Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26: a new record for trivial news.


This article is correct, though Jimmy Carter said it a year ago. In fact, it would still have been correct if he had said it in 1776. The U.S. has never been a democracy. It has always been ruled by the wealthy and for the wealthy, starting with George Washington.

Native people were murdered and Mexico  (and Canada) were invaded to steal the land for land speculators. Invasions of the Caribbean and South America and Hawaii and The Phillipines happened for the same reason - and for their resources and cheap labour. The civil war was not fought to free slaves. It was fought to protect the business interests of the industrial north over those of the agricultural south. The U.S. has been warring and stirring up war in the middle east to benefit the oil industry. The  hostilitiy to Russia and China comes from the desire of US big business to control the world economy.

Why did American American 'heroes' die in Vietnam and Iraq? Were the people of those countries preparing to attack the helpless U.S.? Were Haiti and Cuba and Guatemala threats to the American nation? What was the heroism in murdering and impoverishing millions in these countries? if that's what heroism means, we should have been pinning medals on Hitler and Stalin.

Forget the history books. Forget the lies told by newspapers and politicians, both owned by billionaires. Look at the reality.  (And we Canadians don't really have to look so far as the U.S. to see an oligarchic government.)
_________________________________________________________________ The big, page 1 headline is that  university graduates in New Brunswick would be more likely to stay here if they could get good jobs in this province. But they can't. So they're going.

We needed a poll to tell us that? This is a flash that nobody expected?

The second big story is that a group  is studying the history of hooked rugs in New Brunswick.

Then there's a whole page of pictures of lifeguards splashing in the water - useless as news, but a cheap way to fill a page.

Then there's a breaking story that a woman in Moncton is keen on studying her family history.  The news YOU need to know.
Norbert Cunningham has a true enough article on the dismal record of employment in New Brunswick. The minimum wage, he says, is not enough to live on. Very true.  So he says that smart firms would do something about that without waiting for government to push them.

Think about that.
He is obviously saying  that business in New Brunswick is NOT run by smart people. Care to give us a few names, Norbert? Anyway, we don't elect business people to run this province. We elect political parties. And if they aren't doing anything, we should get off our asses and elect somebody else.

Then he says too many New Brunswickers refuse to help themselves by moving to where there are bettter paying jobs. Norbert, they are moving. That's surely the point of your column. Simply moving into Moncton to get minimum wage is scarcely going to solve any problem.

Get real, Norbert. Much of the problem exists because this province is actually run by the oligarchy of the wealthy. And your job is to make sure they never get blamed for anything. Your job is to keep people voting for their puppets who cause the problem.

Amazing how columnists at the irving press can so often be critical of the economy without once mentioning the word 'Irving'.
Oh, on the last page - the Miramichi airport manager has switched to another job. We get a  half-page on this - with photo. Who could possibly care?
Canada&World. (sigh!)

Yemen, where a Canadian company (with the blessing of the Canadian government) is helping to murder some of the poorest people in the world, especially children, didn't make the Irving press.

Nor did China, though the U.S. is edging closer to war with it. It's getting closer since The Hague ruled that China had no right to the artifical islands (and their waters) it had built in the South China Sea. It's now a very dangerous flash point.
The U.S.  (and Japan) have taken a very prominent role in this affair - which is more than a little unusual since such disputes would normally be settled among the neighbouring nations  (the ASEAN nations). Particularly galling is the U.S. role since it has been invading, bombing and murdering all over the world for decades  (make that over 300 years) without regard for any law.

What China sees, quite rightly, is a U.S. determined to surround it and, eventually, to attack it.

But the irving press had no room for the story. It had a more important one on how a Fredericton animal and fish food company is moving into feeding sled dogs. I was spellbound.

There is also no mention of  the artificial crisis in Latvia - though Canada is sending troops there. Nor is there any mention of the chaos in Latin America. Or of U.S. special ops murderers at work there. However, there is ia big story that the New York police chief is retiring at age 68. (I needed to know that.) And a big story on outhouses in a Nova Scotia museum.

Mr. Irving should visit his chapel to ask forgiveness for his newspapers.

This study does not affect the role of racism in police shootings. The racism simply gets into gear earlier with the choice of who to stop and question.
Those who wring their hands at the terror inflicted by some muslims on France have obviously forgotten the years of terror inflicted by France and its empire on Muslims. It's hard to find a western nation with a virtuous past (or present).

There's a strong push on for Sanders to become a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton, even to nominating her as the leader. If Sanders does so, that will be one hell of a betrayal. Sanders and Clinton have no values in common. She's a tool of the very wealthy. Sanders is the only hope of the average Amercian voter. (The Republicans certainly don't care about them.)

Nor does it make sense to support Clinton in order to defeat Trump. Trump is undoubtedly a wacko. But Clinton is as vicious as the servants of the very rich can be. The chances of either of them leading the U.S. into (world) disaster are equally great ---no - they are probably greater with Clinton.

The voters that Sanders represented are those who have not been represented at all for at least 60 years - and really much more than that. To abandon them to two, equally dangerous leaders is a  betrayal of all Sanders claimed to stand for. Those people need a voice. Sanders would be wiser to quit the democrats and run on his own.

