Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14: There was a world that was.

But that world isn't any more.

Ah, let's see now. What's the big story of the day In Moncton?

Wow! The New Brunswick Liquor board is going to sell beer at Quebec prices. Hey, climate change is a solved problem. We just drink more beer in the summer.
And a Mercedes-Benz dealership is opening in Dieppe. What a great chance for temporary, minimum wage jobs! And Timmie's Ice Capp is now available in stores. It's a full life.

Most newspapers lie to people with skilful propaganda. But nobody at the irving press knows how to do that. So they just stupefy us with brainless trash.
The editorial and commentary page are a  wipe-out. The editorial writer thinks the biggest issue facing Moncton is that we need to get more athletes into the Canadian Olympic team.

Norbert thinks we have to do 'something' about our electoral system - and then offers a something that will change nothing. Norbert, what's wrong with our electoral system is a) it is financed  (and therefore controlled) by the very wealthy. b) And the major source of political news in this province is and intellectually and morally bankrupt chain of newspapers owned by that same big money.

Until New Brunswickers face those realities and deal with them, ain't nothing going to happen in the province. And chanting Resurgo won't help.

Rod Allen's column has less than his usual dose of ponderous humour. I'm not sure what it's about, though.  Over half seems to be about Pokemon, and the rest about our zoos.  Then there's our weekly political speech by Bruce Fitch. Then, sadly, a remarkably trivial one by Alec Bruce.

The only virtue of this section is that it's cheaper than taking a sleeping pill.
And, on this day when Canadian troops are being mustered for assignment (in hopelessly small numbers) to a highly dangerous posting with the  potential to start a nuclear war, the Canada&World section has nothing to say about it.

 Indeed, almost the whole section is trivia.

The one story worth reading is that the Conservation Council of New Brunswick   (a government body) says we need to spend millions to fight climate change - and now. Well, that's silly. As professors Saillant and Savoie will no doubt tell us, the province can't afford that spending. Why to raise that money, we'd have to tax the fairy godmothers who create jobs for us.

This is just the kind of story we need more reporting  (and more investigative reporting) on. It's also the kind of story the irving press is never going to give us reporting on.
The  item below is, I think, more than a little  naive. There's nothing wrong with its suggestions. The problem is that the Christian churches have not been notable for opposing anything that the rich and poweful want. And that has been true throughout history.

In the U.S., some Christian clergy have taken courageous stands against racism. But they have been, for the most part, by black clergy. Canada, though most Canadians don't realize it, has a wretched history of racism. But Canadian churches have scarcely been prominent in the fight against it. Indeed, they have participated in that history.

If Jesus were here, would He have something to say about our playing with nuclear war in eastern Europe? About the U.S. and British mass murder in Iraq? I think so. But if He did, it would never appear in the irving press. And you can be assured that no mention of anything like this will appear in Saturday's Faith Page. Nor will it be mentioned from the pulpit in the Irving Chapel.
In my teaching days, I commonly had Business Administration students in my classes. I can't remember one of them who had any concern for anyone in society but himself. This, in the U.S. at least  (and I'm sure in Canada as well) has created a skyrocketing economic inequality.  The figures in this article are for the U.S. But my experience is that Canadian figures are similar.)
Netanyahu seems to be getting  deeper into trouble over corruption.

I have to confess a certain joy over that. Not only do I think his policies destructive for Israel and  the whole, middle east. I also have a personal dislike for him that goes back to a riot that he set up.

It developed on the street outside my office. So I went down to talk to people milling about. They were there to protest  that Netanyahu was scheduled to give a speech in the university building across the street from my office. The crowd had been gatheriing for over an hour; and the atmosphere was dangerous.

I wondered where the police were. There surely had been lots of time for them to get there. So I checked neighbouring streets. Norhing. Then I spotted the school busses in the lane behind my office.  They were full of riot police, just relaxing.
I went back to the demonstration. it was getting wilder. Then, not twenty metres from me, there was a tremendous crash of glass. I saw a mob fighting to get in, and a mob inside fighting to keep them out. Then, only then, did the riot police appear to smash into the crowd.

It was soon over but, where, I wondered, was Netanyahu? It turned out he had never come for his meeting. In fact, he had set up the riot so he could make the 6 p.m. news.

He originally wanted to hold his meeting at McGill. But McGill, with its downtown location, knew this would set up a riot. So it refused. Then Netanyahu turned to nearby Concordia - which refused - for the same reason.

However, Concordia had another campus well removed from downtown - and next door to Montreal's largest, Jewish communities. But Netanyahu turned that down. He didn't care who turned out because he had no intention of being there. What he wanted was a riot so he could appear on the news as persecuted.  Tremendous pressure was put on Concordia.

And Netanyahu got the riot he wanted.

I shall weep not for whatever happens to Netanyahu.
If you want to understand Trudeau, don't waste your time on North American news media. The following story (by a Canadian) is from India.
And here's the Brazil that the irving press can never find anything to report about.
How come we are not seeing any news about the gigantic trade deals our government is preparing to approve? Aren't we allowed to know what's in them? Aren't we allowed to see and hear a range of opinions on them? You think Trudeau is better than Harper? The only real difference is that Trudeau is a sharper dresser.

Why aren't we hearing more about the grand strategy of creating a nuclear war against Russia? We are actually dealing with the two greatest crises in    world  history - at the same time. Well, in fact, we aren't dealing with them. And the irving press rarely has anything to say about them - nuclear war and climate change.

Then we have a very dangerous situation with the U.S. American democracy has collapsed so far that the majority of American voters don't want EITHER Trump or Clinton. In practical terms, that means all power in the U.S. is now in the hands of billionaires who really don't give a damn about the American people or any other people.

Forget the world you were brought up to believe in. It no longer exists..
Is peaceful change possible? I hope so. But I really don't know. The very wealthy have the power to use violence. And they have proven they are willing to use it with no limits. The police and the snipers turned out in force against native peoples at Rexton. Have you ever even heard of police and snipers being turned out against corporate bosses?


  1. "s we need to spend millions to fight climate change" You might note nobody is providing a scintilla of evidence that humanity can do that - unless you are current on geoengineering/chemtrails and think that should be on the record. No, we are chronically short on reports from the future on how we have affected climate. That situation is not likely to change.

    1. You're so right. We should just lay back, and enjoy the sun.

    2. You're so right. We should just lay back, and enjoy the sun.