Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb. 7: Still lost in the middle of moving.

Well, my household move is   (almost) complete. So here's a try at a blog.

The news media are still coming down hard on Trump. I've no doubt he deserve it. But in coming down on Trump, they have vastly overestimated his role in all this, and they have lost any sense of what really is happening.

Trump did not create this mess. He did not plant military and missile basess right on the Russian and Chinese borders. He did not sponsor an overthrow legal and democratric Ukraine government out of power. He did not invade 70 countries. He did not kill millions of Vietnamese, Afghanis, Iraqis, Syrians, Guatemalans, Libyans. He did not overthrow the only real democrracy Haiti ever had  (and call it peacekeeping.) He did not introduce the drone bombers that kill innocent people every day.

Trump did not create the problems of this world. He did not create poverty and homelessness in the U.S. He did not begin the supply of cluster bombs for Saudi Arabia to use in Yemen. All that goes back to Obama, Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, to Bush Sr., back all the way to John F. Kennedy and even before him - back even to the brutalizing empires of Britain and France and Spain, and every step of it applauded by capitalists whose only moral value has been greed.

Trump (like Clinton) is the result of a corrupt and vicious political and economic system  - not the creator of it. This is what a crashing empire looks like.

The American public has almost no sense of that. It is kept hyped with delusions of American patriotism and goodness - the old hand on heart stuff with the pledging of allegiance to the flag. Those who go to war to murder civilians in poor countries, to bomb  hospitals and schools and homes so that American capitalists can steal their resources are cheered as heroes. And Canadian capitalists are the dogs who run beside them, yapping for a share -  as with our mining companies in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Canadians and Americans have no sense of the horror, destruction and poverty  they spread - any more than our British, French, Spanish ancestors did in their day of   racial 'superiority'  Americans and Canadians will be horrified at the death of one or two or twenty North Americans or Europeans at the hands of Muslims. Automatically, all Muslims are labelled as killers.

Meanwhile, the west kills Muslims, men, women and children by the millions and refugees by the tens of millions. We've been doing it for a century or more.  But we're good Christians. Yes, we are.

Trump has inherited a foreign policy based on racism and greed - just like the old days. And, just like the old days, this new imperialism will crash - soon. It's not just Trump. It's control by the grreediest, a control justified by racism and, internally, by the social snobbery of a very tiny part of our population.

The crash has begun. Expect no leadership from either Canada's Liberals or Conservatives.
Israel has been stealing Muslim (Palestinian)  land and homes since its founding in 1948. (How is that different from what Christians have been doing all over the world? Well, Christians do it with no feeling of guilt at all. Jews are more likely to be informed and to be opposed to this behaviour.)

The following article on the destruction of democracy in the U.S. is true enough - but it ignores a reality. The destruction of democracy in the U.S. is not new. It's been going on almost since 1776. And it has been gathering speed since President Reagan.

Donald Trump, in company with the world's oil billionaires, has assured us there is no such thing as climate change happening. (A billion dollars beats brains every time.)

This problem of climate change denial is  common to all the world,  of course. Note that the biggest deniers are the ones who have built their fortunes on fossil fuels. And, here in Canada, they obviously have enough muscle to influence Justin Trudeau.

In the reporting on the killings at a mosque in Quebec cities, the Canadian news media have been quick to emphasize their support for the victims and their families. And that's more than a little misleading.

Canada has a long and vicious history of racism - against African-Canadians, Ukrainians, Jews, orientals, of French against English and English against French. Until recently, Montreal apartment buildings commonly had signs that said "select clientele only". That meant no Jews, no African-Canadians, no orientals......

In the last federal election, the NDP lost most of its Quebec strength because it was sympathetic to Canadian Muslims. I grew up in a Quebec of intense hatred between French and English and betweenn both of those and anybody who was different. Canadians should not kid themselves. They are still racists.

Here's an interesting look at the impact of the oil industry. in fact, there's nothing new about this. Most wars have had some link, and usually a major one, to  money-making.

