Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 30: It really doesn't matter....

…...who wins the U.S. party leaderships. It really doesn't matter who wins the presidency. We should have learned that with Obama. I remember the enthusiasm for Obama at the time of his first run at the presidency. I remember the cheers when he said to America, “We can do it.”

Few, very few, noticed that he never said what it was that they could do. Just “it” was enough of a platform to win the presidency. Once he won the presidency, the followed exactly the same policies Bush had – wars of aggression to put the world at the feet of American billionaires. He kept the torture camp at Guantanamo. (closing it was one of the few coherent promises he had made.) He has refused to prosecute torturers – while at the same time prosecuting the whistle blowers who revealed the torture. He has created a war in Syria. He has continued to lose one in Afghanistan. He has continued the process of allowing the war industries to run wild. Following the leadership of Bush and his invasion of Iraq, Obama has created the horror that is the middle east – a horror that now threatens the stability of Europe and is creating a showdown with Russia and, maybe, China.

The wage gap has worsened under Obama. Poverty is rising steeply. The wealthy continue, sometimes openly, to buy politicians. Race relations are as dreadful as they were back in the 1960s. The police state in the U.S. has never been so powerful and intrusive (and murderous) as it has been under Obama.

He promised a watered down form of medicare. But, at that, what he delivered was a huge profit bonus for private medical insurance companies.

And now, it is Donald Trump who is profiting from the fears and hatreds (and hysteria) that developed under Obama.

Nor is there any reason to expect better from any of the other candidates. The only difference between them and Trump is that Trump knows how to use TV. All of them are are long since bought by the very wealthy. Nor would Trump be able to dictate to the very wealthy. As billionaires go, he's at the penny ante level.

On the Democrat side, Hilary (and Bill) Clinton have long since been bought. Wall St. has no bigger friend than Hilary.

Bernie Sanders seems to be a ray of hope, the one person who understands this is about people and the society they live in. Unfortunately, his thinking is stuck in 1935. Anyway, no congress would ever approve his programmes.

American democracy is history. If there is to be any serious change in U.S. domestic or foreign policy, it will have to come as a result of severe and widespread violence because the very wealthy will not permit peaceful change. That's why American police forces are being equipped with armoured cars, and even tanks. That's why Canada now has special police in camouflage outfits and carrying combat rifles.

Listen carefully to the debates on both sides. All of them (except Sanders) are built on fear and the hatreds that come from fear. Trump does it more than the others but, again, that's just because he understands TV. He knows TV is not for thinking. TV is moving colours, changing camera angles, extreme behaviour, fast pace. And those words define what Trump is. And they're all that Trump is.
Almost all of the candidates refer to restoring American greatness. Almost all avoid any reference to the wage gap or to controls on business. Without saying so, almost all see big business as enjoying a special relationship with government. Just like New Brunswick, big business has become a “partner” with government. (That's why Trudeau recently scampered to Davos to schmooze with the very wealthy.)

All of them see the U.S. as a land of greatness whose greatness is threatened by the influx of people who don't have “American values” (whatever that may mean.) That attitude, with has been common throughout the western world for centuries, and is really a form of racial superiority which is why Canada and the U.S. both have had bitter debates over immigrants from the coming of the Irish, to the Jews, to Ukrainians, to Chinese, to Japanese and more. That's why so much of Europe, like Britain, is dragging its heels on accepting refugees.

We've seen all this before. This is what Hitler was all about and, to a lesser degree, Mussolini. Hitler's major purpose was to restore German 'greatness', to form partnerships with the world's very wealthy, to to protect the wealthy by blocking the expansion of the Soviet Union. That's why the same kind of people (sometimes the same families) who supported Hitler and Mussolini now support Hilary Clinton, and all the Republican candidates – and the Liberals and Conservatives in Canada. (Several years ago, Mr. Irving wrote a column for his newspapers in which he announced that he was “in coalition” with the government. “Coalition” means in full partnership with it (even without getting elected.) He was no longer just a voter like the rest of us slobs. No. He had a right to be in government because he was –-Mr. Irving. This is precisely what Mussolini's Fascism meant.

Hitler and Mussolini lost the war. But their supporters didn't. Naziism and Fascism are still alive and healthy. In fact, as I watch the U.S. TV debates. I have to conclude that Naziism and Fascism are “American values”. And maybe Canadian ones, too.

If you disagree with me, please send in a list of values that are either Canadian or American. (Separatists tried to make a list for Quebec, and failed miserably.)
As I write this, American police have killed only 71 people for January. They'll have to pick up the pace to meet last year's success. Canada's rate of such killings in far lower, even allowing for population size. However, the rate has shown an alarming rise in recent years. This suggests we should be examining this to determine the cause – which may or may not be the police. There could be other factors in our society affecting this.
The Guardian notes that the Republican party has no policy on climate change. ( except for Jeb Bush who says he hopes that some guy working in a garage will invent something.) More commonly, Republicans deny there is any climate change.

The Democrats have something – but scarcely enough. Here in Canada, We're seriously discussing a pipeline that will have to serve a gas-guzzling world for thirty years and more just to break even.

What we need is to call on our oil billionaires to lead the way. I mean, they're real smart because they know how to get born to billionaires. And they make their Irving press lead the way in discussion of climate change.

Much as I admire Judaism and the Jewish community I used to know, I see no Judaic qualities at all in Israel. Its theft of Palestinian land, its unequal treatment of Palestinian Israelis, its destruction of communities, its maintenance of an economic blockade on Palestine, its mass murder of Palestinians, its imposition of poverty on them have no connection with any Judaic teachings I have ever heard of. In retaliation, some Palestinians have stabbed Israelis. That's big news in our press. Israel bombs indiscriminately, and kills thousands - and most of our news media don't even notice.

I often think that one of the most terrible things Hitler did was to destroy Judaism and to create the evil personified by Netanyahu. He is everything that Judaism did not stand for. And Israel, of all places, has become much of what Hitler stood for.

A similar theme is repeated below as Israel has refused a bill to made all Israeli citizens equal. Palestinians who are citizens of Israel will continue to be segregated and will not have the rights of Jewish Israelis.

And here's an opinion from a pretty good source about the relationship between the Clintons and big money.

Now, here's an idea, get an idea of who the big donors to the Liberals and Conservatives in New Brunswick are. ( I know who it was when Pierre Trudeau was in power. And I know who collected it. And I suspect things have changed very little.)
I don't know whether the next story will actually happen. It is almost certain to be opposed by the very wealthy – and by the people who read or listen to the wealthy's news media. But here's an approach to a desperate problem in our society that is likely to get much worse. Switzerland is having a free vote on a suggestion that everybody get a basic income from the government.

