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July 13: Don't forget to attent the Irving Chapel.

The preacher there will tell you all about how greedy and destructive the wealthy can be. Maybe.
Or maybe not.

What's happening in eastern Europe is very strange. If Russia is planning an attack on eastern Europe, why send only 4,000  troops to block it? After all, there is no possibility that 4,000 troops could stop a major invasion from a country the size of Russia.

And where is the evidence that an invasion is being prepared? All we have been told is a vague statement that Canadian intelligence says Russia is preparing for war.

Well? So is the U.S. And it is spending more on war preparation than all the rest of the world put together. For that matter, Britain is preparing for war. So are France and Germany. So is Israel. So is Canada.

Does Canadian intelligence have evidence that Russia is planning an invasion of eastern Europe? If so, why not tell us? After all, if Russia is planning for such an invasion, it probably knows it. So we wouldn't be giving away any secrets.
Western Europe seems remarkably unconcerned about the chance of such an invasion. Does it not believe Canadian intelligence?   (Obviously, it doesn't. It also know that in any such war  Europe will be destroyed.)

In fact, this is the only occasion I have ever heard of in which NATO or anybody else is preparing for a war solely on the basis of Canadian intelligence.

Speaking of war, Russia does not have troops on the American border. It is not preparing missile sites for first -strike capability against the U.S. It has not sponsored the overthrow of an elected government in either Mexico or Canada. Its ships are not patrolling off the American coast.

But NATO does have ships patrolling off the Russian coast. It has troops on the Russian border. And the U.S. sponsored the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine. Gee. That sure looks like preparing an invasion.

Obama took a very tough approach to NATO leaders. They wanted to discuss the British exit from the EU. They wanted to discuss the refugee crisis. Obama cut that off from the start when he slapped down Greece for raising those points.
Why would Russia want to take the almostly certainly fatal risk of invading eastern Europe? I haven't been able to find a single word about that. It must be because Russians are evil. Yes. That must be it. Russians are evil.

And why is the U.S. planning to do this? Well, it's just possible that three factors enter into this.

One is American Exceptionalism which preaches that, unlike all other countries in the world, it has the right to ignore international law and the UN, and to kill whoever it wants to.

The second is the Project for the New American Century that the U.S. should rule the world, especially in economic terms. That was the policy advocated by the supporters of Bush, and it has been followed to the letter by Obama who has publicly endorsed American Exceptionalism. And Russia has created quite a roadblock to that policy in the midde east.

The third is Afghanistan. Obama, in effect, has recently admitted that the U.S. has lost the longest war in its history. He's keeping a relatively small number of troops in the country, and he's sending money. But it's over. And it's lost.

The Taliban is actually stronger now than it was at the start. Once again, as it has happened so often over the past 70 years, the U.S. has proven it cannot beat even a small and backward country in a conventional war. And in Afghanistan alone, that lesson has cost over a trillion dollars added to the staggering U.S. debt.

And that debt takes us  back to the situation in the U.S. All these wars, coupled with a massive shift of wealth from everybody else to a small group of the very rich has not only created a debt that can never be paid; If has created high levels of poverty made worse by free trade deals that move American jobs to cheap labour countries. That shift has been hardest on Americans of the wrong colour and religion. Police killings have sharpened the profound racism of the U.S. But they're not the cause of it.

This may explain the sudden thrust for a war with Russia. The human base (and the economic one)  of U.S. power is collapsing. If American big business is going to conquer the world, it's now or never. Who knows? A first strike now with nuclear weapons close enough to reach major Russian cities.....

But would they be so brutal as to kill millions of people? We don't need to guess. They've been doing it almost since Christopher Columbus. And it's been non-stop since 1945.

So why was Trudeau asked (told) to send troops?

Because a trap needs bait.

The only story in section A worth reading, and worth thinking about, is that 128 flags will fly in Riverview to honour 128,000 fallen Canadian soldiers. This is sponsored by Veterans' Voices of Canada. It's a good idea.

But, like most such ventures it honours the fallen without remembering why they died.

For example, Its list includes the Boer War. Why did Canadians die in that war? So that wealthy British could steal the gold of South Africa.

Why did Canadians die in Afghanistan? So wealthy Americans could control an economically strategic region.

Why is there no mention of Canadians who died in the War of 1812? In the Fenian raids from the U.S.? While killing native peoples and Metis in the west? Not to mention the many who died in British service in imperial wars. (William Hall of Nova Scotia won the Victoria Cross in 1857 while serving in the British navy.   He was black so, on returning to Canada, he would have been forced to live in a black ghetto, and forced to stay out of restaurants, etc. that were for white folks, only.)

