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Dec. 18: The Irving press hits a new low.

On A1 of the Irving press, the headline is that the New Brunswick Liberals are 'scaling back' on their promises of spending. Of course. Now, tell me. What have the provincial Liberals done that the provincial Conservatives would not have done? And when are New Brunswickers going to learn that their Liberals and Conservatives are the same party?

On A5, a coalition of industry groups warns the provincial government that if it raises business taxes, they “..will negatively impact on our ability to create the best possible conditions for job creation...”
(We'll pass lightly over the pretentious but inaccurate use of impact as a verb.)

What a pack of hypcrites and posturers! They exist just to create jobs for us? Come off it, kids, you've been looking at too many pictures of Santa Claus. Big investors don't go into business to create jobs. They do it to make themselves rich and, in the process, they create as few jobs as possible with the lowest pay possible. Think Walmart.

They've always paid little tax; and many have long been hiding profits in tax havens to avoid paying any at all.

Taxing everybody but the rich has been tried. That was in the years called the “Great Depression” when millions of Canadian suffered third world poverty and worse. In a way, the system worked because the very rich made their biggest profits in history by paying low, low wages to a society in desperate poverty.

But nailing the poor (most of us) did nothing to ease the depression or to create jobs. The 'coalition of industry groups' must know that.

New Brunswickers really have to deal with the power and arrogance and greed of these people. They would happily house us all in barns and pay us with straw to make themselves richer. These are disgusting people.

A7 has another nothing story about the disgraceful treatment of Dr. Cleary. The government says it can't tell why she was fired. But, in the same sentence, they say her “particular skill set” was why she was fired.

Look, Gallant, either you tell or you don't. You can't tell and then refuse to tell in the same sentence. Reporters, why didn't you ask him what her particular skill set is, what particular skill set the government needs, and why it took a premier who was Liberal, one who was Conservative, and one again who was Liberal to notice this 'skill set' problem?

I think you're lying, Mr. Gallant. And you can get away with it because you are under no pressure from the Irving press to be honest.

And when are you going to assign a reporter to take a look at concerns about the herbicide which is being sprayed over our forests, the one Dr. Cleary was studying?
The editorial tackles that great question of the modern age – Should we amalgamate some of our fire departments to save money? It's good point. Fire departments, like all government services, are a drain on society and on our taxes. We should privatize them – you know, Let private fire companies charge full cost per fire plus a surcharge for any lives saved.

Norbert makes an impassioned statement – but a quite reasonable one – about Trudeau's dealing so far with the question of aboriginal rights.

Cole Hobson wastes our time with a column on elves. Brian Murphy paid a tax of $4.03 for a hotel room which inspired a column on solving all our financial problems.

Alec Bruce writes that the Paris Climate conference accomplished nothing, that all the talk about it is just fluff and chicken bones. He's right. This is one simple, straightforward, honest and intelligent column. Nobody is committed to do anything of significance, and nobody will. The oil industry won't even miss a step. And Gallant will say yes to fracking. This is an important column.
The back page has a big story on the top salaries of government employees. Now, could we get one on the top salaries of private sector employees? Just ask Mr. Irving. He must have the figures handy.________________________________________________________________________

The Canada&World section is even worse than usual. It's the section that has declined most noticeably since a junior Irving (and a journalism grad) struggled his way up the ranks to become VP of Irving press. Apparently, nothing has happened in the middle east or Asia. Or Latin America. Or Africa. Or even in the U.S. And close to nothing in Canada. And for Europe, only at The Vatican.

B2 has a big story which takes up half the page. It's local. And it's the gripping tale of what it's like to be a restaurant manager. Then B4 has a full page of photos of people holding giant cheques. Cut out the ads, and we're down to perhaps 4 page of 'world' news. It is not possible to produce such a dreadful world section by accident. This is deliberate.

It is not possible for New Brunswick to be a democracy with a population that is kept in ignorance by most of its news media. The Irving press is designed to make sure that New Brunswick never becomes a democracy.