It may sound like a stretch. But we won't revive an economy by making everybody but the very rich poor. We tried that in the great recession of the 1930s. It doesn't work. What did work was making more money available to everybody. In 1939, that happened because of the war. The war, not big business, created jobs. And it was all controlled by a very big and well-qualified civil service. As long as people don't get enough money, we're going to be in the economic toilet. Business does NOT create jobs. If if did, the people of Congo would be rolling in money instead of dying of starvation. Jobs are created when people have money to spend.

We're doing the opposite – helping the very rich to constantly get richer while every body else gets poorer. Raising taxes won't help. Because the very rich will avoid them, and the extra taxing will just cut purchasing power for everybody else.

Firing civil servants won't help. You can't improve an economy by putting people out of jobs. And you can't control an economy without expert civil servants.

Our governments just love to do everything on the “business model”. It's a model that works for the wealthy and, occasionally, raises up somebody who wasn't wealthy. But generally, it destroys most people. Running a government is not the same as running a business. A government is about people. A business is about profits, and those only for the top dogs.

We should have learned that in the depression of the 1930s. We didn't because the very wealthy didn't want us to learn it. The depression years were a great time for big business. It could hire people dirt cheap. Then throw them away. It sold less – but the cheap salaries made profits still good. And, anyway, the very rich weren't the ones going hungry. So who could give damn?

Thank about that, Richard Saillant, as you lead us to the edge of the cliff.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jan. 30: Damn!

The Irving press still runs its useless Wild Readers of the Week on A3. It's a contest in which schoolchildren race each other to see how many books they can read in a week. It's supposed to encourage literacy. It doesn't. All it does is to give the Irving press a chance to lie to us that it cares about literacy. Come off it. If this province did become literate, nobody would buy the Irving press.

I remember this phony education stunt from my own elementary school days, and then from my teaching days. It does NOTHING to spread literacy. The only reason gor this story is to show what a great bunch of guys and gals there are are the Irving press.

Almost all the stories are trivial, of the “Little girl loses school lunch” variety. There is surely real news to report. For example, every province and city is supposed to have some plan to help slow climate change. What's the plan for New Brunswick? For Moncton?

What's the plan for housing in this city? It can't go on just spreading duplexes and bungalows forever. That's a 1950s idea. We need something more suitable for a mass transit city. Which reminds me, when is this city going to stop talking about mass transit, and do something about it?

What is this city and this province doing about the homeless? And why is feeding the hungry left up to charities? When Mr. Irving wants a forest, we virtually give it to him at a low rate. How come the hungry have to go to charities while the rich and well-fed get government handouts? One might say that as well about the new hockey rink.

Any news on the chemicals we're being sprayed with? If (which I doubt) it is true that Dr. McCleary was fired because the specifications for the job were changed, how come nobody at the Irving press has asked what those changes are and why they're been made? There are surely no legal restrictions on that.

Then there's a half-page ad from the government about the coming budget. And it is one hell of an empty, propaganda ad.

It opens by saying we spend more on interest for our debt that we spend on post-secondary education.

So? What's that supposed to mean? It's one of those statements that seems impressive, but actually says nothing. It could mean, for example, that we don't spend enough on post-secondary education. Or, perhaps it could have said we lose more money because of tax-evasion by the rich than we spend to pay the interest on the debt.

Then, also in advertising double-speak, it says WE must choose to make deep cuts to education and health care or fire civil servants and raise the HST.

Those are false choices. It could as well have said, we must make the very rich pay their taxes. Or we must cut things that are less important to our society than education and health care – things like watching a hockey game in a hundred million dollar hockey rink.

Finally, in a display of ignorance of what democracy means, the ad concludes “WE have a choice to make. Let's make it together.”

No, Mr. Gallant. YOU have a choice to make. YOU ran on a platform, presumably one that indicated some sort of principles on your part. YOU are the one who accepted the responsibility of making these choices, and You are the one responsible for them. WE don't have a choice to make. YOU do. That's why I voted against you. Saying we should make these choices together is a cheap fraud, an attempt to dump responsibilities on us. No, baby. You're the one who ran to govern according to your social values (Whatever and if they might be.)

Besides, it's wildly unrealistic to think that the average New Brunswicker has anything close to the expertise this issue needs. For Pete's sake, Gallant, almost half the population is illiterate. To plan and implement a budget, you need one hell of an expert civil service – the very people you plan to fire.

If you're looking for money, Gallant, have the guts to look where it is. You don't once mention the role of the very wealthy in all this.
The editorial is quite a decent and reasonable one.

Alas! Below is another el cheapo column from the rich man's friend, the Fraser Institute. This is another one to push the big nose of private business into our health system.

Brent Mazerolle again contributes a charming story guaranteed to offend nobody except, possibly, the squirrels he reports on.

Below him, in every sense, is a column by the CEO of what he calls a survey and opinion company.
Unfortunately, his topic is not about surveys or opinion. It's about how we need more 'entrepreneurs' (why is he afraid to say capitalists?), and less government. He provides no evidence whatever for this conclusion.

And the reference to survey and opinion work is not entirely honest. The company is much more a servant of the 'enterpreneurial' world than the writer suggests.

Janet Moore's column on New Brunswick families and the oil fields is a slice of reality that is worth reading. I'm not sure it's really a commentary. But it's worth a read.
Canada and World has almost no world – and nothing important about Canada. Well, maybe the story about Canada and the war against ISIS. Obviously, the U.S. is putting very heavy pressure ono us to play a very active and visible role in the fight against ISIS.

John Kerry was very recently on TV in a speech to say Canada MUST join the fight against ISIS. It was obviously designed for a Canadian audience – and Canadians should have been furious, Where the hell does Kerry get the gall to interfere in our democratic process? Can you imagine the fury if Trudeau went on American TV to encourage the U.S. to to get out of Syria? It was outrageous behaviour. But our wimpy press didn't say a word.

Now, really, ISIS comes nowhere close the military power and wealth of the U.S., let alone power and wealth of the U.S., Britain, France, Turkey and The Netherlands. So why all this pressure on Canada not only to take a role, but to make it a prominent one?

Because this is not a war against ISIS. It never was.

The war in Syria began with a “rebellion” by groups who were financed and armed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The 'rebels' were standard terrorists and mercenaries. The purpose was to get Assad out because he maintained trade relations with Russia – and U.S. oil billionaires wanted to control that oil.

