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Dec. 13: To see oursels...

'Oh, wad some gift the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us.'

We have murdered millions in the Middle East. We have orphaned at least as many children. We have destroyed hopes and lives of many, many more. Whole nations will cease to exist. Those doing the killing for us are doing it, we are told, for God and country. How we can murder for God is not clear to me – though I know Hitler used that reason to kill Jews. (Hitler was a devout Christian.) As for my country, I would say to hell with it if it expected me to kill for it. (Think of the history of Britain and France and the U.S. as empires that slaughtered millions for profit – starting with our own native peoples.)

Recently, Conservatives in parliament offered a new reason for us to kill. It will show the world that we are brave. Thank you. But at that price, I really don't give a damn what the world might think of me. I went to school with some kids were very brave and big and strong. Later, I would visit some of them and people like them in our prisons. (I cannot remember ever meeting a cowardly murderer.) So I'm not at all sure that courage is entirely a good quality.

There was no reason to send Canadians to die in Afghanistan for God and country. Afghanistan was not a threat to Canada – or the U.S. or anybody. The Taliban had nothing to do with Canada. Nor was there any reason to support the Afghanistan government, one of the most corrupt and hated governments in the world.

As for 9/11, terrible as it was, it was not a threat to the existence of the U.S. And, as terrorism goes, it was kid stuff compared to the terrorism of the U.S. in Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam and Latin America and the Middle East and Afghanistan. We had to go into mourning for the attack in Paris. But I cannot recall any tears when France was torturing and murdering in Indo-China and Algeria.

As for Muslims being violent, all people have some tendency to violence. But our relations with Muslims were usually good until – oil. That's when we began killing, creating phony royal families like the Saudis, and terrorizing. In fact, far from being born terrorists, it took Muslims a long time, over fifty years, to retaliate – and they're still a long way from catching up to our butcher's bill. And of course we're seeing religious extremism among some Muslims. After all that's what happened when we murdered, looted, and tortured, and gave religion as our excuse.

But we can't see that. It reminded me of school when, if a small kid tried to hit back at the bullies who were punching him, they would actually get quite morally indignant – and pound him as an aggressor.

Far from looking the other way, our churches have normally taken the side of God and country. They remind me of Cardinal Spellman who blessed the bombs that were to be dropped on Cuba. I have rarely heard a critical word about “God and country” from Christian clergy. The Faith page avoids the subject entirely. One might never know we live in a world in which we engage in mass slaughter for the sole reason of making billionaires richer. Pope Francis is a rare exception to this rule. No pulpit whimperer, he has spoken important truths about what we are doing. But the Irving press rarely tells us about those statements – and then tells us so little it really brushes them away.

Francis is showing a great deal of courage now, real courage, in going to Mexico where he will have similar observations to make. But we aren't likely to hear much about them.

We need to think hard “to see oursels as others see us”.
Jews and Muslims lived in peace for centuries as neighbours all over the Middle East. What destroyed that was when the western powers created Israel in 1948. Though many Jews had advocated a Jewish nation ( their movement was called Zionism), the western powers didn't really give a damn about that part. They had two reason for creating Israel. 1. They didn't want Jews in their own countries. 2. They needed a reliable base in the Middle East, and Israel would be a client state for the western powers.

The Jews who moved to Israel went there with a hatred of the western world. They had lived under terrible conditions of discrimination for centuries in Europe. They knew well that Europe and the Americas had abandoned them to the horrors of the holocaust. They knew that the holocaust was not just Hitler. They knew that most of the western world, to put it gently, accepted the holocaust without hesitation.

The Ashkenazies (European Jews) who moved to Israel took out their anger and hatred on the Palestinians. (That anger and hatred is much less common among Sephardic Jews – those who had lived among Muslims for centuries.)

You think it's terrible that some Muslims want an Islamic state? That's just a recent Muslim version of Jewish Zionism.

There's a good post on this topic from a group of Israeli Jews. They're called True Torah Jews. (The Torah is God's law – the first five books of the Christian Bible, from Genesis to Deuteronomy.

For those who claim indignation at some Muslim treatment of women, may I point out that such treatment of women has been the rule through most of western history. Ever notice that all the witches who were burned alive were women? Did you know that in Canada, into the 1920s, it was legal to beat your wife to the degree necessary to discipline her?

You may have noticed that the Irving press has decided that Gwynne Dyer is too difficult for us stupid New Brunswickers, so it has discontinued him. But you can still get him at -

However, if you prefer not to know anything, it still has plenty of columnists just for you.

A sadistic reader sent me a note to tell me I have an error in the date of President Allende's murder in
Chile. Alas, the reader is correct.
He wrote, “I think you had a typo; Allende was murdered on 9/11 in 1973,  not 1978. ) And he gave a source. (I hate people who say I'm wrong and give me sources.)
(From wikipedia --- On 11 September 1973 the military moved to oust Allende in a coup d'├ętat sponsored by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.)

The United States Central Intelligence Agency does this sort of thing on a very regular basis, sometimes killing people, sometimes killing many thousands of people at a time (as in Guatemala). The major task of the U.S. president has become to murder people at the request of big business. That's what Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria are all about. That's what the Canadian air force in Iraq is all about. And that's what sending Canadian troops, even as trainers, to Syria is all about.

God and Country! What a crock!

Here is some worthwhile reading from people I have learned are honest and intelligent.

The next one is long, and a little complex. But I have found good material from this source, before. It explains something I had not understood before. Fifteen years ago, Russia was an economic and military basket case. How on earth did it come back so quickly?

The following source is not only good. It is covering a story reported on Fox News, the farthest, right wingest news medium in the world – and run by the world's most notorious propagandist. So you can bet it would not have invented this story. The U.S. Central Command has been lying to the U.S. government about its intelligence on ISIS. That's not surprising. The intelligence service itself has been known to lie.

Ray McGovern is a former CIA analyst who has been a leader of other people from the U.S. intelligence services who are fed up with the lying that goes on, and the brutality inflicted on people like Snowden who release the truth about what the U.S. is doing. He's a pretty good source.

I trust the story below, because I have Jewish friends living in Israel who have told me about it.

I won't say anything about the Paris climate change conference because it's far too early to come to conclusions. The greatest obstacle – especially in the U.S. but not only in the U.S. - is the power of the very wealthy, especially those in the oil industry, to dictate to government.

In Christmasy news, The Guardian tells us that the year's kills by the U.S. police now stand at 1077. I'm sure that, if we all pull together, we can make that 2000 by Christmas.

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