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June 22: irving news is an oxymoron

In the  Irving press, first there's section A news. Yawn.

The editorial writer repeats much of what Norbert was talking about yesterday, the faults of our education system. And the editor knows just as much about the subject as Norbert does.  Nothing.

Here are a few questions for the editor. If the education system determines the degree of learning attained by the nature of the system, how come the  anglophone school system in Quebec produced a higher poportion of high achievers among Jews than among gentiles - even though both went to the same system?

How come children of poor districts tend  to score lower than those in middle class districts, even though both go to similar school systems? Are they born stoopider? If so, how do you propose to improve this by changing the system? In Montreal    (and all over the U.S.), blacks score poorer than whites - though they go through the same school systems. Are blacks inferior to whites? Does the editorial writer ever think before doing an editorial?

The editorial mentions Paul Bennet as a prominent education consultant. So he is. But how would the editorial writer know that? What is the writer's qualification to judge who is prominent in that field? And how come the writer doesn't mention that viritually all of Paul Bennett's experience (and a very competent experience) was in expensive private schools?

Education is not a business. It cannot operate like one. And it is most certainly not an assembly line.

How can editors have the arrogance to make pronouncements on subjects they know nothing about?

Norbert tells us that our medical system is inferior to those of other provinces. The reason, as he graciously admits, is because it doesn't have as much money as other systems do. Another reason is that people like Norbert have encouraged us to contract out some services to private business. If they had their way, we'd be like the U.S. with a private health system nobody can afford.

He really dances around our "worsening fiscal position". Yes, it is worsening.  And that means our health system can't get the money it needs. So shouldn't Norbert be asking why our fiscal position is worsening? Could it be that ever year we are losing billions in taxes because the wealthy aren't paying any? And could it have anything to do with the handouts we so freely give to the wealthy?
The guest columnist is, not surprisingly, the president of an energy group. And it's all about the horrors of renewable energy. Just think. Windmillls will get old, and will have to be replaced with new ones. So then, we'll have unsightly dumps of discarded windmills. I admit that's a terror I had never thought of.

All energy sources present a range of challenges. So let's stick with oil. Then it will kill us all. And then we won't experience the horror of seeing discarded windmills.

Can someone be this dumb, and be president of an energy company? Obviously, he can. In fact, it might well be a requirement of his job.

The other columns, by a professor at U de Montreal and Alec Bruce, are far more intelligent and worthwhile reads.
The most exciting story in "Canada&World"  is that a British star soccer player whose wife was a Spice Girl favours staying in the European Union. The story is almost entirely about those who favour staying. And it gives us very little sense of what the vote to leave or stay with Europe is all about.

Then there's a big story, "Ontario doesn't know whether its ban on pit bulls reduced dog attacks." So bloody what? The whole section is like this. It appears to be of stories chosen at random and with a yawn about how boring all this is. There is no sign of any priorities or any thought. This could have been done by an office boy. But I suspect the irving press is too cheap to have an office boy.
The west is in a panic over attacks by Muslims, such a panic that we spend billions on guarding, investigating, spying - all directed at Muslims. Actually, the numbers of us  killed by good ol' Christian killers is far higher. U.S. police kill far, far more people than "terrorists" of any sort do  ( over 500 Americans killed by police so far this year).As well, there are certainly more people killed illegally by U.S. drones and even by the U.S. hitmen we call "special ops".  I suspect the real purpose of domestic spying in Canada and the U.S. is to create more of the hysteria that justifies us killing more Muslims so our oil billionaires can loot their oil.
The crisis in Venezuela has been pretty much ignored by the irving press. The root of it all is that Venezuela, like all of South America, has been manipulated, attacked, and generally interfered with for well over a century by the U.S. The result has been generations of dictators and other rulers who have run their countries for the benefit of American billionaires and for the few, home-grown wealthy.   Opposition groups have commonly had to fight their way to power, but then have suffered more serious U.S. interference. And, in fairness, some of the opposition leaders have been as corrupt as their predecessors. It's now approaching the point at which it will become the middle east of the Americas.
Here's a hint of what's coming because of the climate change   (which, as well know,  isn't happening). California is also running out of water. That's going to mean population displacement. But at least there are none of those unsightly dumps for used windmills.
It may be my imagination, but I think we're seeing a decline in the quality of The Guardian.
Here's a story that has really been clear but unreported for at least a year, now. The U.S. does not want peace in Syria. It wants the destruction of Syria. To achieve that it has been supplying Islamic terrorists - either directly or through countries like Saudi Arabia - with money, training, and thousands of tons of weapons. It does not want to defeat ISIS and its friends. It wants to use them.
This one is a little scattered. But its major point is quite right. The U.S. wants to provoke a war with Russia. It's way of doing so is illegal under international law for the same reasons that Hitler's war was illegal under international law.

Canadians, British and Americans and Russians and French died to end that sort of behaviour - so we are told every November 11.

It's even contrary to U.S. law. - not to mention that it's almost certain to create a nuclear war.
Here's something I did not expect to find in a financial review. And it's quite right. We have replaced democracy with corporatocracy. You don't have to look further afield than New Brunswick to see that.
And here's a story that would go right to the heart for most writers at the irving press. Privatize government services. Run 'em like businesses. Think profit. Don't think what people need. that's a constant theme of Norbert and the editorial writer. (But don't you dare tax the wealthy.)
Perhaps the most honest news source I have ever seen is Haaretz from Israel. But it now wants us to pay for it. Reasonable - but that makes it tough for a blogger. If it's cited in a blog, it might appear as just a headline to the recipients - with a note that you should subscribe.

Today, for example, it has the story that Israel has been stealing water from Palestine for some time now. That's kind of important in  the middle east. Then there's the story about East Jerusalem which is largely a ghetto for Palestinians who are Israeli citizens. And almost all of them live in poverty. What a coincidence.

But things are improving. Israeli 'settlers' are moving in to displace the Palestinians to -----well, who cares where?

Israel is a profoundly racist society. And that may well be the death of it. Incidentally, Israelis recently attacked a group of Greek Orthodox visitors who were at prayer, calling them 'evil'. It made Haaretz, but not the irving press.

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