foundations laid by Bush and Obama.
Here are two, conflicting stories. Whatever the truth, we are reaping a very dangerous harvest in the middle east.

The American reliance on military force has been largely a disaster since world war two, leaving nothing but instabliity, hatred, starvation.... Now the instability is getting much worse. Turkey is looking at making itself the dominant force in the middle east. So is Saudi Arabia. Now Russia has stepped in to be a major player in the region.America's political/military efforts have been disastrous with worse to come.
I have mixed feelings about the next item. The U.S. has long wanted control of China. So it still plays with hopes for a presence in the former British colony of Hong Kong. Essentially, Hong Kong was a dictatorship under the British - who were also insufferably arrogant.

But the people of Hong Kong, much as they detested the British, were not eager to rejoin a communist China. They were prepared to accept it - but not eager. Since then, China has changed a great deal; and Hong  Kongers seem more willing to accept its rule.

But the U.S. is still hungry for control of that huge market.
Western news hasn't said much about what Israel is doing in Syria and, possibly, Lebanon. This is very, very dangerous.
Canada's Liberal government has a budget coming up. Here's the news about it you aren't likely to see in your local paper. (It also applies to government budgets all over the western world.)
David Suzuki says there's a climate crisis. But what does he know? If there were, the Brunswick News would have big stories about it.
Here's the story The Guardian did not have when it reported on the death of 'philanthropist' David Rockefeller. It has to do with his friendship with the murderous Shah of Iran.
Read this. And don't kid yourself that Canada doesn't have immigrant prisons with whole families, including children, in them for long periods.
Boy, good thing Trump stepped up military spending.
Here's an interesting opinion on the influence of Jesus on right-wing thinking in Israel. (It's pretty critical of the right-wing). Can you imagine a western new agency being critical of the bland mush that appears as sermonettes in our papers?
U.S. secretary of state Tillerson has attacked Islam for being a 'warped' religion. That's so true. And I know that Jesus smiles as he looks down to see us Christians doing our Christian duty by murdering, starving and refugeeing them by the tens of millions.


  1. "I must have missed the Canadian declaration of war on Iraq."

    War was declared against ISIS in Iraq and combat mission approval passed after two days of debate in the Commons Oct 7, 2014. Vote 157 to 134.

    War was not declared on Iraq, of course not, but on ISIS within Iraq. Good enough for you? Or were you just being determinedly oblique and arch? At least Harper had a vote on it.

    Whatever Trudeau is up to these days is surrounded by his highly technical explanations of um, er ah, um, freedom. ah, terrorist er um ah in his usual capable oratorical style, as he expanded overall operations while cutting the CF-18 sorties. No vote in the Commons from the Natural Governing Party and CIA neocon fellow travellers. Now they want to sell off our Canadian assets like airports to give their Business Partners a Revenue Stream to soak us all for ever, while they spend the money somewhere unknown. Today's budget forecast a $30 billion deficit out of which nothing seems available for anything of import like infrastructure renewal as was promised last year, but as usual forgotten on purpose I suspect. The Liberals, neocons and neoliberals all at the same time, environmental warriors in the East, pipeline affirmers in the West. The very best party which speaks with forked-tongue ever invented. Combine that with the humanoid apes from Central Casting in the Conservative party, and the worn out social justice warriors of the NDP, and there's no one to vote for in this country, period. They're all completely useless and unworthy.

    I like your columns very much in general, but then you drop a clanger now and then and I wonder.


  2. Not good enough for me or for international law. You can declare war on a country. You cannot declare war on a group. Only the country's government can invite you to send in troops. And Syria made no such request.
    In any case, we were never fighting ISIS there. We, with the U.S., were arming and training ISIS and the rebels.
    Our declaration of war was never valid.
    I didn't drop a clanger. You did.

  3. I don't know what's wrong with my computer today. I've sent responses that don't make it So here's a catchup.
    AS I look at my response immediately above, I realized I was supposed to refer to Canada's declaration of war against ISIS in Iraq - not Syria. Iraq is more complicated, and I don't know how a court would rule on it. I suppose we had an invitation to invade ISIS in Iraq, coming from the Iraq government. That would make it seem legal.. But -
    the U.S. had just illegally invaded Iraq and murdered the head of government. That puts its successor government, quite possibly, in an illegal situation - especially since U.S. troops were still in the country. I can't guess how that would go. But it doesn't matter.
    The reason we went to Iraq is because the U.S. told us to. The war had nothing to do with us. It was a war by the U.S. government on behalf of American oil companies. We should not have sent those troops.

    Another reader sent a note which has simply disappeared. He suggested I write a blog on confederation's 150th birthday. Thanks. I'll give that some thought.