Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feb. 17: a slow day for news in the irving press.

We'll pass lightly over section A news. As always all of it is either overblown or just plain trivial.

The editorialist is not pleased at the idea of a one-day provincial holiday in New Brunswick. It quotes the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as seeing this as a threat to civilization, itself. The editorial is not well-focussed, and it offers almost no evidence of anything.  Par for the course.

Norbert attacks some of the churches for taking the issue of abortion to court. This could have been a reasonable topic. But this sample is just a rant. It's also out of touch with the issue. According to the headline "Theocrats all too willing to deny rights, overrule majority."

Maybe they are willing to do that. But that's not what's happening here. They are not denying rights, and they are not overruling the majority. They are asking the courts to decide on the issue. And, yes, courts are allowed to do that in a democracy.

I have no love for fundamentalist Christians, and no respect for the issues they choose to fight. But this is not about denying rights. It is asking for a decision on whether such a right exists. They aren't threatening to overthrow the government or to destroy democracy. Cool it, Norbert.

Brian Cormier still thinks that a commentary is like a pointless story told late at night over the tenth beer. Please. Think hard, Brian. Think of an issue in the news that is important to all of us. Should we get involved in the middle east? Which of the American leadership candidates would be best for Canada? Should we have sent a warship to the middle east? Any thoughts on fracking?

Below him is another gawdawful propaganda piece from a private think tank. It says the private sector has the best solutions to climate change. But the writer seems too shy to mention any of those solutions. Nor am I aware of any initiatives by the private sector to anything about climate change. This is just a silly and shallow piece of propaganda. How about doing one on how Mr. Irving has been a leading figure in dealing with climate change    by - oh, spraying our forests  (and us), by his outspoken stance on fracking, his refusal to poison the nation by selling oil....

Alec Bruce has a column on the New Brunswick economy. I really don't see how it is possible to write column after column on our economy without saying the word "Irving" and a few other names. But the Irving press does it, every time.
Guess what the big story is (in fact two big stories) in the Canada and World section. Yes. There are  two (count them, TWO) stories on Dennis Oland. Together, they take up a full page in a section has only six pages (with one of those six the standard page of grinning people holding up big cheques).
We will all be pleased, I'm sure, to learn that Mr. Oland might be getting out on bail to stay with his loved ones until October, at least.

....ooooo... a late-breaking story on Oland. He's been denied bail. So it's off to the pen.

The bad part is that means at least two more big stories on Dennis Oland in tomorrow's Irving press.

And the world? Well, there's a story that Turkey wants to enter the ground war in Syria. Yemen still doesn't exist in the Irving press, nor Africa, nor South America, nor Mexico where the pope is, nor Asida, nor Europe which is breaking down under the strain of refugees. However, there is a big story about a bank-robber getting caught in British Columbia.
Pope Francis didn't make the news for Irving press. But the New York Times carried it several times in one day. He has defended the Maya people who have been ignored by Mexican governments. He has attacked the drug cartels - which is a very dangerous thing to do in Mexico. He has made it a point to discuss American border crossings. He really is quite a remarkable man.
The following sites were sent to me by a reader. The first one comes from a Russian source. But it looks logical. And there is no reason to think a Russian source is less honest than a western one.

The last one is very long, but interesting and from a good source. It shows how we have taken the Robin Hood Story, but make him into a Robin Hood who steals from the poor and gives to the rich. And that is very much what is happening in the world today. Wage gap is not merely a label. It's a deliberate policy of theft from most of us to make a very tiny group very rich. Dealing with this is as important to our survival as is dealing with climate change.
As we've seen in our wars lately, the very rich don't care who they kill or how many. As we're seeing in free trade deals, they don't care how many they impoverish. And they actively work at destroying democracy. We are living in a time of revolution - and the very rich are destroying democracy, killing millions, and impoverishing almost everybody. And, yes, they will happily do it to you and your children if we just go on as we are, sitting with our faces hanging out.


I'm quite sure the next story is true. Bernie Sanders is NOT going to be leader of the Democrat party. Most of the party's leading figures are like Hillary Clinton, thieves whose policies are very similar to the Republicans. They don't want Sanders. And no matter what the votes are in these primaries and what delgates are chosen, the majority of votes, by far, will be in the hands of party hacks called  " super-delegates".




This is, as the site above says, an age of austerity - for most of us. But it is also a time of increasing wealth for the very rich. And it's no coincidence that these two are happening at the same time.
Here is one of the stories on Yemen that the Irving press has not bothered to carry. Another one is that it has been confirmed that the U.S. supplying illegal cluster bombs for Saudi Arabia to drop on that country. (The Irving press had  no space for it. It had two, big stories on Dennis Oland that it was important to get out to us.)
As I've been writing, a few points have occured to me.

 Why does the western world spend so much money fighting "terrorism?. All war is terrorism; and it always has been. So why is this war on terrorism such a big deal?

The U.S. spends trillions on it. I can see a reason for that. The US arms industry and the U.S. government have sunk into the greediest mass this world has ever seen. War is very, very profitable. And the pofits buy governments.
But the reality is that 'terrorism has killed relatively few - far fewer than the U.S. has killed or starved to death. In fact, patriotic Americans kill more patriotic Americans every day than terrorists do in a year. Heck, American police even kill far more innocents in a day than terrorists do in a year.

So why is all this money going to building secret police in the western world? Why are we resorting to torture as socially in? Why does Canada now spend billions on people to spy on all of us? How come there's no money to feed or house the poor in Canada or the U.S., but uncounted billions on spies and practices that break the laws and the freedom of both countries? How many terrorist killings have their been in Canada? (Answer - none. The two most recent were not part of any organized terrorist movement.)

It's done because the wealthy of the west want control of the world. That costs big money, and the wealthy don't intend to pay for it. That means what the rich like to call austerity, a word that means making everybody suffer except the rich.

But to make us pay and to make us kill, we have to be scared. And we have to be trained to see the enemy as evil, and our wealthy as saintly - even as they rob us. So, using the news media and the politicians, most of both of which they own, they build up the panic and fear and hatred we're seeing in the U.S. leadership races.

The panic is also necesssary because it is not possible to fight another world war without destroying the planet. But the western rich can get even richer only through another world war. So they have to keep us hyped up.

It's cute. They've gone all out in creating the wage gap (which means creating more poverty among the rest of us so they can steal it, and then what money we have left). But they need us suckers to be all hyped up to do that. And that's where the the news media which they own come in.
As a footnote, you'll notice that the Christian churches, for the most part, are fading fast. Even at their peak, we westerners have always greedy and murderous thieves - usually with the blessing of the church. However, the church is really the only source of moral values we  have and, occasionally, , very occasionally, it has shown the courage to speak and act on moral principles (though not on the faith page of the Irving press).

The old CCF party in Canada (now the NDP) really originated in the churches. And medicare, essentially the product of religious values,  began directly out of church influence.

So, as the churches decline, where will our moral values come from? Not, I hope, from the chambers of commerce or the board rooms of the nation. So, where?

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