That is why so many men, women and children have died, and many, many more have had to flee to a world that doesn't want them.

You want to find what evil means? Don't waste your time on the Faith page. Evil defined the wars on Vietnam and Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria. Evil was Guatemala, Haiti. Evil was attacks on Cuba which was punished by the U.S. for breaking away from its dictators who were imposed on it by the U.S. Evil was what caused the British and American overthrow of the elected government of Iran, and the imposition of a dictator. Evil was the torture used and still being used by the U.S. Evil is the chaos we have helped to create in the middle east.

Why the hell can't you preachers on the Faith page get out of your tweety bird cages and say that? Luckily, today's Faith page has two stories on Pope Francis – who seems to be the only Christian leader who has something intelligent to say.

Almost every American president from the start has been dripping in blood spilled to please big money. Even the American revolution was fought to give American 'entrepreneurs' the power to expand over all of North America, murdering on the way the native peoples whose lands they stole, murdering Canadians (which we wimpishly celebrate without ever considering the meaning of it). Then murdering Mexicans to steal half of their country and stealing all of Hawaii.

And, as Mr. Kerry has not-so-subtly warned, Canada had better join the parade in Syria.

When ISIS appeared on the scene, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia were happy to support it. ISIS could do the dirty on Syria, kill Assad; then the U.S. could take out ISIS. But then Russia stepped in. So now the U.S. has to take out both Russia and Assad.

Peace talks have begun in Geneva. They'll fail because the U.S. wants them to fail. So does Saudi Arabia. Peace talks will work only if they result in Assad stepping down to make way for an American puppet. Russia is not likely to support that. Nor is the bulk of the Syrian population.

Capitalists ( let's skip the entrepreneurs crap) with enormous power want that oil. That's why so many have died. That's why millions are refugees. That's why our governments talk about climate change, but don't do anything.

This is as evil as anything the world has ever seen. And we are being asked to join it along with Britain and France and The Netherlands so the U.S. can give Russia the message – you fight me – you fight my gang. Putin is not likely to be bluffed. Nor is China.

What will Canada do? The Liberal and Conservative parties are made up of people who play machine politics. (and there are more of a similar type in the NDP than I care for.) Justin Trudeau and Dominic Leblanc are simply groomed-for-TV versions of the type, and lightweight ones at that.

To enter this is to take part in evil – and to send Canadians to die for it, just as we did in Afghanistan. It has nothing to do with defending our country and, certainly, nothing to do with God. It is pure greed and evil.

And, with just one more step, this is world war three.
Note to myself – get a black tie to be ready for my invitation to speak at a Chamber of Commerce Black Tie dinner.

A long time ago, I knew some of the old Jewish communists of Montreal. They were a good bunch, and I've often said they were the most Christian people I ever met. They all quit the party in the 1950s when they realized what the Soviet Union was really all about.

Later, I would meet other Communists of Christian descent. They were invariably pompous asses or sadly naive. In general, I have never thought that communism was practical. Its based on an ideal of human character that really doesn't exist, never has existed, and probably never will. There are some useful ideas and principals in it. But I cannot believe it would work as a system.

It's also obvious, or should be, that capitalism doesn't work. It's based on the principal of thinking only of oneself. That's contrary to any religion I have ever heard of. It's caused constant cruelty on a massive scale. It has spread poverty all over the world. It's worship of greed and self-interest has been a major factor in almost every war I have heard of. And it has now created a wage gap that no society, perhaps no civilization, can survive.

Like communism, some principles in capitalism are worth exploring. But, also like communism, it cannot work as our only economic and social principle. As it is, it has already destroyed most western democracy by its power to corrupt, and by its near-monopoly of news agencies The final destruction will be the Pacific and European trade partnerships which free business to do whatever it likes in any country.

And inevitably, it leads to wars because greed has no limits. That's why the capitalist U.S. and the capitalist Russia and the capitalist China are so close to the final war. The big capitalists are every bit as murderous and greedy as the old Stalinists were. And, in the final analysis, just as bound to fail as Stalin did.

That's why I found the site below interesting. It was sent to me by a reader.

Does that sound radical? Possibly. But it's not as radical (or as stupid) as what we have done – to hand over control of the whole world, of our lives, of our children's lives, to a very tiny number of very rich and very greedy people whose impact on the world is undeniably evil.

In today's news, but not in a big time paper like the Irving press, 10,000 immigrant children in Europe are missing. A street gang in Sweden is stabbing immigrant children to death. Europe is choking immigration at the Greek border – thought the numbers are impossibly high for a poor country like Greece. The U.S. is still clutching its skirts at the very thought of immigrants, though it is the country that has created this chaos at the wish of its very wealthy.

These millions of people have fled their homes because of the horror that oil billionaires have showered on them. No doubt the oil billionaires will give generously to help them. (But they'll keep it quiet because they're modest.)

And we haven't begun to reap the harvest of what we have sowed. It's not just the middle east that has been destabilized. It's the whole world. And that sowing wasn't done by the homeless among us, or the hungry, or the poor, or by ten dollar an hour employees. And not even done by civil servants. This is all the work of the greediest people the devil has ever spawned, those same people who were given the right to meet in Davos with the leaders we elected to serve us.

It's worse than evil. And we have all just drifted along with it.

Is there any hope in the Liberal party or the Conservative party or the Democrats or the Republicans? None whatever. In fact, they're part of the problem. And, in Canada, the NDP has drifted much too far to the centre,and the Green Party is too narrow. Worse, the Canadian and American people, for the most part, have no idea what's happening because they are so wretchedly informed and, in many cases, because people just naturally prefer not to know.

Instead, they would rather listen to speeches at black tie dinners sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

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Jan. 29: We are very close...

The headline of today's irving press? It's about how the provincial premier will use the state of the province to set the stage for his budget. In other words, there is no news. The premier is doing what every premier in the history of Canada has done at budget time. This time, the speech was set at a black tie dinner (translation: an expensive dinner for rich people.)

The other story (with big photo) by fearless reporter Brent Mazerolle is that a local couple has just adopted a dog.

And the rest of section A news is just as good.
The editorial is an attack on the failure of the provincial government to cut out such frills as education and health services. And the writer has no idea of what he or she is talking about. The writer makes a big point out of saying that New Brunswick has more hospitals than Edmonton with the same population. This is an editorialist who has a great future doing 'research' for the Fraser Institute or the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies.

He or she has not noticed that New Brunswick covers a whole lot more ground than Edmonton does. As for school class sizes in New Brunswick, they are on a par with the rest of Canada. And, we are told, it is sinful that all those public servants should be there just to hand out public money. But not to worry, my child, they handle much of public money out to rich people. Kiss. Kiss.