It's important to remember those who died. But it's also important to remember why we sent them to die. And there are some whose deaths should make us ashamed that we sent them.

As well, while we should remember the dead, we should be ashamed that we have done so little to achieve what they died for.
Canada&World news is a waste of time.
The editorial is a "something must be done" one.

Norbert's column is sentimental drivel about how Canadians and Americans are all family. Our families are connected to teach other. Yeah. They're also connected to families in France and Britain and Poland and Germany and Spain and Africa and Asia and South America. But I don't see any slobbering sentimentality from Norbert when the U.S. commits mass murder and social destruction in those areas.

As well, our good friend has invaded us once, sponsored an invasion once, and threatened attack several times. It also refuses to recognize our jurisdiction in a substantial part of the north. And our good buddies did not join us in World War 2 until almost three years into the war, and then only when Hitler declared war on it.

And the U.S. has suffered horrifying violence? Gee. That's not at all like those happy people in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Venezuela Vietnam..... I must have missed Norbert's slobberinig columns on their suffering.
Then we have the usual column from the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies. The province spends too much money.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I know the answer. Look at my hand, Mr. AIMS, I know the answer. Stop giving gifts to corporations, and start hitting the wealthy to pay their taxes.

No. AIMS thinks we need to nail the poor. The poor are the ones wasting good money on food, education, medical care.... And AIMS is right. None of the people in those categories know what they doing as well as the irvings do. So, next time you're sick, call an Irving.

Hump Cormier is an embarassment to journalism.

The only column worth reading is Alec Bruce's.
This story is funny. It also has a serious message about the qualities and priorities of many of the people we elect.
The following story is of no importance. I include it only as a contrast to our lack of grief of even caring about the millions our side has killed, displaced, drowned,  of whole nations destroyed to make a few people very rich. And, really, we don't give a damn.

That sort of thinking is what made it easy for Hitler to kill Jews.
Here are several stories on the crisis in Venezuela, the one the irving press doesn't think it worth mentioning. Is it possible this ignoring of the crisis has anything to do with Irving ties to Venezuela?
This is a long one, but worth the read. It's about the stunning number of deaths caused by a health system run as private business. Apparently, the American health system killed more American soldiers than the Vietnam war did.
The basic requirement for success in big business is greed. Canada and the U.S. are dominated and run by greed.
This one doesn't really have an answer to the violence problem in the U.S.  But it does suggest useful steps to deal with it.

In the U.S. the police have been militarized in both equipment and mentality.  (And there are signs of this in Canada.) The result of this has been a spectacular rise in both imprisonment and killing. (The U.S. spends three times as much on prisons as it does on education.)
The next one sounds very extreme, indeed. And it scares the hell out of me because I think it's right.
The following writer has a bias. But I  have always found his opinions to be well founded.
The following is a letter from an old friend whom I have always found to be knowledgeable, peaceful, and compassionate.

Democracy in the U.S. is recoverable but it will take real change on the Supreme Court.  At present millions of probable Democratic voters are excluded from voting by legislatures.  Thus, cons. and ex-cons, mostly people of color are excluded in many states.  Those who have not voted in six years are struck from the rolls. So-called proper i.d. cards are required in many states to "exclude fraud" but there has been no massive fraud.  On and on it goes.  So gerrymanders prevent change in the House of R., money insures the hold on the Senate, etc.  In other words the electoral process is rigged as commentators continue to prate about the beauties of American democracy.  I hope that change can take place peacefully and have little optimism about the revolutionary process.

    On foreign policy I agree.  Putin, the Chinese, NATO, and the U.S. are now playing the greatest game of chicken in world history.  Hillary's hawkish record does not inspire optimism, unless as a caution to those who would face her down.  I expect that early on she will make one of those moves to "enhance American credibility," and we will have to keep clean underpants nearby
The same friend sent me this one I had missed in The Guardian. What it says is true of Britain - and of Canada and, most certainly, of the U.S.
And here's something the irving press didn't tell us about the Dallas police.
As for the story below, Yes, it affects us right here in Moncton, even if it didn't happen on Main St.

Just over a century ago, Canadians died to made a few British rich in the Boer War. And that sort of war still happens.
Enough. There's a lot more material, none of which will ever appear in the irving press. But, oh, it takes a long time to collect it - and Thomas the Tank Engine will soon be on TV.

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