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Feb. 13: J.D. Irving - friend of the forest and the bunnies, etc.

Mr. Irving is mad at MLA David Coon. (Good for you Mr. Coon.) So Mr. Irving has taken out a full page ad in our most independent newspapers, the Irving ones, to rebuke Mr.Coon for being critical of Mr. Irving's forest management.

Curiously, it never tells us what Mr. Coon said. It just talks about the wonderful things Mr. Irving is doing for us, out of pure love of New Brunswick. (Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.) So the whole page tells us nothing. And, curiously, it isn't signed by Mr. Irving, just by three of his VPs.

The ad seems to begin with a statement that Mr. Coon has accused Irving of not using sustainable methods in it forestry. But, if that is Mr. Coon's charge,  then why does this whole ad does not say a single word to show it IS using sustainable methods? So what's the point of this?

And I note that the term pesticide spraying does not appear anywhere.
In short, this is a huge ad attacking Mr. Coon without ever saying what the attack is about. That suggests to me some pretty incompetent PR staff.
The rest of Section A news is trivial, and worse. For example, A10 has the story of a local boy who  has done well in producing music videos. Okay. But it was written by Cole Hobson who wrote essentially the same column just yesterday as a commentary.

A1 has yet another story about Denis Oland, and it's the front page, the real, boffo headline story of today's news..but... This one is not only trivial; it is designed  to give us the impression that Oland is a sweetheart. This smells like the Olands and Irvings getting together.

And it gets worse. Section B1 has TWO more Oland stories. Again, one is the section's front page headline. Neither story has anything to say; and they  occupy more than a full page of text. It closes with a comment from his lawyer that brought tears to my eyes. "There is no question that Dennis is needed by his family, loved by his family, and he has been a tremendous, tremendous father."
Maybe so. But this doesn't quite explain why he's getting such kiss-up coverage in the Irving press.

The only Canada & World news worth reading is a story about consultation with New Brunswick native peoples about the Energy East pipeline. It seems a fair summary of what is happening. And it makes it possible to dodge the biggest issue.

It will take thirty years to recoup just the cost of building this pipeline. And, presumably, the Irvings will be looking to make profits as well as to meet the basic cost. So that means we plan to be using large quantities of oil for 50 years and more.

Way to lead the world in the fight against climate change, Mr. Irving.
As for the commentary and opinion page, Norbert really has nothing to say. He wants, in a vague sort of way, for the cities of New Brunswick to   get together on planning. Nice thought - but they can't yet plan even separately.

Brent Mazerolle tells another trivial story. The guest column - by the CEO of Horizon Health - has little to say, and so boring in saying it that few will read it.
Jo-Anne Moore's column has become pretty much a legal advice one. And it's a good one and a useful one. But it's not really a commentary.  It should be in a more specialized section. (But then,  moving her would mean there'd usually be nothing worth reading as commentary or opinion.)
The Faith Page has its usual limp rag sermonette. The great issue facing the world, it seems, is we need to spend more time reading The Bible. So true. People raised in Bible reading , like the U.S. and Russian airforces, have done wonders in making this a better world.

More worth reading, on the same page is a story about the Pope's message to Mexico. He has been remarkably active in using Christianity to help the starving, the refugess, the discriminated against, and to attack the poweful.
Of course, that must cut into his Bible reading time something terrible.
Some weeks ago I did some writing about the brutal treatment by mining companies, including those owned by Canadians, which operate in small and helpless countries. That brought me an angry letter from a mining engineer who said no Canadian company would ever do such a thing.

In fact, Canadian mining companies do this - and worse - all over the world.
It's hard to know who to hate the most among the candidates for leadership of the Republican and Democrat parties. But Hillary Clinton is a contender for most harteful and she is, I suspect, the person most likely to win the presidency. (Forget who wins the primaries. Those are rigged so they have little effect on the final choice.)

By the way, be sure to notice a comment by Ralph Nader early in the article. The largely privatized health care system in the U.S. costs TWICE AS MUCH PER PERSON as Canadian medicare does. The Norbert  Cunningham philosophy that private business is more efficient than government is pure drivel.
But, oh, my this drivel is accepted as gospel in the pages of the Irving press. I cannot remember ever seeing a story or comment in favour of public ownership or in favour of civil servants. The people at Irving press know the kind of news Mr. Irving wants to see.

That reminds me. When I was a student at Acadia University, two Irving brothers had been there just before me. Both dropped out. Irving limited realized this was a good sign that they had the exceptional intelligence that runs in the family. And, sure enough, both had splendid careers at Irving Ltd. The Irving press should use this as an encouragement to dropouts. Don't despair. Apply to Irving for an upper management role. Oh, and they should first spell their names IRVING._________________________________________________________________
Haiti is in a dreadful political state. After decades of rule by a murderous dictator (who was supported by the U.S.), It got its first, legally elected president, a priest. But the U.S. did not approve (he was going to do radical things like feed and educate the people). So it staged an invasion by thugs, then sent U.S.  troops to exile the president, and conned other nations to make it look good by sending peacekeepers.

Then the U.S. organized a new election, making sure that nobody who was going to do anything would get elected. What has followed since then has been corruption and close to starvation wages - which is very nice for American and foreign business which owns factories and farmland in Haiti, and are allowed to pay negligible (if any) taxes.
And that sets the stage for the current 'democratic' election in Haiti.
Well, maybe the U.S. is looking for a war with Russia. In recent days, the news has been full of American and NATO actions that Russia is bombing civilians in Syria. I don't know whether that's true. But the US and Britain who killed perhaps as many as a million civilians in Iraq are scarcely the ones to point the finger. And they are also the ones who bombed civilians in Libya, and completely destroyed any possibility of civilized life in that country. The US is also the one supplying bombs so Saudi Arabia can mass murder civilians in Yemen.

The American statement on this (to be found in the article below) also uses loaded and misleading language. It accuses Russia of bombing "legitimate" rebels. O-ooo, how cruel. They even bomb 'legitimate' rebels.

Actually, there is no such thing as a legitimate rebel. By definition, a rebel, agree with him or not, is doing something illegitimate. You can no more be a legitimate rebel than you can be a legitimate bank holdup man.

In fact, the country doing the illegitimate work in Syria is the US. It is illegal to invade a country simply so you can get control of its oil. It is illegal to supply rebels. It was illegal to kill well over a  million people in Iraq. It was illegal to bomb Libya. The U.S. has done more illegitimate invading than Hitler did.
Russia, by contrast, has a legitimate right to be in Syria because, unlike the U.S., it was invited by the government of Syria.

News releases are full of loaded words because most people who read them don't think; they just react.
And here's a grim note on how republics perish. I see only one fault in this article. It says the US republic WILL perish. In fact, it already has.  A country controlled by a handful of the very wealthy is not a republic.
The following item is frightening. But it's by a man of quite outstanding credentials to write on this issue. In fact, I don't know of anyone better.

And I agree. I think the leading American capitalists (enterpreneurs) are looking for a war with Russia. I think they know they can't beat Russia and China in a conventional war. So they want a nuclear one.
Big time capitalists are the most savage (and foolish) people this world has ever produced.

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