Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17: I hate reading the news.

A big story here in Canada's east end is that our residents want immigrants to be tested to ensure they have Canadian values.

What are Canadian values? Actually, nobody knows since nobody has ever made a list of them. So here's a start.

1. Canadians value their native peoples, and want to clear up all the problems we have created for them. (Actually, we can't be sure yet that's  a value because we've never made any attempt to do it.)

2. Canadians believe in equality for women. And that raises the issue of deporting all Roman Catholics since women are not equal to men in the Catholic church. (Actually, that's another one we should hold off on. Our expressed passion for women's equality is a very recent one and is still far from complete. Who knows? We might change our minds.)

3. Canadians value hockey.  (That should take care of the Arab problem.)

4. Quebeckers should have a share in protecting their values. We might, for example, consider banning people who don't favour Quebec separation.

5. Non-beer drinkers should be banned. Drinking beer is probably the most widely shared value in Canada. And it's important to the New Brunswick economy.

6. We should make a list of those peoples we have banned in the past, including the recent past or have accepted as cheap labour, but only if they stayed out of sight. That would include, among others, Jews, Italians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Japanese, people of India, Africans.... The list is actually quite a long one. That's because it has to include values we have and values we THINK we  have.

And there's another problem.

People who demand that immigrants have our set of values are ignoring the reality that nobody on earth shares all our values. All societies have their own values. Even the French and British came here with their own values which have been mixing and evolving in Canada for centuries.

People who talk about values haven't the faintest idea what they're talking about. Worse. They are ignorant of a fundamental reason for demanding  'our' values from immigrants. The idea that one can categorize groups on the basis of their biological origins was a prime theme for the Hitlers of this  world (who have, at various times, been British, French, Spanish, American, Canadian.....). It's called racism.

And, as a value, racism has a long history in Canada.

Into my own childhood and beyond in Montreal, Irish immigrants were detested. They came here in appalling  hunger, and died by the thousands in their Atlantic crossings and their arrival. In Montreal, most Irish had to live in ghettos that were slums.

After all, they didn't share our values.

Yes, it is most unfortunate that North Korea has nuclear weapons. But a war with North Korea? Quite apart from a massive killing of civilians, it could create a war - the final one - with China. An American victory would put American rockets and American soldiers on the border of China - something it was already done in Russia. In fact, that may well be the real reason for Tillerson's statement.
Is North Korea a threat to the U.S.? Not yet. It could be someday. But it will never be a threat to equal the massive nuclear power of the U.S. The U.S. is far the biggest threat to the world.

And in nearly eighty years, the U.S. has never made the slightest attempt to reduce or eliminate nuclear stockpiles.

So who is it that's causing a crisis here?
We accept British immigrants because they 'share our values'. I suppose they do. So here's a look at British values which, I''m quite sure, are duplicated here in Canada.
Canada and the U.S., like most countries, have made virtually no preparation for climate change. So here's something we'll see more of.
Of course, pumping oil and building pipelines creates jobs.
Some day, Canadians will realize that Prime Minister Trudeau's only talent is picking out which suit he will wear.
Israel, as always, is digging itself a hole.
Here's an excellent guide to several good news sources. One may seem an odd choice. It's Russia Times. However, I've often read it; and I've found it to be a very intelligent source of news - far superior to any of North America's mainstream, commercial news media.
The U.S. health system has always been a stinker because it's not designed for patients. It's designed for profit. Wealthy Canadians want Canada to move in the same direction. And it's notable that Brunswick News has always been favourable to parts of that move that have already happened.

But there's a price to pay for feeding the ever-hungry wealthy.
The wealthy also just love the pesticides industry. And the Brunswick New is always discreet about it.
Isn't it just terrible that some Muslim women wear a headscarf (the hijab)? I find it very upsetting. Why can't they dress like Christians with low necklines, miniskirts, bare midriffs, and tight pants? Christian women also appear quite respectably at beaches, wearing, well, you can find them at any respectable resort wearing bathing suit bottoms made up of a single string. Very healthy for tanning. I mean, really, this is a free country. So we should all look the same.
Mind you, I'm not completely satisfied with our dress regulations. I really think there should be a law forcing Christian men to wear baseball caps with the peaks in front.
We are in an extremely damgerous situation. For the most part, Canadians and Americans have no idea what's going on in the world.  And we therefore have no idea of how to deal with it. The U.S. just had an election with only two parties, both owned by billionaires, to vote for. Result - more people refused to vote than did vote for either candidate. The refusers had no concept, even, of what they would have voted for. They have been left in hopeless ignorance by their news media and the myths of their history and their roles in the world.

(In my local paper for today, the Canada and World section had just two stories from the rest of the world. One was a about the U.S. - and not important - and the other about Syria. That was it for the world.)

We have no sense of the immense suffering and horror we are imposing on the world. And what for? To beat off an invasion of Canada by Yemen?

The most horrifying story is the one I began with  (the one that didn't make our local paper). An American attack on North Korea would not only cause dreadful suffering in North Korea, it also be virtually certain to create a Chinese response - and perhaps a nuclear one.)

If the U.S. thinks it's evil to have nuclear weapons,  why has it made no attempt whatever to reduce them in the last eighty years? And if North Korea is building its nuclear force to hold off the U.S., what should we expect it to do after the unprecedented American bombing and killing of the Korean War?

And if North Korea was wrong to invade South Korea, how can we describe the horror inflicted by the U.S. on Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Guatemala by the U.S.?