This is all just a shrill rant of ignorance.

The Commentary below the editorial is yet another gem of thought from a CEO who thinks that government should be run by business methods. He's probably sincere (slow, but sincere). A business exists to make profit. It has no other purpose. A government exists to serve the needs of a society. (Now, close your eyes, Mr. CEO, and think really, really hard.)

The commentary page begins with Cole Hobson's column which is really a free ad for a game developed in Moncton.

The commentary by Brian Murphy is a well-reasoned one on our judicial processes, and well worth a read.

And Alec Bruce seems to have become a real, all-out Irving staffer. His column is on the Energy East pipeline, and it's a shameless defence of people like Irving, and an attack on those who disagree with our masters. He even quotes The Fraser Institute. I never dreamed he would stoop to quoting an organization that exists to hand out toilet paper to the very rich. And anybody who disagrees with him is “utterly mindless”. Could be. But I would rather risk utter mindlessness than display utter servility.

Like the rest of this newspaper, he never mentions the calamitous oil pipeline spill in California. No, it's all perfectly safe. Nor does he mention that the cost of such a pipeline would need 30 years and more to make it worthwhile. Yep, thirty more years of the foulest oil on earth. And then? Well, then it probably won't matter, will it?

Maybe this would be more reassuring if the world's oil barons showed that they are aware of climate change, what causes it, and what it means. But far from showing any such concern, they are plunging into very long term projects that will make it worse; and they are spending billions of our tax money to murder millions of people to secure the oil for personal profit.

Anyone who would put the world at risk as our oil barons are doing is certainly greedy, of course. And also wretchedly stupid.

Nor are they the only ones.

Their buddies in mining and manufacturing are doing much the same with terrible damage to environments and to human life, seemingly unaware that they will suffer the results of that just like us ordinary people who don't get invited by the premier to black tie dinners to hear about the budget.

(I must confess to having a particular distaste for the back tie set. Usually, these are small-timers in the business world who like to kid themselves they have something in common with the big kids.)

There's a story missing from today's paper. Just a few years ago, the very wealthy of this world, the ones who owned half off all the wealth in the world numbered well over 300. Today, that number is down by four-fifths. And it's going to get worse, much worse, with the European and Pacific free trade deals.

Capitalism does NOT create jobs and spread wealth. It's only purposes are to create as few jobs as possible at the lowest wages possible. What it has created is a world in which poverty and hunger are rising – along with the murders of millions who get in the way of super-wealth. And not all the 'philanthropy' in the world can change that.

Can capitalism be reined in and regulated by governments made much bigger and more powerful? I don't know because, as things are now, big capitalism owns the major governments which make sure that voters are raised to believe all sorts of absurd myths, and are assisted in this mass lying by almost all of the private news media.

(I watched part of a Trump rally last night. There was a woman who said he would be good at running a country because he had made a fortune starting with nothing. In fact, he had not started with nothing. He was rich from birth. And, anyway, running a country is not at all like running a business. He's also gone bankrupt several times. What a collection of twits!)

Section B, Canada and World, takes us to grander vistas. They don't have anything on the war in Yemen. But, more important, they have a story on school buses in New Brunswick. It seems they're expensive to operate. Well, school boards, it's not hard to fix that. In the cities, use public transit buses, the ones we have idling their engines most of every day. They could be free for students. Keep the yellow school buses for rural students.

Page 6 has the story that Canada can't agree to all requests for its role in fighting ISIS. It doesn't matter. The very idea that the U.S. Britain, France, Russia need Canada's help is absurd. The U.S. wants us there strictly for PR reasons. I wouldn't risk a single Canadian for that. And there are other reasons to stay away.

1. The U.S. created the rebellion in Syria – because it wanted to replace Assad who was too friendly with Russia. This has nothing to do with us.
2. The only people who stand to gain from this are some oil billionaires. And we don't even have an oil billionaire in their class.
3.. The crumbling of the middle east to what it is now is a product of of the illegal, U.S. invasion of Iraq. Let the U.S. clean up its own mess.
4.ISIS has been a proxy ally of the U.S. in invading Syria. It got many of its weapons from Saudi Arabia, undoubtedly with American help. It got many of its fighters from American mercenary suppliers. The U.S. cooperated with Turkey in getting the oil ISIS has been taking from Syria, transporting it to Turkey, and putting it on the world market.
5. If we were to intervene in the war, it should be to help the legitimate government of Syria, not to help the illegal American invasions and the American-created 'rebel' forces.
6. Movements like ISIS are the result of constant invasion and looting by the western powers in Moslem countries. The US has actually formed such terrorist groups and trained them to use in proxy wars. That's how the Taliban and Al Quaeda got started.

We are most unlikely to destroy movements like ISIS. In fact, well over a trillion dollars and fifteen years of killing have only led to the creation of more radical and dangerous groups.

In short, the problem is NOT one caused by Muslims. It is caused by the greed of the U.S. and Britain.
Treating this as a conventional war, even if we kill every member of ISIS, will simply spread the revolt all over the Muslim world – and that's a very large world. Any such war will be dreadfully bloody with a high probability of going nuclear.

The only solution to this is some very serious bargaining, coupled with peacekeeping forces. This, if anywhere, is where Canada should see its role.

But the Canadian government isn't going to do that. It's going to be sucked in to the conflict, with the only role of the Canadian government being to be as wimpish as possible about its kissing up to American oil billionaires.

Does anybody seriously believe these wars would be happening if there were no oil in the middle east?

This war already has all the makings of World War Three. Russia and the U.S. are both in it – and for different goals. That means it is really a war between the U.S. and Russia. Britain and France are in it because they are dying (actually, dead and decomposing) powers. And now China is showing an interest.

And the U.S. is in it to help the Syrian people? Come off it. It won't even offer significant help to the millions who have fled its killing.

No. This has to be settled in a peaceful way. Big business doesn't know how to operate a government. And it doesn't know how to fight a war. All it understands is its own greed. That's why we're on the edge of World War Three. And we could pass that edge any day, perhaps even any hour.

Expect nothing useful from the Canadian government. Expect insanity from the U.S. ( But they'll call it Christianity.)
There's a story about a source of air pollution we seldom think about. The Irving press missed it. But -

This story also has a warning in it – the possibility of a new war in Libya. Gee, and just after Canada helped to make Libya such a lovely country by destroying Ghaddaffi.

The following piece is a peek into a world that a Donald Trump knows (and a Prince Edward and a Conrad Black and a Bill Clinton).