Very reluctantly, I have to agree with the anger below at the failure of the left wing of North American politics to be on the left. We've seen it here in New Brunswick with the leader of the NDP actually becoming a member of the Stone Age Conservative parry.

The western press unfailingly speaks of Iran as a villain. And this is a good example of how our news media lie to us and propagandize us. Iran was a country being bled dry by Britain which took out huge quantities of oil without ever paying for it. When World War 2 ended, Iranians took the opportunity to make their country a democracy, and to elect a government. And it started to charge the British for the oil they were stealing. The British were furious, but could no longer handle such a conflict alone. So they called in the U.S. to help.
That made it easy to overthrow the government of Iran, and end the democracy by imposing an extremely brutal dictator on the country. After years of brutality and poverty,  Iranians managed to kick out the dictator, replacing him with an elected government.

The British and the Americans were furious. (So much for this drivel that Britain and the U.S. have spread democracy all over the world.)

Through all the years that the Shah of Iran robbed and brutalized that country, the western news media never breathed a word of criticism of him. But  when an elected government replaced the Shah, then Iranians became evil and dangerous and cruel. Iran still  has lots of oil; and the oil billionaires want it - free. That's why Trump (like Obama, like Bush and other presidents) is threatening war with Iran.

And if the U.S. does send troops and bombers, they will  come home as 'heroes', having massacred huge numbers of innocent people, and they'll be welcome in Christian churches to stand with hands over hearts to sing God Bless America.
In fact, in the two thousand years since the birth of Christ,  and especially in the last century, Christians have been among the worst mass murderers in history, with their pews filled with row on row of self-righteous hypocrites. It's not a coindidence that Trump did well among devout church-goers.
If you want information about how corrupt and abusive the Israeli government can be, don't waste your time on the western news media. Take a look at Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper that is the most honest and intelligent newspaper I know of.


By the way, please don't waste time by sending me a note that I am anti-semitic. Most of the Jews of Israel are NOT semites. But all of the Palestinians are.
Contrary to myth, there is a wide variety of opinion among Jews about the behaviour of Israel - and that includes Jews who live in Israel as well as in other countries.

The U.S. has been following policies very similar to those of Trump for most of its history. What Trump has added to this as a result of his business experience in which the boss is, quite literally, the only person with power. He's not a leader. He's a bully. That is going to create serious conflict within the U.S. The 'You're fired" act that served him so well on TV is what will make him a dangerous president. Divisions within the U.S. will get much worse.

And - the real clincher for disaster - Americans don't have any sense of an alternative. They are held back by the their own, largely mythical, belief in their history, and by a sense of racial superiority that has been the curse of every empire in history.

Other than that, his policies have not varied greatly from those of several decades of American presidents.

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The above is disorganized. Give me a break. I'm still shoving furniture around.

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  1. The criticism of Trump is very valid, but the complete focus of that criticism of Trump is not.

    The American public have short memories especially of Obama. Trump inherited 9 wars from him. The fact that Obama could look into the camera and blatantly lie about Russian, Chinese aggression and countries like Venezuala, who Obama laughably said is a threat to the US. Another blatant lie simply because what the US really wants is, to control Venezuela's wealth.

    Watching these alledgedly spontaneous protests, that in part anyway are engineered and financed by men like George Soros is to realize that the neocon power elite are doing domestically what they have been doing to other countries globally for years.

    It is the complete indifference and silence of the American people about their governments perpetual wars that I think is the main indicater of their political ignorance.

    Iran is one of the 7 muslim countries that Trump chose to prevent Muslims from entering the US. Now that Trump is threatening Iran I find it interesting that 3 of the countries on that same list, Iraq, Libya and Syria are allies of Iran. Don't know if that means anything.

    I am gob smacked at the propaganda and lies the American people believe from their government supported by the MSM.

    The American Empire is self destructing. This is not going to end well. Hope your unpacking goes smoothly.