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Jan.28: World War Three

CBC news has a story it ran back in November about the dismal performance of Canadian shipyards in producing ships for the Canadian navy. And this happened despite a gift to Irving of hundreds of millions of dollars. (As I remember it, Irving also shook down the Nova Scotia government for his generosity in hiring people to work on the contract.) I can't remember seeing the story in the Irving press of what has happened to those ships. So here it is.

Then there's a related story that broke yesterday. And I don't think it will make the Irving press, either.

The biggest story in section A is that a fishing shack sitting on a frozen river has been dismantled to prevent it from sinking. This is the second day for this gripping story.)

On Opinion Page, the cartoon is a remarkably limp one hinting that Harper is the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Gee. Mad hatter. That's not at all like the nice, mass murderers on our side like Bush, Obama, Saudi Arabia, Britain….

The editorial is an Irving-kissing one that I've been expecting – an attack on those, like the mayor of Montreal, who don't want an oil pipeline running through their territory. Most of the editorial consists of calling the mayor names, and pointing out that Dominic Leblanc really told him off. So there! And accusing the mayor of polluting his river (which he did). It gets on shakier ground with the assertion that oil spills from a pipeline are not that dangerous.

Obviously, the writer has never heard of the massive oil pipeline spill in California that began in May of 2015, and is still going. It's rated one of the worst oil disasters in history. But, of course, that's another story that never made it into the Irving press. Check out stories and pictures at google “California oil spill”.

The column below that is by the president and CEO of an insurance company. It's about the provincial deficit so, being president of an insurance company, he'd know all about running a provincial economy.
What he says is trite, to put it kindly. And what he has to offer, in a vague way, is a cure that has been tried many, many times – and has never worked.

Then there's a commentary by Bruce Fitch, a politician. It's a 'commentary' that is a pure, feel-good political speech. He tells us that business is suffering, too. (He knows one businessman who had to put off a planned bathroom renovation.) His advice? “We must counter worry and fear with confidence and hope.” This is just brainless crap.

Rod Allen has another pointless story, mostly about himself. He must love mirrors.

Alec Bruce, alas, repeats the official Irving line on the New Brunswick economy. In two short sentences, the Irving doctrine is, “Make everybody suffer through the budget deficit. Fire civil servants. Cut services. But don't you dare make me and my friends pay taxes.”

In short, the whole of section A is just rough and scratchy toilet paper.
And the big, big, lead story for Canada and World? Several local ski resorts are requiring skiers to wear helmets. Wow! I must communicate this to Moscow.

The other story is about New Brunswick's climate strategy. It takes up a quarter of a page. And the story is? …..We don't have a climate strategy.

Foreign news is almost absent. This could be the most incompetent, ignorant and childish issue yet for Irving press. So let's go to the real world.

The next column caught my attention because I think it's something that could be written about us.
Adolf Eichmann, the evil doctor of Auschwitz was, undoubtedly, evil. But he saw himself as merely a functionary carrying out orders.

But he was a man who carried out horrendously evil acts in the holocaust. Most of us would agree with that. We see evil where we are told to see it. But, like Eichmann, we don't see it when we, or our side, does in the destruction of our native societies with damage that continues to this day. We didn't see it when U.S. 'heroes' murdered Vietnamese by the millions. And Guatemalans. We don't see it when we destroy whole nations like Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria – just so a handful of billionaires can get richer. We don't see evil in the poverty and suffering we impose on Haiti, Guatemala. Africa, Latin America. We don't even see it when our own wealthy impose suffering on us and our families. And, of course, the Irving press never sees it unless, like today's cartoon, it's about Putin.
On that same topic of evil, in the past two years Hilary Clinton has given 12 speeches to gatherings of big bankers. In return, she received some three million dollars. Can you seriously believe she had three million dollars' worth to say? (If you can believe that, subscribe to the Irving press. You'll love it.)

In fact, this speaking thing has become a common way for the wealthy to buy prominent politicians. The not-nice words for it are bribery and corruption.

Actually, this is just a small part of the racket Hilary and Bill have been running for years. Bush, too.
And, as always, there is evil on both sides in war. Here's an account of what is happening to people in regions occupied by ISIS.

Well, we have no trouble accepting that as true – as I'm sure it is. And we feel righteous in denouncing the behaviour of ISIS. So,what are the effects on Iraq where the U.S. killed over a million people? On Vietnam where it killed at least several million? (not counting all the rapes, murders, torture). Or Cambodia whose cities were bombed to dust? How would you define the billionaires who wanted those wars so they could get richer? Christian gentlemen?

Is Islam by its nature evil? If so, how come most Moslems aren't that way? How come the evil is just showing now?

By that same reasoning, is it possible that Christianity is evil by its very nature? It has killed far, far more people than ISIS has. And Christianity has a history of close to two thousand years of mass murder and destruction, much of it carried out either by the church or with its blessing.

Gee. That would make an interesting column for the Faith page.
China is moving in on the middle east to play a role in it. Middle east oil is vital to China. Iran, very distrustful of the US and the west in general (and with good reason for distrust), is welcoming China.
That's almost as important as the Irving press big, world story that some ski resorts in New Brunswick are making helmets compulsory.
The most important decision since world war two, perhaps the most important decision in history, was the decision by Bush and Blair to invade Iraq. (And both of them lied about the reason for that decision.)

They killed well over a million people, perhaps a million and a half. Most of them were civilians. And Americans and British still honour their soldiers who murdered a million and a half people, created millions of refugees, destroyed hospitals and schools that are still unusable, raped more women and children than can be counted, destroyed any chance for most children of any education at all, wounded and crippled even more than they killed. There will never again be a real, Iraq nation.

Both Blair and Bush live on, both far, far richer than they were when this started, and both respected members of their Christian churches.

Iraq was a turning point for the world. It destabilized the middle east into the chaos it is now. That has murdered and starved as many as the Iraq war did. It was the point of creation of groups like ISIS. It has drawn all the major powers (and their followers) into the middle east with massive destruction and suffering. It has created a refugee problem that Europe can't handle, and that the U.S. won't handle, and that Canada will minimally handle (with lots of bows to the audience.)

It has created wars within wars – Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Turkey, Syria. It has wars with some countries on both sides. The U.S. talks of the evil of ISIS. But the US has also been supplying ISIS and helping others to supply it, and it's been light on bombing ISIS because ISIS is a U.S. proxy in the war to destroy Syria.

The U.S. is in this so that American oil billionaires will get richer. Russia and China are in it for a similar reason, but also because they need the access to oil. The war is now the U.S., Britain, France, The Netherlands, and any other country in NATO and the European Union that the U.S. can coerce (or buy) into joining the war. Canada will join the insanity. It will try to do as little as possible. But that will be enough because the only reason the U.S. wants Canada in this is to present a united front for democracy and freedom and, of course, for God. It's also now Turkey, Russia, China, Iran and others, each fighting for access to a fuel and its profits, a fuel that we MUST phase out as soon as possible for its destructive effects on the whole world.

What can we call this? It's surely obvious. This is world war three.

And we're fighting to benefit a handful of very wealthy and very greedy people who are engaged in poisoning the Earth so it will be unlivable.

I guess that's what's called tragi-comedy. But I don't think it's nice to make fun of stupid, greedy people.

Not even if they're very rich stupid and greedy people. And evil.

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