This from a site called Vice. I know little of it except that it was founded in Montreal – and it has a TV show somewhere that I can't find – and it has a very wide, world coverage, with sources even within ISIS. It looks like something put together by journalists who had become fed up with the lying and propaganda necessary in their profession. I shall try to learn more from journalists I know in Montreal.

Meanwhile, it's worth spending some time just searching it at random. brings home to Canada the meaning of wage gap and the spread of inequality. Funny how the Irving press missed this.

This one is by a pretty good journalist, and its topic is one that interests me very much. It's about the destruction of thinking in public schools (for which much of the blame rests on parents). To that one could add the destruction of thinking by most of our news media.

Trump is the poster boy for non-thinking – and he really knows how to use it to his advantage.
Naziism was always powerful force in Kiev's Ukraine (our side). It is to this day. But our news media rarely, if ever, mention it.

the next site, RT, is one I always treat with caution. It has a bias. But the bias affects its choice of topic, not what it says about the topic.

The following commentary might seem biased. It's not. Over the years I've ready many, reliable accounts of how the U.S. (with the help of Canada) has held Haiti in poverty and misery and hopelessness.

I still have lots of stuff – but I'm hungry for supper.

Another day.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jan.28: World War Three

CBC news has a story it ran back in November about the dismal performance of Canadian shipyards in producing ships for the Canadian navy. And this happened despite a gift to Irving of hundreds of millions of dollars. (As I remember it, Irving also shook down the Nova Scotia government for his generosity in hiring people to work on the contract.) I can't remember seeing the story in the Irving press of what has happened to those ships. So here it is.

Then there's a related story that broke yesterday. And I don't think it will make the Irving press, either.

The biggest story in section A is that a fishing shack sitting on a frozen river has been dismantled to prevent it from sinking. This is the second day for this gripping story.)

On Opinion Page, the cartoon is a remarkably limp one hinting that Harper is the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Gee. Mad hatter. That's not at all like the nice, mass murderers on our side like Bush, Obama, Saudi Arabia, Britain….

The editorial is an Irving-kissing one that I've been expecting – an attack on those, like the mayor of Montreal, who don't want an oil pipeline running through their territory. Most of the editorial consists of calling the mayor names, and pointing out that Dominic Leblanc really told him off. So there! And accusing the mayor of polluting his river (which he did). It gets on shakier ground with the assertion that oil spills from a pipeline are not that dangerous.

Obviously, the writer has never heard of the massive oil pipeline spill in California that began in May of 2015, and is still going. It's rated one of the worst oil disasters in history. But, of course, that's another story that never made it into the Irving press. Check out stories and pictures at google “California oil spill”.

The column below that is by the president and CEO of an insurance company. It's about the provincial deficit so, being president of an insurance company, he'd know all about running a provincial economy.
What he says is trite, to put it kindly. And what he has to offer, in a vague way, is a cure that has been tried many, many times – and has never worked.

Then there's a commentary by Bruce Fitch, a politician. It's a 'commentary' that is a pure, feel-good political speech. He tells us that business is suffering, too. (He knows one businessman who had to put off a planned bathroom renovation.) His advice? “We must counter worry and fear with confidence and hope.” This is just brainless crap.

Rod Allen has another pointless story, mostly about himself. He must love mirrors.

Alec Bruce, alas, repeats the official Irving line on the New Brunswick economy. In two short sentences, the Irving doctrine is, “Make everybody suffer through the budget deficit. Fire civil servants. Cut services. But don't you dare make me and my friends pay taxes.”

In short, the whole of section A is just rough and scratchy toilet paper.
And the big, big, lead story for Canada and World? Several local ski resorts are requiring skiers to wear helmets. Wow! I must communicate this to Moscow.

The other story is about New Brunswick's climate strategy. It takes up a quarter of a page. And the story is? …..We don't have a climate strategy.

Foreign news is almost absent. This could be the most incompetent, ignorant and childish issue yet for Irving press. So let's go to the real world.

The next column caught my attention because I think it's something that could be written about us.
Adolf Eichmann, the evil doctor of Auschwitz was, undoubtedly, evil. But he saw himself as merely a functionary carrying out orders.

But he was a man who carried out horrendously evil acts in the holocaust. Most of us would agree with that. We see evil where we are told to see it. But, like Eichmann, we don't see it when we, or our side, does in the destruction of our native societies with damage that continues to this day. We didn't see it when U.S. 'heroes' murdered Vietnamese by the millions. And Guatemalans. We don't see it when we destroy whole nations like Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria – just so a handful of billionaires can get richer. We don't see evil in the poverty and suffering we impose on Haiti, Guatemala. Africa, Latin America. We don't even see it when our own wealthy impose suffering on us and our families. And, of course, the Irving press never sees it unless, like today's cartoon, it's about Putin.
On that same topic of evil, in the past two years Hilary Clinton has given 12 speeches to gatherings of big bankers. In return, she received some three million dollars. Can you seriously believe she had three million dollars' worth to say? (If you can believe that, subscribe to the Irving press. You'll love it.)

In fact, this speaking thing has become a common way for the wealthy to buy prominent politicians. The not-nice words for it are bribery and corruption.

Actually, this is just a small part of the racket Hilary and Bill have been running for years. Bush, too.
And, as always, there is evil on both sides in war. Here's an account of what is happening to people in regions occupied by ISIS.

Well, we have no trouble accepting that as true – as I'm sure it is. And we feel righteous in denouncing the behaviour of ISIS. So,what are the effects on Iraq where the U.S. killed over a million people? On Vietnam where it killed at least several million? (not counting all the rapes, murders, torture). Or Cambodia whose cities were bombed to dust? How would you define the billionaires who wanted those wars so they could get richer? Christian gentlemen?

Is Islam by its nature evil? If so, how come most Moslems aren't that way? How come the evil is just showing now?

By that same reasoning, is it possible that Christianity is evil by its very nature? It has killed far, far more people than ISIS has. And Christianity has a history of close to two thousand years of mass murder and destruction, much of it carried out either by the church or with its blessing.

Gee. That would make an interesting column for the Faith page.
China is moving in on the middle east to play a role in it. Middle east oil is vital to China. Iran, very distrustful of the US and the west in general (and with good reason for distrust), is welcoming China.
That's almost as important as the Irving press big, world story that some ski resorts in New Brunswick are making helmets compulsory.
The most important decision since world war two, perhaps the most important decision in history, was the decision by Bush and Blair to invade Iraq. (And both of them lied about the reason for that decision.)

