Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 10: This will be very short because... electric power has just come back after being absent all day. And this is very late for a Christian gentleman to be awake.

The Irving press briefly -
1. Section A, local news, would disgrace a village poster.  Typical headline?
"Time to mail that list to Santa."
2. The editorial is a typical "something-must-be-done" item, one that tells us nothing.
However, Norbert Cunningham is worth a read. He says nothing significant is going to be decided by the Paris conference on climate change. I think he's bang on. But he doesn't take it the next step. Why is nothing going to be done? Hint: there are powerful people who make a lot of money out of destroying the environment. When have you heard an oil baron announcing a plan to get off fossil fuels?

The temperatures are rising more quickly than expected? Well, not to worry. The important thing is to build a new pipeline from Alberta to St. John. And we also need to develop fracking. That'll fix everything.

Rod Allen contributes another column of leaden humour. He obviously really like what he sees when he looks in a mirror.

Then there's a big column on how everybody but the rich has to make sacrifices to get us through economic hard times. Not surprisingly, it comes from those pimps for the wealthy - the Fraser Institute.

Justin Ryan makes some serious points about homelessness that we should pay attention to.

Canada&World has virtually nothing on Canada or the world. So I'll mention just three items.

On B1, the provincial Conservatives are making noises about the shameful treatment of Dr. Cleary by the Liberals. Okay. But I remember the Conservatives as being an ignorant and howling pack when Dr. Cleary challenged

On the same page, the Liberal government is backing away from paying for medical treatment for young boy who is suffering from a rare and expensive disease. I would suggest two solutions. One would be to tell the parents to rename their son from Morgan Doucet to Morgan Irving. The other would be to explain to the parents we need  the money for a new hockey rink for a wealthy man.

On B3 we have "Gallant says climate change is 'most significant challenge of our generation". I think most of the world knows that, Mr. Gallant. And so far, you haven't shown the slightest interest in doing anything about it - except of course, taking a free trip to Paris and getting your picture taken. And, frankly, scientists who   know what they're talking about have been saying that for years. We don't need your opinion. We need action. So what say you sit down with Mr. Irving, and bring him up to date on the facts of life?

Add this. The most significant challenge of our generation is the collapse of government power - which means the collapse of our power - in the face of trade deals that effectively make the wealthiest and the greediest the rulers of  the world.
I have piles of material. But it's very late. So here's just a brief outline of what is happening that has not and will not appear in the Irving press or any other private press in North America.

Russia is in Syria. It has every right to be there because it is there at the request of the legitimate government of Syria.

The U.S. is in Syria with bombers and special ops. It is also the sponsor of the phony rebellion in Syria. It has no right to be there. That's not just a moral point; it's the law. The U.S. is illegally invading Syria. This is what's called American Exceptionalism - or the principle that the U.S. doesn't have to obey any laws.

France, Britain, Germany and Turkey are also illegally bombing Syria. They have been butchering Syrians, creating many thousands of orphans whose parents lie under the rubble of their homes The governments of the U.S., France, Britain, Germany and Turkey are a collection of ruthless bastards. France, Britain and Germany are in it because the U.S. wants this to look like a coalition fighting  evil, and France, Britain and Germany have to suck up to the U.S. Turkey is in it because it wants to steal a large part of Syria.

The U.S. is in it not because Assad is a 'bad' man. In fact, the U.S. supports many very "bad" men all over the world. It's in it because American billionaires want to control all the economies in the world. But Russia and China are competitors to the American billionaires. Assad's sin is that he wants trade relations with Russia.

ISIS is almost irrelevant because the U.S. doesn't want to destroy it, not until ISIS destroys Syria first. That's why the U.S. never made a dent on the ISIS forces. In fact, it happily let ISIS transport its oil through Syria, Turkey and onto the market.  That's why, in just weeks, Russia has done far more damage to ISIS than the U.S. had from the long-ago start.

What the U.S. wants is to destroy Assad. It tried a phony rebellion made up largely of foreign mercenaries. But it's long been obvious to everybody except our private news media that the  "rebels" don't have any significant support in the general population.

The Russian force in Syria is 'bad' because it gives Russian commerce a presence in the Middle East - a presence that would remain after the fighting. U.S. big business, especially oil, does not like competition. In the spirit of Project for the New American Century, American corporations must rule the world (with the Canadian corporatons tagging along).

It would be a very easy matter to settle this war by destroying the ISIS invaders, then supervising a free election in Syria. But the U.S. won't allow that unless Assad is forbidden to run. (Really - you can't have a free election if the U.S. has to approve of the candidates.)

This isn't a war against Syria or ISIS. It's a war between the U.S. and Russia to build the New Century in which we shall all live under the stars and stripes.

What Obama has done now is to throw the guantlet down to Russia. This is a war against Russia.

I suppose he hopes that Putin will back off. But I very much doubt that Putin will back off. For a start, backing off would finish Russia as a major power, and as an economic one. No, he's more likely to have a chat with China which is having its problems with U.S. bullying and threats.

Meanwhile, the skies over Syria are crowded with jets of 5 powers. Ground troops on both sides have weapons that can bring them down. The chances for an 'incident' are high.    And an incident could set off a  nuclear war.

And if Canada sends troops for training or special ops...we're in.    
As a footnote , why is it taking so long to call back our Jets from Iraq?

Well, this flower has been fading fast. There's much more to say but I need a sleep.                                                                                                                                      

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  1. Italy has refused to go along with NATO in bombing Syria. I agree the chance for an "incident" is high and I for one find it scary.