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Dec. 7:

The site above was forwarded to me by a reader. It looks like a site well worth reading - for its message, and for the way it's presented. The creator, Charles Theriault, is a promising young lad born in Moncton.
There's nothing of any substance in the news. Yemen, as usual, isn't even mentioned, though word is that the Saudis are in retreat. However, their cutting off of food to that country means that people have started to die of starvation - and a major part of the population could be dead within weeks.

The editorial is a tweety-bird gush that the interest of local contractors is a strong indicator that the 'events centre' will be a big success. That's a brainless statement. The contractors are interested because it means they'll get contracts. That's all it means.

Norbert writes about  the province's fiscal crisis again. Funny how he can write column after column on this without ever writing I-R-V-I-N-G. Here's a thought, Norb. How about interviewing the wealthy of this province to find out how much income tax they pay?

Craig Babstock has an excellent column on child abuse by priests. This is a problem that the Catholic church has never dealt with -though it has known about it for centuries.  The church has to face up to it. And if it really doesn't care about the children, then it should care about its own future and credibility.

C4 has an excellent column by Jessica Naugler, a grade 10 student. What she says may look simple----but in all of human history we haven't been able to do it. And now it's essential if we're to survive.
Obama was on TV last evening to say not much of anything. What made it remarkable, though, is how he spoke of America as a land of freedom and democracy and rights. Well, the remarkable part is that most of his audience probably believed him.

How can people believe that? Freedom? Since Bush, the president has been allowed to jail people and even to kill them (including American citizens) without charge or trial. That's not an exaggeration. It happens every day. In fact, Obama has expanded the programme.

Democracy? The whole world knows that American governments are owned by big money. Even Americans know it. But even as they know it, they also believe they live in a democracy.

Rights? Well, yeah. Americans have a right to kill innocent people by the thousands with drones. They have a right to tell other countries who they are allowed to choose as their leaders. (That's what Syria is all about). Americans have a right to invade any country. They have a   right to kill Muslims by the million. And they have a right to kill Muslims who shoot back.  (Obama referred  to this latter right as exceptionalism, which means the old doctrine that America is destined by God to rule the world. And so American have fought constant wars against native peoples, Canada, Latin America, much of the middle east. Makes you wonder. You know - killing for God and country.  Perhaps our faith page could explain how we should kill for God.)

Well, all of us humans seem to have these attitudes. We have myths about ourselves and our countries. Harper babbled about Canadian values. Now, I have never seen a list of Canadian values. When the PQ came to power in Quebec, it did so promising to protect Quebecois values. But the legislation they passed actually destroyed most of the Quebecois values I had grown up among. In forty years of study and conferences, I never met anybody on either side who even pretended to know what Quebecois values are.

We all live in a myth of what we think we are. That's why Obama could lie his face off, and not even know he was lying.

Let's take a quick look at the reality. Obama wants a war with Russia. If he didn't, the Syrian problem could have been settled a long time ago. But it isn't settled and it won't be settled because big oil money in the U.S. doesn't want it settled.

Oh, I know. I know. Oil billionaires want only the best for us. That's why they've led the way to deal with climate change. Right? In fact, they have been conspicuous in ignoring it, and assuring us it doesn't happen. That's   why over twenty years of world conferences haven't taken us anywhere.

A great many people are going to die - of floods, of starvation, of environmental  destruction. A great many have already died. Animal species are disappearing fast. But the oil companies make huge profits out of oil. And, obviously, they don't care how many die.

And they own governments. That's why the U.S. invaded Iraq and Libya. That's why it (and Saudi Arabia) have sponsored the so-called "rebels" in Syria. That's why the U.S. has never been particularly interested in fighting ISIS. And that's why it wants a war with Russia. It wants Assad out, not because he's a 'bad' man. (The oil industry needs lessons from nobody on how to be "bad".)

They want Assad out because he's willing to sell oil to Russia.

So let's start with how the Syrian war could have been settled.
The U.S. and Russia could formally have recognized each other as allies to cooperate in the destruction of ISIS. They and the government of Syria could have agreed to allow Assad to stay in power for, say, six months, and then to hold a UN-sponsored election.  Both Assad and Russia were willing to accept this. The U.S. wasn't. Why not?
1. It didn't want ISIS destroyed. Not yet. The U.S. well knew its friend, Saudi Arabia, was supplying ISIS with money and ammunition. It knew ISIS weapons and ammunition were also coming through Turkey.  But it was remarkably light on its bombing of ISIS oil fields. That's because it wanted ISIS to destroy Syria.