They killed well over a million people, perhaps a million and a half. Most of them were civilians. And Americans and British still honour their soldiers who murdered a million and a half people, created millions of refugees, destroyed hospitals and schools that are still unusable, raped more women and children than can be counted, destroyed any chance for most children of any education at all, wounded and crippled even more than they killed. There will never again be a real, Iraq nation.

Both Blair and Bush live on, both far, far richer than they were when this started, and both respected members of their Christian churches.

Iraq was a turning point for the world. It destabilized the middle east into the chaos it is now. That has murdered and starved as many as the Iraq war did. It was the point of creation of groups like ISIS. It has drawn all the major powers (and their followers) into the middle east with massive destruction and suffering. It has created a refugee problem that Europe can't handle, and that the U.S. won't handle, and that Canada will minimally handle (with lots of bows to the audience.)

It has created wars within wars – Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Turkey, Syria. It has wars with some countries on both sides. The U.S. talks of the evil of ISIS. But the US has also been supplying ISIS and helping others to supply it, and it's been light on bombing ISIS because ISIS is a U.S. proxy in the war to destroy Syria.

The U.S. is in this so that American oil billionaires will get richer. Russia and China are in it for a similar reason, but also because they need the access to oil. The war is now the U.S., Britain, France, The Netherlands, and any other country in NATO and the European Union that the U.S. can coerce (or buy) into joining the war. Canada will join the insanity. It will try to do as little as possible. But that will be enough because the only reason the U.S. wants Canada in this is to present a united front for democracy and freedom and, of course, for God. It's also now Turkey, Russia, China, Iran and others, each fighting for access to a fuel and its profits, a fuel that we MUST phase out as soon as possible for its destructive effects on the whole world.

What can we call this? It's surely obvious. This is world war three.

And we're fighting to benefit a handful of very wealthy and very greedy people who are engaged in poisoning the Earth so it will be unlivable.

I guess that's what's called tragi-comedy. But I don't think it's nice to make fun of stupid, greedy people.

Not even if they're very rich stupid and greedy people. And evil.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan. 27: some people annoy me.

Even good newspapers will occasionally run a trivia story. They do it because, when setting out the pages, they see an empty area. So they stick in a story (sometimes a photo). It's a story of no news value. It's just to fill the empty space. So it's called a filler.

All today's news in Section A of the Irving press is filler, with the exception of the story on A7 in which a professor says New Brunswick has to revive its mental health court ( a court to deal with people charged with crimes and who are mentally ill.) Putting them in jail does nothing to help them and, certainly, it does nothing for us except to add to the cost of a prison system that turns these people out as greater threats than they were when put in.

The editorialist does some deep thinking to come with a revolutionary idea. We should encourage tourism to New Brunswick. I mean, deep. Tomorrow's, no doubt, will be a reminder that we should always flush after using a public toilet.

The commentary below it is by the wealthy's propaganda machine, the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

The second page of commentary begins, as always, with a huge photo filler. This time it's a photo of duck.

Brian Cormier has his usual, useless, cute little story about nothing in particular. I note he is listed as a communicator. Too bad he has nothing to communicate.

At the end of all that? The only real news story, and the only one of any importance, is the one about mental health court.

Then we hit section B, the big time, Canada and World. And the big, earth-shaking headline – the federal government will consider climate change when making decisions about the Energy East pipeline. Well, nice try. But, surely, it would have been a story only if the government were NOT to consider climate change.

I have some material later from a good newspaper on this. But surely there's a lesson here right from the top. The oil industry doesn't give a damn about climate change. The pipeline would pay back the investment in it only after some thirty years of turning heavy, Alberta crude into a huge mass of greenhouse gas.

That means that, for profit, this has to operate for forty or fifty years. We don't have forty or fifty years to play with. We don't even have thirty. The U.S. and other western countries are spending trillions to fight wars for control of oil. Of course, it isn't their money because their money is safely hidden away. It's our money.

So, quite obviously, the oil industry intends to do nothing about climate change. It intends to go on thinking of money, and nothing else. And it's quite obvious that nobody at the Irving press is going to write a word about it.

This is showdown time. Either we bring oil billionaires to heel now, or it's game over – for everybody including the oil billionaires.

Fast forward to B5 for the next real story. Rapes, torture, beatings and murders by UN Peacekeepers is an old story that only now is being told. Canada is being asked to take the lead in dealing with this. The reason for naming Canada is that Canada originated peacekeeping as its major role. It usually did an excellent job at it. But our governments have been abandoning it for a good 40 years as it doesn't serve the needs of billionaires. Canada's most disgraceful betrayal of peacekeeping was in 1993 when the U.S. invaded Haiti and overthrew the elected president. Canada sent peacekeepers to give credibility to the lie that the U.S. was bringing democracy to the country.

Justin Trudeau promised to return Canada to being a peacekeeper. So far, I've seen no evidence that he even knows what that means. Certainly, bombing people in Iraq and Syria has nothing to do with peacekeeping. Nor does sending troops – in ANY role – to Syria.

B6 actually has 2, real stories. One is about Denmark seizing valuables from migrants. The other is about Brazil's mosquito-spread illness that causes severe birth defects – and about how Brazil is losing the fight. This story is a little bit out of date. (Perhaps they got it at a sale of old stories.) The update is there is great fear it will spread to North America and Europe.
The Irving press has no story about the pesticide Mr. Irving is spraying on us or on his interest in the Energy East pipeline or on the role he is playing in dealing with climate change. But be brave. I'm sure it will soon have a story about him giving money to some safe cause, and naming the gift in his own, shy, way after himself.
For a fuller story on the Energy East pipeline, the story you are never going to see in the Irving press, try this source. It's a pretty good one.

To say this site is pretty good is a wild understatement. It far outclasses anything I've seen in private, western news media. And, unlike CBC, it doesn't have to worry about government revenge on it for what it says. I would advise readers to wander over this site for a bit to get a sense of it.
For a look at the blessings of capitalism, and how the wealth drips down from the rich to the poor, take a look at this piece on life in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The horror that is Congo began when the Christian wealthy of Belgium told their king to annex it as a colony. What happened then, and is still happening, is well over a century of murder by the tens of millions, torture and brutal punishments,
work, often dangerous work, for everyone including children for twelve hours a day, seven days a week, starvation…. And some of Canada's most respected investors – you know, from the better class of families---have been prominent in all of this.

In 1904, a British consul delivered a report on what was going on (which, of course, attracted British investors). Luckily, Roger Casement's report was also read by Joseph Conrad whose book about it, 'Heart of Darkness' became a classic of novels. I strongly recommend the novel.

