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Sept. 16: Climate change and mass murder for profit.

Big headline. Moncton is to get a new hotel which will be part of a $100 million dollar project. And it will be right near the new 'events centre'; so that's a sure sign the events centre is attracting development.

Well, actually, it's not. That piece of land the hotel will be on is the only vacant lot left in downtown Moncton. So where else could it be be put? And, again, we're getting a development that will provide mostly low-paying jobs,  with most of them short term.

From there, we go to a big story (with photo) in which a man who had a fire gives us the word that it's important to have a fire alarm. Who could have guessed?

Justin Ryan has a column on how Japanese have an education system is that based heavily on memorization. I'm   quite sure he's right. I had the same experience in China. Why is this worth a column?  (In fact, university education in Canada is heavy on memorizing, too.)

Most disappointing is Alec Bruce's column. He, too, has become a cheerleader for the Energy East Pipeline. He even  quotes the Fraser Institute - though he must know that it is funded by the sort of people who want pipelines.

He tells us that during the first twenty years of operation the pipeline could create over 3,000 jobs across Canada. Duh. We're going to continue using fossil fuels for twenty years - and more? We are on the brink of irreversible climate change now - and we're going to continue it for twenty years and more?

Yes. I know we need it for our cars and trucks. But there's a reality out there. I have no doubt, for example, that exploding all our nuclear bombs would create lots of reconstruction jobs. But the trouble is we wouldn't have anybody left to hire. Destroying our environment has the same effect. Within twenty years, the effects will have caused massive food and water shortages, huge migrations of people, wars over water and land. As it is, the oil wars have cost millions of lives, tens of millions of refugees, and  trillions of dollars.

And all that is nothing compared to the chaos that is to come as starving people flood the world. You think the immigrant tensions in Europe are bad? They're barely a glimpse of what's to come. And the whole world will be affected by it.
To all writers at the irving press, try to understand the crucial fact. We cannot go on using fossil fuels. I know we need them for our cars and our trucks and our aircraft and for people who own oil companies. But we can't have them, C-A-N-N-O-T. And we have damn little time to replace them.  (This is like dealing with a crying child who wants his very own canister of poison gas.)

We could create jobs with a massive programme of developing alternate energy. In fact, that would create a hell of a lot more jobs than building a pipeline would. (I would also have the programme run by government rather than by private business which has created and maintained the energy crisis we face.)

I don't want to hurt Mr. Irving's feelings. But it is a clear and simple fact.If we continue to use oil, we exterminate ourselves. And we thank Mr. Irving for all he has done for us, and for the use of his lovely Chapel with its 'special music' and coffee and discussion in the barn.  I'm sure Jesus thinks highly of it. But Mr. Irving is not the man if we want to avoid the turmoil and suffering that has already begun and that promises to get a thousand times worse.

Yes, Alec Bruce. It is "Time to  rise up in anger". So how about leadinig the way by getting up off your knees?
Section B is filled with brainless drivel. In this world on the edge of the nuclear war, with the Christians of the U.S.,  U.K. (and Canada) helping Saudi Arabia to murder and starve the people of Yemen, a front page story is about a moose who washed up on the PEI shore.

Coverage of the U.S. election is the usual drivel about how the US presidential candidates look and act. Could we possibly have a word or two about what their policies are? And hasn't one of the brilliant editors checked out the Vice-President candidates? They are both extreme right-wingers of the type called neo-cons. In other words, both Democrats and Republicans are really the same party.

Section B, as always, is six pages of nothing.
What is happening in Yemen, with  close support from Britain, the U.S., and some from Canada, is a deliberate slaughter of civilians and destruction of hospitals and schools. It's a type of war that has its roots among both sides in World War Two.
And the people of Moncton, for all their mawkish sentimentality, have yet to raise even a whimper about the availability of guns to kill police in the province and this country.

The next item ignores the good news. The war against civilians in  Yemen has been wonderful for the arms industries in Britain, the U.S., and even in Canada.
And here's another of those silly stories about climate change that the irving press pays no attention to. (Any thoughts on this one, Alec Bruce?)
Eisenhower was right about the war industries. Is it too late to stop them?
But, duh, it creates jobs.
The language of this item is strong. But it's well-deserved. The U.S. showers weapons and money on Israel even though no country in the region is in a position to attack it. (Israel has at least 200 nuclear weapons.) Of course, that money has to be spent on the U.S. arms industry.
Big oil runs our governments. It runs the government of Canada. We all know it runs the governments of New Brunswick. Anyone, at this point, who supports the continued use of fossil fuel is either a fool - or a murderer for profit.

Any journalist who is still an advocate of fossil fuel is either brainless or gutless.
In the struggle for fossil fuels, we are already engaged in mass murder and inflicted misery, the destabilization and destruction of whole societies. And it's going to get much, much worse with many more millions of displaced people, with elevated levels of hatred and racism, and elevated tensions between nations -  including Canada and the U.S. What do you think the U.S. will   do to us as it runs into food and water shortages? (In fact, it has already begun doing it.) We haven't begun to look at the impact of  climate change - let alone planning for it.

 Nor will we with most of the politicians we elect and with the newspapers we read.
Here's a strong sign of the rot in US politics.
There's a film out on Edward Snowden, the former CIA agent who turned against it to reveal the truth about behaviour of such agencies. Naturally, this makes him an enemy of the state. So don't expect to see a review in the irving press
In the US, as in Canada, prisons do little to rehabilitate prisoners. Things are gentler in Canada.  But still, prisoners come out worse than when they went in.  In the U.S., things are pretty good if you're Conrad Black convicted of stealing millions of dollars - but no so good for criminals who aren't rich. Very often,  they have to work as forced labour, and at very low wages; there's wide use of solitary confinement which can drive a person insane; training is very limited.... The U.S., in particular, is noted for havinig the largest prison population in the world - a population it releases even worse than they were going in.
This is an interesting article for people fed up with the childishness of the irving Faith Page on Saturdays and the irving chapel with special music on Sundays. It shifts attention from belief to the more important question of how that belief affects (or should affect) our behaviour.
Here's one that questions the news media. I think it's too kind.
Wondering why Harper resigned in seat in parliament? Harper has gone to his reward. And it's better than heaven.
A computer problem prevents me from sending a report from Haaretz that senior military figures in the U.S. have issued a report that climate change will soon be causing serious problems for the U.S. military. Yes, it will. And it goes beyond the problems the military refers to. It will spark a great many wars, and create stunning problems of dealing with climate change refugees.

But don't worry. You can always read just the irving press, then close your little eyes and sleep the sleep of the truly ignorant.

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