The Syrian rebellion, armed, supplied and trained by the U.S. and friends was supposed to defeat Syria. But it had failed. Still, the oil barons had decided Syria had to be destroyed, and cut up into tinier states. Turkey happily agreed because it wanted a large piece of Syria in the carve-up.  And ISIS would do the destroying. But then Russia started bombing ISIS far more than the U.S. had. And it bombed ISIS right up to the Turkish border because a) that was where a major part of the ISIS forces were,, and because that border was the terminus for ISIS oil to be sold, and for the supply of ISIS weapons.

2. There was a strong possibility that a free Syrian election would elect Assad or another person sharing his views.  Syrians have no reason to love the U.S. Their stubborness in fighting and defeating the 'rebels' certainly does not suggest any admiration for the U.S. that supported those rebels.

That's why the U.S. was unwilling to accept any alliance and any acceptance of Assad even for a few months.

Then there's the shooting down of the Russian bomber. If the bomber was in Turkish airspace, it was barely inside and for, at most, 19 seconds. I have never even heard of an airplane being shot down for such a minor intrusion - if there was one.

And it just happened that Turkish fighters were right up in that same airspace all within the 19 seconds. And it was so close to the border that the plane crashed in Syria. All in 19 seconds.

That is not believable. This was a set-up.

And the U.S. didn't know about it? That's absurd. Turkey is a member of NATO. It is closely attached to the U.S. Erdogan may have lots of faults; but stupidity isn't one of them. He told the U.S. what he was going to do - or the U.S. may be told him.

And why?

1. To draw NATO into the war. This conveys the threat of war to a Russia which has NATO right up to its borders.

2.If possible, to bluff Putin into pulling out of Syria. (I don't think that is likely to happen.)

The U.S. record in war over the past 50 years has been less than brilliant. The Iraq war killed Hussein; but it destroyed Iraq so badly and made the U.S. so hated that it had to pull its troops out. The U.S. failure in Afghanistan is an obvious reality - and this at a cost of over a trillion dollars.

And - let's assume the impossible - that neither Russia nor the U.S.would use nuclear weapons, and that China would stay neutral----it's still not at all certain that the U.S. and NATO could defeat Russia in a conventional war. It was the Soviet Union, by far, that led in the defeat of Hitler. The Soviets took over 30 million dead, and still defeated 90% of Hitler's forces.

How many dead would the American public accept? In Vietnam, it was 60,000 - and the reaction was so negative that Americans rejected the war. And, even with that collection of fallen empires we call NATO, we couldn't raise 30,000,000, anyway.

But that doesn't matter because the war WOULD go nuclear. The U.S. is taking a huge risk with the survival of all  humanity at stake. Why?

First, it's because the oil industry is notoriously greedy and immoral - and not very bright..

Secondly, it's because the sun is rising in the East, and it's now or never for American big money to make its play.

Oh, my. this is awfully long. And I have a lot of web sites to publish. But I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's an important message about Dr. Cleary, our chief medical officer who seems to be too honest for some people. Premier Gallant, the servant of the people, has been remarkably silent about this. That's because he can only serve one person at a time. And he's busy serving one right now.

Be patient.

The CBC has the news on Dec. 7 that the New Brunswick government has lied to us. It fired Dr. Cleary. She wasn't given a leave. She was fired. And, at the time she was fired, she was doing   research on the herbicide glyphosate that Irving is using on our forests. (Yes. Other people use it, too. But I doubt that 'other people' have the muscle to make our government lie to us.

Expect more lying. Don't expect anything much to be done about climate change. Expect force to be used in order to 'keep the peace', just like those days at Rexton.

Wake up, New Brunswick. The Liberals and the Conservatives have been taking turns lying to you since 1867.

Wake up, New Democrats. You can't do anything useful by pretending to be Liberals, but nicer. The challenges facing this province are enormous. You can't achieve anything by piddling around. If this province is going to survive, it needs to be wakened. It needs a party that stands for something quite different - not one that's afraid to say what it stands for.

Oh - a parting thought. Steve Mallory, as usual, had a good column in today's Irving press. His point was to contrast respect for police in Canada to that in the U.S. That's certainly true but, in New Brunswick, that respect never seems to result in us doing much that is useful.

If we respect our police so much, and if we mourn those who died, why the hell aren't we asking questions about why we don't have a register of those who have guns, why we don't question why some of the guns we have on the market are designed only for killing people, why we don't monitor shooting ranges, and why we seem not to care who buys the guns?

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