Alas, it didn't change anything. Congo is still a major hunting ground for western capitalists, especially in mining.

The Guardian has an interesting article about how sexism is at the heart of the English language. “Heart” overstates it. But it certainly is true that language plays an important part.

I would just add a little to this. We kid ourselves we are different from (and superior to Moslems) because we Christians don't control what women must wear. But consider this -

Conservative Muslim women must cover their faces because the face is considered a part of their sexuality. Okay… Some years ago I went to see a performance in Montreal by the African Ballet. The women dancers normally performed topless – because that's accepted in their society.

But the Montreal city council got all excited, and ruled they would have to wear bras. Why? Because in the Christian world bare breasts are considered sexual and not to be seen – just as faces are in some of the Islamic world.

It ruined my evening.

This reminds me of the earnestness of some people in believing we must keep Muslims out in order to preserve North American as a Christian society. And I wonder……

What Christian society? We have an economic system based on greed and self-interest. Where is that written in the Bible? We allow wealthy “Christians” to avoid taxes so they don't have to help the poor - except by tossing occasional coins which our newspapers will praise as 'philanthropy'.

We elevate those who are rich to positions of influence and power. (Inevitably, like the aristocracies of Europe did, they suffer from inbreeding with a strong tendency to low intelligence and mental illness. Prince Charles is a good example. So is the sex-mad prince whose name I can never remember.)
But they keep getting promoted to influence and wealth and power because these become rights for them, simply because of the name.

What's Christian about that?

The U.S. has been at war almost constantly since 1945. It has murdered and tortured millions. And it has done so largely to satisfy the wants of its billionaires. How is that Christian?

All the western powers are very slow to love their neighbours even within their own borders. Just check the numbers of citizens of western countries who are homeless, hungry, poverty-stricken. The U.S. can't feed its hungry because it needs the money to give lavish contracts to war industries.

What we call a Christian world is largely governed by greed and corruption. As I write this, Christian Britain and the Christian U.S. are supplying the bombs for Saudi Arabia to bomb a nation that is starving to death, and one of the poorest and most helpless in the world.

Just check out the Faith Page on Saturday. It's obvious there's nothing Christian about New Brunswick.

In any case, Canada and the U.S. were not originally Christians. There were other religions here. We largely destroyed them. Then we set up schools to deliberately destroy the children of those religions.

Sorry, Jesus. It was a good idea. But it just never caught on. We inherited Heaven. But we made it Hell – with the full approval of our Christian churches.

Here are a couple of items to explain that Yemen war, and the dangers it poses for the whole world. (Unfortunately, the Irving press has not been able to even mention this. It needs all its space for publishing photos of ducks and of weird people holding up big cheques and with maniacal grins on their otherwise uninteresting faces.)

Onward Christian soldiers.
The following item is about our past in the schooling of native children. Much of this already known. I include it because this is a site I just discovered. The use of language is looser than it should be – reminiscent of adolescent rebellion. But the general site looks interesting.

The article mentions that native children in government schools were subjected to severe, physical punishment. That struck a note for me because I began teaching when 'the strap' was widely used, though only against boys. It was applied five or ten times to the palm of each hand. (I taught with a man who changed his clothes, and put on running shoes to be in top form for strapping. He became a missionary.)

I gave the strap several times, but soon realized it had no effect. The last time I used it was on a boy who muttered under his breath to me “f--- y--”.

I shouldn't have done it. He was a good kid who thought I wouldn't hear it. So I never strapped again.

Finally, Israel continues to steal land from Palestinians, to destroy their homes, and to illegally take it over for Jewish settlement.

It was wrong, dead wrong, for us and the U.S. and the U.K. to refuse refuge in our own lands for the Jews in the 1940s. It was wrong to take land from Palestinians and Hassidic Jews (those Jews native to the region) – and to create Israel. Such mistakes haunt us for generations, sometimes for centuries.

We just love the wealthy. Check your supermarket for the gushing drivel magazine that's all about how gracious Kay is ( Kay or Kate), and how delightful baby what's-his-name is, and isn't it all just wonderful?…..

I suspect more 'Christians' read that than read The Bible. And, in my experience, the ones who do read it skip lightly over the parts that require them to do anything – unless it calls on them to denounce others for sin. I wonder if we'll ever see a sermonette on the Faith page that criticizes the wealthy – you know, like the ones Jesus whipped out of the temple.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan. 26: Mostly foreign news.

I'll touch just briefly on the Irving press because there isn't much to touch on.

A6 has a story that New Brunswick's history curriculum in its schools scores a B- (which is actually quite decent.) But t's a story that doesn't seem to know what history is – except for trite phrases like “It is the country's rearview mirror.”

If it is, it's a lousy mirror because most of the history taught in elementary and high school is pure bunk. It has to be. Parents would raise hell if teachers told the truth. In the U.S., it's so bad that Americans have almost no sense of the real history of their country. Kids actually believe that the U.S. is good, has never attacked anybody, has spread democracy all over the world, and Americans are God's chosen people. And it's reinforced by film and TV.

Anyway, history is not about memorizing centuries or events. It's about learning how people behave, and how to make judgements about the validity of stories about our past. It's about learning how to think. (But many parents don't like that, either.)

Oh, and T4 has a big story about the Trans-Pacific Trade partnership. Too bad it says nothing.

Though the Irving press doesn't seem to be interested in it, the city of Flint, Michigan has suffered years of poisoning from its toxic drinking water. Just recently, ten people have died from it and an uncountable number will suffer lifetime brain damage and other ailments. Too bad the Irving press hasn't had room for it. The story is important because it signals a complete failure of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – and profound racism.

The racism is there because Flint, Michigan is majority African-American. Communities which suffer poisoned water or air or other forms of contamination in the U.S. are almost invariably African, latino… And, if you don't care because all this is happening in another country, consider what we would do with fracking waste.

And consider this. If we decide to go ahead on fracking, and if we decide to go along with the Pacific and European trade partnership, we will have no choice but to accept the toxic results of fracking. Your children probably won't thank you for that.

The British government has dropped all charges against British soldiers for war crimes in the Iraq war. Some hundred soldiers had been charged with rape, murder and torture. The prime minister dismisses all this as just lawyers being greedy for fees. At Nuremberg, we hanged Nazi war criminals in short order. But Prime Minister Cameron is evidently of the view that British soldiers never do nasty things. And I guess Americans think they have a similar record.

