Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20: A long day.

A reader sent me a post which I repeat here because you'll never find it in any North American newspaper. It's about the role Canada has taken on in Latvia. The language of this item is more strident and more loaded than the words I would have used. But the message is bang on.

Almost all that has been given as reasons for Canadian intervention in eastern Europe is lies. Indeed, for the U.S. to even suggest it feels a responsibility to protect democracy and to stop aggression  would be laughable to any person with even a modest knowledge of history and current events.

The U.S. is without doubt the most  aggressive country in the world today - and perhaps the most aggressive in human history. The killing began well before 1776 with the destruction of native societies, the takeover of   Hawaii, the conquest of Latin American states, the Phillipines and, more recently, Vietnam, Barbados, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. It is now assisting Saudia Arabia in the slaughter and starvation in Yemen, one of the poorest nations on earth.

And almost everywhere it has gone, it has established either dictatorships or puppet governments. Some of its closest allies - as Saudi Arabia - are dictatorships. Its own government is a dictatorship of big money.
And Justin Trudeau has joined the puppets. Just as Obama has had the same foreign policy as Bush, Trudeau has the same foreign policy as Harper. Kiss the U.S. ass. And keep kissing.

Trudeau and the Conservatives and, to its eternal shame, the NDP have joined in putting Canadian soldiers in danger for a 'crisis' invented by the U.S. to cover another American act of aggression.

Justin Trudeau has shown no political principles whatever. His father did. But to Justin, being prime minister is just an extension of the high life he's used to. In the same way, Dominic is not what his father was. Romeo Leblanc had political beliefs and values. I didn't usually agree with them - but he did have them. I have seen no sign of either in Dominic. Like Trudeau, he seems to believe it's all about only one thing - winning elections.

We are now attached to an insane confrontation, and we're doing it at the will of American billionaires insane with power who control a nation in hysteria.
Where is The Legion in all this? Why isn't it asking questions about why we are putting our troops in danger in eastern Europe? Why didn't it ask why we did the same in Afghanistan? Wasn't The Legion founded to serve our veterans and our current serving people?

Or is it really just there to serve American billionaires behind a facade of patriotism?

(One of the dumbest patriotic slogans ever is an American one - 'My country, right or wrong, but my country" Think about it.  Why, it could have been sung by Nazi soldiers as they killed Jews.)
Then there's the idiocy that the rich make us all richer. If that were the true, the last 20 years would have been times of wild prosperity for all of us. If that were true, countries like Guatemala  and Haiti and Iraq would be up to their knees in hundred dollar bills.

In our history, there have been periods when there was a future.  But they were not so for most of us. The wealthy of Britain became monstrously wealthy out of the empire. But the rest of the British people got nothing - except pennies a day to die as soldiers and sailors.

Pay was low in the U.S. and Canada, and working conditions vile until about World War 1. After, things got somewhat better. But then came the crash of 1929. Oh, the rich did better than ever in the 1930s. It was the rest of us who had to suffer.

Things picked up again from 1940 or so. But it's been downhill since 1980 or so. Oh, again, it's still good times for the rich. But they are getting richer by making us  poorer.

Wealth does not usually work its way down from the rich to the poor. It goes the other way around, from the poor to the rich. It always has.
Section A news is really great if you want to know a)that children play outside in summer b)what restaurant just closed c)what restaurant just opened. This isn't a newspaper. This is a pacifier for adults.

Think maybe we could have a story on the effect of glosphates on trees, wildlife, and us? No. I didn't think so.
The editorial deals with one of the great questions of our age. Should civil servants get free parking? I admire the editorial writer's insight and courage.  Could we now get one on whether Mr. Irving should get free parking? And millions of dollars of handouts? And a forest on the cheap? And the right to spray whatever the hell he feels like spraying on us? And low (if any) taxes?
The editorial takes a high, moral position. After all, it says, this is our tax money that pays for free parking for civil servants.  Yeah. It's also our tax money that pays for the  handouts, the gift of a forest, the tax breaks - and the price we will someday have to pay for our forest spraying.

This is an editorial with a self-righteous tone, a boot-licking attitude - and dreadfully weak thinking. Free parking is a part of the union's bargaining arrangement. In effect, it's there in place of a salary raise. Would the editor object to a better raise in salary instead? Yeah. probably.

Then there's the "it's our tax money line." Well, yes. All money that supports government is our tax money. So should we close down all government?
For that matter, all the handouts to the Irvings are our tax money, too. And their low taxes   (if any) have to be made up for with our tax money.

This is a despicable editorial. Still, an editor who writes this sort of slobbering nonsense could have a great future with one of the Conrad Black papers.

However, Norbert's column is worth a read.

There's a column by Britan Cormier, our communications specialist. Too bad he still has nothing to communicate.

