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Sept. 26: No. I will not watch the Clinton-Trump debate.

The item below refers to  Canada's impatience in sending aid to Haiti because that country is plagued with corruption. Too bad the story doesn't tell why it's plagued with corruption. Too bad, because Canada is part of the reason it's plagued with corruption.

For decades, Haiti lived under the hell of American-supported dictators who kept the population as slaves for American and other capitalists. Then the Haitians rallied to overthrow the dictator. They held their first, honest elections, and elected a priest as president. The American government was furious, and yet more furious when the priest won a second, honest election.

The priest wasn't entirely competent. But he was better than anything Haiti had ever seen, and there was, at  least, an end to the rape, murder and torture by the army that has characterized Haitian life. Much of the army fled into a neighbouring country.

Then, somehow,  that army was rallied in the neighbouring country , issued with weapons, and turned loose on Haiti which had only lightly armed police for defence.        
With that, the U.S. announced it would enter Haiti as a peacemaker. It sent in troops who promptly made peace by arresting the President, and sending him into exille.

Canada, to its everlasting shame, took part in this 'peacekeeping'.  With Canada and a  few other colonial servants, the U.S. then set up a rigged election which set the model for the Haitian elections ever since. All hope that Haitians had for the future were destroyed.

I don't know where the Canadian aid money ended up.  I do know that most of the U.S. money never got to   Haiti. It stayed in the pockets of American 'contractors'  who wrote reports about what they were doing - but who never did anything.

And so Haiti remains one of the poorest and most miserable countries in the world.
And take this next warning very, very seriously. Trump is a complete ass and a fraud. Hillary is actually worse. No-one with any brains could possibly vote for either of them. So I'm not talking of a choice. There is no choice.   American democracy has utterly crashed. We should be looking for a hiding place instead of sending troops to make it worse.
Or we could just stop talking altogether and soak up the brainlessness of the irving press.

The editorial is its usual, lightweight self - as is Norbert's column. Craig Babstock wastes paper by writing a whole column about a new, provincial party which has one member. And at that, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He says that politics has nothing to do with sprirituality. Oh, really? Why does he think it's illegal to kill or to steal? After all, we are the descendants of people who killed native peoples and stole their land.  So why get picky now? Why is killing and stealing against the law? Check most religions around the world. That's where the laws come from.

Religion should certainly not dictate to government. But governments without moral views at all are like - well - they're like most of the governments we have now.

And there's the usual propaganda column from The Fraser Institute - only it's even worse than usual. Could we have a list of the billionaires who contribute to that outfit? I can guess a New Brunswick name without even trying. This one is about something called "economic freedom" as if this were something heroic and glorious like freedom of speech. In fact, it's an appeal to let the rich do whatever they like with their money, free them from paying taxes. They already don't. And only a news chain like the irving press would carry a piece of slime like  this.

Good column by Alec Bruce; the only thing worth reading in the whole paper.

Canada&World has a big story about the Trans Pacific Partnership and the European Free Trade Deal which tell us nothing about what's in them. Gallant is for it. And the federal Liberals are pushing it. The Conservatives are for it, too, because, though it destroys us, it makes the rich even richer and more powerful. In effect, it's the end of member nations as having any power at all  to shape their own destinies. We will lose power to control our own environments, our own economies, our own priorities. That power will be handed over to billionaires. Any legal questions will be handleld by secretive courts owned by the very wealthy.

That's the only topic of any importance in Canada&World. And the article really says nothing about it. A public discussion of it, set up by the federal Liberals,  will be held in St. John. Watch for enthusiastic coverage of this farce by the irving press.
And  here's a button buster for proud Canadians. I'm surprised this story has never appeard in the irving press.
Paul Craig Roberts is one of the best news analysts in the business. So I would take this next one as a serious possibility.
Here's a story that I hope is not true. But I fear it may be true. The U.S. is looking for a world war. It has been pushing the limits in moving its weapons and troops closer to the Russian and Chinese borders. Putin has not responded. It is quite possible that he now fears he must respond.

No such war could possibly be a conventional one. For all its spending and weaponry, the U.S. has, after 15 years, yet to beat Afghanistan. It lost in Vietnam. If had an unusually hard time with tiny Iraq.

Not only has its performance been dismal. The U.S. public has made it clear it will not tolerate heavy casualties on the American side. But a conventional  U.S. war against either Russia or China would almost certainly create American dead in the millions.

No. Any such war would go nuclear the first day.

That fear of casualties is why the U.S. has been relying in Syria on the help of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Turkey, ISIS, NUSRA, other jihadist groups, and Canada. So far, it hasn't been working. Now, Both Russia and the U.S. are deeply involved in Syria - on opposite sides.

We are very, very close to nuclear war. U.S. foreign policy, set by big business, has been a disaster through Bush to Obama. And now the choices are Trump and Clinton.
This seems to be a pretty good summary of what's going on.
The irving press rarely mentions South America. That's because South American has long been the prime target of US interference, invasion, special ops killings - all in the name of making it easier for American (and Canadian) billionaires to bleed it dry. The current overthrow of the elected president of Brazil (on charges that are still unclear)  is full of American interference.
The following is a very emotional column. But the emotion makes sense.
And, gee, I bet this sort of thing never happens in Canada, and certainly not in New Brunswick.
The following article is long and not always clearly-worded. But it's important as an example of how our western world abuses the poor for the benefit of the wealthy. And that, too, is something that has been known to happen in New Brunswick.
The next commentary is very, very long. Essentially, it's point is that democracy has never really existed That's not the stretch that it might sound like. In Canada, John A MacDonald was as corrupt as they come, And winning has always depended on the support of the wealthy. The same is true of the U.S. starting with George Washington whose powerful motive for rebellion was  to expand his land holdings further into the interior. Britain had nothing even resembling a democracy until very late in the nineteeth century. And it's always been tainted by big money and by wealthy news media owners. All the empires of the last 500 years have been based on the greed of the wealthy and influential.

And that greed and self-interest has been a prime factor in any war I can think of. Check the reccord. Big money in Britain and the U.S. supported Hitler right up to the last minute. How soon we forget!
Here's how far we have fallen - a women jailed for 35 years, with long stretches of solitude, for telling the truth about a lying government.

And Craig Babstock thinks we don't need spirituality or morality in politics? I suggest he check the meaning of both words. Then think.
And here's an important story involving Canada that hasn't made the irving press. I wonder why not.
And the Canadian policy as 'peacekeeper'. Not under Justin. He prefers to grovel.
The reasons for the war in Syria were always lies. Here's some background.
New Brunswick is never going to get better by voting either Liberal or Conservative. They are the problem, not the cure. Nor will the NDP or the Green party be any help until they develop a sense of the crisis that faces us.

But, on the suuny side, I note that Irving has been run by four irvings so far. Gee! That's just like the aristocracy of Britain - all born to the role. We could  make some money out of this. We could pronounce the irvings in progression as Dukes - yeah - the Dukes of Buctouche with a ducal palace in St. Andrews. And that would draw tourists just like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do.

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