For that matter, Canadian soldiers (like any soldiers that have existed) have been known to rape and murder and torture. If you ask Canadian military historians, they'll get angry and they'll deny it. But the murder of prisoners happened in both world wars. (It was a Canadian general who told me about a mass murder of prisoners by Canadian troops.) And there was a case some twenty years ago of Canadian soldiers torturing a prisoner to death. As a result, a whole regiment was disbanded.
Of course. We send over thousands of young men, many of them still boys. Of course, some of them will rape and torture and murder – especially in the macho experience of war. It's a very natural and human reaction to war. (And, again, that's something our children ain't going to learn in our schools.) Nor will they learn about the full cooperation of Canada and Britain (and others) in the massive torture programme carried out by the U.S.

The CBC, but not the Irving press, has noticed that there is one billionaire running for U.S. president, with another billionaire (Bloomberg) threatening to run. All the rest of the candidates (except Sanders) are multi-millionaires with many, like Clinton, having been made multi-millionaires by gifts from billionaires. That's sort of a tradition in the U.S., starting with George Washington who was the wealthiest American of his time.

Wealth alone does not make people intelligent. George Bush was born wealthy. But to listen to him mangling the English language is a painful experience. And it's difficult to think of any occasion when he said anything intelligent. And. true, he had a Master's degree in business administration. But there are questions. How did he get into the programme when his undergraduate grades were so far below the requirements? And how could he pass an MBA when he spent so much of his time either drunk or drugged? And how come his first and only try at business was a dreadful failure even with the help his daddy and assorted Arab oil billionaires gave him?

The answer is almost certainly a common one. He got into the MBA programme and passed it because daddy made substantial contributions to the university. Yes, my little one. That can happen. Universities can be very kind to the rich.

Relying on the wealthy for presidents may explain why the U.S. lags so badly in social programmes.

Also noticeable has been the failure of the American and most of the Canadian press to mention what happened to the homeless in the U.S. in the recent U.S. storm – you know, the ones who had to survive outside and hungry throughout the storm.

A pretty good source talks about the peace talks in Syria, and what a farce they are. The reality is that the US wants Assad out, and it wants Assad out because American oil billionaires want control of Syrian oil. For that reason, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and the emirates have been supporting ISIS in Syria. That's why ISIS can get its oil out on the market to help finance its invasion of Syria. The U.S. could not care less about democracy or freedom or the Syrian people. People who think it does are the sort of people who attended schools that taught unquestioning patriotism – and called it history.

I think Trudeau is going to drag us into this American foreign policy disaster which began with the invasion of Iraq. He'll make it look low-key. But the reality is that once you're in, you're in for wherever it goes. He has already made the terrible and illegal mistake of supplying armoured cars to a Saudi Arabia which has a human rights record so bad that we are legally pledged not to supply it with weapons.

In fact, we now supply weapons to lots of unpleasant people as Canadian exports of weapons rose by 89% under Harper. Funny how most of our private news agencies didn't notice that.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Did Putin order the killing one of his own agents? It's certainly possible. After all, Obama orders the killings of many people, including American citizens, every day – and killing by illegal methods like drone attacks, special ops killers…. In fact, I suspect the same could be said for any leader of any major country in the world.

The British government says Putin did. (And we'll pass lightly over the fact that Britain often admires hired killers. That's why it has loved the James Bond series – the man licensed to kill.)

However, a close associate of the victim says Putin didn't do it. She said it on a news show in Britain – so she didn't have to lie. The host of the show, a former mayor of London, has long believed that Putin did it. But he was shaken by what he heard in the interview.

Paul Craig Roberts is not only a top journalist. He's also a person with a history of being inside American government for many years.

The article below is very long one – and one I did not expect to agree with. (In comparison with Clinton, Bush, and Obama, he has praise for Nixon and Reagan – and his reasons are pretty convincing. And, I must add, I never thought I would ever say that.)

He outlines the presidency as essentially a tool of the arms industry and the military who want war, constant war, because it's profitable. And this is made more intense by the “Christian” belief that God wants America to rule the world – thus, American Exceptionalism..

I would only add that the trade partnerships and involvement of any sort in the middle east on the part of Canada would make us a part of the disaster that is the U.S. The leaders of our Liberal party must know that. But they also know that Canadian big business will insist on Canada being a lapdog to the U.S., just as it long insisted on Canada being a lapdog to Britain. In foreign affairs, SoI don't expect Trudeau to be any different from Harper.

The next one is also long. It's a film with a transcript It's particularly interesting because it shows what can happen when people are taught to believe in the only kind of history we will allow our schools to teach. It creates a powerful image that is almost entirely untrue, and is used to manipulate us.

I'm not familiar with the people who made this. But it's good.

Oh, note that when you open information clearing house, there's a movement on the left of the screen. That's a message being erased by the American government. It's the list of how many Americans have been killed by police so far this year.
Then there's a story about how the Christian churches are destroying themselves. The situation is probably worse in the U.S. than in Canada. In the U.S., many churches are allying themselves with national hatreds and greed and bigotry – just a so many British churches did in the age of Empire, and so many German churches did under Hitler. In Canada, they're more likely to be just wimpy. (check out the Faith Page in the Irving press.)
Al Jazeera has a Canada/US story that seems to have been missed by the Irving press. Oil billionaires, including some who holdings are in Alberta, are suing the U.S. government to force it to accept the Keystone pipeline from Alberta to the U.S. south coast. Under the terms of NAFTA, billionaires can sue the governments of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for any decision made that they claim affect their profits – no matter what the physical and environmental damage to the rest of us might be. And the cases can be tried in courts that are owned and controlled by the wealthy. It must be possible, then, that Canadian oil billionaires could go the same route to sue us for billions over the proposed East coast pipeline.

Of course, the Irvings would never to that to us. Why they even have their own chapel, modestly named after themselves where us common people can go to reflect and listen to special music.

But this sort of behaviour is going to be coming our way in spades with the Pacific and European trade partnerships.

And will Trudeau block this? I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

Neither the Green Party nor the NDP have policies strong enough to fight this. And both are much too tame to deal with the enemies we all face. They need to unite. They need to realize that they should not be talking just about ways to make life better. We're well past that point. We need a united party that will recognize that we have powerful enemies, right here, that have to be dealt with, and soon. We can no longer afford to play to the popular belief that the system just needs tinkering. The existing system has killed millions just in the last 15 years, and it has impoverished hundreds of millions. It's murderous. It's corrupt. And it's creating a disaster for our children. We need to wake people up from the stupor induced by the trash that appears in news media like the Irving press. And we don't have much time.

And so to bed.