Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1:We are on the path to disaster.

This news did not appear in the New Brunswick newspapers.

This is no longer something that is coming. It's here. Heard of any government plans to deal with it?

Almost certainly not. If governments planned for all of us, they'd now be looking at drastically shortening the work week while maintaining wages. But they aren't doing it. And they are not likely to. Instead, we are following the Trump route. We are increasingly enabling big business to escape essential controls, to escape taxes..... (Where is the big irving pressstory on how Canada has become one of the world's leading tax havens? Exactly how did that happen? A country needs government approval to become a tax haven.)

What is the cost of tax havens to us? Could that possibly have something to do with rising government debt? (You bet it could.)

Today's front page story in the New Brunswick press is a breathless account of the province expanding wine sales. And, for the very excitable, the news was repeated in another story in section 1. That was also yesterday's story . In fact, it was also two stories in yesterday's edition.

The big story in Canada and World News is also local. The province's wealthiest man - who routinely and gractiously accepts gifts from the government  (and us) and who just happens to own the  newspaper - says that the province's power utility charges him too much. That is the lead story for Canada and the whole world.

It doesn't get out of Canada until page 3 of the section where it has a big story of a California bus crash in which one person was killed. (I needed to know that.) Pages three and four are still mostly about Canada - and are trivial. One is about police in a neighbouring province who are looking for lobster thieves.

In all,  there are just  three stories from the rest of the world. But Russia, China, Yemen, Iraq, Africa, Latin America, Asia in general, and Europe  don't exist.

There is no serious examination of what climate change could mean for us, nothing about the spraying of our forests, nothing about Canadian troops which are now stationed in several danger spots, no mention that we are playing war roles in Iraq and Syria without having declared war, no mention of our navy playing a role in helping the U.S. be provocative. And, of course, nothing about the automation revolution which is about to hit us.

Oh, and not a word about the Canada/EU trade deal.

This is a newspaper that is designed to keep its readers in ignorance. And there are lots of other newspapers just like it.

We are heading into some very dangerous waters. Big business will not pay its own way. It will not permit essential changes. That is going to lead to violence all over the world. And the violence is not likely to improve anything.

It already has led to violence. In effect, war has been continuous since 1945. Oh, I know. All those violent people are evil. Funny thing, though. It's the good people (us) who have been doing all the invading and most of the killing.

Nobody has invaded Canada, the U.S., Europe since 1945. The invaders have mostly been us 'good guys'.   The U.S., alone, has invaded some seventy countries, killing at least 20 million people.  And he U.S. has had Canada, Britain, France, Italy trotting along at its heels.

Yes. Muslims have also been killing us. People are like that when you invade their countries, steal their resources, kill their people. (Our side has killed some 20 million - actually, well over that, since 1945.)

Worse, the wars are unwinnable - by either side. Trump will build more nuclear weapons? And guess what. Russia and China will build more nuclear weapons. And the nuclear weapons of today make those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like firecrackers.

We need to restore democracy if we are going to avert the final violence. But we can't restore democracy if we are kept in ignorance by news media like the irving press. Believe it or not, the increase of wine sales in New Brunswick is not one of the great issues facing us.

And, New Brunswickers, you can't avoid the violence if you're too chicken even to talk about what's happening.
Here's one of the problems the world isn''t dealing with. I guess that's because there's no profit in it.
  One of the unnoticed disasters, repeated throughout history, has been the failure of Christians to act like Christians. Instead, they celebrate their faith with trivialities or hopelessly confuse the gospels with patriotism.        
      Behaviour has consequences.        
The greatest threat to the world is not Russia or China or even the U.S. The greatest threat has been the destruction of government by surrendering virturally all its powers to corporations.  It is the corporations that lie behind the wars. It is the corporations who destroy unions. It is the corporations that destroy the environment. It is the corporations that will use automation enirely for their own benefit  - but not for ours. And it is the corporations who will make sure we learn nothing from the news media. That's why we are entering a social and economic revolution even greater (and more brutal) than the industrial  revolution.
The article you will never see in the irving press.
Some of our press is starting to warm to Trump. And that tells us more about our press than it does about Trump.
The U.S. is the world's biggest spender on 'defence' - which  is also the most corrupt department in the U.S. That's a big part of the decline of education in the U.S., of the lack of affordable health care, of the lack of social programmes for the growing legions of the poor...

But,  hey, it has to protect itself from invasion by countries like Syria and Iraq and Cuba and Guatemala and Haiti.....
War is very, very profitable for a few people. That's why we are in our 78th year of continuous war.
Passing anti-hate speech laws and antiprotest laws sounds reasonable and desirable. It's neither. Inevitably, the decision as to who is the hater or protester is made by whoever it is that is in power. The result is that what begins as an anti-hate programme becomes an anti-democracy programme.
Better to let the haters speak out. Certainly, I find it just as important to know who they are. An anti-discrimination law is one thing. An anti-hate for anti-protest law is quite different.
Don't believe the following story. If there were any truth to the climate change story, our oil billionaires would tell us. I mean, they're rich. So they know things.
And here's some awkward truth about Canada's foreign minister and her Nazi father. Actually, Ukraine has been a heavily Nazi country going back to the 1920s. Naziis still publicly parade in that country. That's one reason why the predominantly Russian population of Crimea doesn't care much for Ukrainians.
Funny how our news media have never mentioned Ukraine's enthusiaism for Naziism.
Hiding money in tax havens is a theft, the greatest theft in history. Nobody knows how much money is involved, only that it is trillions. It is a major reason why don't have free higher education, why the U.S. refuses health care, why uncounted Canadians and Americans live in fear and hunger on the streets, why governments fall into profound debt. It is a theft greater than all the bank robberies and drug rings that ever existed.

But try to find a news media item about it. Canada has just been named as one of the world's great tax havens. We should be finding out who is using these tax havens, and how much they are taking from us. But most of our news media have never mentioned it. And they won't.

It is theft on such a massive scale that it will destroy our social order, unless, of course, our political and economic leaders destroy it first.

Only a person of astonishing greed could use such a system. Only a person of astonishing stupidity could not see the consequences of this.
Here's a story that illustrates how superior Haaretz is to almost all of our news media. Who has been carrying out attacks on Jewish cemeteries in the U.S.? It's almost certainly American good ol' boys - the same ones who voted for Trump.
Two things struck me as I wrote this.

Today, on March 1 in the city I live in, I went out with no coat or jacket. I went out dressed as I would be indoors. It's been like that for some days now . It was also drizzly out What's odd about that is that I live rather far north for this to be normal. Sure enough, records show us to have  come through the shortest and mildest winter in history. This comes after  years of steadily warming
temperatures and, most recently, the beginning of the breakup of the Antarctic ice. But not to worry.

Oil executives tell us that climate change is not happning and, anyway, it has nothing to do with fossil fuels. And hey, if  you can't trust oil executives, who can you trust?

The other thing that struck me is a report refugees in this world now amount to about 70 million, with large numbers of orphaned children among them. (There isn't much help for any of them. Medical workers, teachers, missionaries, social workers have devoted their time to offer what little help they can. But I haven't heard anything of oil executives doing that.)

Thanks to wars and to the climate change and to environmental destruction., the number is going to grow much, much higher. What are we going to do?
The major plan at this point is Trump's to simply deport them. No country is prepared to handle all the refugees we are creating.We are building one hell of a crisis - and most of our news media don't even notice it.

Who created this crisis? We did. We have, all over the world, created hells that will not recover for a cenutury - if ever. And we are planning to create more.
That's what happens when corporation bosses rule the world.

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