Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sept. 15: Hold Onto Your Hats!

Wow: Section A of the irving press has breaking news under the page 1 headline. Some NB  license plates on cars sold in 2009 are showing signs of peeling. And hide page 2 from children and the faint-hearted.  It has a disturbing photo of a peeling licence plate.

Page 3 has a big story on how Brunswick News Inc. has donated a  scholarship for journalism students. It's to encourage talented journalism students to stay in this province, students highly trained for the gritty work of reporting peeling on 2009 licence plates. We also need ace reporters who dig out the facts on big stories like the one on page 3, 'Moncton Barber shop open in new location'. And, of course, there's the usual cheap and easy (and usually unimportant) stories from the police and court beat.  "Woman found not criminally responsible for stealing money from her employer."

The editorial is a blatant kiss-up to irving and the Energy East Pipeline. It sees nothing wrong public hearings that were corrupted by members of the energy board, and wants us to plunge ahead on the pipeline without hearings. After all, people opposed to the pipeline are just being silly.

Then there's the usual commentary of leaden humour about nothing in particular from Rod Allen. And the usual propaganda from the Fraser Institute. Even Alec Bruce is something less than inspiring when he sees the great issue of the day as being the failure of banks to lend money to the marijuana business. Meanwhile, the more generous NB government has given $990,000 of our money to Organigram so its capitalists can fearlessly risk our money to go into the pot business.

On the last page, we find that the irving press talented reporters have discovered that a man in Prince Edward Island got jailed for drunk driving.

Of the six pages of Canada and world, two an a half are devoted to New Brunswick trivia. World news is almost non-existent. The only story worth reading is one that a U.K. parliamentary committee has slammed the British P.M. for taking Britain into a war with Libya without taking any account of the foolishness of the plan. Apparently, none of the talented journalists at the irving press knows that Canada did the same. We sent bombers with no thought given to what the consequences might be.
The U.S. is very lucky. It has so many billionaires who are happy to make it possible for Americans to get the best governments that money can buy.

Where is the news about the effect of climate change where we live? Where is the news of what we shall have to deal with - and how we plan to deal with it?
Oh, I know that an oil pipeline will create jobs. But oil pipelines won't be a whole lot of help when land floods, when agriculture fails for lack of rain....  Why aren't we hearing about this? Why aren't we seeing action by governments? Why are people who want to know about this denounced as fools or worse by the irving press?

Can you imagine that there are people so brutal and ruthless that they would insist on allowing the climate to change even though it will be the greatest killer in history - and perhaps the last one? Well, it shouldn't be that hard to imagine. There have been such people for centuries who commit mass murder for profit - and there are still such people killing all over the world.
Oil billionaires wouldn't dream of doing anything to  hurt us? Read this.
And here's the kind of story we have created all over the world by interfering with societies and destabilizing them. But these stories rarely make our news.
Times are getting really good for the very rich. This, in Britian, applies as fully to how we distribute wealth in Canada and the U.S., and many another country.
Here's another item the irving press missed - though it will have a harsh effect on families around the world. Yes, including New Brunswick.
Capitalism creates wealth for everyone? Like hell it does.

Greed in the U.S. is heading that country for some very serious violence - soon. The fact that much of American voter feeling is based on blind anger is a warning of what is going to come.
And here's an interesting point. Why are we hearing only about two parties in the U.S. election. There are four parties running. Why aren't the other to invited to the big debate. How can voters make an intelligent decision when they don't even know what the choices are?
As you read the item below, think of how much trillions of dollars would do to raise living statndards all over the world. Instead, it has gone into the pockets of those few who dominate the military/industrial complex.
And this one is just too cute to leave out.
The following is not another '9/11 plot theory'. The American response to 9/11 has effectively destroyed the U.S. constition, killed a at least a couple of million or so, has cost many trillions of dollars, has destabilized the middle east. Such a cost for what happened has never been justified by any result. The attack on Afghanistan (which almost certainly had nothing to do with 9/11) is now the longest war in American history with no sign of an end in sight. The attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria, which certainly had nothing to do with 9/11, have destroyed those countries, but with no noticeable advantage to the the U.S. This has all been fifteen years of lying and blundering.
There have recently been three demonstrations in Toronto of a hundred or so people each to protest a pipeline going through native territory. No, that's not many. But the cause has no direct connection with Toronto - or Ontario or Canada.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It's in North Dakota. And thousands of native peoples and others are demonstrating against a pipeline to be run through their territory.
Haven't read about it in the Irving press? No. I guess not. That's because the irving press and other news media are ignoring it. They're more in line with the editorial writer of today's irving paper who has no concern that Canada's National Energy Board, which is supposedly studying an even larger proposal for Canada has some pretty unethical members who seem to be patsies for the oil industry.
The irving press has carried almost no news of that, either. But I wish well to  the editorial writer. He/she will no doubt move up as a talented member of the irving press with a stellar future of kissing the boss' ass.
And I don't recall seeing an irving press story on this one.
Here's a useful background to the war in Syria.

And here's a good summary of why the U.S. wanted to invade Libya and to kill Ghadaffi, another war that was a foreign affairs disaster.
Ford is closing down its small car making in Detroit - and moving it to Mexico. Workers are cheaper there. That's the nice thing about free trade deals.  So sing me another song about how capitalists create jobs and prosperity.
There's an interesting question I've not yet seen discussed in any news medium. What will be the effect of Putin's intervention in Syria. Will this make Russia a permanent force in the middle east? is this a major blow for the American ambition to rule the world?

China is moving in, too, in its relations with Iran. We could be at a turning point in history. Or this could all trigger even bigger disasters.

Meanwhile, there is every possibility the U.S. is in for some real violence. Poverty is rising. A sense of victimhood is rising, especially among young people, as capitalists plunder the U.S. just as they plunder the rest of the world.
Neither Clinton nor Trump show any sign of understanding how to deal with this. Or even of recognizing it.

Oh, a small thing to watch for. As our climate changes, parts of the U.S. are suffering severe droughts. That's especially  true of the western U.S. The city of Los Angeles, for example, has a very serious water problem. So guess what the U.S. will do.

It will demand the diversion of Canadian water. And if Canada doesn't comply, the U.S. will take it. There's already been an incident involving the Great Lakes. Watch for more. And don't expect a whole lot of leadership from Justin.

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