We Canadians are watching one of the greediest and most brutal nations in history, and one that is led by very stupid people in both politics and big business. Any Canadian government that does not separate this country from what the U.S. has become is a collection of damfools.
Trump, who was the man of the people and the saviour of workers in the election, has become just another old-fashioned servant of the very rich. This is very, very dangerous for all of us. The American public is rapidly becoming disillusioned with him. But it has no alternative party to turn to - and no sense, even, of what its options are. This is the stuff of a monstrous, natonal collapse.
The next item deals with Canada's likely role in U.S. policies. I think Canada's situation is much more dangerous that this. And I'm quite sure that Trudeau is not to be trusted in dealing with Trump.
The most popular politician in the U.S. is not Trump or Clinton. The most popular politician is Bernie Sanders, a Democrat that his own party won't touch. No. He's a threat to the very rich - a very modest threat since he simply believes in a humane government. But that makes him a dangerous man to the very rich  - even unAmerican.
There is no limit to greed. And, at root, the greed of the wealthy is what is destroying the U.S.(and, quite possibly, Canada.)  Capitalism is destroying our society. Almost any study of history shows that.
Here's an item on the price of the ignorance our private news media impose on us. It's also a revelation of the cruelty and murder the greedy impose on us.
What the hell have we become?
Canada is a big player on the world stage for ownership of mining and extractive industries in general. It's also a big player for cruelty and abuse in those industries. And that just one more of the things that Trudeau hasn't moved on.
Incidentally, don't expect ever to find a story in  this in the Brunswick News.
I  don''t believe I have ever had such a depressing day of reading the news. And the problem isn't Trump. It goes way beyond to those people who are greedily robbing the U.S. and Canada and other countries. And we are now extremely close to the final, stupid move.

Why is the U.S. suddenly so eager to attack North Korea? It's a move almost certainly to go wrong with heavy loss of life in both Koreas. And there is a very strong possibility it would provoke a war with China which would have to be nuclear.

And all this risk to attack a country that is nowhere close to having the capacity to attack the west?

No. That's not what it's about. It's about the U.S. boxing in China as it has boxed in Russia with Ukraine. This is much like the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s. Remember how the U.S. reacted to that? Can you seriously believe China and Russia would react differently?

Economically, the U.S. is fascist plus state. The plus is because American fascism goes beyond the Italian brand to put all power into the hands of big business. Big business decides where the wars will be - and why.

It is also increasingly Orwellian, even more than Hitler was.

And I live in Canada, next door,where big business and government are as cozy as they are in the U.S., and which has a rubber mouse for prime minister.
I'm nowhere near getting through all the material I have. But, for now, enough.

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  1. Like the commentary on Canadian values. Very informative.

    What I appreciate about your position is that you provide an informed and rational basis for it. But that's not what I see from most so-called progressives in blogs, comment sections and the fake news media.

    These people don't appear to feel it's their job to inform anyone or win them over to their position. They just sound off like car alarms bringing all sorts of absurd accusations of racism and fascist conspiracy theories against anyone with a different opinion.

    I read Kelly Leitch's platform. My impression of her position is that she doesn't want immigrants bringing the kind of tribal culture that leads to things like honor killings. (Which has happened here before.) She wants to ensure that female immigrants are not oppressed by a strong patriarchal culture and have the same rights as everyone else.

    Whether or not you agree with this position, it is certainly not unreasonable. It's not racist or fascist. There is no obvious reason why people should not be able to debate this issue like adults.

    Of course there are number reasons why some people (and corrupt interests) would want to treat this issue like a sacred cow.

    For one, if a person is barking 'Racist!' and 'Fascist!' at their political enemies they're putting on an outward display of virtue (which makes them feel good about themselves.) But it would seem these anti-racist knights in shining armor are more concerned with virtue displays than lifting a finger to help oppressed races. (That might require raising taxes.)

    Another reason would be the struggle to dominate national values, ironically enough. The PC schoolmarms believe their values are good, right and true. So why not bully everyone into accepting them? Publicly shame anyone who steps out of line. Fiercely hate dissident evildoers.

    Then there is simple partisan hatred. Accusations of 'Racist!' and 'Fascist!' are pretty good clubs to attempt to beat your political enemies over the head with. Funny how so-called progressives were so consumed with hatred of conservatives they didn't realize their own political leaders where their enemies (i.e., conservatives) – nor did they seem to care when they eventually figured it out.

    (People wanted an end to the Reagan era. Clinton expanded on it. People wanted an end to the Mulroney era. Chretien expanded on it. People wanted an end to the Bush era. Obama expanded on it. People wanted an end to the Harper era. Trudeau expanded on it. Apparently, some people like being betrayed and humiliated by their bribe-taking public servants.)

    In any case, the kind of values Leitch wants to impose on immigrants are based on ensuring rights and freedoms laid out in the constitution. What the PC nannies are trying to impose is not as well thought out and goes in the other direction suppressing freedom for a perceived greater good.

    Not only that, this kind of culture suppresses critical thinking. You no longer have to comprehend current events. You just need to have the right conditioning so you're emotionally triggered when the time calls for it. And when does the time call for it? Corporations determine that. I.e., establishment Pravda. Aka 'fake news'. Aka manufacturing consent.

    Manufacturing social warfare as well. Divide and conquer. Pitting different groups at each other's throats so a tiny minority can control a vast population. This is an animal husbandry technique the upper-crust developed – probably a very long time ago. (Patriarchal humans started using human sacrifice to control people 50,000 years ago. Who knows how that got from there to here.)

    My kind of values are constitutional values which should keep me free from other people's values if it's working right. (It isn't.) Kelly Leitch is not this kind of libertarian. She's a rightwing schoolmarm opposed to weed.

    -MAGA (aka Bernie Orbust)