Trump is an obvious fool. But Hillary is genuinely evil, a servant of the callously rich, and interested only in becoming one of them. No-one knows what Trump will do. But a vote for Hillary is virtually a guarantee of the final war.

This one speaks for itself.


The following is from the Vatican newspaper - which I find has more to say about the church in the real world than the irving press Faith page does.
South Sudan: ‘The Worst Is Still to Come’

Posted by ZENIT Staff on 25 July, 2016

South Sudan
By Clare Creegan

A project partner of Aid to the Church in Need has warned that the upsurge of fighting in South Sudan will see the humanitarian crisis affecting millions of civilians worsening.

One of the Catholic charity’s South Sudanese project partners, who cannot be named for security reasons, described how renewed violence in Juba has caused immense suffering and increased insecurity amongst its people.

Referring to calls from the governments of neighbouring countries Uganda and Kenya for their citizens to leave South Sudan, he said: “The way the various governments all over the world are panicking and acting shows that they fear that something terrible is still to happen. One can even hear that ‘the worst is still to come!’”

The religious Brother also described how the South Sudanese people were prohibited from leaving the country and were suffering from food shortages – but thanked ACN for their solidarity.

He said: “Let’s pray that the nightmare in Juba and all around the country is soon coming to an end.

“People just cannot stand this hell any longer. I am seeing people leaving Juba in big numbers, mostly to Uganda, whenever they find a possibility and when they can afford it.”

Through the church, 1,385 registered families – which numbered 7,183 displaced people – were able to receive support at St Paul’s Seminary campus in Juba.

The renewed fighting is a major setback for South Sudan’s peace process which had been troubled by ceasefire violations and localised outbreaks of violence since the peace agreement signed by rival leaders President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar in August 2015.

Tensions came to a head on July 7, following an attack in Juba close to where the President and Vice President were meeting.

Continued fighting is reported to have left more than 300 dead and the death toll is expected to rise as fears of a return to civil war increase.

Aid to the Church in Need is supporting ongoing projects in South Sudan including aid to help build a presbytery for the newly established parish in Barsherki in the Diocese of Wau.

In 2015 the charity also gave more than $950,000 to fund the Church’s pastoral work with refugees in South Sudan.
(You may notice that the story of South Sudan has never reached the ears of an irving press editor).
And if you believe or trust anybody in the oil industry, you'll just love this.

And this is why I think Bernie Sanders betrayed his followers.


Incidentally, the plaform of Clinton is not very different from that of Trudeau. We'll be learning more about that in the coming year.


  1. The noise about industry funding climate deniers might someday be overshadowed by that of people who realize that the IPCC is a UN bureaucracy founded upon the assumption that man is warming the planet. They do no science but provide position papers to governments to further a global tax on energy to be controlled by the UN. No conflict of interest there, I'm sure. Meanwhile, what an actual climate scientist has to say on the topic. http://www.climateaccess.org/sites/default/files/Curry_Reasoning%20about%20climate%20uncertainty.pdf

  2. Oooh - an actual climate scientist. How many actualy climate scientests are there - just one or two? How many have you read? What scientfic training do you have to make judgements?
    But you're so right. The Arctic ice isn't melting. I mean, really, how much melting arctic ice have we seen?
    And the droughts and forest fires? Don't mean a thing.
    Then there are the stories of each month setting a new record for high world temperatures. I mean - who are you going to believe? an oil billionaire whose picture is in the philanthropy hall of fame, and is celebrated by the chamber of commerce? or some foreigner with a cheap thermometer in India?
    I'm sure if it were really happening we'd get the full story (with photos) in the irving press.

  3. There is no way to drill through the bafflegab that they have predicted the future and it is dire. Either you think courts hear both sides of a case to come to the truth or you do not. Check out what the Arctic was doing in the 1930's if you like - but drought and changes and weather are at least as linked to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and el Nino / el Nina cycles as any exhaust from burning coal, etc. And yes, I have looked at stories about climate virtually every day for years - but not just the ones crying Doom ! over every vagary of weather...while claiming global averages are the only ones that count. Consensus is an interesting concept in a discipline that posits one questions everything. I simply am unconvinced that the usual swill is worth consuming as truth. Nor do I think that climate science can be much of a discipline if it rests solely on the backs of its acolytes. Atmospheric sciences do not paint a picture of the troposphere that much resembles the usual diagrams, for instance. Nor does analysis of a closed static container necessarily resemble the actual reactions in a dynamic system of varied gases, pressures and convections dominated by the water cycle and the great tying up of energy in various states of water. There is no unanimity when claims are made of 'deniers' and their short sighted ways - positing a single fictional character for varied persons of differing analysis. http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/30/global-warming-activists-seek-to-purge-deniers-among-local-weathermen/ shows you some of the suppressing of disagreement over what cannot ever be demonstrated or measured ...conditions which have not happened.

  4. This was interesting as well - though I first started looking at videos recommended by Dr. John van Kampen from Ian Plimer after doing some Search and coming to the conclusion an investigation was warranted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HOP6JnaZgw