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Jan. 15:: facing reality.

Sorry for missing  yesterday. I've been up to my ears in packing for a move.
I'm also puzzled about comments. I haven't had any for almost a month. I think my computer has problems - but doesn't talk much about them.
First, a quick summary of what's happening in the world.

Despite what our news media tell us, the U.S. wants a war. That's true of both the Democrats and the Republicans. They want a big war to c onquer the world. There's nothing surprising about that.

The U.S. is a true child of Britain. From the start, it saw the rest of the world as a place to exploited for big business, and it's people as inferior. So, just as Britain had invaded and enslaved India, China and others, American big business invaded and enslaved South America, The Phillipines, the Carribean Islands,
The first half of the twentieth century was devoted to knocking out Britain as a imperial competitor. That's why Truman told the British NOT to 'liberate' Hong Kong in 1945. That's why the Marshall Plan, which was created after the war to help Europe rebuild, did not include Britain. That's why the U.S. was so eager to take on the Vietnamese when the French gave up on their old colony of French Indo-China.

Imperialism has been the dominant theme of U.S. history from its  earliest days. That's why, since 1776, the U.S. has been the world's most warlike country. (Most counts put American wars since 1776 at about 200. But many, many  of the American wars did not officially happen. Wars in South America, for example, were often fought by hired thugs. As well, the U.S. commonly goes to war without bothering to declare war. The drone bombing in Africa, Pakistan, and other places is not war in the eyes of U.S. politicians. Nor is Yemen. And the ones that are called wars, like Libya and Iraq, are not legal wars because they were lied about.)

Commonly what we hear is the U.S. 'had' to invade certain countries because their leaders were "bad men." In fact, that doesn't given anybody a legal right to invade. And you would have to visit many a country to find leaders as "bad" as Bush and Obama. Killing or making refugees of over ten million people in Iraq and Syria because they had 'bad men' leading them is absurd.

Added to that, the U.S. has fought only one war in which it was first attacked. That was World War Two. Isn't that amazing? It invaded Canada once, and supported attacks on it once. Canada had never attacked the US. The U.S. invaded Mexico, and stole about a third of it. It has invaded Latin American countries many times. It recently has invaded Iran, Aghanistan, Iraq, supported invasions in Syria and Yemen. None of them had attacked the U.S. It has army and navy special ops carrying out murders and other attacks in some 80 countries. And none of those places has - or could - attack the U.S.

Both Democrats and Republicans are now pushing for wars against Russia and China, though neither of those countries has ever attacked the U.S. The reason is the same as all the others. U.S. governments want to conquer the whole world. It demands the right to run the whole world. They call it 'American exceptionalism', and it was publicly embraced by both Bush and Obama.
Why do so many fundamentalist Christians support Trump in all this? Many of them believe that he represents 'end times', when all life will end and they will line up for heaven, and the rest of us for hell. And the more moderate, American Christians? They have spent  generations simmering in a stew made of faith blended with American patriotism so they no longer see the difference. For a Canadian version of this, read the Faith Page in Saturday's irving press.
American exceptionalism means that America should rule the world. And America itself is ruled by the multi-billionaires. And their strength is boosted by a belief in something called neoliberalism. Roughly, that means they are allowed to make as much money as they like with no regard for the poverty and suffering that inflicts on billions.

How do the churches adapt themselves to this philosophy?  No problem. They supported the British Empire, the destruction of native peoples, the French Empire, the Spanish Empire,  the rule of Hitler and Mussolini....

The difference between Republicans and democrats? Basically - none. However, I suspect Trump would prefer to attack China first and by itself.
Like I said above....
Here's a  sample of the thinking of neo-liberals. Money - all money - is for the rich. Yes. Because the rich will shower it down on us in investment and make us rich. That, in fact, is pure nonsense. The U.S. has run Haiti in that way. I don't see a whole lot of wealth in Haiti. or Congo. There was none in the China controlled by British billionaires. Or India.

In fact, in the U.S. people are steadily getting poorer under such a system. But our local irving press is very big on this - and other - absurd ideas.
Never all it has prided itself on being, the U.S. has been going downhill as a democracy  under a series of presidents - including Obama. Today, its domestic spying beats anything Hitler had.
Here are two items by Paul Craig Roberts. One is about the U.S. moving 2,700 troops up to the Russian border. That makes sense only if the U.S. is looking for an excuse for a nuclear war.

The other points out that leading members of Trump's government want war with Russia.
The current web issue of Alternet has lots of hate of Trump. But we already have that - most of us. So I chose its item of Trump's plans to extend the privatization of education - the so-called "charter schools".

It's a bad idea because - first - they aren't as good as the public schools - and, second, they destroy equal opportunity for education since most families can't afford them. But the pressure on parents to send their children to private schools is very great. I just  had a letter from a relative who is caught in that pressure.
Watch for wealthy investors to use their influence for more privatization of education in Canada. In fact, it's already happening. Public education was one of the greatest achievements in human history. Now, it's going to be under pressure from the very greedy.

(And the irving press will applaud.)
Here's one about how much we overrate Obama.

His foreign policy was the same as Bush's.  Just as murderous, just as designed to please big business.
I have a strong sense that this is what Trump's Russian 'friendship' is really all about.
This next one is long. But, oh, I couldn't leave out a column by a clergyman who actually has the courage and the brains - and the Christian belief - to be honest. There is nothing Christian about killing or about living to pile up money. Capitalism is actually a negation of Christianity. For confirmation of that, check out the kind of people your chambers of commerce honour.
Luckily, I live in New Brunswick,  so I'm quite sure the nice people who spray our forests would never use a spray harmful to people.
Most of the news I found today was about Trump. Well, he does deserve attention, and he is someone to worry about. But let's keep reality in mind.
It would make very little difference if Clinton had won. American democracy is gone. It's been over for some time. The U.S. is now ruled by corporation bosses whose only interest  is in being bigger bosses - and who don't care how many suffer and die for that to happen.

And we have some of the same type here in Canada. We've been here before - The British Empire, the French Empire, the Spanish Empire......  The U.S. one is just bigger and more dangerous.

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  1. Farley Mowat was right Graeme, when he said the world is run by psychopaths.

    4000 NATO troops along with military hardware and weapons sent to various Eastern European countries to position along the Russian border is definitely psychopathic. This is Obama's parting gift to the world, provoking Russia regardless of the real threat of nuclear war.

    What did Obama say a short while back? The difference between the US and other countries is when the US gets involved in other countries it is for the right reasons. The fact that he can say that and not be challenged tells me that the American public are still mindless dupes who think their living in a hollywood movie.

    Obama has no problem looking straight into a camera and blatantly lying to the American people. He is and has been from the beginning the deep states greatest asset. Obama a psychopath? You bet!