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This persecution of our Irving philanthropists (who are also religious leaders and distinguished members of Irving Halls of Fame) has to stop. Mr. J.D.Irving, himself, a shy and unassuming man, has told us that glysophate herbicide is harmless. (Actually, that's not quite what he says if you read his statement carefully. What he says is he's not the only one using it.)

Will the CBC retract its mention of glysophate in connection with the Irving name? You can bet that that the federal government will be under pressure to cut  its budget if the CBC doesn't apologize. And you can bet the person putting the pressure on Justin will be Dominic Leblanc.

The following article might also be a useful read. But it's by an MIT scientist. So what does he know?

And there's this up-to-the-minute note from a reader......
MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto

Any comment on that Mr. Irving - sir?

There is no news in section A - except for an amusing item on page 1 that the federal government will raise taxes for the wealthiest 1%. But relax. The provincial government plans to step in and lower taxes for New Brunswick's wealthiest. Otherwise, gee, they might go away.
The editorial and the Cunningham opinion column are decent enough, but don't say much.

For a world facing economic problems and a city that has problems it never even thinks about, Brent Mazerolle offers us the observations that there are a lot of pheasants in town.

Then there's there's a column of bafflegab about economic recovery that says nothing whatever. But Jo-Anne Moore has a useful column about violence against women. I was particularly struck by two paragraphs in the second half of her column. These deal with treating men who have been abusive.

Skip section B of "Canada&World". For some reason, this section which has never been a fount of  wisdom  has been getting markedly worse in recent weeks.
On Faith Page, the good news is that four churches are holding activities to help refugees, and others who actually need help.

The bad news is that the sermonette for the day is godawful. Compare it to the very brief story (on the same page) of the sorts of things Pope Francis has been saying. And could we please get off this dreary diet of fundamentalist Protestant clergy?This is a city that has a broader range of Christianity - and Judaism and Islam and some who wish we had a Unitarian church. Why are we getting steady doses of religious pablum?

Take a look at the item below. Then I'll talk about it.

The discouragement to think is pronounced all over this world.

Many parents, perhaps most, don't want their children to think - except to think the same things as everybody else. Any elementary or high school teachers who encourage students to think could find themselves in trouble. And, in universities now under the domination of big business, the trend is to programmes that teach skills rather than how to think. Thus the rise of business and administration degrees.

Imagination, originality, creativity, questioning give way to conformity. I've seen it and experienced it all the way through our education system. History courses in our public schools are largely propaganda. And any teacher who dares to teach students how to think about it risks long meetings with angry parents and frightened administrators.

I wish a could say things are much better in the universities. But professors, for the most part, have no training in teaching. And it's not a prestigious thing to have any. So even the courses that should encourage thinking often  don't do it. That includes fields like history, English, political science. Most such courses that I took were memorize, cram for exam, and forget courses.

It's dangerous. Most Americans know a history of their country that is pure delusion. Almost all of it is untrue. The delusion, over the years, has led to the belief that America is God's chosen land. And America is, by definition, good. Therefore, all other peoples are either inferior or evil. So America has to the right to conquer, to control, to kill. And anybody who shoots back is, by definition, evil.

Americans mourn the victims of San Bernardino. But they don't mourn the uncounted millions of men, women and children who were murdered in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan. On the contrary, they celebrate the heroism of the killers. That is not different from those Germans who cheered their own soldiers even as they knew about what was happening to the Jews. That sort of thinking is what made it easy for Hitler to manipulate German Christians.

That sort of thinking is what makes it so easy to manipulate the American people - and Canadians.

The Irving press  might think about that next time it says we need fewer teachers, and fewer civil servants. And when it says the people we need to make decisions are the leading figures of the business world. In fact, leading figures of the business world are the ones who are least likely, by their training and by their work, to have the ability to think.

And parents, back off and let the teachers teach. Parents should remember that it's not enough to produce children who think just like them. No.

One hopes for improvement with each generation.
The following site is run by the Russian government. Of course, it's a propaganda device. But, unlike similar western sites like Radio Europe, I've never known it to lie. As well, the major points it makes are easily confirmed (but not in the Irving press).  Turkey is eager to annex a very large chunk of Syria. It's behaviour is becoming the single, biggest factor in triggering a world, nuclear war. In putting troops in Syria, even for training, it is illegally invading a country whose government doesn't want it. It is also securing a weapons and oil route for ISIS. What happens if Russia  (which was asked to come to Syria) attacks that area within Syria, and kills Turkish troops?

World War Three.

And here is a similar report in more detail about the game Turkey is playing - and, apparently, with U.S., British and French help.

None of this is in the Irving press.

I have much more material. But today is my daughter's birthday - and I'm running late for the cake.

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