Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sept. 28: Hold Onto Your Hats!

What was the most important story  for Tuesday in the section that deals with Canada and the whole world? Wow! Be sure to read this lead story in section 2 of the irving press. Dominic Leblanc, Justin Trudeau's old buddy, has been assigned to occupy former prime minister Harper's office.

Zounds! I must communicate with Moscow.

There really is nothing else in two days of that paper. Well, except for the evidence the paper is really running on empty. Most newspapers hire specialists to write its commentary columns. But the irving press goes increasingly on the cheap, using ordinary reporters, giving freebie columns to politicians ( so long as they're Liberal or Conservative), and to propaganda houses like The Fraser Institute.  This is one, sleazy paper.

Oh, and New Brunswick's premier is considering raising the minimum wage by over 25 cents an hour. Well, that calls for a special service of thanksgiving at the Irving chapel.
A thoughful reader sent me some stories on who funds the Fraser Institute, and why.

Similar propaganda houses are the C.D.Howe Institute and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (the latter with the Irvings prominent in its founding.)
U.S. police have killed 800 people so far this year. September should end at well over a hundred.
Amazingly, the irving press missed this story.

What does this mean? I don't know. Was the plane shot down on orders from Moscow? Maybe. But it's hard to see what Moscow would gain by this. Russians can be as cruel as anybody else. But they aren't stupid. Meanwhile, watch for this to surface in the presidential debates as Americans reel back in horror, forgetting the millions of civilians they have killed.
The conduct of the war in Syria is horrible.  In this case, the bombing of hospitals in Aleppo was, presumably, carried out by Assad. But it no longer matters who did it because all wars, beginning with world war two,  have been fought with mass murder of civilians. Pointing of fingers at anybody won't help. We have to start with ourselves.
Some time ago, I looked at a site that was intended to show up weaknesses in the long-respected The Guardian. While I, too, have been disappointed by the decline of The Guardian, this new site didn't look impressive - so I stopped looking at it. A couple of days ago, a reader chided me for ignoring it. So I took another look.

The reader was right. The site,   OffGuardian, is sometimes over the top. But it is also worth reading.
Then there's the U.S. role in creating and financing and supplying jihadist groups - the same groups is it supposedly defending the U.S. against.
And here's a sample of how little we are told about how the world really turns.
Why has the U.S. gone to war against Syria? Had it threatened to attack the U.S.? Was it attacking its neighbours? Why have half a million men, women, and children been killed? Why are tens of millions living in misery as refugees? Why are so many of them children now entirely on their own?  Why doesn't the God-loving U.S. offer to give substantial help to those refugees it has created? Is it all because Saddam is a 'bad man'? Why is the US equipping jihadists to kill Syrians? Is it because jihadists are good men?
I didn't watch the presidential debate because I knew that both of the candidates would have nothing to say. And I knew that both stood for disgusting values. I saw bits of the debate on the news - and those bits confirmed what I expected.
American politics and American business leaders are in the terminal stages of severe rot. It's a triumph of greed over all else - and it has the stupidity which goes with unlimited greed.

And it is next door to Canada.

American political and business leaders would be quite as  happy to murder Canadians as they have been to murder people by the millions all over the world. And many Canadian political and business leaders would be happy to join then in abusing Canadians. (Many already do abuse Canada by not paying taxes; and, according to a story in today's irving press, they are very upset that this province might throw money away by raising the minimum wage by over 25 cents.)

The world is in a crisis of greed and abuse.  You can discuss it over coffee in the barn at the Irving Chapel.
plus que ca change.... Poorly controlled (and uncontrolled) resource extraction has caused permanent damage all over the world. Don't count on the wealthy or the news media they own to tell you about it.
Here's a story New Brunswicker's don't have to worry about. Mr. Irving would never allow the use of dangerous pesticides in New Brunswick. Well, unless he absolutely had to......
When I began grade one, we started each day by saluting the flag (then the  Union Jack) and reciting, "I pledge allegiance to this flag, and to the Empire for which it stands."

At that time, I had no idea 'Empire' meant a world of murder, abuse, looting of millions of people by wealthy, greedy and heartless billionaires. But that's what I was pledging allegiance to.

And we still are.

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