The only story worth reading is the one that is on B7. It's about how Conservative members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy want Pope Francis dead – soon. (The story doesn't mince words.) Francis has been very outspoken about greed, corruption and killing in this world – as a Christian should be.

And that's what bothers his critics. They want a pope who never talks about the real world. I'm willing to support them. I'd happily send them one of the writers for the Faith page in the Irving press. Any of them would be perfect as a conservative pope.

Fortunately, there's lots in The Guardian. First, there's an interview with Bernie Sanders, the only honest person running for president of the U.S. and, so, the one most ignored by our news media. This one is largely about the massive redistribution of wealth in the U.S. from the poor and the middle class to the filthy rich. The Irving press, far from mentioning the same phenomenon, runs stories about how the filthy rich are being cheated out of their little money by all those lazy poor . Check A5 for a sample.

30% of Republican voters ( and it's 54% if you restrict it to Trump supporters) are in favour of bombing the city of Agrabah. There is no such city. The U.S. is in a condition of national hysteria. The most difficult challenge Canada will face, aside from climate change, is living next door to the U.S.)

The U.S. congress has just approved over a trillion dollars in spending of borrowed money. Much of that is 'defence' spending. It has also revoked a law which forbade American oil companies from exporting oil. Now, they can export all the crude they like. And another giant step forward to disaster.

And The Guardian has a story flattering to Trudeau; but not to Harper.

In Virginia, a teacher ( American, Christian, all that good stuff) taught students how to write a sentence in Arabic script. Parents were so enraged, the whole county had to close all its schools, all athletic events, and its Christmas concert.

That reminds me of Protestant fundamentalist parents I had to deal with, and of the indignant half-wits who forced a principal out in NB because he wasn't playing O Canada on the gawdawful school speaker system. That's why teachers and and school board avoid risks, do little teaching to broaden children's minds to encourage them to think. There's a lot of ignorant parents out there who want their children to grow up to be as ignorant as they are.

Rupert Murdoch is the biggest news media owner in the world. He's also the greediest and the worst propagandist. His Fox News is the modern equivalent of Goebbels' Nazi propaganda – or Canada's own National Post. Apparently, he has ready access to the prime minister and cabinet of Britain to discuss, for example, how much money the BBC could get. Of course, Canadian news media owners would be too highly principled to do that in regard to, say, the CBC budget.

Japan has ordered a large fleet to the East China Sea where it has islands. It's no secret why. They're part of the U.S. attempt to surround China. And it comes on the heels of a huge sale of weapons by the U.S. to Taiwan.

In 2015, the U.S. had 355 mass shootings. One was by Muslims. The rest were by good ol' Americans. Seems to me Trump should want to admit more Muslims. It would cut down on the proportion of killers running loose.

The Democrats have announced they want to cut down on the sale of assault weapons (large magazine capacity, semi-automatic, and for no purpose but killing people.) However, even if they ban them in the U.S., American tourists will be able to buy them right here in Moncton. Check your friendly, neighbourhood gun store.

Time's running out, and I still have more material – too much.

The following site is by a journalist whose work I have found to be sophisticated and honest.

The following good news is about Hilary Clinton. She is the leading recipient of campaign funding from the very, very corrupt American arms industry. Hilary? Donald? Jeb? It doesn't matter which of them Americans vote for. And we live next door.

And here's a story about how the wealthy “create jobs” when they're allowed to run loose.

Oh, don't get excited when John Kerry tells us that he and Putin have arrived at an agreement on Syria. There is no way the U.S. will allow Assad to stay in power in Syria, not even if he's elected. The whole U.S. purpose of this war is get rid of Assad, preferably by killing him. That's because the war is about oil. The U.S. wants control of it. Assad wants to deal with Russia. End of story.

In the process, Obama wants to destroy Syria as a nation, creating a lump of independent statelets too small to resist anything or to do anything for their own people. Turkey is drooling over getting a piece, as well as killing every Kurdish man, woman and child – including those in Iraq. The middle east is not getting better. In fact, it's getting much more dangerous.

Never confuse billionaires with the tooth fairy.

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