Below him is a guest commentary dealing with poverty in respect to payday loans. In effect, he says the problem will look after itself. His educational qualifications to write such a column seem pretty slim. Nor is there any indication of his work experience. Moreover, his claim that just letting free enterprise work its magic to solve poverty seems pretty silly given than free enterprise is what has caused the problem. It's like saying the way to end war forever is to kill everybody.

Alec Bruce's column is okay. It's not on one of the great issues facing this world. But it's okay.
And the big news, the hot story for Canada&World, is that a New Brunswicker is now Canada's envoy to Israel? Well, that certainly changes the way the world turns.  

At the bottom of the front page of section B is a big story that is pure propaganda handed out by a propaganda agency. It's propaganda in favour of building oil pipelines and it comes from a propaganda outfit paid for by the kinds of people who build oil pipelines. It's from The Franser Institute.

Then there's a wasted story on Pokemon Go.  And another on a silly idea of Trudeau's to set up a council of young people to advise him on what young people want. This is pure PR. In the first place, we elect a government to govern, not to ask us what to do.   (Of course, it should in the first place have won the election based on what its principles are. But the Liberal party really doesn't have any principles.) So why ask just young people? Why not ask everybody?

Because this is an old political game. Young people sounds good. It sounds as though they have exciting and new ideas. It also fits Trudeau's image as a young person with new ideas and identifies him with young people on the assumption they have new ideas.

Think this sounds good? Okay. And when you get operated on for cancer, are you going to insist on a young doctor who will be instructed by a committee of young people who know nothing about medicine but have new ideas?

This isn't news. And it's not democracy. This is cheap, political propaganda.

And Canada is going to donate $200 million to help Iraq's economy. Good luck, Iraq. The U.S. has given Iraq billions, almost none of which ever reached Iraq.

There's a big notice in section B that a  spraying outfit will be doing some spraying by a herbicide most of us have never heard of. Shouldn't this also appear as a news story, written by a 'communications specialist' so we could have a fuller understanding of what this herbicide is?

The notice has very soothing words. But it would be useful to have more information.

The major (and only) world story is that some  sedated elephants are being moved.
BBC is not the reliable source it once was. But this story is one that has received wide coverage - except in the Irving press.
This report is one-sided. It tells the truth; but I think there is much, much more truth about Turkey that we have to learn.
This is the clearest explanation - and the most plausible one - I have seen on why the US is encouraging a NATO-Russia confrontation.

The U.S. has made itself dependent on two industries - oil and weapons. The cost of the U.S. defence industry is simply unbearable. Neither Russia nor China could possibly match it. And the U.S. can't maintain it, either. That cost is a major cause of the confused  and still aimless thrashings of American   voters. They are suffering to enrich the defence billionaires - but they haven't figured that out yet.

But it is not possible that armies in major powers could possibly fight a conventional war against each other with those conventional weapons. Quite apart from the stunningly bad record of U.S. forces in conventional wars against small countries in the last, 70 years is the problem that any such war between nuclear powers would immediately lead to the use of nuclear weapons. And, by immediate, I mean within seconds.

We can't say 'We'll start with a conventional war and see how it goes." Neither side could possibly risk that the other would go nuclear first. Nuclear weapons don't deter war, not when one has a U.S. which spends so much on conventional weaponry as to make it a risk that cannot be accepted.

That's why I have no respect for a Trudeau (or any of the others) who sent Canadians to Latvia. Russia could not possibly risk a first strike by American nuclear bombs, especially as those bombs become so close to Russian borders. It would have to go nuclear immediately.  (And the same logic would apply to the U.S.)

The reality is that nuclear war is now the ONLY kind of war that can be fought between major powers.

But the U.S. defence industry, which owns people like Hillary Clinton, wants high military spending on conventional weapons because it is so profitable for the industry. And that means the U.S. needs NATO to spend big money on American conventional weapons. in fact, a major reason for NATO in the first place was to create a huge market for American, conventional weapons.
That means creating so much fear that Americans and others will maintain ruinous levels of weapons purchases that, in fact, don't protect them at all. That's why what we call the Republican and Democrat conventions are really carnivals of fear and hatred. Americans are being made afraid of everybody except the people they should fear - the owners of their own oil and defence industries.
That's why Canadian troops are being sent to Latvia. The idea that so few troops have any significant military value is laughable. They are being sent to  heighten our fears and hatreds, and either provoke a Russian response or make up an American excuse for a response. And the opening  price of that will be the lives of the soldiers we are sending.

President Eisenhower forecast all of this in a statement we often quoted, but never really took seriously, "Beware of the military-industrial complex".
Killings by U.S. police this year now add up to almost 600. (It should reach  600 by morning.)

This reminds me of the insanity I saw at Rexton with special police in camouflage with combat rifles, presumably ready to fire into a crowd.
Among the interesting goals for the Republican party listed below is the making of Christianity into the official religion of the U.S. What a thrill that would be for Jesus! - the most aggressive, murderous and greedy country of our time would be Christian.

What does this remind me of the Faith page in the irving press?
There's more. Much, much more. But I've been at this for seven hours. See you tomorrow.


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